WildJar Review: Pricing, Features & More

Today, WildJar is the most well-known call-tracking company in the market. To call intelligence software captures, transcribes, and analyzes the data communicated during sales conversations. Consider it a way to facilitate sales. Businesses may use contact intelligence software to educate new salespeople and to record important subjects of discussion with prospective customers.
WildJar Review: Pricing, Features & More

WildJar overview

WildJar is a call monitoring software that will catapult your company's success. It reveals the source of your phone leads, which enables you to improve your marketing efforts and make more informed choices. Find out which specific advertising channel has attracted the attention of your consumer.

Investigate what your employees are saying (or failing to say) to improve the quality of every discussion. Integrate the call data from WildJar into your choice platforms seamlessly to finish the customer experience and analyze ROI. Check out the outcomes marketers receive when using the call monitoring and analytics technology that won WildJar an award.

WildJar is the most advanced call monitoring and call intelligence tool available today. It assists organizations and marketers in optimizing their use of incoming phone leads to generate greater total revenue. Increase your sales efficiency and aid in your workforce's growth and training by recording your phone leads. It would be helpful to dynamically change phone numbers and associate visitors' phone calls with the precise terms that prompted the search behavior.

What WildJar has to say about itself

When a call is missed, not converted, or is handled correctly, your business may quickly get notifications about the situation via email or SMS, thanks to WildJar. It operates as a regional carrier on a worldwide scale! You can seem like a national company by ordering toll-free or local numbers exclusive to your location.

You get immediate access to detailed reports. You may log in from any global location, and your calls will be shown in real-time. With the help of its intuitive API and one-click integrations, you may transmit voice and SMS data to any location you need. Determine which media channels produce the highest number of phone leads. At long last, you'll be able to tie your phone purchases to the digital journeys of your customers.

WildJar has a ton of different features. Its team's primary objective is to provide solutions that will WOW the company's customers. Please let WildJar know if you believe anything more should be included, and it will add it! WildJar was established in 2016, and since its inception, the company has assisted over 4,000 businesses in connecting with their consumers by providing cutting-edge call monitoring and analytics solutions.

Your call records will have their content transcribed automatically by WildJar's voice-to-text AI engine. Improve your company's sales effectiveness using its call intelligence technology to recognize spoken keywords, consumer emotions, and sentiments in real-time. The best possible experience for the consumer should be prioritized to maximize all sales chances. Solutions that are simple to use and can expand with your company's needs. Please bring your carrier or use one of its private networks instead. Bring your customers up to speed on the performance of your efforts and provide them with transparency.

WildJar gives you instant insight into your conversations, can transcribe and automatically summarize the recordings of your calls using AI, and does all of this for you automatically. Increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign by gaining access to information about conversations in a flash.

WildJar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websitewildjar.com
Service AreasAustralia, UK
Service TypesDynamic phone numbers, intelligent journey triggers, call recording, multi channel call attribution, keyword & visitor analytics, real time call reporting, conversion reporting, call whisper, missed lead alerts, closed loop revenue reporting, easy code implementation, white label solutions, WildJar smart tag, WildJar vision, lead scorer, traditional call tracking, customer segmentation, advanced call routing, google analytics, hundreds of integrations, local & toll free numbers, instant number setup, advanced API, click to call, re-connect, WEB phone dialler, SMS marketing, two-way SMS, SMS notifications, SMS follow up, SMS to email, advanced API
FeaturesWildJar gives you access to the tools you need to assist, attribute, automate, and optimize the incoming phone leads your business receives.
CertificationsAICPA SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

WildJar price policy

For companies of various kinds, WildJar provides a variety of services. Features like call monitoring, analytics, and reporting are some variables that affect their cost. Business phone call tracking and analysis are made possible by basic plans, which usually start at a competitive monthly charge. Higher-tier subscriptions are offered at extra charges for more sophisticated services like real-time call analytics or CRM system integration. Because of WildJar's flexible and scalable pricing model, companies may choose services that best suit their demands and financial constraints while managing their call monitoring needs. Go to WildJar's official website or contact their sales staff for further price information.
PackagesStarter (get started with call tracking and attribution basics) - $39 per month; Agency (whitelabel the dashboard and integrate into your stack) - $89 per month; Mammoth (gain access to mammoth discounts on rates) - $159 per month.
Payment optionsCredit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, PayPal.
Payment discountsLike many businesses, WildJar could offer its clients a range of discounts. Lower per-unit pricing may be available to customers who buy in larger quantities or choose longer subscription terms. Clients recommending new customers to WildJar might be eligible for incentives or discounts. There may sometimes be seasonal or promotional savings available, so watching for offers is a good idea. Please be aware that individual discount offers are subject to change at any moment, so for the most up-to-date details on available discounts, visit WildJar's website or contact their sales staff.

WildJar online reputation

According to user reviews found online, WildJar has earned appreciation for its sophisticated call monitoring tools, yet some customers have reported occasional problems with customer care response. In general, it is a useful service for companies looking for complete call statistics; nevertheless, the user experience might be enhanced by enhancing the assistance offered.
Call monitoring is handled by Wildjar on our end. It is a terrific tool for understanding what marketing campaigns are generating leads and monitoring their progress. Before we started using Wildjar, we would base our financial decisions on educated guesses about what would be effective. We are now in a position to confidently direct a greater portion of our marketing efforts toward the activities that we have determined to be the most successful. Having an understanding of which marketing campaigns really produce outcomes will allow us to more effectively direct our investments and resources. The system is revolutionary and does in fact all that is advertised it to do, plus much more! This enables me to keep track of exactly how my marketing dollars are being spent. Immediate call analysis as well as the capacity to base profitable business choices on measurable outcomes in the real world. We are able to listen to calls as they come in, address inaccurate or bad phone manner, and remedy it with the appropriate training as necessary. A further advantage of using call conversion attribution is that it enables us to have a more in-depth understanding of the advertising dollars spent by our customers. - Scott V.
When it comes to the installation of tracking numbers and call flow, there is certain background information that is expected to be known. On the other side, this is somewhat compensated for by the rapid and experienced support staff that Wildjar maintains. Selecting a number of different users. It works fine, however other people may not notice it. Individual dashboards for monitoring the time of daily calls are not yet available. In the beginning, there were problems with the call back, but things are much better today. While receiving calls back, you are unable to see the caller's identification information. When making a call, you may at times experience dropped calls. It is sometimes necessary to try again. It is often difficult to distinguish numbers and there are issues with the network. On occasion, it just logs me out, and I am thereafter unable to get the verification code for my email. The decision about Call Reason & Outcome, which was made by the administrator, would have been far more beneficial if it had been based on the requirements of the users. It is possible that it might include filters for calls that were not answered, calls that were answered, and calls that did not connect. The process of uploading profiles and beginning the call takes a little bit more time. Additionally, loading the vacant position's title takes a little bit longer. - Adrien F.
ROI on money spent on Google Ads. having the ability to see all of the conversion stats. We have improved the quality of our keyword optimizations by basing them on call volume as well as conversions from our website. Additional training as well as the identification of any areas in our phone method in which we may have been falling short. Extremely user-friendly, and the dashboard offers insightful information that is both pertinent and useful. Excellent understanding of the processes that my company uses to manage incoming calls. The software that allows for self-service and has the capability to integrate with a variety of different systems. Because the system has been developed with user experience (UX) in mind, it is simple to use for all different kinds of clients. The attribution of digital spending. When customers see the value, they begin to spend a greater amount. It has a large number of qualities that are applicable in the business sector. WildJar provides its users with a virtual number that conceals the user's actual contact information. Helpful for both making calls and recording the calls that you make. You will have no trouble keeping tabs on each and every call. - Michael U.
Occasionally, when customers call me back on my WildJar number, I get a notification indicating that the call was placed, but I never receive the actual call. There are times when a little delay occurs. Furthermore, you may not always be able to quickly find out who is contacting you back when you get a callback. However, these are extremely little problems that will undoubtedly be fixed soon. does not yet have a significant impact on the quality. The issue that triggers an automatic phone call each time I use my ATS and press the enter key. The least frequent occurrence is when it delays and we can't place calls. Furthermore, there are occasions when the connection is incorrect, forcing us to repeat the same conversation many times. Our company's IVR setup required a lot of work and time to complete in the beginning. We had to hire a third party to develop and build our whole process as the pre-existing capability did not satisfy our needs. Furthermore, we wanted a personalized API hook that we could use for subsequent requests, but implementing this took almost half a year. We were searching for a solution at the same time. - Ashley C.
It offers calls of a good quality and has excellent customer service in the event that we run into any issues. Integration of WildJar's Chrome Extension System into websites and administrative panels is a simple process. We are now free of any and all contact center problems, and we like the straightforward working style. It is user-friendly and focused on the needs of the consumer. It has been functioning normally, and there have been no issues to report up to this point. Simpler to keep an eye on. It was beneficial to locate all of our data in one location. It is much simpler to monitor the current standing of each profile and vaccination. One little step closer to having all of our work under control. The simplicity of the product and its contribution to the efficient monitoring of business-related call recordings contributed to a positive experience overall. I made phone calls using WildJar's software and checked its call logs and record keeping. It was quite helpful, and I will keep using this moving forward. Because the Calls are being recorded, there is no requirement for us to recall every specific detail about the applicant who was on the call. Due to the fact that I am not required to reveal my personal phone number with the prospects, my experience with WildJar was positive. - Taylor S.
The calendar time must be entered on a regular basis in order to get the daily report. The recordings from the last ten days will be visible after the report has been updated. The contact logs cannot be seen via the mobile app. As a user, I was forced to obtain an excel report in order to watch the time of my call rather than being able to do so inside the program itself. It would be great if there was a feature that made mass contact copying and pasting easy. The inability to see a history of the calls we have made to other individuals will be one of the drawbacks. The program will use the name of the person we would have previously saved as a cover for the call; your phone will not show the identity of the caller, but it will indicate that WildJar's number is being called. Every time someone calls again on the same number, this occurs. Applicants are unable to send any form of communication other than those sent via WhatsApp as there is no message sending option accessible. This program was known to sometimes have a minor issue in the past. The call often got stopped in the past, so there was a strong risk it wouldn't go through properly. - Jude V.
The program is helpful in its whole, including all of its capabilities such as the autodialer, call recording, and call tracking. Calls may be received at any moment on the provided number, just like a regular number. Keep a record of each and every call. Calls are being monitored. You may make calls using the Chrome extension on your PC or the mobile app. When it comes to listening to the call records, WildJar is the most helpful application for me. When working in the recruiting industry, it is very important to be aware of and document all of the relevant facts; WildJar assists with the majority of this process. It is a very helpful software that is of great assistance in the routine activities that any recruiter must do. It is simple to use; all you have to do is copy the phone number from the relevant page, paste it, and give the company a call right away. When I used WildJar, I had a good experience overall. Always considered utilizing this kind of program since it maintains records and keeps track of the people you are formally associated with in an orderly manner. - Alyssa J.
I would recommend resolving the issue with the call logs, which sometimes aren't stored. There may be a few bumps along the way, but these may be worked out in the near future. The phone periodically hangs up in the middle of a conversation, the call ends, and the sound quality occasionally deteriorates. It might be challenging to identify a caller if you don't get their calls; in such cases, the candidate's number ought should appear on the screen next to the one that called. It might be difficult to determine which candidate phoned you if they call and you miss their calls. Periodically, there are problems with the network connection, but they are quickly fixed. There are several instances when the call logs are inaccurate. Furthermore, we often find ourselves unable to make phone calls. We expect WildJar to provide more functionality for users, and there will be very few situations when information input by hand is necessary.If we could check up the names of candidates whose calls we missed, it would be useful to know who we are speaking with even before we got calls. - Ryan A.
The functions of the program that are performed automatically. The most well-liked aspects of the program are the automatic recording of each call as well as the call accounting capabilities. conjunction with this, one may further utilize it to keep track of the daily dial count. It is simple to place calls, and there are several search choices available. The recording option enables me to review the chat and replay it so that I may take notes on the information that I may have missed. Making calls using the app is not only a time saver, but it also makes it much simpler to get in touch with other people. Product is intuitive and user-friendly, and we are pleased with the level of service and assistance we have received in resolving our questions quickly. The metrics for call recording and call tracking are incredibly helpful since they allow us to keep track of discussions and provide us the opportunity to concentrate more on our KPI. To this far, my experience with WildJar has been positive and educational, and I would not hesitate to suggest that others try the service for themselves. - Brad L.
The same thing happened with the tablet the day before, and it took five minutes to get past all of the "new feature" popups. Each and every one of those popups led to buttons and functionalities that had been there for many years.The cherry on top was the fact that I had already provided them with input on this identical issue a few months earlier. I made the choice for them that they SHOULD NOT communicate with me further on the matter. They didn't even wait an hour before calling me on the phone, disturbing me while I was working in order to gain additional information... Unfortunately, I had to block the number. A few days later, they make six consecutive attempts to phone my number in succession. When it didn't work, they phoned my boss to ask whether he was the person to contact about the feedback. When that didn't work, they called my boss again. In the meanwhile, they wrote me twice about it with the subject box plainly stating that they did not have my consent.Our company probably makes use of a dozen or more distinct software packages and operating systems. RingCentral is responsible for more than 80 percent of "please leave feedback" and "check out this new feature" pop-ups and emails sent out by itself. - Brad W.

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WildJar Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Call Tracking
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Analytics


  • Customer Support
  • Pricing Complexity
  • Learning Curve

WildJar Final Conclusions

WildJar has been recognized as a powerful call-monitoring tool, and praise has been heaped for its complete capabilities and the vital insights it provides—users like its intuitive interface and its many customization choices. However, Concerns have been voiced about sporadic problems with customer service and the complicated nature of pricing schemes.

Despite these drawbacks, WildJar is useful for companies interested in comprehensive call analytics. WildJar has the potential to deliver an even more gratifying experience for its customers, which would contribute to the company's reputation as a dependable tool for efficient call monitoring and analytics in the commercial sector. Improvements in customer service responsiveness and better pricing information would be necessary for this.

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