Juvo Leads Review: Pricing, Features & More

Agency for Digital Marketing! Whole lead tracking system. White Label Client Logins: Track Calls, Track Forms, Track Chats. FORM TRACKING NATIVE. Customers retain their forms; Juvo Leads integrates with your current website. Completely controlled live website chat that is optional. Whole solution for lead management. Customers may monitor all leads and keep track of calls, forms, and conversations. 30-second setup time. 24/7 devoted assistance. Try it free for 14 days.
Juvo Leads Review: Pricing, Features & More

Juvo Leads overview

Juvo Leads, using lead chat, creates the illusion for visitors to a website that they are being greeted by a chat agent when they enter the page. This contributes to an increase in chat conversations, resulting in more leads. After the chat session, the "Fast Dial" phone connection is made available to any website visitor who initiates the conversation. Discussion on a website inspires visitors to the site to have a higher level of confidence in the company, making those visitors more likely to want to continue doing business with the company when the discussion is over.

Boost the number of conversions that your website already gets from the traffic it now receives—a total of forty percent more leads. The chat feature provided by Juvo Leads considerably boosts the conversion rates of websites. Active chat initiation creates the idea that a live person has begun a discussion. Still, agents only take part in the conversation once the website visitor reacts to the first question or statement. The active conversation initiation provided by Juvo Leads raises visitor-to-chat ratios, ultimately resulting in more quality leads originating from your website.

What Juvo Leads has to say about itself

The full-service lead generation platform that is Juvo Leads is the first of its kind. By combining live online chat, phone tracking, and form tracking into a single, simple-to-use dashboard for lead monitoring, you can increase the number of leads you get and discover where those leads originated with real-time lead reporting. In addition to taking lead data from Juvo Chat, each website's form solution, and third-party call tracking data, Juvo Leads was merging data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. Moreover, it also analyzes data from Facebook ads.

Other businesses use many popups that direct users to a new window so they may chat with their customer service representatives. These conversations that open in a "new window" are unsettling for users, which lowers conversion rates and worsens SEO. Every conversation in Just Leads Chat occurs in the same window and tab the visitor already sees. Rule-based welcome messages allow for the delivery of messages specifically tailored to each website visitor's actions. Conversion rates for the pages that matter the most may benefit from having customized messaging shown on certain landing pages.

Notifications by text message and email for all conversations, form submissions, and a fully integrated lead dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all incoming prospects. Additionally, it is capable of phone monitoring as well! Juvo Leads is a one-of-a-kind, 4-in-1 lead tracking and capture solution that monitors every Call, Form, Chat, and SMS while assisting customers in earning 35% more leads with a done-for-you chat service. Juvo Leads tracks every single one of these types of interactions.

Juvo Leads Review

Year Started2013
Company Websitejuvoleads.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesMarketing and lead-generating firm Juvo Leads serves companies. For the latest information about Juvo Leads' services, visit their website or call them.
FeaturesLive Website Chat Services, Google Business Message Answering, SMS Chat Answering Service, Dashboard & Reporting, Call Tracking, White Label Solutions
CertificationsSOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2015, CISPR 24, ISO/IEC 27017.

Juvo Leads price policy

Visit their official website or contact their sales staff directly if you want facts that are precise and up to date about the prices of their services. As a result of the fact that many businesses modify their price structures to accommodate the specific requirements of each customer's company and the services they need, communicating directly with Juvo Leads is strongly encouraged to get accurate information.
PackagesDone-For-You Chat Service - $35 (Per Lead), Lead Tracking (Call+Form) - $65 (Per Month/Or Free)
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and PayPal.
Payment discountsYou may get the most up-to-date information on any discounts currently available by checking their official website or contacting them. These discounts may include volume discounts, seasonal promotions, or special deals for new customers. Because businesses often modify the structures of their discounts, it is advised that a direct connection be maintained with Juvo Leads to get correct and current information.

Juvo Leads online reputation

Positive feedback about Juvo Leads is coming from customers, with many complimenting the company's efficient lead generation and digital marketing techniques. Customers are satisfied with the individualized services and the timely communication. According to some of the criticism, campaign monitoring sometimes has difficulties. In general, Juvo Leads is regarded well for enhancing online visibility and engagement; nevertheless, there are several areas in which the clarity of analytics might be improved.
Since the company's inception in 2013, we have been working with Juvo Leads. When we first began working with them, their primary function was as a chat solution. When I said that we utilized call tracking, the team at Juvo Leads overheard me, and two weeks later, they had their very own call tracking system up and running. At the time, we were using the services of a different call tracking provider. They were able to persuade us, and we made the change! We were unhappy with our previous call monitoring firm, so we switched to Juvo Leads, which allows us to track not just calls but also chats and forms. They are so much more than simply a call monitoring provider, which is one of the things that most impresses us about them. They are able to record and keep track of every lead that comes into the websites of each of our customers. Our customers are given a username and password that allows them to access their account on our website. Once logged in, they are able to listen to calls, examine conversations, and read form submissions. - Christian T.
The feature on the game tape The ideal version of this feature would enable users to insert shorter video clips rather than whole videos. On the transcripts, there are instances in which the words stated are attributed to the wrong person. If I were to read the transcripts by myself, as an outsider who wasn't on the conversation, it's possible that I may get confused. The issue that I've been having is that Juvo Leads doesn't always instantly join on my zoom conversations right away; instead, it joins the call in the midst of the conversation. This makes things a little uncomfortable and disrupts the flow of the talk. It has only occurred a few times, but I have informed the Juvo Leads team that there is a flaw in the system. It doesn't always capture the beginning and final few seconds of the call, but it usually does. When a call has already begun, adding Juvo Leads to it may take a few minutes of additional time depending on the circumstances. This occurs only in situations in which Juvo Leads is not currently engaged in a call. Because of this, there is a possibility that some information may be skipped over during the recording, which might make things challenging at times. - Jill H.
Some of our customers make use of their CRM to keep track of prospects, make notes on them, and give a status to each one. All of our customers are provided with form alerts and chat lead notifications, and some of them also have the option to record calls and have the recordings emailed to either their email or their phone via text message. Just recently, we began utilizing the reports from their Google Data Studio account. When we originally considered doing this, we had some reservations since we've been giving out analytics data for more than five years. However, they were successful in persuading us, and they customized reports to meet our requirements by selecting appropriate elements from their available template collection. We will no longer deliver reports to our customers on a monthly basis. They have access to them whenever they wish to view them thanks to the login and password that we supply for them. At first, terrifying; nevertheless, it quickly becomes lot simpler, and customers like it. - Tina K.
The video conferencing platform that we use at my firm is called BlueJeans, and we have integrated Juvo Leads with it. There will be instances when Juvo Leads is absent from the meetings. In addition, I have a hope that Juvo Leads would record the video so that we may see the screen share while listening to the voiceover. It is vital to listen to the calls themselves rather than depending on the notes since the audio is sometimes transcribed as the voice of another person. Despite its lack of sophistication, the Juvo Leads API does the task for which it was designed. Could require some extension in order to better connect with new tools developed by third parties or by the developer themselves. It would be nice if the reporting was a little more comprehensive and customisable. At the moment, it is a little bit out of the box, and in the future, it will need API development in order to extract more information from it. Because it joins the conversation as a notetaker, my customers often mistakenly believe that another person is on the line with them. This feature is not one of my favorites. There is always potential for development in every situation. The user interface could need some work, and it would be ideal if I could access all I require via the website app rather than the desktop version. - Katelyn D.
It is something that I utilize with my team for our weekly calls and analysis of deals. When combined with Hubspot, the new Deal Center has a surprising amount of functionality that caught me by surprise. Being a visual person, having the ability to observe the frequency of our contacts with our clients in real time provided me with valuable information. The Juvo Leads interface is useful (particularly the warnings) in drawing my attention to transactions that are at danger, and the themes are beneficial as we strive to build up education courses for our clients. Specifically, the warnings bring my attention to deals that are at risk. I really like being able to view meetings at double the normal pace, provide comments for coaching, and then move on. It is a significant improvement over the previous methods of tutoring, which included manually zooming in on recordings. Having the capability to record all sales conversations with ease, reviewing the analytics of the calls, reviewing the calls after they have been completed, and having a fantastic and user-friendly mobile application to watch calls while on the road are all desirable features. The automated recording of calls that Juvo Leads does and the insights it provides, such as the length of the longest monologue and the ratio of speak time to listen time, are both highly beneficial features. This is of great use to us in evaluating our phone interactions with customers and improving our customer service. - Leonard R.
Given the range of accents and dialects, it is probable that the transcription is not accurate; this may be anticipated. Furthermore, I think it should be possible for people to turn it off when they join a call. When the scorecard option is made accessible, I can't wait. Furthermore, I wish there was an easier method to share conversation samples and use comments to identify certain moments so that searching and referencing could be made more straightforward, much like with Juvo Leads. The user interface (UI) may seem a little overwhelming when you first start learning about all of the possibilities that are available. However, this is not a significant problem, and there is not a steep learning curve. The fact that the transcript isn't very accurate is one of the many things that, in my view, might be improved. Errors often occur, and sometimes even simple words or sentences that have been said are not precisely captured. You may use a function to go on to the speaker after them in the list, or to the one before them. There are instances in which the findings obtained with this procedure are not very accurate. The appropriate speaker is skipped over and another is played instead. - Yannis P.
My productivity has risen overall and my work as Head of Sales Enablement has been much simpler now I have access to Juvo Leads. The option that allows you to record games and subsequently cut them straight from the transcript is my personal favorite. In the past, screen recording equipment was necessary to continuously replay and capture a moment. The ability to create a sample, annotate it, and then send that specific section straight to a channel or individual inside Slack is not just one of my favorite features, but it's also one of my favorite features. Our organization has benefited much from this in project management, and we couldn't have done it without it. Once the desktop program has been downloaded, you will be able to simply go back to certain points in the live session you are now taking part in by bookmarking those spots. You can utilize this feature, which is the last one I think is missing, after you have downloaded the desktop application. This could be the most important tool you simply cannot live without if you often utilize Zoom discussions and find yourself needing to remember a certain aspect of a conversation that you had on one of those talks. - Jon T.
Two of the most significant limitations of Juvo Leads are that it is not possible to personalize the program and to produce reports. However, this is more than compensated for by its quick installation process and good, user-friendly design. Both of these features are quite intuitive. The use of this application provides users access to a variety of one-of-a-kind features, including the capability to automatically schedule meetings and a comprehensive range of tracking options. The accuracy of the transcripts is inconsistent since the translation process results in the loss of the vast majority of the original information. When I read the transcripts of someone else's discussion, it may be difficult to tell who said what since I am not directly there in the conversation. This is especially important to keep in mind if there are more than two people on the call. Although it is realistic to anticipate that outcomes obtained via the use of artificial intelligence may not always be accurate, any advance made in this field would be very much appreciated. Because there are not many native integration possibilities with third-party system tools and services, it is not as desired as some other options. It would already be a terrific tool to have in our stack if it included improved support for AI-driven transcription and more localization assistance for a larger variety of languages. - Dave A.
According to the name of the software, Juvo Leads has made it more simpler for Chargebee's sales crew to make adjustments, get coaching, and share tribal knowledge. Throughout the course of our interactive meetings, the teams talk about calls, expressing their opinions and suggestions on various use cases and situations, as well as addressing any issues that may have arisen as a result of these discussions. There's something almost mystical about how straightforward the setting and execution are. The process of adjusting, coaching, and exchanging knowledge within the sales force is now a lot simpler than it was before because to the amazing synergies that Zoom and Outreach have with one another. Since the very beginning (just a few days after we had the first few SDRs sign up for the trial to offer input! ), Juvo Leads has been actively involved in our sales process and prospective areas. In addition to this, they had a very good sales staff, which made the evaluation process very easy. Because Juvo Leads has such a strong sales staff, they were able to streamline the evaluation process. They provided suggestions on how we may make the most of the usage, and they assisted the team in putting those suggestions into action. My whole experience with the firm, from the sales process to the onboarding process to the platform itself, has been nothing short of remarkable, and as a result, I would strongly recommend that anyone add Juvo Leads to their sales organization. In fact, I would advocate that anybody add Juvo Leads to their sales organization. - Keri W.
The act of taking notes, incorporating those notes into certain dialogue segments, and putting those notes into the CRM system might all be automated more effectively using Juvo Leads. As it is rather difficult at first, it takes a lot of repetition to become second nature. was more challenging to assemble, and although it seems a touch gaudy, it accomplishes the goal. The ability to use Juvo Leads to monitor live meetings while they are happening is the ONE and ONLY functionality that is missing. Many of the people we meet with have strong accents, and the transcribing process finds it challenging to comprehend them. Even though I speak English well, there are certain terminology that are exclusive to the industry and are not copied. In order to improve the accuracy of the transcription, I would want to be able to have the platform "learn" such terms. When we review the phone records, we can plainly see that there are instances when the dialects are not well matched. Although this is an uncommon situation, there is still room for improvement to make this situation flawless. One area where Juvo Leads may be improved is their precision. Approximately 70% of the time, the artificial intelligence function is operational. - Patrick H.

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Juvo Leads Pros&Cons


  • Effective Lead Generation
  • Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Prompt Communication


  • Campaign Tracking Challenges
  • Analytics Clarity
  • Service Evolution

Juvo Leads Final Conclusions

Positive comments have been made about the efficient lead generation and individualized digital marketing services Juvo Leads provides. Clients appreciate fast communication but notice that there are sometimes issues in campaign monitoring and want more explicit information. Juvo Leads generally stands apart because of its individualized approach, but the company may improve in some areas to provide a better experience for its customers.

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