Call Box Review: Pricing, Features & More

Call Box gives companies the tools they need to guarantee that their clients have a positive experience every time they pick up the phone to contact them by providing a smooth call flow and a top-notch caller experience. This results in the intended outcomes of the call and greater ties with the consumer.
Call Box Review: Pricing, Features & More

Call Box overview

Call Box is a complete call tracking and cloud phone system solution that enables organizations to enhance caller experience, minimize inefficiencies in call handling, and receive a clear insight into every phone contact. Using a one-of-a-kind mix of human reviewers and machine learning technologies. You can find holes in phone procedures and find solutions to fix them. Users of the Call Box can assess in a short time, with practically no assistance from management, how well a specific employee is doing on the phone.

You can improve the performance of your personnel by keeping regular track of their strengths and shortcomings based on trends. Voice Recognition may help your team become more accountable to one another by showing the phone handler for each call along with that person's performance throughout the conversation. The system can identify the distinctive speech melody of each staff member and recognize the voice for future calls.

Increase your company's responsibility and improve the way you handle your most essential leads by obtaining fast integration of Call Box with major CRMs. You will get actionable information and alerts that will help you to proactively enhance phone performance at any level, from the corporate level down to the level of the individual agent. Call Box and GoTo Connect have formed a partnership to provide customers with a cloud phone solution that is both adaptable and dependable. Get rid of obsolete hardware systems that are difficult to maintain and configure.

What Call Box has to say about itself

The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered capabilities of Call Box examine hundreds of data points. At the same time, the user is on the phone to discover performance gaps and locate real business prospects. You will be notified if Call Box determines that a caller may be offended or unsatisfied. Sentiment Detection is an application that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate a caller's voice's loudness, cadence, and rhythm. Because of this, managers can proactively reach out to consumers who have had a negative experience and save their connections with those customers. Gaining insight into the performance of staff members using the phone will allow for more quick feedback.

The Enterprise solutions offered by Call Box streamline workflow, improve operational efficiency, and provide users with actionable data and trends across various locations, teams, and contact centers. Call Box's contact center solutions enable you to centralize all customer communication in a single location, providing a unified experience to callers and maintaining consistency in how the phone is handled. As soon as a call comes in, the staff is equipped with the pertinent caller information from a CRM, PMS, or other contact management platform to handle the call most effectively.

You can monitor, manage, and act upon customer discussions that are taking place across various locations or teams, thanks to an easy-to-read conversation history and the option to listen in on live calls. The live feedback loops help agents perform better on live calls and in the future. Call Box assists companies in optimizing their marketing budgets depending on the number of calls converted into customers and making smarter business choices. Utilizing our patented features, you can see actionable campaign performance data and call conversions.

Call Box Review

Year Started1988
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCall Box is a company that offers various services focused on call tracking and analytics to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts and improve customer interactions.
FeaturesArtificial Intelligence, Caller Experience, Enterprise, Marketing, Team Management, Cloud Phone System, Texting
CertificationsSOC2 Type 2, HIPAA

Call Box price policy

Because Call Box tailors its pricing to meet the specific requirements of each unique company, communicating directly with the company is the most effective approach to acquire accurate information on its prices and the many service plans it offers. Check out their official website or contact their sales staff for the most up-to-date information.
PackagesCall Box has not provided pricing information for its services.
Payment optionsCredit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
Payment discountsCheck the Call Box website for up-to-date information, or contact the company directly for specifics on the savings that may be available. These discounts may include volume-based pricing, promotional offers, or special package deals. Because of the frequency with which it modifies its discount structures, speaking directly with Call Box is strongly encouraged to get the most recent and precise information.

Call Box online reputation

Call Box is well acclaimed for its smart analytics and efficient call monitoring, which improve marketing tactics. Positive comments emphasize dependable lead management and user-friendly interfaces. Negative remarks may center on issues with feature restrictions or price transparency. According to customer comments, Call Box is a useful tool for companies looking for sophisticated call monitoring and analytics solutions.
I appreciate that elead allows you to utilize the frames in reports as well as click to call with CallBox, and that you don't have to log in somewhere else to use either of those things. The listening to the conversation as well as the assignment of appointment status inside the reports. CallBox was simple to use and presented no challenges to its customers. The performance of our sales personnel improved as a result of using CallBox. The generation of fresh leads for expansion is never a simple task. Callbox gives you visibility into those new leads and enables you to review and coach members of your team to convert leads into real customers. In addition, determining and being aware of which marketing initiatives are the most effective in terms of lead generation is an important step in allocating marketing money to the appropriate areas. The capability of tracking various marketing leads, whether they originate online or via phone calls. I really like being able to monitor the amount of work that my employees are putting in while also monitoring their phone conversations and giving them guidance to assist them overcome challenges. I also really like being able to examine my call volume on a daily and hourly basis in order to better forecast personnel requirements. - Conrad K.
They are adept at recovering quickly from any server outages that may occur (as is the case with any program), which may occur at any moment. There are occasions when the reports have the incorrect labels chosen for appointments that are with new patients as opposed to current patients. Searching for a call by entering a phone number is not very effective. It is difficult for us to trace the call if we are unable to determine when it was received. Our use case is quite straightforward and simple. I really wish we could apply the call reviews throughout the whole platform without it having an effect on our monthly budget. Or we should at least test it out for free to demonstrate how effective it will be before we introduce it. We really need to have our CRM connected so that it can count that we have reviewed the call. It would have been wonderful if we could have had the option to take breaks at certain times throughout the workday. When attempting to view these reports, there are moments when you may experience some lag. Additionally, there are occasions when it seems that part of the information is incorrect. - Gregory B.
In the past, I've used several different software packages. I have used Callbox for more than eight years with a number of different firms. It offers the most accurate tracking available at this time. The personal contact and the reliability of the goods are two things that really stand out to us. The simplicity of usage, in addition to the fact that it enables the staff to listen to and evaluate themselves. It gives me the ability to monitor the percentage of calls that are being routed to the voicemail instead of my receptionist. It has been a wonderful experience for us, and it has been a significant factor in our achieving 99% 10s on the customer feedback evaluations. It was simple to operate, and I liked that it recorded both incoming and outgoing phone calls. Moving from one business to another was not a difficult task. I have had absolutely no problems with CallBox or anybody else that I have spoken with. In the event that we have any questions or issues, everyone is really helpful and informed. The user-friendliness is excellent. It is beneficial to get the emails pertaining to the tracking and to ensure that the follow-up calls are made to those individuals with whom we have failed to contact. - Tommy D.
The software does not transcribe the words said during the conversation into text; rather, it generates a "summary" of the events that took place during the call. These summaries, in my experience, are accurate around fifty percent of the time. It took longer than we had anticipated to train our Callbox staff on our value premise and message, but in hindsight, it was well worth it. I was surprised that it took a little bit more time than I had expected to get the flow of appointments started. It would seem that some of the information is not correct. It would have been wonderful if we could have had the option to take breaks at certain times throughout the workday. Only a small number of the phone calls seem to have been traced improperly. Additionally, it offers excellent customer service, despite the fact that it has not responded to any of my inquiries or emails for assistance. It is more costly than the offerings of other firms. - Anna P.
Our customers are able to get the results of call tracking from us, and our clients are also given the ability to check up their own call tracking data. Their customer service crew is highly approachable and has a high level of professionalism. The fact that this program can monitor and record all of my phone conversations is something that really appeals to me. This program is able to keep a record of every single call that you have ever made. A productive method for keeping track of phone conversations and locating potential sales leads. They tailor a multi-channel lead generating campaign to our company's culture, processes, and needs for the most up-to-date technology and data security compliance standards. This is our first attempt at outsourcing this position, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out! We are making the most efficient use of the time of our benefit consultants by forming a partnership with a firm that is committed to initiating a discussion on our behalf in the same way that we would, therefore producing a first impression that accurately portrays our organization in the manner in which we see fit. My sales team was able to benefit from CallBox's appointment setting services. - Val A.
There is room for improvement in the reporting. Even after taking into account the approximately one hour delay that occurs while individuals listen to the phone calls, it still provides erroneous results. Every day, we come across unpredictable occurrences in which the reporting is inaccurate for one user or multiple users, but the user's IT staff does not provide a reason for this, and nothing on our end has changed. When there is a problem with the Click-to-call feature, we are also transferred between other departments. When I have phoned many times to inquire about an outage with click-to-call, they have always responded by saying that it isn't their issue and that I should contact eLead instead. When I contact eLead, they inform me that it isn't them and that I should contact Call Box instead. In the last several months, Click-to-call has had many outages, and it can be quite aggravating to be transferred between suppliers, particularly on days when there is a lot of call volume. In addition, the program is not completely BDC-friendly, which means that it is impossible for me to swiftly get the data I want without first consulting a number of different reports. When obtaining these reports, there is also sometimes a sluggishness that might be experienced. - Ashley B.
This application is just fantastic. In comparison to other software packages, it has an intuitive user interface. This program is useful since it can monitor and record all of my incoming and outgoing phone conversations. This program is able to keep every text message and phone call that you have ever sent or received. A important advantage is that it can quickly add numbers without requiring the user to ask for help. this capability is incredibly time efficient. It might be of great assistance in collecting the relevant information. This software may also be used for internet advertising, which has proven to be a really helpful service for our company. By using this approach, their friends and us are able to more effectively monitor and report supply and lead volume resulting from my digital marketing activities. Qc is something that is always on our thoughts, as well as the minds of the practices that we serve. The use of CI makes it possible for us to teach our staff as well as theirs to do a task that is more satisfying than using a phone. It does a good job, but compared to other phone monitoring providers, its prices are more. It is beneficial to me in terms of my futures sales. I am able to keep tabs on my new consumers and have quick access to my existing customers. - Lynn G.
I'd want to be able to measure a person's productivity hourly, and I'd also like to see a more BDC-friendly interface that displays connections, appointments, and sets, among other things, by the hour. The present report doesn't load all of the salesmen on our team, so I'd like to see a more user-friendly Call Box report instead. The reporting interface often has some lag in its operation and.When we were utilizing toll free lines, we ran into a problem in which we would get calls from individuals who had not obtained the phone number from the internet. On the other hand, when we provisioned lines via a local prefix, we did not come into this problem. However, I am not very interested in the competition aspect of Call Box for the simple reason that I work for a firm that specializes in exotic cars, and as such, this aspect does not make much sense for our company. I can understand how something like that may be beneficial for a Honda, Toyota, or Ford dealership, but it wouldn't work for the kind of vehicles we sell. - Amy K.
Just able to manage all the data about my clientele. Many employees used to remark, "I called them on my cell phone," but now days they can use the system to input their cell number and make calls. An accomplishment for the management. The report that now indicates how many calls were really Live Conversations with the consumers eliminates the staff's ability to claim that they made X number of calls to all of their clients, thereby clearing the smoke from the call efforts. Overall, the greatest phone system to CRM tool interface available. It's astounding how difficult it is to convince salespeople in the automotive sector to follow up with consumers; some even believe this is the automobile business. With the help of several reports that help the dealership with call handling and what is said or not said, the management teams can now precisely monitor what the staff is doing and is not doing thanks to the technology. How many times did the salesman really inquire about scheduling a meeting with the client? Additionally, Call Box will provide phone skills training for its employees. As the majority of us are aware, we cannot rely on sales managers to teach him the proper way to say and how not to say things when sitting down with a green pea. - Kimberly L.
In spite of the fact that I feel there is always area for operations to be improved, I do think that the functionality of this company's call monitoring platform is at its highest possible level. The most serious flaw is found in its connection with Google Analytics, which is the primary reason why our marketing firm and the majority of our customers chose to work with them in the first place. There are numerous call monitoring services available, and many of them offer comprehensive backend reporting. However, there are not as many call tracking services that pitch themselves as being able to immediately link your call conversions into your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts. CI achieves this to some extent, however the mechanism and script they use to register conversions does not provide Google Analytics with an accurate report of the real location of the caller. The typical general manager would freak out or call their advertising agency to ask why they are wasting money advertising in a market that is not in their sales region. This is the issue that arises when CI is integrated into GA; call conversions register in GA as originating from the server in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and map out appropriately in GA data. As a result, you are not provided with a true geo-location image of conversions and site activity. - Elena C.

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Call Box Pros&Cons


  • Effective Call Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • CRM Integration


  • Pricing
  • Feature Limitations
  • Support

Call Box Final Conclusions

Call Box receives favorable reviews for its efficient call monitoring, perceptive analytics, and intuitive user interfaces, all of which support improved marketing tactics. Users like its easy-to-use CRM connectivity and lead management features.

On the other hand, issues with price transparency and possible feature restrictions exist. Customer feedback generally indicates that Call Box is a good option for companies looking for sophisticated call monitoring and analytics services. At the same time, there may be room for improvement regarding price details and future feature additions.

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