Dial800 Review: Pricing, Features & More

You may rapidly ascertain customer mood and buying intent using Dial800 conversation analytics. With each engagement, you'll get new business agility and rapid insights at scale. With over 25 years of expertise in delivering crucial call monitoring, analytics, and cloud-based communication tools, Dial800 is the go-to resource for millions of organizations annually.
Dial800 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Dial800 overview

You can ensure that every engagement counts using cloud-based campaign monitoring, automated analytics, and real-time insights. Utilize the integrative platform that Dial800 provides to assess the success of your initiatives. The cloud-based business phone solution provides real-time call and text monitoring and improved optimization of connections with your clients.

Using measurements that link each ad view with real sales dollars, you can accurately track the conversion rate of both your online and offline advertising campaigns. Speech analytics that provides success measures using AI include content labeling, sentiment scoring, and other features. Business phone systems that may expand by your company's growing communication requirements. Contains audio, text, video, and other forms of media. SIP Trunking from Dial800 provides high-quality call handling, call monitoring and analytics, comprehensive reporting, and versatile connectors.

When you become a member of Dial800, you will be given access to hundreds of local and real 800 numbers for businesses, all of which have been shown to enhance direct response. Because of its sophisticated set of tools, you will have access to insights into your call and text data that you have never had before, leading to a significant and directed rise in the number of call conversions.

What Dial800 has to say about itself

The analytics and communications platform that Dial800 offers is the only product on the market that integrates marketing, digital media monitoring, contact center, management, business phone systems, and SIP trunks into a unified and simple-to-navigate software program. Your data may be sent automatically between Dial800 and other systems, such as CRM platforms, analytical tools, reporting systems, etc.

Integrate the call and text data from your Dial800 account with almost any other tool. It employs an open API architecture, gives you access to self-service interfaces, and provides enhanced features to guarantee the success of your Dial800 integration! A platform that offers comprehensive call and text statistics for all incoming and outgoing communications. The results of your advertising campaigns and the success of your sales are presented to you in an easy-to-read format by Dial800.

Using hundreds of data points, artificial intelligence-driven analytics, and customizable reporting, the Dial800 monitoring and analytics software makes it possible for you to track and report calls or texts to your company quickly. Obtain fast insights and calculate ROI with the help of fully tailored reports. Use the data on customer behavior to understand who your consumers are, which marketing strategies are successful, and the worth of each incoming call and text message.

Calls may be tracked and analyzed using Dial800, allowing for more informed and data-driven marketing and sales choices to be made. Find out where your leads are coming from and monitor how they are handled. Many of Dial800's customers use this feature to distinguish between calls coming in via their website, certain landing pages, pay-per-click advertisements shown on Google and Bing, print advertising, direct response marketing, and even paid social media platforms.

Dial800 Review

Year Started1996
Company Websitedial800.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesDial800 is a company specializing in call tracking and call management solutions.
FeaturesCallView360, AI Analytics, AccuRoute, BizCloud, RapidRecall, Integrations
CertificationsISO 27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPPA

Dial800 price policy

Dial800 provides all-inclusive plans and stand-alone options, all powered by our dependable and powerful platform. You may choose from various options, including on-demand monitoring and analytics, call routing, toll-free numbers, cloud-based phone systems, and more! It is recommended that you visit Dial800's official website or contact its sales staff directly for information that is correct and up to date on the pricing of its services. Direct connection with Dial800 is the best way to get the most accurate information on charges and the many available service plans. Companies often personalize pricing depending on the specific needs of particular businesses.
PackagesBasic - $50/month, Power - $225/month, Enterprise - $500/month; Basic VoIP Phone System - $200/month, Power VoIP Phone System - $425/month, Enterprise VoIP phone system - $650/month
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, ECH, Pay Pal
Payment discountsDial800 may give various discounts, such as volume-based pricing, exclusive bundles, or promotional deals. For the most up-to-date and correct information, it is advised to communicate directly with Dial800 since companies often adjust their discount arrangements. To get precise and current details about any discounts that Dial800 may offer, it is advised to visit their official website or contact their sales or customer care representatives directly. They may provide information about current specials or discounts that could be accessible in light of the demands or conditions unique to your company.

Dial800 online reputation

Dial800 is often commended for its efficient call monitoring and management solutions based on recurring themes. Users appreciate features like call recording and dynamic, which provide better marketing information. Positive reviews often emphasize how dependable and user-friendly the platform is. Any unfavorable remarks may be related to personal preferences or particular use scenarios.
This softy was used mostly as an analytical tool in order to assist the agents in improving their performance. Additionally, to investigate the pattern of calls going in and coming out of the company (inbound and outbound). The user is able to do an analysis of both incoming and outgoing calls with this program. You may choose to download calls, or you can email them to yourself instead. This is really helpful in terms of educating the customer support representatives. It makes our efforts transparent, and the success is obvious at the end of the day as proof that we are doing our job for the client. The biggest benefit is being able to show response on an ad campaign when the Katy – who likely is not taking calls – does not think he is getting a big enough response. Sometimes we listen to calls together. Sometimes I send the calls. Sometimes they log in. But the biggest benefit is being able to show response on an ad campaign. Simple to install and navigate, as well as affordable enough to include even if the consumer is not charged anything, a little cost, or is required to go via a pass through. - Richard F.
One idea would be to reduce the amount of clicking done across the site. Or, to simplify things, why one would search via a DNIS. There are instances when it runs slowly. There is no free trial version, and the price is a little bit steep as well. A person who is dubious would not commit money toward the purchase unless he knows someone who is already making use of it. Although I haven't come across too many things that I don't like, I can see that accessibility would be a problem for certain users. The difficulty that the speech recognition system occasionally has in precisely matching with a person's voice, which may lead to a misunderstanding over whose representative was interacting with the client. Because of this, further effort has to be done in the form of going behind the system and editing the mistake in recognition.It requires a feature where, if a call is missed but then a return call is made within a defined period (let's say within 12 hours of the missed call), it eliminates the missed call from the total. This would be a useful addition. Because of this, the number of calls that are really not returned to the caller would be more accurately represented. - Brandon S.
The effectiveness of the leads system in our company is directly correlated to our capacity to manage and personalize the calls that come in. The customer assistance is always there should you want it, and the program is quite simple to use. The use of Dial800 has been of great assistance in the management of our intricate phone system and network. The fact that it was factual was something that I appreciated. It was also helpful for us to provide our representative with further training. I reaped the benefits of being able to actually understand what my contact center personnel are doing and zero in on the most effective ways to teach them in the areas where they need it. Any call that originates from a campaign may be tracked in an effective manner. simple and uncomplicated in its operation. Call monitoring and recording services. We are able to monitor responses and ensure that the traffic we create is being processed appropriately. There have been just a few minor snags throughout the years. When problems have arisen, they have been resolved as quickly as possible. Experience with call tracking that is the best in its class. Over the last decade that I've been with Dial800, I've seen that they always provide outstanding service and are receptive to suggestions. Dial800 is, by a wide margin, the superior call tracking service of several that I've tested. - Cassandra D.
There are hiccups here and there with the tracking, and the AI isn't perfect when it comes to grading and transcribing conversations. However, there are some reporting issues that need to be resolved on the staff activity download. Other than that, everything is okay. If I had to choose one, it would be that there isn't a notice alert or icon that shows recent activity. That would be my only issue. It bothers me that one person needs to take responsibility for starting each new texting conversation thread. There are occasions when the address shown on the map is inaccurate. It is rather irritating as while creating callbacks, you still need to exit the session in order to get to the dashboard. Even when the phone is in a fantastic location, calls may and do get lost, caller identification could be improved, and connection quality can degrade at times. This system is in the process of expanding. Therefore, there are a great many things that they have not yet developed. The mobile app is my greatest pet peeve, but I still have trust in the company. Two of the suggestions that I made to Dial800 for their "this would be cool to have" feature have been incorporated. - Scott P.
Over the course of the last eight years, I have been employed at Dial800. Since day one and even now, eight years later, Dial800's customer service has been outstanding due to its friendliness, promptness, and intuitiveness. Everyone that answers the phone, from our devoted account managers over the years to their general support staff, does it with a grin on their face and handles each request with swift attention and via follow-up. Their one-of-a-kind call tracking solutions include not just toll-free numbers but also localized numbers, as well as bespoke solutions that are specialized to our firm. These solutions range from localized outbound calling to dynamic call insertion for digital campaigns, and they have made it possible for our company to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of any advertising option. The call analytics provided by Dial800 has been of great use to us in determining, from a business perspective, the markets and media we want to participate in. Many thanks, Dial800, for the consistent support and creativity you've shown. - Erica C.
I believe that there are certain accessibility features that might be enhanced in order to assist you explore or filter through older messages (for example, a spell check, searching messages for keywords, etc.), but other than that, I don't really have any complaints about the service. It has a lot of useful features, but what sold me was how well it integrated with Podio. Phone number management, and I would not be able to use Dial800 to double call a lead. There are also a number of hidden charges, which, when added together, may become rather significant. The vast majority of individuals I know who utilize the site have inconsistent and variable pricing. There is no standardization. It cannot be relied upon. The mobile application is in serious need of improvement. It does not alert me when new text messages are received, and a significant number of other industry investors have expressed dissatisfaction with the application. I find it hard to believe that it could be the one and only phone system for my company. It need a great deal more growth and development. Compared to Dial800, the user interface (UI) of RingCentral is far more straightforward and straightforward. I really want to make the move to Dial800, but unfortunately, the issues are keeping me from doing so completely. - Michael P.
Their platform is very user-friendly, the quality and quantity of the data they provide is superb, and the people working for them are likewise of the highest caliber. The winner is Sandra by far! Always prompt in responding to either my calls or my emails. She does not care what the circumstance is and will immediately begin working to resolve a problem. She has a great deal of expertise and appears to have a knack for constantly coming up with credible choices or solutions to meet our DR requirements. Has been a fantastic business partner that has assisted us in expanding our company! The Dial800 crew is incredible; they are the most attentive, helpful, and customer-service focused group of individuals you could ever have the pleasure of working with. I really like working with the team that I have since everyone is quick to respond and eager to assist in any way they can. Simply incredible is the Dial800 system. I have a passion for technology. The Dial800 team is at the very pinnacle of excellence. The user interface is well-designed, which is something I like. It assists technical experts in working more effectively, which is very helpful in support contexts. Our clients who have switched from old VOIP environments to these digital solutions are receiving help from our company. This approach has earned the complete approval of our staff. - Paul Y.
I never had the opportunity to use this product or service even once, and yet they kept my money when I told them I did not want to use this product or service, even though it was a free trial period. Until they say they are not returning my money that I was deceived to deposit to the account balance, I am not going to use this product or service again. I was told it was a free trial period, but they still kept my money. A person from Dial800 conned me into adding funds to the account balance while I was taking advantage of the free trial. These are the functions There are a few situations in which the texting does not instantly reach to the line in order for it to be traced. When we go on to a new text, this step is performed for us. When we browse to a text message that has already been sent, the feature works as intended. The new ones are exactly the same in this regard. The only thing that immediately comes to mind that might need some updating is the extension for Google Chrome. It is possible that at times it may malfunction, and at other times it will fail to update recent calls. - Tammy G.
CallView 360 from Dial 800 delivers a lot of data and is very easy to use, which is essential to me since I have a tendency to experiment with and learn about different platforms via hands-on experimentation rather to watching instructional videos or going through orientations. It is also helpful because Dial 800 has wonderful workers that make things an awful lot simpler. We are now focusing our media spending on the channels, hours, and spots that provide the most return on investment, and the platform enables us to make this determination in a very timely manner. I like how simple it is to operate. It grants complete control over everything. By using the function that allows for multi-channel calling, I am able to monitor and handle incoming calls in the manner of my choosing. One of the most popular features is called Dynamic Number Insertion. Working with customers at a distance might be beneficial to the expansion of your company. I save the database of recorded phone calls for potential use at a later time. I am keeping a record of phone conversations in which there are numerous participants. It's not a bad idea. - Jacob D.
The mobile application is the one item that can almost always be made better. I'm also certain that integrating Zapier into your workflow will help you discover new opportunities. Integrations need a developer's attention. Getting paid on any outbound or incoming call even if the call is not connected. I can't pick which calls to record, thus I end up paying for recordings of all calls, even if my connected calls make up less than 10 percent of the total dials. The phone numbers are shown as spam. The customer support staff is lacking the fundamentals of customer service, and as a result, they treat the user as if he is an idiot or a liar until the user demonstrates otherwise. You are unable to send photographs over text messaging, and if someone else does send you a picture, it will arrive very grainy and fuzzy. When a voicemail is left and the call is categorized as an incoming call rather than a missed message, it might be confusing for the recipient of the call. The Chrome extension will sometimes cease functioning, and it is difficult to reset it. The user experience design has room for improvement. I think that more of its features should be readily accessible, which implies that you should be able to view them with just one or two clicks. - Taylor G.

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Dial800 Pros&Cons


  • Call Tracking
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording


  • Pricing
  • Feature Set
  • Reporting

Dial800 Final Conclusions

In conclusion, good feedback is provided to Dial800 on its efficient call tracking, dynamic number insertion, and dependable call routing, all of which contribute to improved marketing efforts. Users like call recording and analytics services since they help them get better insights. However, there are problems with price transparency, and individuals' expectations may differ.

Dial800 is a helpful tool for organizations seeking sophisticated call monitoring and management solutions, according to the thoughts of Dial800's customers, with possible areas for development depending on each firm's particular requirements and preferences. Businesses thinking about using Dial800's services may get a complete picture of the company by reading the feedback of some different customers.

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