DialogTech Review: Pricing, Features & More

The finest call-tracking solution to maximize your marketing spend and get credit for each phone transaction is DialogTech. Get precise attribution down to the term to understand how your efforts influence phone conversions. You can optimize every campaign to generate more online and over-the-phone leads by having comprehensive insight into client intent and lead quality.
DialogTech Review: Pricing, Features & More

DialogTech overview

DialogTech is the industry standard for call analytics for marketing departments. Consumers make billions of phone calls to companies every day, and the callers who become customers have the greatest conversion rates. Through links, you will be able to access both your DialogTech account and the support documentation. From marketing to sales to eCommerce to customer experience, the active conversation intelligence platform offered by DialogTech empowers revenue teams to improve purchasing experiences, generate more leads, and ultimately boost revenue.

It helps link calls to the whole journey that a consumer takes. DialogTech can attribute calls to your marketing and show you precisely how these conversations affect the customer journey. This attribution is made possible by AI. DialogTech provides real-time call attribution and information, assisting marketers in their efforts to monitor and improve performance.

DialogTech offers technology and analytics that may be implemented to increase call volume at a cheaper cost, customize customer interactions over the phone, and increase sales. Are you choosing to disregard information coming via your phone channel? Your company may be losing millions of dollars in income because of it. The artificial intelligence provided by DialogTech unlocks fresh data, allowing you to acquire more clients at a lower cost.

What DialogTech has to say about itself

Integrations offered by DialogTech were the primary factor in customers' decisions to move from another supplier. The connections provided by DialogTech make it possible for you to use conversion data from phone conversations with practically any advertising platform. DialogTech's no-code platform automatically optimizes your campaigns and keyword bidding to reduce your cost-per-acquisition (CPA), enhance your conversion rates, and generate more income.

Marketers who need touse call monitoring software cannotprovide an accurate accounting for at least half of the conversions they are responsible for. Call analytics that are driven by artificial intelligence allow you to claim credit for every conversion that you produce, allowing you to demonstrate your genuine marketing effectiveness and justify every penny that you spend. You can make data-driven optimization choices that will lower your total CPA and enhance your ROAS if you are armed with accurate attribution. These decisions will allow you to account for conversions from online clicks and offline calls.

Put an end to squandering money on marketing calls that don't result in conversions and dial fewer numbers. DialogTech enables you to automatically monitor intent, results, and conversions, allowing you to determine which of your media is doing the best and preventing you from throwing away money on ineffective marketing efforts. Receive credit for every conversion that your marketing initiatives over the phone helped to generate. You can monitor the whole digital-to-phone call route and know precisely what is causing the top leads regardless of whether the call originated from search, social, your website, or nearly any other channel. This is a huge advantage.

DialogTech Review

Year Started2005
Company Websitedialogtech.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesDialogTech offers call tracking, marketing attribution for calls, and other call analytics.
FeaturesCall Tracking, Artificial Intelligence, Interaction Management, Product Tour
CertificationsISO 27001, HIPPA

DialogTech price policy

Because DialogTech tailors its pricing to match the particular needs of each firm, interacting directly with the company is the most efficient method for acquiring reliable information on its costs, and the several services plans it provides. You can get the most up-to-date information by looking at their official website or getting in touch with their sales team.
PackagesDialogTech has not provided pricing information for its service.
Payment optionsCredit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and offer alternative payment methods like electronic funds transfer or online payment platforms.
Payment discountsDialogTech gives customers access to several different reductions in price, such as volume-based pricing, promotional deals, and special bundles. You should visit DialogTech's official website or contact the company's sales or customer service directly to get accurate and up-to-date information on any discounts the company may provide. They are able to give information on current specials or discounts that may be accessible to your company depending on the particular demands or conditions of your company. DialogTech is the best source of the most up-to-date information; thus, it is advised to maintain a direct connection with the company.

DialogTech online reputation

The effective call monitoring and analytics solutions offered by DialogTech are often singled out for appreciation. The capability of the platform to enhance marketing efforts by analyzing insightful call data is often emphasized in positive comments. Users like functionalities that improve their decision-making ability, such as call routing and thorough statistics. The price structures or individual expectations might be the source of negative feedback.
Excellent for monitoring the number of leads and phone calls generated by your marketing activities. Have the ability to record and control all components of the calling system, including voice mail, messaging, and more. I've been using DialogTech for years to handle our marketing operations that supply phone call leads, monitor and record incoming calls, and maintain call recordings. My team is able to develop statistics for our clients that indicate how much interest there is in their company and how our work helps them thanks to DialogTech's ability to set up call tracking numbers and/or recording for our customers. It is not difficult to produce reports. Overall, DialogTech is one of the best programs that gives my firm the ability to provide value for our customers by providing them with tangible data that they can see and assess in a fast and simple manner. Since it was known as Ifbyphone, I've been a Dialogtech customer. Since I have a good understanding of the system at this point, I will promote it to all of the firms where I work. When it comes to running marketing efforts, a large number of businesses lack visibility into the data pertaining to their phone calls. Call monitoring makes calculating the return on investment (ROI) of our campaigns considerably simpler. My interactions with the customer service staff have been quite positive. - Nelda W.
It may be difficult to get everything set up at first, but once you get the feel of it, it will function without a hitch. Due to the program's unwillingness to allow certain types of punctuation in company names, client location files might be difficult to discover at times. This can make finding client location files difficult. In addition to this, the timer runs out quite rapidly during inactive periods. The price of the service is far more than it should be, and it takes two and a half months only to get out of a "month to month" contract. Their rivals may be purchased for 75–90% less money and provide greater reporting, data, and capability. There are several models available, some of which provide superior customer support. In comparison to other products on the market, I cannot think of a single advantage offered by this one. After looking at a few different call monitoring options, I found that all of them were superior and more affordable. I was on a contract that was month to month, and if you cancel it, they would charge you for the next two months even if you cancelled it. In addition, there is a fee for porting phone numbers. - Kelly C.
Both the ease of use and the assistance were outstanding. In addition to that, the feature set that they provide is excellent. It made it possible for customers to contact any one of our numbers, and it alerted us whenever this occurred. Integration with Google Analytics as well as an unrestricted number of phone lines under the package that we choose. When it was still known as IfByPhone, the product was already familiar to me. Over the course of many years, several adjustments have been made. Very little effort is required to monitor AdWords. Strong program for monitoring incoming phone calls that also provides dynamic number switching for sponsored search advertisements and other features. The interactive voice response (IVR) capability of this service is what we make use of to direct calls to the appropriate departments. They also come with a large number of extra features that may be purchased separately. This has been our go-to option for our service tech IVR line for the last several years. Calls have always gone through for me without a hitch for some reason. I have no hesitation in recommending. Both the Operations team and the Marketing team are now making use of DialogTech in some capacity. In addition to this, we ensure that our franchisees and the managers of their businesses get the information on a weekly basis. - Nancy M.
Years ago, our organization began using dialogtech. We were able to make it function despite the fact that it is a cumbersome system with a bad user interface. Because of this, we were required to search for a new product that met our requirements. They handled the transfer of our previous numbers in a really incompetent and unprofessional manner. It took a few months before everything was figured out. Then, when we tried to cancel, they made absurd assertions about how we were bound for an additional year. Since I was unable to get anybody to react to my messages, I had to repeatedly phone and urge that someone talk to me. What a ridiculous waste of dozens of hours and dozens of dollars on my part! It was a hassle to use their system, and I often had to get in touch with customer support to get answers to specific questions about how modifying one aspect of the IVR flow would influence other aspects of the experience. Poor service to customers and clients, in addition to being quite pricey. - Jessica G.
Their DialogTech dashboard, which stores all of our call information, is very thorough. This allows us to demonstrate to all of our franchisees how many calls they get and how often they do so. The members of the DialogTech Support staff are always quick to respond and more than happy to provide assistance. The handy and informative weekly report that is sent to franchise owners and managers provides the owners with a clearer picture of the origin of their customers' phone calls. Our team has found that the connection with Google Analytics and Google Ads has been of tremendous assistance in better optimizing our advertisements. Because with DialogTech, we now have better visibility into the digital origins of each of our conversations as well as the events that take place throughout those calls. Additionally, it enables us to teach our franchisees on how to improve their sales skills while on the call. Both the franchisor and franchisee of a DialogTech franchise will find that the business model is a good fit for the company. Because we work for the franchisor, we have a comprehensive understanding of the calls that are coming in from all of the different sites. - Kelsey D.
Because I work with a large number of different suppliers, the following observation is not made flippantly: The customer service offered by Dialogtech is among the worst I've seen during my career. During the course of the previous year, I had similar experience on many times with a variety of different staff. I have no choice but to think that this is an issue that affects the whole corporation. From a lack of follow-through when we sought to extend our contract terms (five months passed with no answer), to poor or nonexistent dispute resolution for a mistake they acknowledge they committed (porting one of our numbers to an illegal third party), my recommendation is to stay clear of this business for a variety of reasons. My suggestion is to avoid this organization. Our firm made advantage of the call tracking software that they provided. They were unable to provide a satisfactory explanation for the contradictions found in the data. It was exhausting to read the times in military time. They charged twice as much as their main rival. Because it has so many capabilities, using it may be cumbersome at times, and it diverts attention away from the primary goal of call monitoring. - Kyle R.
We are able to see which channels are producing the highest-quality calls and the places where we have found opportunities for improvement. We make use of this data to train our franchisees and digital agencies on the areas in which they should spend more digital dollars and the areas in which they should spend less digital dollars. DialogTech is used not just inside our Telephony department but also across the whole of our firm in a variety of different capacities. We make use of the service to address different requirements—such as call routing, voice mail, IVRs, and so on—within our organization, either directly with our customer or with our contact center. They consistently provide excellent help and are a joy to collaborate with, making them one of the top support teams in the area. DialogTech is in a strong position to deliver the services they now provide; however, I would want to see them extend their offerings to include VoIP services so that we can consolidate our supplier base. - Carma C.
Our organization used DialogTech's call tracking services for a number of different customers. The user interface and reports both have a lot of room for improvement and are not very user pleasant. You are need to contact their main number whenever you want any kind of help since customer service is inadequate and there is no live chat feature available. Although there is better software available for the price, this product does interface with third-party systems such as Google Analytics. Believed it was going to turn out to be the solution. Was bursting with joy. Should have guessed something was up when they wouldn't allow me view the backend before I signed up for the service. Also, DO NOT SIGN a contract unless you have personally verified that this product pick meets the functionality and U/I requirements of your primary demands. WARNING: OWNER HAS VERY POOR ETHICS; PROCEED WITH CAUTION! NOT WHAT WAS MARKETED FOR SALE. There is no access to the client portal. NOT EASY TO USE FOR individuals who are "Tech challenged" The company must be suffering because of the sales methods of lying! Although it's not the most affordable call tracking service, it's still quite reliable. - Drew C.
Call monitoring, recording, and statistics are all handled by DialogTech on our end. DialogTech is used for all of the managed accounts inside the firm, which serves a sizable number of customers. Because of this technology, we are able to share insights, reports, and analytical data with our customers, allowing them to understand how well their marketing efforts are doing and providing them with information into what their prospects need and are seeking for. If your company handles a large number of marketing accounts for a variety of different customers. DialogTech will unquestionably be of assistance in automating communications in order to enhance both the quality of the customer experience and the performance of marketing. This will be a very significant value provided to your service, and it will set you apart from the other businesses in your industry. In addition, customers often find call monitoring and reporting to be quite beneficial. This is particularly true for those customers that need to listen to calls from prospects in order to QS their workers and, of course, acquire a better understanding of their audience. Our company was transitioning from a phone-only experience to one that included digital marketing with phone interactions. The ability to monitor online efforts that turned into offline phone calls and direct them to an agent who could assist that lead grow with the appropriate expertise was an essential component of that transformation. - Daniel A.
The DialogTech report can be slow at times - which makes sense since it is pulling data from over 2 years ago. Adding / Removing users on my own is time consuming. I would like to see a decrease or a restructuring of the current pricing model used for their reverse phone number look-up. I would like to see a restructuring of their Reseller account grouping/reporting. We had problems with call quality when calls were routed through subpar routes. Use of the software is a bit clunky thus we need support sometimes. Improving the reporting to include graphic displays/data visualization natively rather than exporting to Excel. Customize call length reporting and filtering. I found the integration with our system fairly complicated. Some of the other solutions out there are a good easier to use with their automatic connection to WCF Services. DialogTech requires gets and posts using a servo which can become tedious. - Cortney H.

DialogTech Social media

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The usefulness of DialogTech in enhancing marketing tactics by providing important call data and in-depth analytics is often praised by users of the Reddit website. Positive feelings are associated with functions such as call routing and insightful analytics that assist in decision-making processes. On the other hand, concerns may center on price structures or particular feature expectations, both of which may affect individual satisfaction. DialogTech is seen as a useful asset by companies seeking sophisticated call monitoring and analytics solutions, according to the views of those organizations' customers. Even though there are possible areas for development that are suited to the specific demands of each company, these opinions are consistent.

DialogTech average reviews

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trustpilot.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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DialogTech Pros&Cons


  • Call Tracking
  • Call Routing
  • Feature-rich Platform


  • Pricing
  • Integration
  • Learning Curve

DialogTech Final Conclusions

DialogTech is a good option for companies with sophisticated call monitoring and analytics features. The two main areas where it may be improved are by making pricing more transparent and streamlining integration procedures. Customers like the platform's abundant features and precise attribution of marketing initiatives.

Individual experiences, however, could differ depending on how each feature requires adjustment in terms of a learning curve. Examining a variety of client reviews provides insightful information on the functionality and happiness of the platform.

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