Post Affiliate Pro Review: Pricing, Features & More

Obtain all the features required to design and manage remarkable affiliate marketing campaigns. It is possible to handle affiliates, commissions, advertising materials, and other aspects of your business with the assistance of Post Affiliate Pro. Ensure that you consistently get a greater number of quality leads and that you enhance your affiliate marketing daily.
Post Affiliate Pro Review: Pricing, Features & More

Post Affiliate Pro overview

There is no other affiliate software that can compare to Post Affiliate Pro. Utilizing Post Affiliate Pro, you can boost your affiliate partners' success while managing different affiliate programs. You may manage whole affiliate networks or create and administer your affiliate programs from scratch. PostAffiliate Pro is the perfect answer to solve your problems in every aspect of affiliate marketing.

PostAffiliate Pro is a single affiliate program that may be used in various ways. If you are searching for affiliate management, accurate monitoring, or administration of affiliate marketing campaigns, Post Affiliate Pro has you covered at every stage.

You will always notice something of significant importance when using the Post Affiliate Pro affiliate program. In addition to the backup ways, it makes use of the affiliate tracking methods that are the most accurate. You can precisely measure various metrics, including referrals, conversion rates, affiliate partners' success, cookies, rewards, and more. One of the most popular aspects of Post Affiliate Pro is the ability to save money on various promotional materials. Putting your online presence in the spotlight can be accomplished by creating multiple banners, affiliate links, and coupon management. Even inexperienced users will be fine with doing it; it will just take a few seconds to complete.

What Post Affiliate Pro has to say about itself

Using Post Affiliate Pro, an affiliate management tool that allows automation, you may simplify managing your affiliates and programs. You can save time by letting the system do monotonous activities for you, which will save you time. Meanwhile, you can also take a break or concentrate on more significant matters. More than you would imagine, the next successful affiliate marketing scheme is just around the corner. To enhance your marketing efforts, you should get Post Affiliate Pro.

Commence the process of enhancing your affiliate marketing campaigns using a platform that assists you. You can measure the success of your affiliate partners with the assistance of Post Affiliate Pro's statistics and analytics. You will get in-depth reports on various topics, including campaigns, trends, content, marketing channels, targeted visitors, and more. During your tour of Post Affiliate Pro, you will have the opportunity to investigate every feature and functionality and use the case of its network and affiliate software.

Please become familiar with the most recent Post Affiliate Pro software changes and investigate how they continuously improve the solution. To keep track of your affiliate campaigns wherever and whenever you want, you may download free smartphone applications for Android and iOS from Post Affiliate Pro. Post Affiliate Pro has a dependable customer care staff that is accessible to assist you in setting up vital features or answering any queries you may have about its affiliate software platform. Use its customer portal, live chat, phone, or email to contact Post Affiliate Pro around the clock.

Your efforts to promote your affiliate business are in capable hands, as seen by customers' positive feedback and accolades. Trustworthy software review websites have acknowledged Post Affiliate Pro as the most successful affiliate software in several areas.

Post Affiliate Pro Review

Year Started2004
Service AreasUSA, UA, SR
Service TypesWith security and fraud prevention features, including two-step authentication, Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful program that provides many tools and capabilities for affiliate marketing.
FeaturesPromotional materials, Reporting, Commissions, User Interface, Tracking, Security
CertificationsISO 27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS, HIPPA

Post Affiliate Pro price policy

The cost of Post Affiliate Pro varies according to the plan selected and the company's needs. It has adjustable price levels, with the most basic plan with minimal features costing a monthly subscription. More expensive plans may serve bigger businesses or those that need more features. The price structure may contain extra fees depending on affiliates, clicks, or conversions. Go to their official website or contact their sales staff directly for exact price information and available plans. Before committing to a plan, they often provide a trial or demo to determine appropriateness.
PackagesPro (best for creating a simple affiliate program for your business) - $129/month billed annually or $139 monthly billing; Ultimate (ideal for creating a more elaborate affiliate program) - $249/month billed annually or $269 monthly billing; Network (for individuals that want to build an affiliate network) - $599/month billed annually or $649 monthly billing.
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal or bank transfers
Payment discountsBecause businesses constantly change their price lists and special offers, specifics of Post Affiliate Pro's savings may differ. Seasonal offers and promotional discounts are examples of common discount categories. Check out Post Affiliate Pro's official website, or contact their sales or customer service directly for the most current and recent discount information. They may provide information about current sales or disc relevant tot to your company's needs.

Post Affiliate Pro online reputation

There is a lot of acclaim for Post Affiliate Pro because of its user-friendly design and extensive tools for affiliate marketing. The powerful tracking capabilities, configurable settings, and dependable customer assistance are highlighted by the positive comments received. The capacity to easily handle various affiliates and its scalability are two features that users enjoy. Negative remarks often center on the steep learning curve associated with more complex functions or the infrequent occurrence of technical difficulties.
Customer support and software for monitoring affiliates are both of the highest quality offered by this organization. The excellent customer support and affiliate monitoring program offered by Post Affiliate Pro have left me with a very positive impression. In my opinion, it was a significant burden to bear. Tracking software offers precise precision from start to finish. As a result of the affiliate program's seamless integration with our services, our affiliates can be readily accessed via the social media platforms that they choose, and the material that they post may be seen whenever it is convenient for them. Through our adaptable and multi-tiered affiliate program, affiliates that are interested in personalizing their experience to meet their specific requirements have the opportunity to do so. We have reached a point where we are comfortable using Post Affiliate Pro, and as a result, we are thrilled and anxious to increase the scope of our advertising endeavors. After putting Post Affiliate Pro through its paces for a few months, I am delighted by the many capabilities it offers and the user-friendly interface it provides. Companies who are trying to make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts should definitely consider using this solution since it is dependable and strong in terms of affiliate marketing. - Brandy H.
For new users, Post Affiliate Pro might be a little challenging to use and comprehend. Furthermore, there are periodically system errors and sometimes delayed customer service. It is more difficult if you have never heard of affiliate networks before, but the UI makes it easier. Since it only records a portion of their revenue, many of our affiliates are not thrilled. They have no method of getting in touch with someone to get a prompt response when they have a problem. We must thus halt our busy day, receive the affiliate's concern, attempt to properly communicate it to all of you, get your response and attempt to communicate it to the disgruntled affiliate, and if that response is insufficient, we repeat the entire middleman process until everyone becomes frustrated. Allowing the affiliate to contact you directly would be a straightforward way to improve quality for the affiliate and reduce back and forth emails and chats for your resolution team. This would save time by avoiding the middleman (admin) and enable prompt and accurate explanation and resolution of the issue. - Bart D.
An affiliate marketing solution that is both user-friendly and thorough, Post Affiliate Pro is easily accessible. Affiliate marketing programs may be easily managed and tracked with the help of this tool. In addition to this, it provides comprehensive reporting features, protection against fraud, and real-time data analysis, which makes it an excellent option for companies of any shape or size. A user-friendly interface, extensive tracking capabilities, powerful fraud prevention, and real-time data analysis are some of the features that set Post Affiliate Pro apart from other affiliate marketing software. In addition to this, it is quite simple to interface with other platforms, which makes it an excellent option for companies of any size. In addition to that, it provides excellent customer service, which is a significant advantage. An integrated system of affiliates and referral links that can be handled and controlled from a single tool is included in this product. The most favorable aspect of it is the significant added value it provides in terms of the ease of the operations. A very pleasant experience, including the fact that it is a tool that should be considered before beginning to deal with affiliate networks. To put it another way, it is not comparable to any other instruments. - Alex A.
In spite of the fact that I did not have a strong understanding of PHP, the implementation of the buy pixel was not very challenging. Unfortunately, Post Affiliate Pro does have a few problems associated with it. When compared to some of the other solutions available on the market, it may be rather pricey, the customer support is not always available immediately, and the learning curve for new users can be quite high. It is possible that some time may be required for learning, particularly for those who are not acquainted with affiliate program administration systems. In order for users to use all of the functions to their maximum potential, they may need to commit more time and resources. When you scale up and your affiliate network expands, the cost may become more expensive, despite the fact that it is reasonable. UX is cumbersome and out of date, yet it is effective. It is possible to customize the majority of items, but doing so takes a lot of effort. The design of the plugins does not make sense to me; in contrast to the majority of websites, where you can just activate a feature, you are required to "install" them first with this. Tracking large volume events like as clicks or free signups causes their filter views to get crowded, and the data is not shown very properly (although it is simple to save and export it). - Devin M.
The dependability of the platform, the precision of the monitoring, the wide range of customization options, and the outstanding support staff are all noteworthy features. The PAP has been used with a variety of people. It ensures that our affiliates are kept up to date by sending alerts whenever events trigger them. Our ability to administrate their relevant information, maintain compliance with regulations, and ensure that it is simple for them to seek compensation is made possible by this. They have the opportunity to have dynamic affiliate links produced on the fly using their email address by the affiliate network. For instance, I do not have to manually establish accounts for customers or affiliates in order to have them provide traffic and get compensated for it. The only thing I need to do is attach the end of my URL with their email address or a unique identifier, and it will construct their affiliate account. I will then have the ability to accept or deny their membership into a certain commission group (or no commission group for customer incentives). This program is excellent. Fifteen years ago, I utilized it, and since then, it has only become better. The only features that you want and need are those that other software charges ridiculous sums for, and there is no extraneous content. - Todd U.
Learning where things are and how to make adjustments takes time. Sometimes I can't remember where I put the file I need to change, so I have to call help. However, it is standard for WYSIWYG systems. But once you got the hang of it, it was simple enough for anybody to use. To figure it out, all you need is a little perseverance and testing to make sure it functions as you need it to! We are not quite satisfied with the assistance we received from the staff each time we had a problem. I pursued again after eight more minutes of waiting, and I received the message "I am writing." "What are you writing a book about, dude?" I asked. "Please stop calling me dude," was the reply I received. I clarified that the word "dude" is not derogatory. Notably, there were also some linguistic problems in the written texts. As I said, they took a very long time to respond and weren't as helpful as I would have thought, but they did provide a good response in the end. It will be much better with additional chairs and perhaps some interaction training. - Michael G.
There are a lot of features included in Post Affiliate Pro. Additionally, it provides a full array of tools that allow us to properly manage our affiliate program. These features include the ability to generate real-time data and monitor affiliate referrals. I like that the monitoring system has a high degree of precision. Affiliate Pro's seamless integration with services makes it easy for our affiliates to share and discuss material connected to their businesses via the social media platforms of their choice and whenever it is convenient for them to do so. When compared to other systems, tracking is far more precise. It blows my mind when competitors attempt to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for services that are comparable to the ones that are being offered by those rivals. Installation on our website with many subdomains was a simple and speedy process. A plethora of customizing choices are available to you if you are ready to put in the effort. For the purpose of ensuring that these platforms are correct, we conduct our own internal tracking. Despite the fact that Tapfiliate was regularly losing transactions, Post Affiliate Pro has managed to catch each and every one of them, even in the ad-block situations that we examined. - Pratik T.
There is the potential for further development in the areas of report automation. PAP is something that we would want to be able to combine with Hubspot. The elements that need to be fixed very well are those that pertain to the User Language. The Post Affiliate Pro should have a strategy that will assist in the training of their clients who are not familiar with the Post Affiliate Pro program. Additionally, if Post Affiliate Pro was able to assist his clients with advertising activities, then perhaps everything would be OK. Despite the fact that banners management is too complex, the absence of a built-in solution for pixel management is a significant drawback for me. I believe that having a solution that is built in for managing landing pages and pixels would be an incredible thing to have. Despite the fact that I am aware that PAP is focused only on tracking and not on the data aspect, it would be excellent to have PAP manage other elements of monitoring and enable third-party connection with third-party platforms such as Facebook advertisements and Google's various tools. It is something that I would want to be able to do. In the event that the leader of a big team of affiliates fails to meet a certain sales quota, for instance, they will not get commissions on the sales made by their team. Their main priority is to accomplish the aim. - Matthew M.
Due to the present state of my company, I am able to do practically everything that I am required to perform at this time. Despite the fact that there are certain things that I wish I could alter, the value that I am receiving for what I have right now is just fine. Time is the most significant advantage that I have gained from this. The all of my days were spent sitting in front of the computer, dealing with new representatives, sending out welcome emails, and manually calculating commissions on a daily and monthly basis. This application takes care of everything for me. Simply said, I make sure everything is in order and run reports whenever they are required. My time is the most precious thing to me, and now that I am not spending sixteen hours a day in my office, I am able to devote more of my time to other aspects of my company that are just as essential. In addition, I am now able to devote more time to my family life. Over the course of my encounter with PAP, it has been wonderful. The combination of the low cost, the convenience of use, and the dependability makes for an appealing mix that is difficult to refuse. - Chong S.
This software had been installed on the website of my business for about two years, but it was not tracking effectively. Despite the fact that my company continued to pay on a monthly basis for those two years, the software was not even functioning properly. Shortly after I joined the team, I became aware of this information. Payouts that were performed manually were not only difficult but also time-consuming. Some companies may find that Post Affiliate Pro is too pricey for their needs, despite the fact that it is an excellent platform. Another disadvantage is that people who are not acquainted with affiliate marketing may find the learning curve to be rather high. Initially, I was perplexed by integration since I am not very knowledgeable about technology in this sort of field. When I was attempting to figure out some of the features that I was misunderstanding, I spent some time seeking assistance from the technical support team. When I changed the theme of my current website once to give it a new appearance, the integration had to be updated, and I did not realize this until someone had purchased on my website and there was no tracking showing up in my system. This is the thing that I dislike the most. Since then, I have never modified the theme of my website, just in case anything happens. - Helen T.

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Post Affiliate Pro average reviews

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Post Affiliate Pro Pros&Cons


  • Robust Tracking
  • Scalability
  • Support


  • Learning Curve
  • Technical Issues
  • Complexity for Beginners

Post Affiliate Pro Final Conclusions

Post Affiliate Pro looks to be a complete solution for administering affiliate programs, considering the good feedback that emphasizes sophisticated tracking, customization possibilities, and scalability. Despite this, there are worries over a steep learning curve for more complex functions and occasional technical difficulties.

In general, Post Affiliate Pro is a useful tool for administering affiliate programs; nevertheless, there are possible areas for development depending on individual users' experiences. Potential areas for improvement include reducing the number of technical glitches and improving the onboarding process for new users.

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