Rewardful Review: Pricing, Features & More

At Rewardful, ought to have access to a powerful affiliate marketing program that is not only simple to install and use but also reasonably priced. As a company deeply committed to fostering the development of companies, Rewardful is committed to establishing robust ties between merchants and affiliates.
Rewardful Review: Pricing, Features & More

Rewardful overview

In conjunction with Stripe and Paddle, the complete affiliate marketing software known as Rewardful makes it possible for software as a service (SaaS) enterprises to establish referral and affiliate networks. To begin, link your account, and it will automatically keep track of your referrals, discounts, and commissions.

It is common knowledge that expanding a software as a service (SaaS) company is challenging and costly, particularly in the beginning stages of the firm. Marketing is getting tougher as individuals grow jaded about content marketing and advertising. Getting traction is essential, yet marketing is becoming increasingly challenging. When cutting through the noise, affiliate marketing is a strategy founded on trust and connections.

You can manage all referral and affiliate programs from a single place, including on-brand, white-label, and in-app client referral programs—the convenience of constructing several applications from a single account. If you seek a solution that will save time and effort, Rewardful is the finest affiliate software for software as a service (SaaS).

Affiliate programs need a separate login page to access their links, performance statistics, and commissions. Affiliate programs are comprised of individuals who are not clients. On your program, you can make it public, private, or invite-only.

What Rewardful has to say about itself

Rewardful provides a straightforward method for software as a service (SaaS) organizations to establish affiliate and referral programs. Rewardful can keep track of referrals, discounts, and commissions when the user links their various accounts. Currently, it provides services to tens of thousands of customers, assisting them in expanding their brands and increasing their revenues via affiliate marketing. Rewarding software is meant to be simple, especially for those who could be better versed in technology.

The goal of this organization is to simplify, make transparent, and improve the efficiency of affiliate marketing for all parties involved. By providing the most advanced affiliate marketing software available in the market, it is committed to enabling companies to fulfill their maximum potential capabilities.

The purpose of the Rewardful program is to make it as simple as possible for you to start and administer your affiliate program so that you can concentrate on expanding your company. It provides various services, such as simple payments using online payment systems like PayPal and Wise, individualized branding, real-time data, and more. Thanks to the software built to grow with you, you will be able to scale your affiliate program as your company expands.

If you sign up for the Rewardful affiliate program, you will be eligible to earn a commission of 25% on all payments made during the first year for clients who purchase being referred to After registering, you will be given a personal referral link that you can use to recommend other people to provide Rewardful with a try. Please spread the word to your audience, coworkers, and friends. Suppose your referrals remain Rewardful customers for the first year after paying for their account. In that case, you will be eligible to earn a recurring commission of 25% on every transaction they participate in.

Rewardful Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasUSA, CA
Service TypesRewardful's primary area of expertise is offering companies affiliate and referral marketing solutions.
FeaturesTwo-Way Stripe Sync, One-Click Integration, Live Customer Support, PayPal and Wise Mass Payouts, Automated Refund Handling, Self-Referral Fraud Detection, Customizable Cookie, Customizable Commissions, Last Touch Attribution, Affiliate Segmentation, Customizable Affiliate Portal, Affiliate Management and Support, Effortless Payout Management, Advanced API Capabilities
CertificationsISO 27001, HIPPA

Rewardful price policy

Rewardful provides price options that may be customized to meet the requirements of various businesses. Typically, pricing is determined by several criteria, including the extent of use, the features needed, and the size of the affiliate or referral organization. They offer subscription-based models that are flexible. These models often begin with a basic plan that includes fundamental capabilities and scale up depending on the use or extra functionality needed.A fixed monthly charge or a portion of the generated money might also be included in the costs. Please visit their official website or contact their sales staff if you want specific information on the prices and the plans offered. When evaluating appropriateness before committing to a plan, Rewardful often offers trial choices or demonstrations.
PackagesStarter - $49 per month (up to $7,500/month from affiliates); Growth - $99 per month (up to $15,000/mo from affiliates); Enterprise - $149+ per month (over $15,000/mo from affiliates)
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal or Stripe, ACH/Bank Transfer, Wise
Payment discountsBased on individual situations, company requirements, or seasonal considerations, Rewardful provides a variety of discounts, promotions, or special packages to its customers. Rewardful recommends that you check out their official website or contact their sales or customer service directly for the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or special deals they may be offering. According to your exact criteria or the time of your query, they can give information about any current discounts or specials that may be available. Direct conversation with Rewardful is encouraged to get the most recent and correct information since companies often modify their discount arrangements.

Rewardful online reputation

User-friendly interface, comprehensive tracking capabilities, and simplicity of affiliate and referral program setup are all aspects of Rewardful that frequently receive high praise. The favorable evaluations underscore the user-friendly interface, valuable analytical capabilities, and dependable client assistance. Negative feedback concerns integration difficulties with particular platforms or intermittent complexities in configuring advanced settings. Additionally, certain users may wish to incorporate further customization features.
A small firm may easily establish affiliate programs without the affiliate management software taking a significant cut off the income share. This is because the software does not take a significant cut. Incorporating Rewardful was a pretty simple process. We were able to provide a number of different campaigns in order to determine which ones are most successful for our partners and clients. Your support is of the highest caliber! Fits in seamlessly with both MemberSpace and Stripe. As a software as a service (SaaS) provider, solid for managing affiliate programs. It is simple to use, and putting it into action on your website is a piece of cake. I enjoy that our affiliates are able to see their leads and conversions in a straightforward manner. Creating campaigns, moving affiliates from one campaign to another, and inviting others to join are all simple tasks that may be accomplished online. The establishment of affiliate programs for outdoor, outfitter, and expeditioning businesses that are interested in revenue sharing on wilderness first aid and wilderness first responder programs that our customer is offering. Rewardful has been a tremendous help to our organization in streamlining the procedures involved in monitoring conversions. It is a lot simpler to keep track of who is being paid for what and when they are getting paid! The fact that it makes our Affiliate Program more open and accessible is another thing that I really like about it. - Craig R.
Sometimes it is difficult to set up a specific detail for a certain sort of affiliate, and it is not always evident to the participants in the affiliate program how to get the most of their participation in the programs that have been set up by the administrator. However, the fact that customers are unable to pay the commissions that their affiliates get via Rewardful is a bit of a nuisance. This is something that you need to perform outside of Rewardful. Another thing that I wish was possible is the ability to generate and assign discount coupons straight inside the site. There are alternative solutions available that provide comparable functionality at a price that is cut in half. For our partners and referrers, I would want to be able to provide them with scripts, photos, and other visual content. When I joined up as a referrer myself and clicked on my direct referral link, I found myself trapped in a loop in which the link would not redirect to the landing page. This was an experience that I had that I personally encountered. Just like that, the tab continued to renew itself. - Melanie O.
The process of creating an affiliate program, changing the kind of reward, and other functions is really simple. I like that our affiliates are able to readily see the conversions and leads they have generated. The process of creating campaigns, moving affiliates from one campaign to another, and inviting others to join is both simple and straightforward. Make it simple for us to establish an affiliate program that we can share with our influencers. With regard to usability, the user interface is well designed and offers a high degree of convenience. You have the fundamental characteristics that you would anticipate finding in a software program of this kind, which pertains to functioning. The appearance of your campaigns may be customized to your liking thanks to the many choices available to you. You have the ability to choose the tasks that you want your referrers to do, determine the sort of incentives that will be awarded for each work that they complete, create custom tasks, configure alerts, configure integrations, and many other options. By making use of technologies such as these, you may effectively increase the number of people you can reach while simultaneously growing your network of contacts. - Steve N.
One of the drawbacks of using Rewardful is that the process of setting it up might be a little bit time consuming. To say that the assistance is lacking is an understatement. Despite the fact that we are required to play email games, their technical support does not come online to assist us with even the first setup. In addition to this, it seems that their technical personnel lacks knowledge, and in some instances, they are completely incorrect in their assessment of the issue that is occurring with the integration. Another factor that does not assist the situation is asynchronous email support. If there is such a thing as a dashboard, I would really like it if they could manage several accounts from a single location. There is a severe learning curve associated with the tool if you wish to handle things on your own. It is not very user-friendly to use the UI. A more comprehensive user guide would be beneficial. I sometimes get confused since there are too many choices available in the settings. An improvement in the functioning of the gamification would be very much appreciated. - Derek P.
There is always the possibility of accessing the leads that you have gathered, and you can even export the lists or automatically feed them into the email marketing program that you want to use. In addition to the tools for preventing fraud, referral testing, banning participation, adding members to your team, and setting up a custom domain, there are other tools for other purposes. It is fortunate for you if integration is something that is essential to you since Rewardful supports some of the most prominent customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing systems that are currently available. Additionally, it interfaces with Zapier. The capabilities of Rewardful are fairly extensive, and I have only mentioned a handful of the things that may be done with it. It is still pretty simple to use Rewardful, despite the fact that it offers a large number of features like these. It is not necessary to invest minutes simply to set up one item, however the ease with which you discover it to be done is also dependent on the level of technological expertise that you possess as an individual. That being said, I really hope that this is of use to someone. - Tim L.
It would be beneficial to provide further customisation options. The provision of comprehensive analytics has the potential to pave the path for improved customization. It would be great if they offered a wider range of referral programs and more templates to make things easier for their consumers. When it comes to its design, the platform may have been improved. It does not perfectly fit with the specifications that we have for the design. Including a greater number of payment alternatives that are applicable to a variety of geographical places would be preferable. I think it would be wonderful if they offered additional choices for integration with third-party services. In order to get the most of the customizing choices, you will need to devote a significant amount of time. Additionally, we consider some things to be quite technical and need a high level of expertise. In the beginning, it would be beneficial if they assigned a person to assist us in dealing with our campaigns. In light of the fact that its management might be challenging at times, its execution need to be simplified. - Alexis S.
In spite of the fact that the referral program is excellent in every way, I would like to discuss the remarkable capabilities of the data extraction and analytics functionality. As soon as you launch a referral program, you will want to monitor the level of consumer interaction, such as the number of shares and clicks, and you may also want to extract this information. This functionality is made available to you by Rewardful. They provide you with all of the useful tools to enable you to monitor the activity of your customers, allowing you to address any areas in which you are deficient in order to get better outcomes. One of the most advantageous aspects of the referral program that they provide is the provision of very useful analysis tools. A substantial amount of information on referrals. We are able to attract and engage both our existing and potential clients with the assistance of Rewardful, which provides a complete platform. More conversions are a source of joy for us, and we are delighted about it. Because of the automation, monitoring and maintaining referral programs is made more simpler. Additionally, we are seeing positive outcomes in terms of the acquisition of new customers. - Michelle M.
It did not interface with any of our tools, which is the primary problem that we have encountered. I had to rely on their crew for assistance on several occasions. The strong functioning of the program, on the other hand, makes this problem irrelevant. A significant amount of time was required in order to get familiar with certain aspects. There is still something that can be done to enhance the user experience. Getting acclimated to the seemingly endless number of functions that are available might be a bit intimidating at first. Despite the fact that we are still in the learning phase, we have discovered that some of the information in their knowledge base is insufficient. One of the aspects of this program that I dislike the most is the fact that it helps me obtain an early idea of how to construct campaigns. Specifically, the referral rewarding feature does not have any sophisticated gamification capabilities whatsoever. It was the look of the feedback form that we did not like. But we are pleased that we were able to personalize it. We found the first setup to be a little bit challenging, which is why we suggest them to make things simple and easy to comprehend in a short amount of time. - Emma O.
Fully modifiable in terms of text, color, and size, among other things... Numerous tactics are simple to put to the test. It is a pretty straightforward process to send out postcards and coupons from Amazon. Analytics: Visits, shares, and other metrics... Support is quick and easy to get, and you may communicate with them using Skype (screen sharing will be helpful!). One of the features that is beneficial is the fact that it can be utilized on both the web and mobile applications, and the record database is simple to access. It is possible to personalize the appearance and feel of campaigns with this tool, which comes with a wide range of capabilities. On top of that, it is simple to handle payments. With the use of this technology, we are able to save all of the information that pertains to referrals in a single location, and we can retrieve it promptly and quickly whenever it is required. What a fantastic piece of software it is for managing our referral program. When compared to its competitors, it is not only cost-effective but also inexpensive. Through the use of this software, we are able to manage our loyalty and referral programs in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, it is receiving upgrades on a regular basis. - Kayla W.
A section of the dashboard that displays a list of competitions that are currently being held in the current month is something that I propose adding. The tool provides a lot of value, however the reporting section could use some more flexibility. The addition of more support choices is a potential excellent idea. In light of the fact that it is overwhelming, it would be a fantastic idea to streamline the backend functionality. Even if it is easy to set up, it still takes some understanding in order to develop a referral campaign that is likely to be successful. If Rewardful were to examine the possibility of putting A/B testing into the platform, that would be fantastic. However, there are certain API integrations that might take far longer than initial estimates. They should try to cut down on the amount of time it takes. It would be wise to improve the metrics. The option to measure return on investment (ROI) to particular channels should be included. In the event that further connectors and customization possibilities are provided, this software will be the best available. Campaign customization and configuration are both time-consuming processes. - Jeffrey L.

Rewardful Social media Subscribers
Rewardful's user-friendly interface, efficient monitoring capabilities, and assistance in administering affiliate and referral programs are just a few of the features that make it clear to users of Reddit about their experiences and feedback. Critical comments may address issues with particular platform integrations or sporadic intricacies in the setup procedure.Customer feedback on Reddit indicates that Rewardful is useful for companies looking for effective affiliate and referral marketing solutions. At the same time, there may be room for development in terms of more complex setup procedures or comprehensive integrations.

Rewardful average reviews

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Rewardful Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Effective Tracking
  • Affiliate Management


  • Setup Complexity
  • Integration Challenges
  • Customization Limitations

Rewardful Final Conclusions

Rewardful is recognized as a valuable instrument for organizations searching for user-friendly alternatives for overseeing affiliate and referral initiatives. The platform has garnered praise for its user-friendly interface, responsive customer support, and efficient monitoring functionalities. Nevertheless, some users have complained about sporadic intricacies during the configuration procedure and have expressed a need for a greater range of personalization choices.

Rewardful is highly regarded for its ability to optimize programs, deliver insightful analytics, and streamline affiliate management. Areas for enhancement encompass the resolution of setup difficulties and the expansion of customization functionalities. The platform is a prominent affiliate and referral marketing option due to its notable strengths; user experiences guide its continuous development.

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