CrazyCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

The only app you need to improve your customer service is CrazyCall! CrazyCall's interfaces with Shopify, Magento, and Pipedrive enable it to provide vital client information to you directly during a conversation. To avoid having customer service phone conversations that seem like interviews, go right to the topic of the discussion!
CrazyCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

CrazyCall overview

CrazyCall is an application hosted in the cloud that aims to assist contact centers and sales teams in improving the efficiency of outbound and inbound customer service initiatives. Using inbound calls, you may make it simple for your consumers to contact you. Ensure you are constantly there, respond to their questions, and endeavor to ensure they are satisfied.

There is no need to download CrazyCall or have any technical knowledge. Once the user has created their account, the seller claims that they can begin making and receiving calls right in their browser within a few minutes. Almost every sector needs to have a call center that handles incoming calls. It is common practice for consumers to phone rather than fill out contact forms or send emails when they have an urgent need to address. Because of this, it is essential to be ready for any possible outcomes.

Agents can respond to incoming phone calls using the contact solution without leaving their browsers. With this, the amount of time your consumers have to wait is greatly reduced. You may get a signal that a call is coming in and then answer it right from inside the browser yourself. An incoming call center will assist you in handling various activities, no matter how large or small your contact base is. These jobs include providing service assistance, accepting orders, providing customer care, and answering any other client questions. All you have to do is take an inbound call.

What CrazyCall has to say about itself

CrazyCall users can choose phone numbers from more than sixty countries, allowing them to always look local to potential customers and clients. Consumers no longer need to dial numbers since the automated dialer is available manually. Users can also define rules that will allow them to effectively manage their outgoing and incoming queues and automatically reschedule calls. You should choose local phone numbers for your clients and route calls to your mobile phone as if you were operating a company in the nation where they typically reside. Download local and mobile phone numbers from the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, and other nations.

An inbound call center is an essential component for any company that aspires to give its customers the highest possible level of customer care. The inbound call center solution ensures that your potential clients and customers have a hassle-free method of contacting your business when they want your assistance. One of the key focuses of an inbound contact center is providing customer care and technical assistance. Your productivity will increase with the help of a convenient call widget that can automatically identify phone numbers on the internet. This will make it simple to make calls without exiting the browser. There will be no more copying and pasting!

Give your sales team a click-to-call widget compatible with your customer relationship management system (CRM). Their efforts should be concentrated on making immediate calls by merely clicking on phone numbers, allowing them to close transactions rapidly. Businesses can add people to their accounts and track their teams' success via dashboards and live call listening technologies. Furthermore, they can use call records to assess and improve the quality of every single discussion. Integrated within this solution are reports that are updated in real-time.

CrazyCall Review

Year Started2014
Service Areasover 150+ countries
Service TypesCrazyCall offers a range of services primarily focused on streamlining and enhancing the calling experience for businesses.
FeaturesAuto Dialer, Callback widget, Call Monitoring, Call Recordings, Call Script, Call Transfer, Cheap International Calls, Conference Calls, Click to Call, Inbound Calls, IVR
CertificationsHIPAA, Soc 2 Type II

CrazyCall price policy

Based on features and plans chosen to meet various corporate requirements, CrazyCall's price structure changes. There are many levels to their subscription-based models, ranging from basic plans with basic capabilities to advanced plans with more features. The amount of users, the minutes spent, and the extra features — like call recording or integrations — that are needed all affect the cost. Monthly or yearly billing cycles are possible with some plans. It is advisable to visit CrazyCall's official website or contact their sales staff to get accurate information about prices and available plans. Before committing, make sure the plan you choose meets your needs.
PackagesPlus - $30 user/month; Standard - $20 user/month
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal or Stripe, bank transfers or wire transfers
Payment discountsCrazyCall may provide a variety of discounts and promotions, including seasonal promotions, new customer offers, and volume-based discounts. Suppose you want to get the most current and up-to-date information on any discounts or special deals CrazyCall offers. In that case, it is highly recommended that you check out their official website or contact their sales or customer service staff directly. Because businesses often modify their discount schemes, it is advised that you communicate directly with CrazyCall to get the most recent information.

CrazyCall online reputation

CrazyCall is often the subject of opinions that emphasize its merits and shortcomings — received praise for its user-friendly interface and straightforward configuration. A complete feature set that helps with call management and analytics is particularly appreciated. Integration with some customer relationship management (CRM) systems may provide challenges for certain users. Occasionally, technical difficulties or interruptions to calls have been reported.
For more than a year now, our contact center that focuses on outbound marketing (telesales and surveys) has been utilizing CrazyCall as our primary communications platform. Beginning with the pre-sales phase, the experience was really pleasant, and subsequently, it became even more favorable once we joined the team. The customer service staff is able to provide answers to any inquiry or concern in a way that is both simple and effective. The administration of the platform is simple, the sound quality is excellent, and the features and functions, despite the fact that they are still in the process of being developed, are becoming more robust with each passing month. To add insult to injury, the support staff has shown that it is making an effort to satisfy requests that are linked to off-the-shelf features. I would strongly recommend that you give CrazyCall some thought if you are seeking for a cloud-based sound solution and are primarily concerned with outbound calls. Continue to do a fantastic job, both of you. The administration of all levels, general settings, users, and campaigns is simple and straightforward. A scripting tool that is flexible. A sound quality that is really high. Customer service that is second to none. A team that is particularly attentive to the requirements of customers. feature that is integrated with email. - Alfered E.
Not yet built is the capability for inbound calls. There is no capability to produce individualized reports. It is not connected with social media or SMS. In most cases, the process of downloading data from the cloud is one that is rather sluggish. The telephone dialer. Having to leave the program since there was no option to manually input a phone number in addition to calling, I was forced to leave the software. There is a time and a place for autodialer, but there is also a time and place for the ability to make a phone call and individually input the number. This program was unable to do this task, thus I decided to move away from it. There seem to be some small bugs that are still there in the program, which causes it to freeze up on sometimes, which may be quite aggravating. However, if you restart your computer before using it, it should function very well. An additional benefit may be the implementation of a video conference call capability that is capable of recording, which would allow us to preserve a record of the talks that take place. - Karen S.
This program has been able to enhance our performance and boost the quality of service that we do, which is in a work where the fires are never-ending. CrazyCall has been extremely beneficial in this job because it allows us to record calls in an organized way and it also allows us to keep track of the instances that we have, both positive and bad. It is a rather simple program to use, and as you get more familiar with it, your knowledge will rise, ultimately leading to an increase in your speed while working on it. Additionally, the sound quality is extremely high. You can always get in touch with someone at CrazyCall if you want help, and the company does provide exceptional customer care. The capability of the program to include scripts for callers is a good feature, but in the end, we did not make use of it. We were interested in using the software to make follow-up calls at some point. Having the ability to manually dial in numbers would be a fantastic addition, in my opinion, since it would cover all of the bases. In addition, the capability to interact with other applications is a significant advantage. In addition to being an economical choice, it offers certain functionality that is more sophisticated than that of other platforms that are in competition with it. The customer service was really prompt. - Joshua T.
In the process of data analysis, it ought to be a fantastic idea to include a variety of perspectives or In the event that it is feasible to connect to Power BI in order to have many dashboards. During the process of setting up, it is highly recommended that you make sure to ask all of the questions, as this will be more effective than going back and forth. Even though our information technology team is currently working on it, the download speed from CrazyCall is very sluggish for some reason. Not only are there no facilities for the production of individualized reports, but the process of downloading data from the cloud is also relatively sluggish. There are other features that are not documented, but they are accessible if you know where to search for them. The platform came into being more quickly than its documentation. cloud-based, which may provide somewhat of a challenge for certain consumers. In the workplace, I believe that it would be beneficial to have more features as well as a more complete functionality that would significantly increase its potential. The process of extracting data in the precise format that I need was challenging for me. - Lauren S.
Working with CrazyCall for more than a year was a wonderful experience for me. Users are getting all of the capabilities that they want and are curious about thanks to the rapid expansion of the application. As a result of the fact that every component of the program seems to have been developed with utility in mind, every feature that you will discover will assist you in making cold calls, monitoring it, couching your staff, and measuring their effectiveness. I was able to automatically upload information about every won sale to my CRM systems with the assistance of CrazyCall API, which let me synchronize the information that I had accumulated. As a result of CrazyCall's support staff's exceptional concern for its clients, each and every issue is resolved in lightning speed, resulting in the highest possible customer service rating. There is no other softness that I would ever consider replacing this one with. Complete solution that has the potential to improve the effectiveness of your sales staff. Continually expanding and introducing new and useful features. Customer service that is unparalleled. CrazyCall is an excellent option for groups who are seeking for sophisticated dialer software to make use of in order to create leads. Through the utilization of their robo dialer, our sales teams are able to create a significant number of appointments for sales. - Kevin H.
Because of the lackluster performance of my company, it was a very costly endeavor for us. Therefore, I believe that they need to lower the price of it so that an equal number of people, regardless of whether they are members of a small, medium, or big size firm, may profit from it. Strong and robust networking is used across the system in order for the program to function properly. Therefore, in order to use this program, your computer must have a high-quality internet connection; otherwise, there will be glitches in its functionality, and you will not be able to take use of all of its functions to their maximum extent. We were first concerned that the link that was made via online browsers would be hacked, and this was the source of our dissatisfaction. The addition of functionality that is not yet fully developed is something that I continue to dislike. Additionally, social networks are not connected, which is a significant problem within the system. When we purchased it, we were required to participate in the whole launching period, which required a significant amount of effort on our part. However, they completely changed the tools that they offered, which resulted in a significant improvement in the quality of the service. - Nic Z.
During my search on the internet for a way to improve the quality of service I give to my customers, I came across this call recorder. It is quite helpful for recording the calls that my customers make so that I may get insight from their feedback. This application enables me to listen to conversations again, which enables me to construct better sales techniques and enhance my items. Claims, ideas, and appreciations are all vital components in the process of building a successful commercial venture. My middle name is multitasking, and I work as a supervisor at a facility that provides personal care services. When I was in the midst of a half dozen other activities, I would either attempt to recall precisely which resident had just gotten a call informing them that their loved one was coming in to visit them, or I would try to write notes on my hand if I had a pen available. Absolutely not a problem with this program! My organization has significantly improved, and I have not forgotten any calls or neglected any issues. Having the dashboard on CrazyCall allows you to visually monitor your progress as you make calls via a list, which is a really convenient feature. There is a clear indication of the number of individuals who are now on the phone as well as the number of calls that have been made or are yet to be made. - Brenda C.
It has a few stability issues with the platform and a few script development errors. Our weak internet connection might be the cause of our call quality problems. Although the UI is a little confusing at first, working with it becomes second nature. Communication with certain customers was delayed considerably since some emails were ending up in the spam folder. The program seems heavy at times, and the machine sometimes freezes. The functionality of incoming calls is still restricted, and my team does not use them. There are extremely few reporting options available for some of the lesser price categories. Reports downloaded from the cloud might sometimes be quite sluggish. - Rod W.
All levels of users will find this program to be extremely simple to use and maintain. In the description, he delivers on all he promises to accomplish. If you are looking for a straightforward telesales tool that allows you to pay for it as you go, you might consider this app. Excellent user interface, with high call quality and affordable pricing. The help they provide is exceptional. Spending a significant amount of time on the phone with customers, stock brokers, and fund managers is an essential part of my profession. As a result of the fact that I wear multiple hats, there are occasions when I forget what one person requires or fail to remember anything that they mentioned when we were having a discussion. This may occur when I am unable to write things down because I am juggling many tasks at once. This application has helped me keep track of my essential phone calls and has alleviated some of the strain that I was under. CrazyCall is a great example of this. Playing back our chats is something I do at the end of the day, before work is over, and the recording tool gives me the ability to do it. Using CrazyCall, I am able to improve both my organization and my efficiency. It educates me on how to prioritize my work in the appropriate manner. - Cilia F.
A smartphone application for this amazing product is something that I would want to see. Even though it is currently quite simple to use, having an app would make things even simpler for my agents. The ability to send and receive text messages from the same phone number that is used for making phone calls is an absolute need. Every time you chat to someone from one number and then have to text them from another number, it raises questions about your communication skills. I have one caller that uses four different phone numbers to call for four different marketplaces at the same time. When you are restricted to utilizing just one number to send texts and that number can only match one city, this presents a problem. The firms that provide texting services that are capable of supporting messaging from local lines and assigning several text numbers to a single caller are of particular interest to me. The size of the text box is far too poor. Without doing a lot of scrolling, I need to check to see if there are any adjustments that need to be done. I am concerned that I will press the submit button by mistake before I have proofread. - Karla L.

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CrazyCall average reviews

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CrazyCall Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Call Management Features
  • Customer Support


  • Integration Challenges
  • Occasional Technical Issues
  • Customization Limitations

CrazyCall Final Conclusions

Offering a user-friendly UI, strong statistics, and useful integration features, CrazyCall is a complete call management solution.

The quickness with which CrazyCall streamlines phone handling, provides data, and integrates with CRM is generally viewed favorably. Although the platform's qualities make it a feasible option for enterprises looking for call management and analytics solutions, more technological stability and integration enhancements may be necessary to satisfy users better.

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