CallHero Review: Pricing, Features & More

Callhero is a call monitoring and recording program driven by artificial intelligence. The software will tell you what is working, what is not, and how to correct it so that you may convert even more callers into patients. Track important indicators such as your response rate, booking rate, win-back rate, reasons for customers not booking, and which promotions are causing your phone to ring.
CallHero Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallHero overview

CallHero can provide you with a solution that covers everything. These types of income losses may mount up over time: missed calls, employees who are inexperienced in phone performance, receptionist turnover, and sick days. Learn which marketing strategies result in customers picking up the phone. Improve the phone's performance and the answer and booking rates. Use artificial intelligence, call recording, and metrics.

Even on sick days or during staff changes, you will always get a call again, thanks to CallHero's virtual receptionist. Recover previously missed chances and get improved conversion rates. Use the CallHero training and tools to manage daily phone operations, and you will be able to achieve daily response rates of 95% and booking rates of 80% using proven phone scripts to handle any objections.

To buckle up, Utilizing the tools provided by CallHero, businesses can improve their phone culture, establish daily phone objectives, and match receptionist compensation with performance. Listen to calls, improve how you handle calls, and you'll see an uptick in conversion rates. Regaining lost patients who did not make appointments may be accomplished by just listening to recordings of such individuals. You might also give the caller who didn't leave a voice message a second chance by calling them again. Keep track of the conversion rate and income made by each team member.

What CallHero has to say about itself

The all-in-one platform that CallHero offers provides clinics with powerful call analytics, recording, monitoring, and receptionist training tools to facilitate seamless communication and improve the quality of their interactions with patients. CallHero's goal is to assist medical practices in providing an amazing patient experience via phone calls. It helps clinic operators take control of the phones, enabling them to schedule even more patients. Without incurring any more costs for healthcare marketing, you will see an exponential increase in the number of new patients booking appointments once you begin viewing your front desk as the most significant player in acquiring additional patients.

AI powers the study, which helps discover why patients aren't making appointments, categorizes the causes, and assists in training receptionists. Boost the amount of money you win back. Enhance the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and conversions. Completely compliant with the HIPAA. Refrain from making assumptions about what kind of marketing is successful. Be aware of the factors that cause your phones to ring. Determine which initiatives, such as Google, Facebook, Community, and Doctors, produce positive results. Increase your investment return by tracking calls, conversions, and income.

CallHero places a high value on protecting users' privacy. To guarantee the safety of patient information, its platform has been designed from the bottom up to adhere to the most stringent of requirements. Relax, since it satisfies all of the HIPAA requirements. Take advantage of every call, no matter how busy or often your personnel changes. Enjoy 14 hours of phone coverage daily and assistance from highly qualified professionals who can help you plan appointments in your program.

CallHero Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasUSA, CA, UK, AU
Service TypesCallHero is a call tracking and analytics platform that provides services to businesses.
FeaturesReceptionist Training, Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Assistants, Call Recording, Call Tracking

CallHero price policy

Checking the company's official website or getting in touch with their sales staff directly is what you should do to get current and correct information on the prices of CallHero's services. Services, such as call monitoring platforms, may have varying pricing structures depending on several aspects, including the degree of service provided, the number of features available, and the amount of use. Direct interaction with CallHero will deliver the most accurate information that is catered to your company's particular requirements.
PackagesCallHero has not provided pricing information for its service.
Payment optionsCredit cards, Pay Pal
Payment discountsCallHero may offer various discounts, such as volume-based pricing, promotional deals, or unique bundles of services. It is recommended that you visit CallHero's official website or contact their customer care or sales team directly for current and up-to-date information on any discounts the company may provide. They can give information on current specials or discounts that may be made accessible to your company depending on your particular demands or circumstances. Because businesses often modify the structures of their discounts, it is advised that a direct connection be maintained with CallHero to get the most recent and precise information.

CallHero online reputation

The efficient call monitoring, sophisticated analytics, and easy-to-use features of CallHero are often commended. Good reviews emphasize how it might improve marketing plans by using insightful phone interactions as a source of important information. Lead scoring and CRM connection are features that users value. Any unfavorable remarks usually center on issues with cost or expectations for certain features. Though there may be room for development based on specific requirements and expectations, CallHero is generally regarded by customers as a useful tool for companies looking to maximize phone interactions.
The capability of keeping tabs on everything in minute detail. Training opportunities at the Academy are second to none. In general, this platform has shown to be fundamental. Our company has gone from having a booking rate of 50–60% and a response rate of 70% to constantly reaching 95% answer rate and 80% booking rate or higher. The capability of CallHero to recognize calls that need assistance is the function that has the most significant effect. Not only does this make it possible for us to follow up on missed booking possibilities, but it also gives our staff with a very helpful tool for coaching purposes. I have been working with Tod and his CallHero team for a number of years at this point, and I have to say that I have always been pleased with the responsiveness of the support staff, as well as their ability to collaborate with our team to find solutions to any problems that may emerge. - Lauren L.
It would be fantastic if some of the voices could be tracked better in the event that someone forgot to mention their name (so that they do not wind up in the "no name category"). Allowing some frequently used commands to be kept as "favorites" is a potential small addition that might be done. This would save time when it came to the generation of queries. There are certain calls that are not appropriately classified, and the staff has to manually go in and adjust it so that it reflects the right information. If nothing is done to improve it, the data will be distorted, which will have an effect on the analytics used to determine staff incentives. Unless the call is placed via the CallHero website, it is not possible to record calls that are made outbound using CallHero. I think it would be helpful if CallHero included improved tracking features like callrail. In addition to that, I'd want the choice to add a tag. IE, we would also want to monitor cancelation calls to see whether or not our front end is appropriately using the script. - Austin P.
The capacity to provide our front desk workers with access to data and analytics in real time, right at their fingertips. The measures that will be used to determine the quarterly incentives for our front desk workers absolutely need this data. The capacity to listen to a phone call minutes after it has taken place in order to identify and correct any errors that may have occurred during the conversation. Calls are being flagged in order to assist educate staff members on areas in which they may improve while also highlighting areas in which they performed well. When the front desk workers are unavailable or in a meeting, we may use the function that enables us to forward calls to transfer the phones to another location. This helps reduce the amount of potential money that is lost. CallHero has become an indispensable resource for the administrative and front-desk workers at our company. Their support staff is quick to respond, knowledgeable, and very easy to get in touch with. In the event that there are any problems, we get in touch with people from CallHero to ask clarifying questions, and they respond quite quickly. - Mina R.
During outgoing calls, it would be helpful if it could record the other party. The handling of recordings is one possibility that has come to my attention. When we try to share the link that is available to download from CTM with our customers, the link frequently breaks, and as a result, we are unable to share the recording of the call with them. However, there are times when we want to share calls with our customers in a very simple manner for a quick listen without requiring the customer to log in to a computer and access a profile. It is tough to receive help from the customer service department. I attempted to acquire Canadian phone numbers, but all I got was a notice that said "we can't get you that number at this time." There was no further action. There is no way to proceed. Their invoices do not include information in separate sections. How many minutes have I spent on each of the customer accounts in total? What was the cost that was consistent every month? There is no indication of this on the invoices. Digging in and obtaining account-level information is a really challenging endeavor. In comparison to the cost, it is rather pricey. For the pleasure of being allowed to have kid accounts, an agency is required to pay a set charge of $120 each month. This price is solely for the agency itself. When weighed against the myriad of other available choices, this one is laughable. - April F.
I appreciate that every call is appropriately labeled, as this enables us to concentrate on listening to and training on the majority of the conversations that are critical, and the CallHero product also comes with a training school that all of our newly hired front desk employees must complete. In general, CallHero has made it possible for us to evaluate new leads as they come in, determine what is happening with those leads, as well as train and provide feedback to our staff. When you have many administrators working together to verify that communication is accurate, it is a useful tool to evaluate phone conversations using this application. In addition to its usefulness as a teaching tool, it also offers a method for monitoring the metric performance of administrators. I also really enjoy that you may make phone calls from a distant location while giving the impression that you are phoning from the clinic itself. Facilitates working from the comfort of one's own home. - Amberly H.
At first, there were no problems with it. However, locating information and obtaining reliable data on consumption is very challenging. Because their invoices do not really include this information, I needed to go into the account settings in order to determine how much we were paying for the Fixed Fee. Once I did so, I was able to figure out how much we were spending. Their invoices are quite straightforward and simply state the entire amount that was charged to you for the month. Okay, but can you break it down for me? How many minutes did we utilize altogether? Which taxes did you bill your customers? You will have a difficult time finding that information. It is almost as if the concealment of this information was deliberate. We are going to stop using this program in favor of another option that provides a more expert level of service. There is a wide variety of professional options available today, many of which provide more affordable prices and superior customer service. Due to the fact that we are responsible for monitoring many websites that are all owned by the same company, the process of manually configuring each of these websites is both laborious and time consuming. I really wish there was some kind of reporting that would show calls made across all of our locations so that we wouldn't have to keep switching between the 5 different accounts we have. - Maddie B.
As a marketing business, we make use of it while posting advertisements in various mediums such as print, web, Craigslist, and many more. It has helped us salvage a number of accounts from clients who have complained that their advertising with us is not producing the desired results. We have the capability of printing out comprehensive data and physically demonstrating to them the number of calls that they are getting. It feels like we have been working with CTM for a very long time! I have tried a number of various call monitoring programs, but without a doubt, theirs is the most effective one. They are able to carry out any special request you may have, whether it related to reporting, call handling, call forwarding, or whispering. The customer service and support personnel is quite helpful and provides a prompt answer. They are able to handle any problem, no matter how large or how little! The benefits you get from using this CTM significantly outweigh those of any other program. It is quite convenient because even after I have returned a number, I can still generate a report that details the total amount of calls that were taken while we were in possession of the number. - Iton M.
There are times when we have difficulties with the connection of Google Ads and Google Analytics. If there was some kind of notice mechanism for when integrations fail, that would be quite convenient. The program does not perform very well when it comes to managing automated outgoing calls (auto dialers). It is not simple to manage several call centers under one account (this feature is still under development). Because it allows for a great deal of personalization, adjusting its settings may be fairly challenging at times. However, due to the fact that it might be customized in a wide variety of ways, you will need to devote some time in order to comprehend it. I really wish it wasn't necessary to get in touch with the support staff in order to buy new numbers as they become available. This was still a possibility as recently as 2019. Because of this change in the law in many countries, we are required to provide our identification papers to the customer service staff for a thorough review each time we wish to purchase a new number. When I'm out in the field and don't have access to my laptop, it would be helpful to have a reference app that I could use on my iPhone. - Tiffany G.
The ability to see the calling party's phone number as well as some basic information about them is of great use to us while working a lead. It is helpful to be able to guide the call in the proper direction without wasting time when you know what sites they came to. Because using this product provides us access to information that we otherwise would not have, we have been able to increase our profits as a direct result. The capability to trace the missed calls from evenings and weekends has resulted in the generation of a significant number of new leads. Over one hundred of our customers are using CallHero to help us measure conversions and manage call quality. There have been some very small technical issues, which have been quickly resolved by customer service. Because to CallHero, we have been in a position to assist a number of businesses in increasing their number of leads as well as their capacity to contact with customers. Our team is able to better manage leads and check the quality of incoming calls thanks to CallHero's assistance. The level of customer service that is provided by their staff always exceeds our expectations. Simple to execute, with a high degree of both intuitiveness and adaptability. Scalability may be achieved without the need for long-term contracts. It becomes into a variable cost when you pay by the minute rather than by the user. - Hanrieta L.
Everything is OK, however when we send a text message to a consumer, I would want to be notified whether they reply to the message. Setting it up isn't always the easiest thing to do. The vast majority of calls to dozens of other numbers are either robocalls or end with the caller hanging up, with the exception of one high-volume number. We are throwing money away on nothing but air. In contrast to other providers, they do not charge additional fees for spam prevention. You are going to require assistance from customer support if you want to monitor a significant number of calls. This is based on a project, and it is definitely worth it. However, one must pay a fee in order to make use of this service. I have never seen a piece of software that is more complicated and difficult to use than this one. It is shocking how many hoops you have to jump through and traps you have to avoid in order to put up a basic number pool. It is recommended that you use a different piece of software if your objective is to monitor incoming phone calls. After investing a lot of money on call tracking software, I can tell without a doubt that this is not the one you should choose. - Dominic V.

CallHero Social media Subscribers
Many points of view about CallHero can be found on the Reddit website. There are some positive features to them, but there are also some negative aspects. If you want to make a choice based on the comments that have been made on Reddit, you will need to go to the site itself and read the most recent discussions and opinions that users of CallHero have shared. This will give information that is up to date and is resistant to change based on the observations and experiences of actual users.

CallHero average reviews

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CallHero Pros&Cons


  • Effective Call Tracking
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • CRM Integration


  • Pricing Transparency
  • Feature Limitations
  • Individual Expectations

CallHero Final Conclusions

CallHero, which helps companies improve their marketing strategy, receives great comments for its efficient call monitoring, informative data, and user-friendly design. Users like features such as lead scoring and simple interaction with CRM systems. However, there are issues over price transparency and possible feature limits, highlighting the necessity of aligning individual expectations.

CallHero is a beneficial tool for improving phone encounters, according to the consensus, despite these concerns being raised; nonetheless, unique company requirements and preferences will determine which aspects of the service may be improved.

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