ReferralRock Review: Pricing, Features & More

Use ReferralRock, the industry-leading software for referral marketing, to grow your customer base and attract new clients. Automate the request, encourage several shares, match rewards, result in sales, and then repeat the process to create a self-sustaining, viral referral network. Any company, not only e-commerce, may benefit from refer-a-friend, influencer, and partner programs. Use referral program software to optimize word-of-mouth referrals.
ReferralRock Review: Pricing, Features & More

ReferralRock overview

Transform your most ardent supporters to become influential referral providers with ReferralRock. You may expedite the growth of your word-of-mouth company by establishing an online referral program that makes it simple for your customers and affiliates to make referrals and get rewards for doing so.

Find the growth channel that has the greatest potential for you. Promote information exchange across the whole customer lifetime. Every interaction with an app, email, customer relationship management system, or online store presents a chance to start a sharing. Make it simple for people to share so that it stays in their minds. Encourage satisfied customers to inform their friends about your business. Demonstrate gratitude, acknowledgment, and acknowledgment while offering them rewards they value. Give satisfied clients a cause to tell their friends.

Make passive consumers and partners become active sharers of your content. Referrals may come from various sources, including customers, affiliates, and partners. Launch in days rather than months (without the need for engineers). Professional services assist with onboarding and customize the program to meet the specific requirements of your company. Personalize the experience of sharing using the portal experiences and quick-start email templates.

What ReferralRock has to say about itself

More recommendations at a reduced cost to attract clients is the goal of ReferralRock, an application that automates referral and affiliate marketing. Make it simple for your consumers to find, join, and share what they're interested in. ReferralRock was developed for marketers who want to expand their referral, affiliate, and partner programs while also reducing the amount of administrative labor involved. The portal can be fully customized, there are many embed choices, sharing can be done with one click, and there are a variety of reward alternatives.

Integrate it with the other systems you are already using. Monitor and control the effect as your operation grows. Support and assistance from professionals in the process of onboarding. More sharing, more often from every one of your followers. Share content quickly and easily from inside your email automation, CRM, and embedded experiences (including mobile and social media). Provide enticements that are consistent with your brand. Advocates should be kept informed and actively engaged with alerts.

Integrate with the processes that you already have. Immediate exchange of information across all touchpoints in the customer lifecycle using your email automation, help desk, and e-commerce platforms. Enrich the data and keep track of it using your customer relationship management systems or other systems of record. Integrate immediately using our user-friendly APIs for developers, or use Zapier instead.

Obtain insights on how referral initiatives boost your return on investment. Examine the specifics of each share to improve the overall quality of the experience. Evaluate the level of participation of first-time referrers in addition to your most active fans. Gain an understanding of referral behavior, beginning with an anonymous visit and ending with the conversion of a new client.

ReferralRock Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesReferralRock offers a variety of services that are geared at assisting companies in the development and efficient management of referral programs.
FeaturesCustomer Referral Programs, Affiliate & Partner Marketing Programs, Brand Ambassador Programs, Case Studies by Industry
CertificationsISO 27001, SOC2, and GDPR, PCI-DSS

ReferralRock price policy

ReferralRock's service prices may change depending on the plan selected and the company's demands. ReferralRock typically provides tiered price choices for various business sizes, from startups to large corporations. The number of advocates recommended clients, and requested characteristics are some elements that affect prices. ReferralRock guarantees that companies pay for their services by offering personalized quotations regularly. For current and precise price details, please visit ReferralRock's official website or contact their sales staff. This enables companies to discuss their needs and obtain a customized estimate that fits their goals and budget.
PackagesStarter (basic features to get started) - $200 per month; Growth (advanced features for extra needs) - $400 per month; Established Business (enterprise features for larger brands) - $800 per month.
Payment optionsCredit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express), electronic funds transfer, and sometimes digital payment platforms.
Payment discountsPeriodically, ReferralRock could run specials or discounts, but the exact specifics are kept confidential. Discounts may vary according to the length of the contract, the quantity of advocates, or exclusive deals available at certain times. For the most accurate and current information on any discounts or incentives that are currently available, businesses interested in ReferralRock's services can visit their official website or get in touch with their sales staff directly. Customized discounts may be explored to meet the demands of certain firms, guaranteeing that companies get the most out of managing their referral programs.

ReferralRock online reputation

ReferralRock is commended for its easy-to-use automation, customization, and administration of referral programs. Users are grateful for its analytics features. Some express a want for further feature requests and integrations. ReferralRock gives organizations the ability to use referrals to their advantage; nevertheless, for improved functionality and integration opportunities, ongoing upgrades are needed.
Our time spent working with ReferralRock has been wonderful! The implementation staff is quite helpful, and our expert is very quick to respond and always prepared to provide assistance. She did not send us an excessive number of emails or materials, but we were always aware that we could approach her with any questions. Overall, it was a truly wonderful experience, and we are happy to suggest it to others. We required a user-friendly affiliate management and payment program that was also fully compatible with HubSpot, which serves as our customer relationship management system. Up until this point, everything has been wonderful, and our partners have had no trouble adapting to the new system. I tried quite a few other referral softwares before deciding to go with this one, and I must say that I am pleased with my selection. It offers a reasonable price for the value it provides. The sales staff was amazing to work with and very helpful. In overall, I believe that it will be suitable for our requirements. - Evan W.
Although this is not truly a drawback, it would be wonderful if the artwork was improved. On the other hand, you have the choice to upload some of your own work. Because we are still relatively new to the system, it might be difficult for us to locate the specific system settings that we need at times. Additionally, I wish it were feasible for our affiliates to amend any and all of their personal information inside the settings of their accounts (such as their email and Paypal addresses). I get the impression that this program is still in the process of being designed and is still in the developmental stage overall. There are a few spots where the functionality isn't quite smooth; I can ALMOST accomplish what I need to do, but not quite. There are numerous locations where the functionality isn't quite seamless. The installation procedure was difficult due to features such as restricted custom field options, incorrect formatting, a lack of conversion script instructions, and other similar issues. I made the transition to this software so that I wouldn't have to take as many short cuts with our referral program; but, I still feel as like I have to hack my way into getting it to do what I need it to accomplish. Since I just started using the program a week ago, I've already suggested over 20 different features to be included. We'll have to wait and watch whether they make any changes as we go forward. - Marie C.
ReferralRock is an excellent tool for organizing and monitoring referrals and affiliate data from the administrator perspective. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to monitor everything in real time and to see as new recommendations come in for our affiliates. As an affiliate, I like the features that ReferralRock provides, such as the ability to see all of the information necessary for me to be successful as an affiliate immediately on my dashboard as soon as I log in to the portal. This makes my job as an affiliate much easier. The help provided by ReferralRock has been excellent. Our support staff member has been very helpful in guiding us through the process of making adjustments and comprehending how to utilize the software by responding to all of our inquiries in a prompt and timely way. The nicest feature is how simple it is for a consumer to join up with only one click, and how they can utilize the link to their dashboard to check their statistics at any time. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the member who was referring new people, and Referral Rock achieves that aim admirably. In general, a wonderful adventure. Excellent customer service, and our account manager was quite helpful and is extremely knowledgeable about her product. - Scott M.
ReferralRock presents a significant challenge to its administrators in terms of navigation. I had a lot of trouble figuring out where to locate the modifications to the settings, how to set up the program, and how to save the alterations that I made to our software, among other things. The many possibilities that ReferralRock provides are fantastic; yet, as a possible first-time affiliate admin user, I found the platform to be incredibly challenging to manage and comprehend. For tracking considerations, we had no choice except to host the landing page inside Referral Rock rather than on our own domain. This was not the best solution, but it was the only way to make it work within the constraints of our system. The documentation for the setup may need some work. Although the resource center has a lot of information, what I wanted most was more resources and documents that explained "how to" perform things in detail. Because reward administration is so difficult, we had to include the support personnel in the process of renaming the awards. - Daria G.
The user-customizable tools and portal both have a very straightforward interface. We were provided with fantastic customer care from the point of sale throughout the whole implementation process, and putting the product into action was a snap because to all of the customisable options that were made accessible to us. At this pricing range, the Hubspot connection that Referral Rock offers is unparalleled to anything else that I've seen on the market. My interactions with the customer service representative and the account manager have been very positive. It is not that difficult to understand if you get the swing of it and get familiar with the lingo. In addition to this, it does not seem to be prohibitively expensive while having all of the features that I want. Utilizing the strategy has led to a fantastic few months overall. As a marketer, it has significantly reduced the amount of time I spend on affiliate administration, which has freed me more of my time to concentrate on other parts of expanding our affiliate program.The customer support staff has also been very helpful in answering any queries we have had, and they have gone above and above to develop pieces of custom code for us when they have been absolutely necessary in order for us to accomplish our goals. - Lisa M.
When putting up the pages for members and referrals, I had to discover workarounds since working with the text, including selecting and sizing fonts, adjusting spacing, and other text-related tasks, is very buggy. I was never able to really get the appearance that I had envisioned for it. Also, if I used the tab key to indent anything, it would immediately put quote marks somewhere below the content. Everything else seems to operate well; but, given how important the text layout is to the message, it seems as if maybe some more functional attention should be devoted to that particular aspect of the message. Because there is no way to know for certain what size you are selecting when changing the font size, this may be a very frustrating process. Although it is simple to use, the system sometimes loads more slowly than expected. The transition from the most fundamental plan to the intermediate one is rather drastic; there need to be a step in between the two. Setting up the referral logic was not as easy as it seemed at first, but the representative in the customer success team was quite helpful. In particular with relation to the interaction with Salesforce, I noticed that there was a significant learning curve associated with using this application. - Rob O.
The product is really straightforward in its use! It was a huge help to me as a marketer that I was able to participate actively in the process of setting up all of our initiatives. The necessary coding for our website was also not too complicated for our developer to implement, which made the process of setting up referrals run like clockwork.The fact that the system notifies users whenever there has been a change in the status of their rewards is another feature that I find very useful. This enables users to feel more motivated to bring in new referrals. Your staff has been really helpful, responding to all of my queries, no matter how simple or fundamental they may be, as well as those that are little more technical. Always be patient, never give the impression that you are frustrated, and continually go above and above to assist. We looked at referral systems that had a lot more functionality and better connections with our database (SalesForce), but they cost a lot of money and were designed for much bigger business customers. Referral Rock met our fundamental requirements for functionality while remaining within our reasonable price range, making it an attractive option for small businesses like ours. - Beth L.
The administrative dashboard makes no sense to me and seems like it was designed in the year 2000. Given that it requires an investment to install and operate, the simplest solution would be to send an email to each of your clients. However, this option is not suitable for everyone. However, this adds a new dimension of monitoring and virality to the situation given that persons who are referred to may also recommend others. I would advise trying out a few different deals to get the optimal one in order to get the most out of it. The integration of our online account opening platform was not without its fair share of challenges. Because the editor must focus on so many different aspects of the document (which is a good thing), it is possible that certain details may be overlooked. It will take some time before you get used to all of the numerous features. Assistance from customer support will be required throughout the setup process. What I'd really want to see is an app that users can download and stay plugged in to all the time. However, I have no doubt it will occur in due course. - Gabriela G.
I was looking for a tool that could help launch a member referral program. This type of tool is often found in different sectors and not necessarily in the non-profit space, so I wasn't sure it would work as effectively as it does for say, ecommerce. I needed an inexpensive, plug-and-play solution and found ReferralRock. It has worked as advertised. Honestly, getting started with ReferralRock was kind of rocky. It took much longer to implement than expected. That said, after implementing it, it seems to have brought more value to our business and our customers seem to love it. We still have some work to do with internal usage, but overall it seems to have been a good investment. It does everything we need for our referral program. And also they are very good and knowledgeable people to interact with. Customer Service has been very good. Our representative is very attentive and available to meet and help out however she can. She's done an amazing job of making me feel confident with the software and the program overall. - Julie C.
I had the impression that there were a few items that weren't ready to go straight away, such as an anchor link that would lead readers from the referral page back to the top of the page (so they could see the form once again). A completely arbitrary section of the member registration form that was present. It would have been nice if they were in place, but nothing about this was a dealbreaker; it was simply a small annoyance. All of these were rather inconsequential, and there was a solution in place. Simply said, we need more customers on it, haha. An advanced training or consultation session that is tailored to your particular business, target audience, and the skill set of your key employees would be an excellent addition. It is possible that this will be of assistance to each company in bringing their particular program to the next level. Finding referrals requires manual labor since our software is unable to link with Referral Rock, thus this procedure must be carried out by hand. We went with a more "entry level" design, therefore we don't have a lot of leeway to alter numerous fields at once. In a few months, there will be an update, and it is possible that this may allow us greater freedom. - Mary R.

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ReferralRock average reviews

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ReferralRock Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Customization Options
  • Customer Support


  • Limited Integrations
  • Learning Curve
  • Pricing Complexity

ReferralRock Final Conclusions

Businesses can develop referral programs that are both successful and adaptable with the help of ReferralRock because of its user-friendly interface, automation features, and extensive analytic capabilities. Users have expressed a need for additional integrations and complex functionality even though they value timely customer service.

If these issues were resolved, the attractiveness of ReferralRock could be increased even further, guaranteeing that companies have the tools they need to develop the most effective referral programs. ReferralRock, as a whole, functions as a useful platform for companies who want to profit from the power of recommendations, which fosters customer engagement and company growth. Continuous upgrades and integrations have the potential to enhance its value, bringing it into closer alignment with the varied requirements and expectations of businesses.

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