ShareASale Review: Pricing, Features & More

ShareASale is the affiliate marketing platform in North America that is seeing the most rapid growth. They provide outstanding solutions and diverse chances for cooperation that deliver results. Because every publisher is different, you should allocate value in the manner you see appropriate by using its extensive attribution tools to fine-tune your affiliate rewards. Provide incentives to partners that refer customers or leads.
ShareASale Review: Pricing, Features & More

ShareASale overview

The ShareASale network links online merchants to more than 270,000 active affiliate partners located all over the globe. This broadens the shops' access to customers and opens up more avenues for financial gain. Your ability to provide unequaled strategic management, trusted partner development, cutting-edge technology, and powerful data reporting will go a long way toward helping your customers achieve their affiliate program objectives.

Creators of content, influencers, website owners, and technology partners may all develop lucrative agreements with the company's portfolio of brands across various industries by working with them. Over more than 20 years, ShareASale has been cultivating partnerships, developing cutting-edge technology, and assisting merchants and publishers in achieving success in their respective affiliate marketing channels to expand our network. Maintain a finger on the pulse of your program with real-time insights into performance statistics, activity from affiliate partners, and specialized diagnoses for the program. Your internet business may take advantage of additional income streams by using the platform and the broad partner network offered by this company.

What ShareASale has to say about itself

ShareASale gives various publishers access to an unmatched audience through a business strategy that eliminates financial risk. Increase your internet visibility by forming reputable connections. ShareASale can help you launch your affiliate marketing business right now, so take advantage of it. Its approach makes it easier for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small companies to establish affiliate programs by lowering the entrance hurdle.

Create an affiliate program that is tailored to your business by using the advanced attribution tools and commission flexibility offered by ShareASale. The company's white-label technology may accommodate any need for a partnership or online retail. Collaborate with your partner agency to develop an effective strategy for expanding your marketing efforts via an affiliate program. Its network collaborates with various organizations that support and promote the growth of merchant enterprises.

You may uncover real-time alerts and program insights that will assist you in optimizing your affiliate connections by using the dynamic dashboard provided by ShareASale. You may save time with innovative technologies like automatic marketing emails and application rules, which help facilitate better contact with your affiliate partners. Utilize its comprehensive and adaptable report suite to maintain a constant finger on the pulse of the performance of your program. You may learn more about the performance of affiliates in comparison to the performance of other clicks that occur within a single transaction by configuring reports to run on recurrent periods or by exploring our newly introduced click stream graphs.

Standard and sophisticated monitoring is available for mobile apps and websites via ShareASale. Your company will benefit from a long-lasting solution that is future-proof, thanks to its connection with the Awin MasterTag. Develop your creative inventory, seek out new affiliates, and use the resources it provides to strengthen your network presence. Utilizing the many training tools ShareASale offers will allow you to establish a solid foundation for running a successful affiliate network on its dependable platform.

ShareASale Review

Year Started2000
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesBy serving as a middleman and fostering connections between affiliates and merchants, ShareASale helps affiliates monetize their online presence and helps companies broaden their customer base.
FeaturesAffiliate Program Management, Tracking and Reporting, Product Promotion, Performance Tracking, Payment Processing, Networking Opportunities, Support and Trainings.
CertificationsISO27001:2013, GDPR

ShareASale price policy

The price of using ShareASale's services is broken down into several components for affiliates and merchants. Each time a sale is made via affiliates, merchants are often required to pay a transaction charge in addition to an initial setup cost and a network access fee. The needs of the merchant and the size of the affiliate program both play a role in determining the range of these fees. Affiliates, on the other hand, can sign up for ShareASale at no cost, and their profits are determined by a commission on any purchases they help drive. Before making payments to affiliates, ShareASale takes a relatively small amount of the commission and applies it toward a processing charge. The precise charges are determined by individual agreements as well as the particular services that merchants and affiliates employ.
PackagesJoining fee - $625; Monthly platform fee - $35
Payment optionsCredit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, Payoneer.
Payment discountsIn affiliate marketing platforms, discounts are often contingent upon several variables, including the size of the affiliate network, individually negotiated terms, or special offers made at certain times. Contacting ShareASale directly via their official website or getting their sales or customer service staff is advised for accurate and up-to-date information about any discounts or special offers made available by ShareASale. Regarding any discounts that are offered and customized to meet the demands of certain businesses, they may provide the most up-to-date and detailed information.

ShareASale online reputation

Users are impressed with ShareASale's user-friendly design, trustworthy reporting, and extensive vendor choices. Affiliates commend the large range of items and prompt payouts. Some mention the inactivity of the support service, issues with the financial plan, and challenges in getting the hang of the system. It's best to go over every review first.
Because ShareASale is a component of Awin, you can be certain that this network maintains a high level of professionalism toward their customers and provides timely assistance in the event that you run into any problems. The majority of the affiliates on Awin are considered to be influencers, yet ShareASale only works with premium affiliates. In contrast to a service such as partnerdash, which required me to get in touch with customer care to have a rejected application removed before I could reapply for a position someplace else, this one is quite simple to install and use. Plus well-known brands and a large selection. The vast number of affiliates that are part of the ShareASale program is one of the aspects of the platform that I like the most. In addition, you have a number of different options available to tailor commissions to the specific requirements of each affiliate or company model. ShareASale is an excellent and extensive network that offers a diverse selection of products for sale. - Lauren C.
You have to be extremely particular in order to establish a program on ShareASale since it demands basic costs of one hundred dollars for each merchant setup that has to be maintained, and you can only launch merchants that can have a positive ROI with them. This is the aspect of ShareASale that irritates people the most. ShareASale has been reliable for us during our years of usage. We have suffered losses of thousands of dollars due to fraudulent orders over the course of many months. We were able to track each one back to a Shareasale affiliate. We made quick efforts to get in touch with ShareASale in order to get assistance. After leaving a few voicemails, no one has bothered to contact me back. I suppose that ShareASale does not do background checks on its affiliates anymore since fraudulent affiliates are now stealing from the businesses. At this point, I think that this location is exceedingly hazardous. My advice is to go as far away from this firm as you possibly can as quickly as you can. I experienced a very high number of accidental clicks or whatever ShareASale refers to them as. Simply said, each time the social platform crawler would click on anything, it would be counted as a click. Therefore, I am perplexed as to why, after 1,300 clicks, I have not yet made a transaction. Extremely disheartening. - Leslie F.
When compared to other affiliate networks that I've used in the past, the user interface of ShareASale is, for the most part, fairly clear to understand and straightforward to use. The layout is modern, clean, and uncluttered, making it simple to find your way around. There are many different merchants available to collaborate with in a wide variety of markets. The integration of the datafeed is a nice touch. It's not as crowded as some of the others, and it gives less mistakes. The most cost-effective affiliate marketing platform is ShareASale. The configuration of it was rather straightforward, covering all bases (including development and marketing), and the campaigns seemed to be carried out without a hitch. In order to get started with affiliate or partner programs, the features are of great assistance. I enjoy that there is no mystery around the process of affiliate money. A handful of the companies that make products for our sector got in touch with us. They had said that there was significant synergy between our methods and offered a little fee in exchange for us advertising their items on our website. The guys at ShareASale got us set up in a matter of hours rather than days. - Justin G.
As you can see from the evaluations of other products, their affiliate scheme is a complete farce. They have very poor communication skills and provide poor service to their customers. You will have a far more positive experience if you look into their rivals. From what I've seen, there isn't much that's positive to say about them. It's possible that they really exist, and that some individuals find that to be useful. However, there are unquestionably far more advantageous alternatives. My primary complaint is that when I look at reporting metrics, I am unable to see ShareASale's commission; as a result, I am need to manually compute it while reviewing data. Although it is not a major issue, I would like it if the reporting were more clearer so that I could save some time. There are many vendors on the network that have not been active for a considerable amount of time. A PORTION OF THE GIFT VOUCHERS HAVE BEEN DEEMED INVALID. SHOULD WORK TOWARDS IMPROVING THE STANDARD OF THE SERVICE. When it comes to queries, the user experience might be difficult. If you have a question regarding the onboarding process or the site itself, you are often sent to a video training rather than an actual person to whom you may address your concerns. - Aaron W.
I appreciate that there is a specialized merchant sub-site inside a tool, where you can make a personalized link, get discounts, and see the sales as well as the commission that has been awarded to you. It is straightforward to follow and transparent. Access to hundreds of more merchats is another wonderful perk that comes with this package. The greatest affiliate network in which we have complete faith that payments will be made. They provide generous commissions, and they include a significant number of merchants who have provided enormous connections and creatives. In addition, Shareasale has solid user reviews and an excellent track record of making payments. Because of all of these factors, we have confidence in this affiliate network. ShareASale makes it easy to browse through hundreds of affiliate programs so that we may establish a vast inventory of partner connections on different websites. Within the ShareASale marketplace, there are now listings for a great number of well-known brands. By using the ShareASale affiliate network, your company will have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of affiliates located all over the globe and working in a wide variety of industries. The ShareASale affiliate program has provided us with a lot of success, which we are extremely grateful for. - Shehan M.
Because of bandwidth limitations, it was a very difficult and time-consuming process to have to watch whole films in order to determine whether or not my query was addressed anywhere in the recordings. If it was answered at all. I believe that ShareASale may benefit from having more merchants based in countries other than the United States of America. It is not as simple as it ought to be to differentiate between the results of a search for UK merchants, for instance. The user interface has a bit of an archaic feel to it and isn't always the easiest to navigate. The user interface and the reporting system do not meet the current criteria, which is problematic since the amount of traffic is increasing and there are more affiliates signing up. It becomes impossible to effectively monitor both what is brought in and what is taken out of the building. The fact that each merchant sub-site has its own login issued by the program, with accompanying tedious tracking, is not something I would describe as something I appreciate. In addition, the merchants are given the ability to choose whether they would want to be paid on a monthly basis or after reaching a certain amount. This makes accurate accounting more difficult. On a more positive side, they never miss a payment within the term that was agreed upon. - Jim N.
All of the most essential information may be found on the homepage. Even though I'm not very good with technology, I had no trouble setting things up and ensuring that it was functioning properly. My favorite part is that all of the retailers supply display advertisements for our website to make advantage of. In comparison to other platforms, this one has a higher overall quality, which is another thing I love. ShareASale is a wonderful platform since it offers commissions on time each month and has a large number of reputable businesses to choose from. I really like how they charge for everything, including the most basic instruction booklet on how to use the interface. It's very annoying. If you were acquainted with some of the technological components and understood a little bit of the legal vocabulary for the affiliate program contracts, the setup process was quite simple and straightforward. Because there are no commitments to sign with SAS, a company is able to test the waters easily and quickly when it comes to launching an affiliate program. The vast majority of bigger affiliates are also using this platform. The fact that ShareASale (which will be referred to as SAS from this point forward) already has a well-established network of affiliates and merchants is one of the platform's many strengths. Although the advantages that were passed down from such a large network are wonderful, I can't help but believe that the gateway might need more refining and improvement. - Tony B.
I believe that they need to provide service that is noticeably quicker than what they are now offering. when submitting a ticket for the first time, I was notified that a response would be sent when three days had passed. It can be a little bit annoying at times. They need to include immediate chat assistance in order to deliver a higher level of service! The inclusion of an HTML snapshot that contains the merchant's URL and logo is yet another possible enhancement that might be made. There is a constant flux of affiliate partners. On the other hand, this is the case with every affiliate platform. When a partner ends their affiliate program, the most difficult thing for me to deal with across all platforms is the fact that affiliate links do not automatically redirect. In certain instances, the affiliate links that we provide will instead send you to a website provided by ShareASale that reports broken links. This would be an easy problem to solve. I really wish there were other methods for recruiting affiliates to participate in our program. To this point, we have been successful in recruiting some affiliates to participate in our program; nevertheless, I hope that we could recruit even more. - Joel C.
ShareASale provides me with a lot of great features, and I really like using them all. They have just updated their user interface with a new look. That made ShareASale an even better platform to use. If I had to list the true benefits that I get from using ShareASale, I would say that they have the greatest advertising on the site and that their prices are quite competitive. The reporting dashboard offered by ShareASale is second to none. Payoneer is a payment option that is available to us. The application process for advertising just requires a few clicks, and creating affiliate links is a simple process. At the very least, everything is centralized in one location, and you can monitor everything from that one location. Adding new links and monitoring performance based on affiliates is a simple process. It is now more quicker and less complicated to produce custom links to the shop product page that include your affiliate ID thanks to the revised design and custom link generator that they have just implemented. The reporting is excellent in that it reveals both the clicks and the sales from the companies. Joining the program, even as a complete novice with zero to very minimal experience dealing with affiliate networks, is not too difficult of a task. In order to go a little bit farther than the basic setup, you will need to read the ShareASale blog and do some study on what to put in the program rules. - Cari T.
The need of a minimum balance for transfers is the sole vexatious aspect of this platform, as well as those of others. This hasn't been a problem for us yet, but imagine how aggravating it would be to complete a sale but not be able to collect your commission because you haven't reached the required threshold of $50 to transfer the money to your bank account. The dashboard seems to be from the 1990s or more modern times. It could benefit from being brought up to date. Full of discount scam websites that perform no work other than to exploit your brand name in order to intercept traffic intended for your brand's search engine. Perhaps one percent of the sites are credible and get some traffic. The other 99 percent are just there to squander valuable time monitoring their own fraudulent actions. Extremely pricey, with more products and services being offered by retailers at every turn. Giving performance marketing a really negative reputation is something that cannot be denied. ShareASale is making it very difficult to get a return, which means that the money will be wasted. The Chief Executive Officer of ShareASale has to seriously investigate how to provide new merchants with actual value. - Larissa G.

ShareASale Social media Subscribers
On the Reddit site, the opinions expressed on ShareASale are not unanimous. There are both beneficial and harmful aspects to them. You need to go to the site itself and read the most recent conversations and thoughts that users of ShareASale have shared to reach a decision based on the comments posted on Reddit. This will provide up-to-date information that is not subject to change based on the experiences and comments of genuine users.

ShareASale average reviews

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ShareASale Pros&Cons


  • Wide Range of Merchant
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Reliable Tracking


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Support Variability

ShareASale Final Conclusions

ShareASale provides necessary services and excellent customer service to its customers. Customers are pleased with the website's appearance, ease of setup, and customization options. The website's usability also pleases customers.

However, some consumers have complained about cost, customer service response time, and limited offerings. Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from this affiliate system despite numerous consumers' prior disappointment with the firm.

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