Circlewise Review: Pricing, Features & More

Decide which attribution model best suits your aims after you have established them. To determine and set up the best price and attribution, your account manager will be happy to help. It's time to inform your publishers of the changes and outline their benefits now that your attribution strategy has been established. This guarantees that the attribution model modification will benefit you fully.
Circlewise Review: Pricing, Features & More

Circlewise overview

Circlewise is assisting businesses in expanding their operations by providing them with in-house affiliate programs and complementing partnership marketing services. On a single platform, consolidate and broaden your existing relationship activities. Make your alliances your most lucrative revenue growth generator by automating and outsourcing the tedious effort you now have to do.

Circlewise is a favorite among partnership marketing teams due to the industry-tailored solutions it offers and its knowledge of the local market. It would help if you got tax-compliant self-invoices to withdraw monies in a safe and lightning-fast manner. On the Circlewise Marketplace, you can construct and develop trustworthy and exclusive collaboration arrangements. Working directly with businesses that are relevant to your audience may help you maximize your revenue.

Circlewise provides solutions, services, and tools that support every facet of your internal partnership program, from conversion monitoring and offer management to analytics and fraud prevention, partner finding and payments, and everything in between. It extends your in-house staff and offers various services, including media purchasing, partner management, and technical support. Local professionals will always cover you, from the first partner discovery to the final partner payments.

What Circlewise has to say about itself

Effortlessly consolidate and manage all your current and future partners on Circlewise platform. Boost your reach by connecting to tens of thousands of pre-integrated, thoroughly verified Marketplace Partners. Explore how to make Partnerships the backbone of your growth strategy. It's time to capitalize on the full potential of your partners.

Take full control of your affiliate marketing with Circlewise software. While you focus on the fun stuff, its team of experts will help you with publisher recruitment, management, and payouts. It is continiously recruiting new publishers to its open marketplace and pro-actively recommend the best matches for you. All new publishers are thoroughly screened and under constant surveillance to keep to its quality standards.

Working with an ever-growing amount of publishers means answering more and more questions. Circlewise has that covered with its built-in publisher chat support that is operated by its team of affiliate experts. Based on the transactions you approve, it handles all the billing and payments to publishers. This means you don’t have to worry about creating billing documents, legislation, validating payout amounts and finally transferring the money.

Connect directly to affiliate programs run by the advertisers themselves. Everything in one place. Full transparency. No losses in margins to re-brokering or vague network fees. Start making bank today!

Circlewise Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCirclewise serves digital marketers and affiliate marketers with a variety of services. These services help organizations improve affiliate marketing, partner cooperation, and digital marketing outcomes.
FeaturesAffiliate Marketing Management, Affiliate Recruitment, Campaign Optimization, Fraud Prevention, Real-Time Reporting, Payment Processing, Compliance Management
CertificationsISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013

Circlewise price policy

There are no set-up costs. Please do not overpay. There are no additional expenses disguised. Your monthly cost is determined by the total amount of money that you are allowed to spend on advertisements. The first 2,500 Euros are on the house. Following that, it applies a margin of 15%. The availability of a free trial is determined on an individual basis by the sales managers at Circlewise. If a free trial is made available, there will be no monthly fees assessed for the duration of the trial.
PackagesEstimated monthly fee - 375€
Payment optionsCredit cards, and PayPal
Payment discountsThe contract's length, and exclusive promotions offered for a limited time are some variables that affect discounts and promotional offers. Often, Circlewise customizes estimates upon consultation based on each organization's specific requirements. Please contact your sales or customer support staff directly if your company wants to use Circlewise's services. Customers may get the most accurate and recent information by discussing their unique needs and asking about current discounts, special deals, or personalized pricing plans.

Circlewise online reputation

Users are impressed with Circlewise's powerful affiliate management capabilities, facilitating easy cooperation. Customers like its capabilities for preventing fraud and for its thorough reporting. Although a few consumers have mentioned a learning curve, overall satisfaction shows how successful Circlewise is at helping companies optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns.
The user interface and user experience teams at Circlewise have done an excellent job. The whole of the program has been meticulously planned out and is simple to use. Whenever we run into a challenge, we can almost always find the solution in their extensive help center, and in the event that we are unable to do so, their crew is always there to assist us. You won't find anyplace else on the market self-serve affiliate software with that level of quality and support, and you won't find it at any price. The aspect that I like the most is that both the performance reports and the transaction reports can be totally customized. Everything an affiliate marketer needs to keep track of and improve their deals. Simple to use, and it met all of my KPI requirements. Because they provide a large amount of information that was incredibly helpful for us as a startup, we did not need to make any more investments in resources for that purpose. Even if not everything is flawless and I get the impression that they are still a relatively new product, they use each piece of criticism you provide them and manage to get the job done. - Paulina P.
Despite the fact that their R&D team assured us that the partner profiles in their marketplace will be upgraded in the near future, I still wish the improvement was already accessible. It is difficult to adjust one's budget in the beginning to accommodate the costs involved, despite the fact that in the long run the investment will be profitable. It all comes down to whether or not you are prepared to make an investment. On the Circlwise platform, the ability to personalize the names of the various leads would be fantastic. We pay for two distinct varieties of leads, but due to the fact that they are all titled leads, we are unable to distinguish between them. Possibility to make use of simply a few objectives. In all seriousness, I can't wait to personally create flexible objectives for myself. The growth of affiliate channels is not exponential but rather continuous. Even while it's not truly Circlewise's responsibility, we sincerely hope that a greater number of our traffic partners would switch to the performance-based model. It is possible that some functionality might be modernized with the implementation of new platform enhancements. - Karl V.
A useful survey of blogs that are operating well. We are able to get precise data for each publication, determine which publishers provide the greatest returns, and then make unique offers to those publishers. Because of this, we have been able to connect with a large number of financial publications, who in turn have helped to spread the news about Crowdestate. Software that is easy to use. Integration was a rather straightforward and uncomplicated process. The response from the Circlewise support staff is fantastic! Because it was simple to implement and operate, the software that we used to remedy the issue reduced the workload of our information technology staff. Additionally, the software was crucial in luring additional investors to our project. It features a well-functioning communication system within the community and a highly user-friendly interface for submitting reports. Simple to put together. They were of great assistance in facilitating our connections with affiliate partners, bloggers, and other individuals. Connecting platform worked well, and contact with them is really uncomplicated and effective. After determining that the affiliate marketing channel had the greatest ROI of all of our paid channels, but that we lacked the in-house people or the experience to expand it further, we made the decision to move to Circlewise as our marketing platform of choice. - Viktorija B.
Even though Circlewise has an excellent support staff, it still took some time before everything was properly integrated. It was well worth the little work that was put in, thinking about how complicated it was and what resulted from it. The back office is difficult to navigate, and it would be helpful to have some kind of data connectivity with other database management programs. The Criclewise platform, like any other SaaS, is continuously in development. There are still many things that have not been implemented, and we are waiting for each and every update with bated breath. The website as a whole, as well as the dashboard, have not been significantly updated since 2017 and seem a little bit obsolete. There is room for improvement in terms of the number of tools that simplify tasks for advertising. When you open certain parts of your program, it may take a significant amount of time on occasion. When you want to check something fast but have to wait a long time before the information opens up or loads on your screen, it may be really aggravating. Circlewise does not yet have all of the characteristics that would be considered desirable, but given the rate at which it is developing new capabilities, we anticipate that its research and development staff will soon supply these functions. - Hector G.
In addition to the white-label software solution that it provides, Circlewise also provides a publisher management services bundle. As a result, we gave it a go in an effort to revitalize our in-house affiliate program after it had been dormant for some time. The best choice we've ever made with relation to online marketing via affiliate programs. Now that our own affiliate program is back on the path to development, we have been able to break new conversion records virtually every month due to the Circlewise platform and the help of the Circlewise staff. Scaling has become hassle-free, and we are also tremendously lucrative as a result, with a return on investment of 400% on the price of extra service packages. Any marketer who is intent on expanding the reach of their in-house affiliate program will benefit from using Circlewise, in my opinion. The user-friendliness and simplicity of the interface is matched by the impressiveness of the data and statistics that are collected. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to interpret the reports, and each report is thorough and complies with the most stringent requirements. Any sort of report may be constructed quickly and simply by the user, who can then make use of the information to improve performance. - Peter L.
There is room for improvement in the rate at which information loads. Under "Quick select," "Total" should be present next to "dates," "months," and so on. The time it takes for reports to load might be sluggish at times. Due to the difficulties associated with the data formats, I prefer to handle transactions online rather than using the monthly reports that are saved as *.xls files. There is a feature that I would want to see implemented sooner rather than later, and it has to do with performance. Currently, when we look at the blogs that have worked together with our company, we are unable to see the "link" of the blog (publisher) that has written about us. We have to look for it on Google, which takes a lot of time, and there are occasions when we are unable to locate it; in such cases, we have to inquire with the account manager. It would be beneficial for the future if the hyperlinks were active. Directly approaching potential new affiliate partners, making open data about new prospective relationships (for an example, check the Impact platform), and setting up automatic onboarding letters for new partners for the client to send out. - Angelo O.
One of the most valuable aspects of Circlewise is its ability to communicate with the members of the development team, who are always kind and willing to provide assistance. People from Circlewise are willing to offer their knowledge and expertise in order to assist the firms in gaining an even greater advantage from the collaboration. The fact that Circlewise has strong technological decisions, an interface that is easy to use, and a wonderful staff are the primary factors that contribute to its status as the top affiliate solution. Working with the organization helped us dramatically improve our traffic and made all of our interactions with publishers more simpler and more fruitful. Adaptability, excellent assistance and connection with the staff, prompt answers, and a simple to use, user-friendly interface for their services are all hallmarks of this company. Circlewise has shown to be a dependable business associate throughout our affiliate relationship efforts. They are adaptable and quick to respond while looking for a variety of answers to unusual problems, should any of those problems arise. A really warm and helpful group to work with. Throughout the course of our collaboration, we have consistently been successful in finding the optimal solution, in particular for the requirements of our business, which unquestionably motivates us to go on with the relationship in the future. - Ilja B.
The user interface has not been very cutting edge up to this point, but given that they are in the process of establishing a new brand name and system, I expect that everything will be excellent going forward. There are certain things that need to be implemented on our end when they really ought to be done on their end. During daily hours, the page may load more slowly than usual, which is completely logical given the huge demand; we see the same problem when we operate with Google Ads. I really wish there were more publishers that focused on business-to-business rather than business-to-consumer writing. Despite the fact that the EPC in B2B is greater, they continue to focus on winning over B2C customers. Even while there are certain aspects of the platform that I, as a user, am unable to control and need help from Circlewise, there are aspects of the platform that, if I had control over them, would make my life much simpler (for instance, uploading marketing materials). In addition, the date (or the time period) shifts every time I reload the website, and some other minor enhancements to the user experience might also be made. Integration with our system was challenging in some way and not very convenient. - Christopher V.
We have been able to grow our company more than ever after we connected with Circlewise. The Market Place function of Circlewise is amazing as it enables us to carefully choose the appropriate channels for product promotion without going over budget on conventional platforms like Google or Facebook. Setting up and coordinating the system with content authors is simple. The system offers a wealth of options for datasets. It is also quick and offers excellent customer service. The caliber of CircleWise's account management team is one of our relationship's best features. We depend on our committed AM to do a number of daily tasks. It might include partner commission distribution, monitoring testing, technical onboarding of new partners, extra insights, and partner sourcing. Cost effectiveness is yet another crucial benefit that Circlewise offers. We are able to maintain our Affiliate Program budget because of our collaboration. I've previously worked with a variety of platforms. CircleWise is a stand-out when it comes to the caliber of their personnel. I doubt that I can recall a single necessity or request for which we would be told "no can't do." They approach their clientele with such a positive attitude that they are always willing to go above and above. - Rita S.
It takes some time for me to get the whole transaction file from the very beginning. However, this is not a significant issue at all. The process of creating campaigns may be somewhat hard, but having customer assistance available is a big help. It's not quite apparent to me what I can handle on my own and where I should seek assistance. Take the elimination of publicists, for instance. It will sometimes become unresponsive, making it difficult to move between tabs and sections. The creation of a campaign may take a little bit longer than anticipated, but this is not a major issue. When opening particular portions of the program, the reaction time of the software might be a little bit sluggish at times. When you need instant access to the information, the fact that it takes a while for it to be presented on your screen might be a little bit aggravating. On the other hand, this is not always the case! Within the performance section, it is no longer able to see in an immediate manner whatever blog (publication) has written about our company. Either we should look it up on Google or inquire with the account manager. The activation of hyperlinks is something that should be considered for the future. - Gustavo B.

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Circlewise average reviews

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Circlewise Pros&Cons


  • Robust Affiliate Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Responsive Support


  • Learning Curve
  • Cost
  • Feature Complexity

Circlewise Final Conclusions

Circlewise is recognized for its efficient fraud protection, extensive reporting, and affiliate management capabilities. Users like the many customization possibilities and the prompt help. The general happiness of its customers supports Circlewise's effectiveness in optimizing affiliate marketing techniques despite a learning curve.

Circlewise is a dependable alternative for companies that want to improve their affiliate programs because of its user-friendly design and strong capabilities. These features help organizations encourage effective partnerships and data-driven decision-making.

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