Everflow Review: Pricing, Features & More

Everflow has developed an excellent solution and made the success of its clients a central focus of its company's DNA and the product refinement cycle, which immediately results in satisfied customers. Happy customers and businesses with strong relationships build trust, raise brand recognition, and generate more referral business than any of its other channels.
Everflow Review: Pricing, Features & More

Everflow overview

Maintain a record of every partner and channel with Everflow. When people arrive at your website, you should immediately begin monitoring them using a simplified manner that is similar to the UTM tracking mechanism that Google Analytics uses. Using one-of-a-kind promo coupons is the most effective technique to monitor the success of an influencer. When a partner's code is utilized to make a purchase, the partner will routinely earn credit for being the primary driver of that transaction. When the coupon has been issued to a customer, you can build a one-of-a-kind URL for social media and video marketing.

You need to be able to measure that performance since most customers in today's world connect with businesses first via their mobile phones. Tracking on a desktop computer calls for a whole different set of skills than those needed for mobile tracking to be effective. You will need a platform to handle postbacks, user agents, and IP addresses and provide detailed reporting.

The majority of performance partners spread their promotions throughout several websites or sub-affiliates. You must be able to swiftly dig down into each partner or channel to see how each placement is doing. By removing some of the lower-quality placements and optimizing those that remain, excellent partners may be transformed into exceptional partners.

What Everflow has to say about itself

When you evaluate the success of your partner based on who was ultimately responsible for making the purchase, you only get a partial view of the genuine worth. Some content creators and influencers may only make a small number of direct sales, but they may generate an enormous amount of interaction with their audience. Tracking the value of engaged users is important since they represent potential top customer possibilities in the future.

The management of coupon websites and the user-generated content submitted to them is a challenge that all affiliate marketing programs for eCommerce must address. Using click-to-conversion time data, you can determine how much time a user spent on your website before completing their transaction and identify purchases that were attributed to coupons at the very last possible moment. You are developing an efficient defense against coupon poaching, guarantees that you will appropriately reward the sources who provide the most value to your business.

Everything about performance is relevant to the measures that you use for your firm. You may examine both positive and negative changes in performance across all partners by using variance reports to compare any two different periods rapidly. You can regularly make the appropriate choices that will increase your ROI when you have access to simple, actionable data. There are a variety of different types of leads. Beginning with user interaction and continuing through lead flow and approval, start monitoring the full relevant user experience. Align the incentives you provide to your affiliates with the factors that most affect your income and incentivize them to grow the traffic sources that bring in the greatest results.

Your ability to differentiate between high-performing and low-performing lead sources is critical to the success of any lead generation efforts you run. Use dimensional analytics reporting instead of a traditional pivot table to see your data about all the factors and KPIs that are significant to your company.

Everflow Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteeverflow.io
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesEverflow provides a comprehensive set of services tailored to the needs of performance marketers and advertisers in the digital realm.
FeaturesE-Commerce, Agency, B2B Partnerships, Ad Networks, Lead Generation
CertificationsHIPAA, SOC 2, PCI Level 1

Everflow price policy

The price structure of Everflow is customized to meet the demands of each unique organization. Based on variables like the quantity of leads, the number of users, and the necessary features, they provide tailored solutions. Pricing information is open and clear, guaranteeing that customers pay for services that meet their unique needs. Because of this adaptability, Everflow 's services may be used by companies of various sizes while nevertheless meeting their budgetary needs. It is advised to speak with the Everflow's sales staff directly for accurate and comprehensive price information.
PackagesCore Plan - $750/month
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, and sometimes PayPal.
Payment discountsEverflow has not provided information for this product or service.

Everflow online reputation

The user-friendly design, real-time statistics, and trustworthy fraud protection of Everflow leave a lasting impression on its users. Customers highly value the customization possibilities and prompt customer assistance offered by the platform. Some mention a learning curve for novices, nevertheless. For performance marketers, Everflow is a potent tool that provides effective, data-driven solutions.
High-touch: The Everflow supporting crew is unquestionably the finest in the business. They are really fast and responsive, and they are eager to go out of their way to assist me in any way they can. When working on and making use of the platform, I get the impression of being supported by a robust technological infrastructure. The evolution of EF is driven in large part by the suggestions and comments made by users such as us. An intuitive and user-friendly interface: all of EF's features are simple to comprehend and use in their intended manner. My favorite part of the game is the "Traffic Control" option. With only one click, undesirable traffic may be stopped. The "Bulk Edit" feature is also one of my favorites since it enables me to make changes to a number of offers all at once, rather than having to go through each offer individually. Mobile Access, which indicates that I am able to do fundamental editing functions alone by utilizing my phone. On occasion, I was already on my way home when I left my workplace. However, a customer located in a different time zone unexpectedly got in touch with me and demanded a speedy inspection or repair. Even if I don't have my laptop with me anymore, I can still make the fast repair in time in Everflow using only my phone. - Kimberlee W.
In the Manage Offer part, if I filter for an offer and then unintentionally click on one of the offers, it won't instantly open in a new window as it does in other sections. Then, if I click to "go backward" to previous page in the browser, it will return and reset the Manage Offer page, and I will lose all of the filter that I have done and have to do it again. The firm is quite modest, and the size of the support teams provided by Everflow's rivals exceeds that of Everflow itself. It bothers me because in order to use your creatives I have to add HTML code. In addition, the production of affiliate newsletters is not a simple process. Everflow does not offer a graphic builder, which makes it difficult to construct emails with appealing designs to send to your affiliates. Once the API linkages have been done, however, everything works well. Completing the API integrations may take some time at times, but the wait is worth it. I believe that those periods will be greatly cut down as Everflow continues to develop and extend the Team. - Mark P.
I enjoy how the dashboard displays, at a glance, all of the performance matrices that are significant to the success of your affiliate program. In addition, I like how simple it is to set up affiliate connections. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with Everflow. It is more about the individuals that work at Everflow, who are, to reiterate, very responsive, courteous, and knowledgable. Everflow's user interface is often regarded as its strongest feature. Since our company undertakes a significant amount of manual setup and optimization, I can declare without reservation that Everflow is straightforward, simple to operate, and trustworthy. Additionally, Everflow has some fantastic reporting capabilities. Not only can you run extensive sophisticated reports with ease, but you can also export the data in a matter of seconds. In conclusion, the dashboard is entirely modifiable, and it gives you the ability to get a summary of the data that is most relevant to you in a very short amount of time. - Christoph J.
Working with Everflow's success team makes everything a snap, which is especially helpful for those who are new to the platform and may find the sheer number of available choices to be intimidating. Everflow may be rather difficult to use for beginning users, particularly since so many of the reports that can be pulled are individualized to the user's specific needs; nonetheless, the Everflow crew is quite helpful in helping your learning inside the program. There have been a few very little things that we have thought were lacking, such as random stuff with creative management. These things are considered extremely trivial. Not very much; there is a little learning curve, but it is mostly self-intuitive once you get the hang of it. The assistance provided by the organization is of high quality, as seen by the presence of seminars and tutorials. Getting a natural click might be challenging at times. Therefore, it is occasionally necessary to contact their support for that, but whenever I do, their help always provides a timely response. - Paul S.
When a problem occurs, I get in touch with assistance, and whenever I do, they respond right away (and they're based in the US). Everflow has made it possible for us to expand our company while enabling us to concentrate on the things that really matter rather than having to be concerned with tracking difficulties and setup concerns. The Everflow team is awesome to deal with, highly user-friendly, and very receptive to feedback and recommendations for how to make the system better. Because it really works, Everflow is unlike any other affiliate network platform available. Everflow is considerably superior than other services like Linktrust, HitPath, Cake, and HasOffers that I've tried, both in terms of its feature set and its stability. Overall, it has been a really positive experience. I couldn't be happier with the pricing and the value you get for the features and the quality. At the most basic level, you provide many more features than HasOffers, and if you are an advertising, you won't find any of these features in HasOffers, which is designed with network affiliates in mind and does not offer any benefits to advertisers. - Kevin S.
Sadly, there is no policy regarding trials. Sign up form for publishers could be made more customizable and provide users more leeway for customisation. It's not a huge deal, however; you can just make your own form and run everything via the API. Sometimes it may be sluggish, the support chat can freeze up at random moments, and impression charges can be rather expensive. Some of the product upgrades that were released did not include any warnings on the causes and effects of the modifications that were made to the offers. When you are initially learning how to use it, navigating it might be extremely challenging because of its unfamiliar layout. I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that the statistics area may be streamlined even more and made simpler to understand. Since we started utilizing it, we have run into a number of problems with the API, and each one of them has occurred at an unpredictable moment. Therefore, there is no rhyme or reason to explain why things went wrong. - Frederic J.
Simple to use and able to arrange offers according to what the user is searching for. The search option is one of the best features. Copying and pasting postbacks couldn't be easier. HasOffers and other CRMs cannot compare to how user-friendly this one is. I enjoy how intuitive and simple the program is to use. The dashboard is simple to use and comes with its own built-in explanations. My favorite feature of the program is that it can determine all of the targeted variables even without the use of any tokens. It's great that you may segment reports using a wide variety of various factors. Customer support that genuinely responds to your inquiries in a timely manner and offers genuine insights, suggestions, and recommendations. When it comes to the Everflow crew, nothing is out of the question. The adaptability as well as the level of detail in the reporting. It is much simpler than with our competitors to get the information you want in order to make informed choices. In addition to operating an affiliate network, our company also manages the company's internal email and SMS traffic. Because of how simple it is to use, this platform offers the finest all-around experience for affiliate networks that have a lot of moving parts and can't afford to be slowed down by intricate systems. - Pat F.
Integrations with the API that take a lot of time. In addition to that, it is not inexpensive; yet, while it is money well spent, this is not Affise. You need to be willing to spend money in order to earn money. When retrieving a report, it would be so much easier if the time frames were auto-populate, but unfortunately, you have to manually pick the dates. It would be useful to have a drop-down menu that included this month, last month, the past two months, the last six months, etc. They have the ability to interact with the user interface. It is not quite as compatible as some of the other platforms now available on the market. I'd like it if there was a bulk option that allowed us to launch many offers concurrently to one or more partners and generate their connections so that we could proceed more quickly. With Everflow, I wish there was a built-in mechanism where we could effectively extract partners who haven't sent traffic in the last 30 days or some kind of reporting that allowed for us to rekindle partners who may have dropped off. Alternatively, I'd settle for some type of reporting that enabled us to reengage partners who may have been inactive. Because I don't really have anything negative to say about Everflow, I'm going to phrase this more as a recommendation than a complaint. - Justin P.
Since I've been in this industry, I've had the opportunity to work in environments where we've even developed our own affiliate tracking software. I've utilized just about every affiliate tracking program that's now available. I am confident in telling you that you will not find a reporting platform that is more user-friendly or has more robust capabilities than Everflow. It is, without a doubt, the greatest one I've used in my experience. As an affiliate network, we relied for many years on our own proprietary affiliate tracking technology... But as the years went by, we came to the conclusion that we need a tracking system that was more robust... Therefore, we have some experiences with other firms; but, when we ran onto Everlfow, we were astounded by the quality of their products and, needless to add, the price tag for this solution... We received all we could have hoped for in terms of monitoring the activities that our affiliates do on our network, and at a fee that is a fraction of what is being asked by other comparable solutions. The greatest part is that despite being a relatively new business, it is becoming better and better with each passing day. - Daniel Z.
It is difficult to remark on this. It depends on what it is that you want to find. It's possible that Everflow is not the best option for you if you're looking for a vast partner network. A better degree of security may be achieved by the strengthening of fraud detection methods, which also protects advertisers from the possibility of fraudulent activity. Also It would be beneficial to accommodate to the varied requirements of various firms and sectors if additional customization choices and flexible features were made available. When there is a lot of traffic, the Everflow website has a slowdown, which is one of the things I dislike about it. And in addition to that, I wouldn't say that I appreciate their price models; there are only two of them, and the least one costs $750 per month. Anyone who is interested in getting into this industry will find that it is too costly to do so. A few of years ago, the chat assistance was always available immediately. Because of their fast expansion, getting a response might take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes these days. - Tim H.

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Everflow Pros&Cons


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Customization Options
  • Responsive Support


  • Learning Curve
  • Feature Complexity
  • Cost

Everflow Final Conclusions

Everflow is regarded as a competitive competitor in performance marketing because of its user-friendly interface, extensive analytics, and successful fraud protection. Customers laud its timely service and the variety of customization possibilities it offers. Users are generally happy with the product even though there is a learning curve.

Everflow enables organizations by providing a platform that is both dynamic and simple to use, therefore supporting data-driven marketing strategies and profitable collaborations.

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