TrackDrive Review: Pricing, Features & More

You may set up contact center agents to manage your incoming and outgoing conversations with customers directly from inside TrackDrive using TrackDrive. Consumers may be interviewed, purchasers can be sent to consumers, calls can be muted, held, or disposed of, and more. Track traffic sources, URL keywords, and custom tokens automatically using the trackdrive-php tool. Display a phone number automatically.
TrackDrive Review: Pricing, Features & More

TrackDrive overview

Conversations with your leads, both incoming and outgoing, may be powered by Trackdrive. You can communicate via things like phone calls, text messages, emails, integrations, and plenty of other things. Strong call analytics may give insight into conversions originating from both online and offline sources. Track the percentage of online and offline marketing initiatives that result in phone calls. Monitor the origins of traffic, the keywords in URLs, and the custom tokens.

Convert the recorded conversations you've had with customers into well-organized text that provides insights that may be used to improve customer interactions and enhance decision-making. Contact should be automatically scheduled with leads. Sending text messages, sending emails, and making outbound calls are all effective ways to convert leads into phone calls. All incoming and outgoing customer conversations may be managed inside TrackDrive by configuring Call Center Agents.

TrackDrive is compatible with a wide variety of systems developed by other companies. Connect your account to other services, such as Zoho CRM, Amazon S3, Cake, Google Adwords, HasOffers, and Infusionsoft. SMS AI Bots are very powerful and will automatically engage people. Immediately react to consumers' inquiries, process their form fill-outs by SMS, and directly contact interested clients.

What TrackDrive has to say about itself

You can access thousands of local and toll-free numbers with TrackDrive, accessible in practically any area code. You may pick the number you want. Is there a need for toll-free phone numbers in your marketing campaign? You can acquire 888, 877, 855, 844, and 866 numbers from us. We have got you covered. Instantly capture leads from forms and let TrackDrive handle scheduling contact by email, text message, and outbound phone calls.

The Application Programming Interface (API) of TrackDrive makes the whole of the TrackDrive infrastructure accessible via a standardized programming interface. You may do almost anything on using the client dashboard using TrackDrive's application programming interface (API). The TrackDrive API is a RESTful API that responds to HTTPS queries with JSON data. If you have an account with TrackDrive, you may get your API key from the "Profile" page by scrolling down to the bottom.

Sending thousands of text messages to lists of Caller IDs may be done using SMS Blasts. The real-time advertising optimizer that is offered by TrackDrive indicates which advertising campaigns, websites, and keywords are responsible for the biggest amount of calls to your offer. The amount of impressions that are sought, as well as the number of calls that are received for every combination of keywords, is shown by its optimizer.

TrackDrive was created with one goal in mind, and that goal is to make your life simpler by streamlining the procedures that end users go through. Although every single one of its clients is unique and has a distinct set of objectives for its campaigns, there is one thing in common that all of its customers have in common, and that is the constant desire to enhance their day-to-day workflow. TrackDrive is an extremely strong call analytics and web-lead to inbound call automation solution.

Users can update up to 250 records simultaneously with TrackDrive's Bulk Update Feature. This feature may be used to change anything on TrackDrive. Say farewell to jobs that are repetitive and time-consuming, and welcome optimization into your life!

TrackDrive Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesTrackDrive is a performance marketing and call monitoring platform that provides a range of services to organizations to assist them in measuring phone call conversions and maximizing their marketing efforts.
FeaturesCall Tracking, Lead to Call Automation, Hold Queue & Caller Callback, Multiple Phone Providers, Dynamic Number Insertion, Real-Time Bidding, Advertising Optimizer, Bulk SMS, Comprehensive REST API
CertificationsSOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001,

TrackDrive price policy

TrackDrive provides pricing that may be adjusted to meet the demands of individual businesses. In general, the expenses are determined by various criteria like the call volume, features, and needs for customization. In most cases, businesses choose one of many plans suited to their particular needs and can accommodate their size. It is usual practice to provide firms with custom estimates, which ensures that the businesses only pay for the features and services that they use. It is recommended that you get in touch with TrackDrive directly via their official website to get accurate, up-to-date price information and to negotiate a plan that successfully caters to the requirements of your firm as well as its budget.
PackagesMonthly Commit: $50 (Leads Per Day - 100 thousand), $250 (Leads Per Day - 200 thousand), $1000 (Leads Per Day - 500 thousand), $4000 (Leads Per Day - 1 million), $8000 (Leads Per Day - 2 million).
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), electronic funds transfer, and sometimes digital payment platforms.
Payment discountsThe kind of services, contract length, and special promotions offered at certain times are some examples of the variables that affect discounts and promotional offers. Getting TrackDrive directly via their official website or their sales or customer service team for accurate and up-to-date information about any discounts or special deals offered by the company. If any savings are available, they can provide you with the most up-to-date and detailed information according to your particular business's requirements.

TrackDrive online reputation

TrackDrive is lauded for its powerful capabilities in call monitoring, real-time statistics, and lead management. Users like its user-friendly layout as well as the thorough reporting it offers. Some people have mentioned a steep learning curve and wished for further integrations. TrackDrive is a solution that helps organizations improve their lead-generation tactics and marketing efforts.
TrackDrive has significantly simplified tracking. It has assisted me in making intelligent use of my budget for advertising. It comes very highly recommended from me. Outstanding Customer Service and Support! User-Friendly Interface with Outstanding Reporting Capabilities. I could not be happier with this piece of software. Very reasonable in price and simple to use. Regarding TrackDrive, there is little further to discuss at this point. It is the ideal solution for companies who want to start optimizing their return on investment (ROI) and get more quantitative data on the effectiveness of their sales and marketing initiatives. Excellent assistance for customers and a crew that is quick to respond. TrackDrive is a perfect tool for monitoring incoming phone calls to your business. They are strongly suggested as an option. - Peter B.
The least frequent occurrence is when it delays and we can't place calls. Furthermore, there are occasions when the connection is incorrect, forcing us to repeat the same conversation many times. The issue that triggers an automatic phone call each time I use my ATS and press the enter key. There are times when a little delay occurs. Furthermore, you may not always be able to quickly find out who is contacting you back when you get a callback. However, these are extremely little problems that will undoubtedly be fixed soon. Sometimes, when customers call me back on my TrackDrive number, I get a notification stating that the call was placed, but I don't really receive the call. Eliminating the option to filter calls according on whether or not they were answered was a mistake. If we could separate out the calls that have already been answered, that would be useful. Though there are currently some areas where we have to manually enter the information, we anticipate that TrackDrive will provide further useful features in the future.If we could check up the names of candidates whose calls we missed, it would be useful to know who we are speaking with even before we got calls. - Simon L.
It records all calls, which means that if necessary, we can listen to any old data recordings as well, and it is beneficial in maintaining a record of all candidate contact numbers as well. These are the two features that are most likely to be found in TrackDrive. My experience with TrackDrive as a whole has been incredibly positive since it assists me in maintaining records of all of my prospects and also because it is quite beneficial for the purposes of the future. Call recording and any kind of database system is something that I think would be highly beneficial. The recording function is excellent, TrackDrive is simple to use, and a user has access to all of the information stored in TrackDrive. It is the greatest software for effectively managing and communicating with all of your consumers at once. It is quite simple to place calls and thus simplifies a process that would normally be laborious. It would be helpful if there was an option to add comments to calls in addition to the status and the purpose of the call. You only need to look at the list of calls that were made to see whether or not any of them required any further action on your part. You may also review the call records in case you forget anything vital during the conversation. They also provide you with a virtual number so that other people will not have access to your personal contact information. - Jacob T.
There are several instances in which the calls are not documented appropriately, and these instances occur rather often. In addition, there are a great number of times when we are unable to make a phone call. There is always a chance that there may be an issue with the connection to the network, but be assured that it will be fixed as soon as possible. There is a lot of background noise, and the phone keeps disconnecting in the midst of the chats. If a candidate phones you and you miss his or her calls, then it is difficult to identify which candidate has contacted you; in this circumstance, his or her number should be presented on the screen along with his number. If you miss a candidate's call, then it is difficult to distinguish which candidate has phoned you. If a candidate phones you and you miss their calls, it will be difficult to determine which candidate has phoned you since you will have missed their calls. The call gets cut off, the quality of the voice periodically drops, and the phone will hang up on you in the middle of a conversation on occasion. There have been a few snags here and there, but these are things that may be smoothed out in the not too distant future. The software functions well; however, it would be beneficial if the issue with the call records, in which they are sometimes not collected, could be resolved. This causes the records to be missing in certain cases. - Nelson G.
There is no need for me to provide a customer my personal phone number. Since the transcripts of all of the interactions that have taken place with the customer are stored on the platform, I can always refer to them if I can't recall the most recent one. Recording phone calls is an extremely helpful tool for maintaining a record of one's contact with a customer. It is preferable, from a privacy standpoint, if we are not required to provide a customer our personal telephone number. Because everything we say to the candidates in TrackDrive is automatically recorded, we do not need to recall every specific thing that we discuss with them because we can review it anytime we wish to contact them again. TrackDrive is now an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Because it is so simple to use and simple to retain any information, we have gotten accustomed to using TrackDrive. Recording calls is something that may be done at any time with the TrackDrive feature. We may return to the analysis of the data base to get any further information. - Eddien L.
This program was known to sometimes have a minor issue in the past. The call often got stopped in the past, so there was a strong risk it wouldn't go through properly. The Dashboard and Reports could need greater precision. At this moment, calls made to Jio numbers are not handled by TrackDrive. Repeated complaints on the same problem. Applicants are unable to send any form of communication other than those sent via WhatsApp as there is no message sending option accessible. The landline confuses many, leading them to believe it is spam. It is necessary for us to record the calls that have been returned. There ought to be no trouble getting to it already. It is hard to keep an eye on candidates during runtime since a callback lacks a name feature. If someone calls again on the same number, your phone will announce TrackDrive's number instead of the caller's identity. Instead, the name of the individual we would have saved previously in the chat appears as a cover on the program. - Zach S.
The call recorder as well as the call tracker. I have been use TrackDrive, and I really like these two capabilities. Additionally, with TrackDrive, you are able to see who is phoning you back. In addition, I am able to keep track of the number of calls that I have made. TrackDrive is something that I use on a daily basis, and I find that it is of great assistance to me. It is really simple to use, and everyone can comprehend it. Even after a few months have passed, it is not difficult to access any of the material that has been submitted. Building relationships with other individuals is beneficial. There are a lot of features, all of which are beneficial to the consumers. It is an excellent product in general, since calls are readily linked, we can listen to calls that we made as well as calls made by other people, and we can also listen to calls made by other people. The quality of the call recording is so high that we won't need to contact the candidate again, even if we end up forgetting an essential piece of information they provided; instead, we'll be able to simply listen to the recording of the conversation and get the information we need. - Rabin F.
The user experience as well as any errors. issues pertaining to the server in between. The inability to see a history of the calls we have made to other individuals will be one of the drawbacks. (Have been having this issue for a while now). The contact logs cannot be seen via the mobile app. I had to take an excel report in order to view the length of my call; as a user, I was unable to do so inside the program itself. It would be great if there was a feature that made mass contact copying and pasting easy. The calendar time must be entered on a regular basis in order to get the daily report. The recordings from the last ten days will be visible after the report has been updated. It takes a little while longer to upload the profiles and start the call. It also takes a little longer to load the title of the open job. That may include filters for calls that connected, calls that were answered, and calls that were not answered. If the administrator's choice about Call Reason & Outcome had been based on user needs, it would have been significantly more advantageous. Sometimes it just locks me out completely, and I can't get the verification code on any of my emails, however the customer service is excellent. - Jeff B.
Calls may be monitored and recorded for use in our company's operations, which is of utmost importance. The call recording and call tracking metrics are pretty helpful since they allow us to keep track of discussions and enable us to concentrate more on our KPI. Consequently, these metrics are highly beneficial. So far, my experience with TrackDrive has been positive and educational, and I would not hesitate to suggest that other people try it out for themselves. The auto dial function is the most important and useful tool that assists with time management. Product is simple to use, and we are pleased with the service and quality, as well as how quickly our questions are answered and the help we get. The portion where you make calls and record them. The program is simple to understand and straightforward in its use. It is beneficial to be able to communicate with individuals in an easy and simple manner, and it is handy to make calls using the app. The capability to record the discussion enables me to review it later and hear any pertinent information that I may have missed at the time. - Carmen W.
It is often hard to differentiate between the numbers, and there are problems with the network. When an attempt is made to call, the call is often dropped. It is possible that another attempt will be required at times. When you are on a call back, you are unable to see the identity information of the person who is calling you. Individual dashboards for tracking the amount of time spent on daily calls are not currently accessible. One of the parts of TrackDrive that I find to be the most vexing is the fact that the data on the reports dashboard does not accurately reflect the current time in real time. I find this to be one of the most irritating aspects of the software. Nevertheless, the majority of the time, this problem may be fixed in less than five minutes. It will sometimes notify you that it is unable to begin the call. It may be challenging for us to add anything that is particularly specific and relevant to our business, especially if we want to include it. There is a special category of contracts that is, for the most part, designated for SaaS-based firms. The limitations of the mobile app make it the least helpful of the three, but it also seems to have less features and to be less welcoming to users than the desktop version. As a result, I think that the frequency of use that is recommended for the application may benefit from a little bit of an increase. - Wilton D.

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TrackDrive Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Call Tracking
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Lead Management Tools


  • Limited Integrations
  • Pricing Complexity
  • Customer Support

TrackDrive Final Conclusions

TrackDrive is praised for its powerful call tracking, real-time analytics, and lead management solutions by some satisfied customers. Users enjoy how user-friendly the design is, as well as how configurable the reporting is. But there is a steep learning curve, and there are just a few integrations available. Complicated pricing structures need thoughtful deliberation.

Even though customer service is, on the whole, satisfactory, there are sometimes unpleasant exceptions. The company must spend time learning TrackDrive's capabilities and evaluating price structures to ensure they align with particular company needs. Overall, TrackDrive enables organizations to improve marketing tactics, efficiently create leads, and make data-driven choices.

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