WebFX Review: Pricing, Features & More

Are you looking to give your digital strategy a boost? WebFX provides its customers with a broad variety of digital marketing services that, when combined, help to attract, delight, and convert potential customers into paying customers. When you add WebFX's tech-powered suite of tools to the mix, your campaign becomes unconquerable.
WebFX Review: Pricing, Features & More

WebFX overview

If you make WebFX your digital marketing firm, you may catapult your company to new heights by using its digital marketing services, which have won several awards, as well as its technological platform. Its crew has extensive competence in every aspect of the digital space.

You need a comprehensive look at how to configure event monitoring for a complicated lead process, don't you? Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel by using automation? You're in good hands with WebFX. Because each client is assigned a personal account manager, they have a single point of contact who can drive campaign outcomes by interacting with more than 500 subject-matter experts.

You are losing out on important site visits, potential customers, and cash if your site does not have continuous traffic. The good news is that customized SEO solutions may help you get back on track by increasing your visibility in the results of search engines. As a consequence, more people will be able to locate and visit your website. Are you sick of squandering money on pointless advertising campaigns? The paid advertising specialists at WebFX can assist you with streamlining your bidding strategy and refining your ad targeting to ensure that your advertisements have the greatest possible effect.

What WebFX has to say about itself

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that has provided customers with various digital marketing solutions to assist them in increasing the income that their companies generate. They develop business plans for organizations ranging in size from medium to big all around the world, and they now boast a workforce of over 400 professionals.

By forming a partnership with WebFX, the digital marketing company with the greatest experience and credibility, you may leapfrog your rivals and immediately begin to increase the number of leads, sales, and revenues you generate. Are you having trouble filling your pipeline with quality leads? You may crank up the number of leads you generate with digital marketing solutions that are customized to your objectives and spending limits.

Don't allow any potential leads to get lost in the shuffle. Bring together your sales and marketing operations with Nutshell and MarketingCloudFX, which will offer you end-to-end reporting and analysis of the data you collect. Are you dissatisfied with the volume of leads and sales? Through the use of tailored revenue marketing, you will be able to pull in and convert a greater number of SQLs and see your revenues skyrocket.

WebFX is aware that digital campaign management and optimization require a significant amount of effort. You'll save time and money thanks to the company's all-inclusive, "do-it-for-me" services, allowing you to concentrate on what you're good at most: operating your company. Customers are wowed by an outstanding level of customer care and impressed by the powerful results produced by the industry's premier digital marketing firm.

Because of the winning combination of professional digital marketers and insights from its technology platform, MarketingCloudFX, WebFX customers can obtain actual results from their marketing efforts. Using applications such as IBM Watson and Google Cloud Platform, WebFX has developed a bespoke software platform to assist customers in making more informed choices about their marketing strategies. Obtain real-time research on how well your website is functioning, what the state of your pipeline is, what your rivals are doing, and what possibilities are there in your sector of the market.

WebFX Review

Year Started1995
Company Websitewebfx.com
Service Areasmore than 100 countries
Service TypesWebFX provides a variety of digital marketing services to help businesses increase their online presence and reach their target audience
FeaturesSEO, web design, ecommerce, website conversion, and other digital marketing services, with the goal of driving traffic, converting visitors and measuring effectiveness of marketing efforts.
CertificationsGPPartner, CL, BAAP, FMP, DMACMP, IIMA, ISO 9001

WebFX price policy

In most cases, it is best to verify with the sales department about WebFX's services. The price varies depending on the intricacy of the project as well as the particular services that are required. The price plan that they use consists of both a one-time setup charge and recurring monthly costs. Nevertheless, they do provide individualized price choices for customers who have bigger or more complicated tasks. When compared to the prices offered by other web design and digital marketing businesses, their overall prices for their services are more reasonable.
PackagesMarketing services cost: BASIC PLAN - $300/month; MARKET LEADER PLAN - $600/month; ENTERPRISE PLAN - $1,200/month. Social Media Services Pricing: BRONZE - $3,000/month; SILVER - $4,200/month; SILVER - $4,200/month. SEO prices and plans: SILVER PLAN - $2,500/month; GOLD PLAN - $5,000/month; DIAMOND PLAN - $8,000/month.
Payment optionsCredit or Debit Card, PayPal, Checks, Bank Wire Transfer, EFT
Payment discountsIt is in your best interest to get in touch with WebFX on an individual basis to confirm whether discounts are available for the particular service or package in which you are interested.

WebFX online reputation

Customers have a variety of opinions on WebFX. Great outcomes and friendly, helpful service are often mentioned in positive feedback. The exorbitant costs and pushy sales practices are often mentioned in critical feedback. In general, the firm seems to have a good reputation, as seen by the positive feedback from its patrons; nonetheless, prospective clients should do independent research and pricing comparisons before making a purchase.
The website went through a significant transformation to provide an experience that is more aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to use. WebFX placed a high priority on mobile responsiveness, which ensures a consistent and enjoyable surfing experience across devices of various sizes. Once we begin to see clicks on our advertisements, our objective is to increase the participation of our customers. WebFX is the one that takes the effort to offer guidance, produce thoughts, and suggest alternate testing methods. We believe that an increase in sales will follow a growth in involvement as well as awareness of the brand. WebFX is a fantastic platform on which to build your expertise and get new information. It has a trustworthy personnel, has a pleasant setting, and has a helpful team. They are prompt in their responses to queries and in carrying out the required actions. The way in which our account manager joined our team was quite helpful since he recognized the issues that required immediate attention. She acts as the single point of contact for all SEO projects and handles them. She presented an outline of the issues that WebFX will address each month and offered frequent updates on her work as well as a summary of the issues. The team that is responsible for revamping the website is an invaluable resource. - Kevin C.
They fell short with the copy writing for some of the longer form articles they produced. When it came to writing an entire long blog post about industry specific content, it just didn't come out well and was too basic. The copy that they wrote for specific SEO pages was great, and all of the additional edits and enhancements that they have recommended on top of our existing content are very useful. However, when it came to writing a blog post, they wrote great copy for specific SEO pages. This may not be a problem for other people, depending on the kinds of material they want, but it just did not work for us. When we began working with WebpageFX for the first time, we were told that immediate results were required from us. It took a little bit of time...somewhere during the first six to nine months of working with them, it all began to come together. Maybe we were a little caught up in the enthusiasm, but it took a little bit of time. - Alyssa R.
I really like every aspect of working with WebFX. Due to the fact that we have been working with them for some time now, we have seen what they are capable of doing for a company that is searching for a partner for the long haul. Because we operate with industrial franchisees all over the country, our campaign is rather extensive. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of team members, and we even have a good working relationship with the company's founders. The fact that this organization places a strong emphasis on performance was the selling point for me originally. They had a lot of evidence that they could provide outcomes based on the experiences of previous customers, whom they kindly allowed me talk to before I signed up with them after going through a rigorous RFP process, and they have not failed me so far. To this day, and five years down the road, each year our digital efforts are creating such a good ROI that we are continually transferring our money from other media. This is due to the fact that our efforts are bringing more traffic to our website. They are always one step ahead of us presenting new ideas and adjusting to new market hurdles, which all the while keeps us expanding and moving forward. We are always throwing new curveballs and problems at them, and they are always one step ahead of us. WebFX, you've done an excellent job! - Jill G.
Early on, we found that some of the articles needed to be revised, which necessitated the creation of a new content strategy guide. This guide assisted us in the production of long-form pieces of a high quality. In all honesty, there is no lowest point here. We looked at local digital marketing businesses, but most of them could only muster between three and five five-star reviews on Google. We have double that amount coming from organic sources. I don't see how I could ever work for a firm like that. I looked up WebFX on Google, and before getting in touch with them, I went through almost every page of their website. The only thing that could make this situation even more ideal would be if WebFx were seated at the desk directly in front of me, so that I could constantly consult them and pick their brains. - Danielle W.
I really like how open and honest WebFX is about all of the work that they perform. They are trustworthy and do an excellent job of clearly outlining what to anticipate. Furthermore, they have continued to give helpful advice and assistance, in addition to amazing reporting that assists us in telling our narrative internally. Working with WebFX is a joy for our team. In addition to always providing a speedy and intelligent response to every query we throw at her, our internet marketer has come to truly understand about us and the issues we face. She is always coming up with ideas and suggestions for us, and she is also continuously coming up with ideas and recommendations for us. She goes above and above to communicate in an efficient manner while also providing us with excellent individualized reports. I also really appreciate that throughout this whole process, our primary point of contact has been the same person, which has been a huge help in maintaining consistency. She obviously receives a lot of help from her team, which is comprised of other astute marketers, but we work with one individual who is reliable and is familiar with us. - Veronica M.
They keep track of the projects totally using a program called Basecamp for project management, which was amazing for me, but some of our older stakeholders in the school system weren't as sophisticated when it came to utilizing this software, so they would resort to email instead. Our account manager does an excellent job of maintaining all of that organization and keeping a record of any interactions that take place outside of the program so that there is always a record of what was said. Due to the fact that our company model is somewhat unique, it may be challenging to report on return on investment for marketing; however, the specific monthly data that is developed by their team provides us with a much better view of how well our campaign is going. There is always space for improvement when it comes to a procedure, but this is a significant departure from the reports that we were getting from our previous agency. - Matt R.
Since I started working with it, WebFX has been around for about ten years. Because of their high level of professionalism, integrity, and general experience, we have continued to work with them for such a long period of time. They still go out of their way to make each and every client feel like they are important and cherished despite the significant expansion and rise in popularity that they have had over the previous decade. We regard the dedicated representatives that are allocated to us for project management, digital marketing, and social media to be an extension of both the Marketing and E-Business teams that are housed inside our company. Even though our product is quite technical, not very glamorous, and difficult to make interesting, our representative has done an excellent job of understanding both our brand and our product. We have had experience writing content in-house, so we are aware of how challenging it can be to produce content that is both readable and coherent. They have also done an excellent job of doing all of the background SEO inside the website, which was something that we were not aware was required. - Denise E.
When we were developing our new website, we didn't receive as much support with web design as we would have wanted from WebFX; nevertheless, they are excellent at providing content. Because we created the website by using a Wordpress template, it does not have the same bespoke appearance that we had hoped for. Because of the potential complexity of our goods and services, the guidance that our copywriters provide for blogs or other material may sometimes be somewhat incorrect. It is nonetheless reasonable since we do not anticipate them to be knowledgeable specialists in the field. The makeover of our website proved to be far more challenging than I had anticipated it would be. The completion of the job took three weeks longer than anticipated, and I am solely to blame for the delay. I was under the impression that the website would be straightforward, however I was wrong. - Kristen H.
I really appreciate the genuine collaboration that we have with WebFX. I get the impression that they have a deep comprehension of our company and our objectives, and they assist us in achieving and even surpassing those objectives by providing consistent reports, astute advice, assistance in the creation of our online strategy, as well as outstanding communication and availability. They are a true and reliable partner to our team, and I personally consider them to be the most valuable vendor! Since we began working with WebFX more than two years ago, our faith in their capabilities as a company as well as the outstanding outcomes we've been able to accomplish with their assistance has only increased. Because to the hard work and advice of WebFX, our website has developed into a highly effective instrument for generating leads. They are a reliable and trustworthy business partner for our company, in addition to being a joy to collaborate with. The crew is always available to answer my queries, regardless of how long or short they are or where they fall on the spectrum between the two, and they do it with a level of enthusiasm and courtesy that is unrivaled in this sector. They do what is required of them, but more importantly, they do it at an experienced level that instills trust in our often suspicious crew. - Joshua S.
The one and only drawback is having to get familiar with the terminology. But despite the fact that I had to pick up a few new skills here and there, my Representative was able to clarify a great deal of information for me in words that were easy to understand. Although I am not particularly informed on many elements of Web Development and Design, our Representative has helped us learn the main portions of the process while they worry about the little details that aren't as critical. As I was seeking for a local business, I first saw this as a strike against it. Despite this, they had a large number of case studies and offered such positive feedback that I decided to use them. Although this wasn't necessarily a negative, it did occur at the time that I was searching for an agency. It comes at a hefty price! However, in comparison to its competitors, it offers a very good value. There are other services that we would want to provide, but we are not currently in a position to include the cost of doing so in our budget.

WebFX Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@WebFX11400 Subscribers
Reddit users have provided good comments and opinions about WebFX. They laud the effective services and remarkable outcomes that they provide. Some people like how affordable they are, while others praise how nice and competent their personnel is. Users also highlight their excellent communication and teamwork abilities, both of which make the process go well overall. After working with WebFX, several businesses have reported seeing a large boost in the number of leads as well as visitors to their websites. On the other hand, there are a few complaints online about how expensive their pricing is and how forceful their sales practices are.

WebFX average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
trustradius.comno reviewno review
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WebFX Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive digital marketing service
  • Customized strategies
  • Experienced team


  • High pricing
  • Limited specialty services
  • Limited communication channels

WebFX Final Conclusions

Because of the range and depth of the services it provides, as well as the significance it focuses on the overall pleasure of its clients, WebFX has built up a substantial clientele throughout the course of its existence. Because of this, the company has been able to secure the business of a significant number of clients. Customers are pleased with the low rates, the kind and attentive care they get, and the excellent quality of the services they purchase as a whole.

On the other hand, a number of customers have an opinion about the expensive cost of services. This is something that has been brought up by a few different clients. In spite of these challenges, WebFX is unwavering in its commitment to fulfilling the requirements of its clients while simultaneously raising the bar for the quality of its services.

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