EngageBay Review: Pricing, Features & More

Utilizing the marketing tools provided by EngageBay, you may get the attention of your target demographic on your website. EngageBay allows you to manage your brand and provide interesting material on social media all without leaving the platform. Place advertisements on social media networks to reach your targeted clientele. Build landing pages that are so compelling that strangers become interested leads.
EngageBay Review: Pricing, Features & More

EngageBay overview

The all-in-one customer relationship management software offered by EngageBay is the most complete option for your company. Put an end to forking over tens of thousands of dollars to dozens of different sales, marketing, and support software packages. Feel the power of the most inexpensive and unified software in the world. One platform for all of your different departments, including marketing, sales, and support. You may save an endless number of contacts and strengthen your interactions with customers if you keep track of all of their information in a single location. You may save time by automating the procedures involved in your marketing and providing targeted messages to the people you're trying to reach.

Get to the bottom of your client's questions and concerns as quickly as possible and provide outstanding service. Offer immediate assistance to your consumers whenever they have a question or concern to raise their level of satisfaction and drive more conversions. Your marketing team will be able to take things to the next level by using the full range of Marketing tools provided by EngageBay. These products include Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Email Template Builder, Landing Page Builder, Lead Generation tools, Social Suite, and more.

The free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that EngageBay provides includes comprehensive CRM features such as targeted marketing, workflow automation, a visible deals pipeline, automated data input, and more.

What EngageBay has to say about itself

When you utilize the integrated EngageBay CRM platform, you may eliminate misunderstandings in communication and misalignment that occur between your Sales and Marketing departments. Transfer the leads from the marketing department to the sales department without any problems. There will be no more complicated handovers or stats to confuse you. When their priorities are matched, the Sales and Marketing teams can seamlessly function as a single unit and gain consumers at an unprecedented rate. Free small business customer relationship management software from EngageBay that includes marketing automation helps improve alignment between the marketing and sales teams, simplifies all operations, and boosts revenue development. Cooperate to get the finest outcomes!

Software that automates marketing and sales operations, as well as customer care workflows, lead creation, and lead nurturing is referred to as marketing automation software. Free marketing automation tools covering the widest variety of uses. Work that is tedious, repetitive, and monotonous may be automated using software like it, which is what marketing automation does. This comprises the creation of marketing campaigns and the publication of those campaigns through a variety of platforms, as well as the analysis of outcomes and other activities.

Aligning your marketing, sales, and support teams with one another and letting marketing automation technologies like EngageBay handle the bulk of the work will result in optimum efficiency, growth, and the highest return on investment (ROI) from your marketing automation software.

Utilize the integrated marketing, sales, and service platforms provided by EngageBay, as well as the free CRM platform, to simplify all of your operations and build up automation rules utilizing our comprehensive marketing automation platform. Improve the effectiveness of the whole operation and speed up development!

EngageBay Review

Year Started2017
Company Websiteengagebay.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesEngageBay provides a variety of services that help businesses with their marketing, sales, and customer service needs.
FeaturesMarketing Automation; Email Marketing; Email Sequences; Landing Pages; Web Forms; 360 Degree Customer View; Appointment Scheduling Software; Contact Management Software; Sales CRM; CRM Database; Macros; SLA; Views; Tickets
CertificationsISO/IEC 27001:2013, PS, GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, TRUSTe

EngageBay price policy

For businesses, EngageBay offers a variety of services including marketing, customer service, and sales. Depending on the specific needs and preferences of the business that is getting these services, the cost to that business may vary. EngageBay offers a range of pricing plans, with the cheapest starting at $14.99/mo., per user. Get some answers and information by calling the helpline. One may also try out the services risk-free for a limited time with a demo account. In comparison to other platforms that provide similar functions and may be of use to businesses of varied sizes, EngageBay's pricing is reasonable.
PackagesBASIC - $14.99 per user/month; GROWTH - $49.99 per user/month; PRO - $99.99 per user/month
Payment optionsCredit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, bank transfer.
Payment discountsLarger enterprises may take advantage of EngageBay's reduced pricing for yearly memberships and the company's flexible plan options.

EngageBay online reputation

All things considered, EngageBay has garnered mostly good comments from its users; its most notable attributes are its user-friendly interface, integrated functionality, and attentive support staff. Customers' complaints about cost and a few small technological glitches notwithstanding, EngageBay is generally regarded as a dependable and efficient platform for companies trying to optimize their marketing and sales processes.
Because I am familiar with its operation, my system is fantastic. Engagebay is an advanced piece of software. It will be of little use to you if you do not know how to make use of it. It is the same as having access to a jet fighter but being unable to operate it properly. Because I am familiar with how to operate the vehicle, I am able to guide it to a successful outcome. It offers a large number of functions that may be used, and every time I check it out, it becomes better. When I first saw it five years ago, I thought that it had a lot of untapped potential. Now I am certain that it will continue to expand. Extremely satisfied with the product on all fronts, including its cost, its general customer support, and its features. It did take some getting accustomed to, but that is to be expected with any new product. However, it is jam-packed with features and capabilities, the majority of which we haven't even begun to delve into yet, such as an integrated helpdesk suite. At the present, the only things that we use it for are contact management, automated email marketing, and sales, as well as certain CRM functions. - Daniel A.
I felt everything was in order and continued on with my webinar after I had set up a "Sequence" that would send out three emails before the event. Simply to discover, when returning on the day of the webinar, that nothing had been delivered and that each contact had been forcefully bounced. Absolutely, each and every one of them. In addition to this, I was unable to distribute any email blasts to the contacts. Therefore, the majority of what I was left with after my webinar was leads that I wasn't even able to utilize if EngageBay had its way. What is the answer offered by the support team? You will need to "verify the contacts" by purchasing credits before you will be allowed to utilize them. So in addition to wasting my time and preventing the delivery of emails, and rendering all of my contacts ineffective, they want me to pay for something for it to really work?? Absolutely revolting and reprehensible methods of doing business! They then inform me that the problem is not on their end and argue that every contact has an incorrect email address. They say this despite the fact that they themselves have not experienced the issue. I had no trouble sending the emails using a different provider that was quite comparable. Only four of the contacts were returned as undeliverable. EngageBay has caused me to lose a significant amount of money with this. Stay away from it at all costs! - Elmira A.
One of the finest customer care replies I've had, with chat facilities to get problems handled in a short amount of time, accessibility to the staff, and unrestricted tagging, all of which are essential to the manner in which we do business. It is incredibly feature rich, has very few limits, and one of the greatest customer service responses I've ever had. One is required to make advantage of the whole of the offered suite. We have not yet used all of the capabilities, and I am excited to employ and put into practice all of the options that are available to us as a product. My expectations have been well surpassed by EngageBay. With the help of this software, I am finally getting my company off the ground. I had a great experience with my salesman, and everything he said turned out to be accurate—a first for me. The individuals working in Customer Service are wonderful; they are available at all times and have been of tremendous assistance to me. The pricing was much lower compared to that of the competitors, and if you get the All-in-One setup, they would not charge you additional fees for other modules since they include them all in one package. I have nothing but praise for EbgageBay and everything that they have accomplished. - Shawn L.
I didn't like for the contacts section of the program, and I believe the primary reason for this is because I don't have any contacts on my phone or computer, so I didn't have much opportunity to utilize this component. I wish I could personalize the homepage of my website so that it displays just the information that is most relevant to me. There is a possibility that this is offered; however, I was unable to locate it. More customizable choices for the user experience interface and sales reports would be very appreciated. Altering the backdrop colors, including your company's logo, and pulling reports from a variety of fields are some examples. (For instance, a report on the client hit rate, etc.). There is room for development in the designs of landing pages and forms to accommodate a more contemporary aesthetic. There are not a lot of field possibilities available in forms. EngageBay need to concentrate on developing its own in-house integration and make that integration available at no additional cost to customers that subscribe to EngageBay.Alternately, they could provide Zapier and the other connectors that are necessary for any digital advertiser to use at no cost. - Mike D.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the customer service and all the assistance I am given is what I appreciate the most. I am not an IT guru, thus I am not very knowledgeable about things like connecting applications, creating SMS, automating processes, or setting up my requirements. The customer service has been outstanding, and to tell you the truth, it is head and shoulders beyond any other company I have dealt with in this industry. When it comes to assistance, I've discovered that most businesses are just interested in talking the talk, but EngageBay has been there for me every step of the way, both online through chat and over the phone when I need more assistance.The program has a wide variety of useful features; I am now using the "All in One" edition, and it fulfills all of my requirements at a cost that is one-half that of its rivals. It boggles my mind how many options there are and how much I am able to do.I believe that this program will also become quite beneficial when our firm expands. It is more than what we need right now, but it won't be next year, and for the price, it would be ridiculous to go anywhere else. - James D.
Yet, they are always glad and ready to assist, and the training manuals might be improved; yet, some of my questions are generic and could have been answered in a handbook or video. Initially, there is a learning curve only to comprehend how it operates differently from other systems. However, this is not necessarily a drawback of EngageBay since there is a learning curve for every new platform because each one has its own unique subtleties. Consequently, this is not necessarily a negative of EngageBay. Instead of being linked to specific email campaigns, it would be preferable if a more robust and all-encompassing mechanism for scoring contacts could be put into place. Another fantastic addition that could be made to the score system would be the addition of a "Clicked a link containing" option. I just want to be able to alter the user view so that I may have a one-time fast look, and I'd also want to be able to connect Skype. - Mike S.
I like how simple the site is to use as well as how quickly questions are answered. For instance, in the deals view, you have the option of including the logo of your clients as well as any other information that you see necessary. This is quite helpful in order to get an overall picture of your company in a short amount of time. Additionally, CSV reports may be generated from each individual account. The customer service provided over the internet is kind, quick, and effective. For our company, the administration of sales and transactions is handled using the CRM module. We utilize it on a daily basis; it serves as our tool for keeping track of offers, sales, opportunities to win or lose, contact information, and so on. The EngageBay platform gives us an overview of our company's growth and assists us in classifying our business's top priorities, as well as tracking our objectives, tasks, and other endeavors. It comes with my highest recommendation for companies of any size. In general, EngageBay CRM is a really helpful tool that enables me to maintain my organization, remain focused and productive, and also assists me in accomplishing my objectives. - Martin R.
You are only able to monitor your profiles at this time, but technical support has convinced me that the ability to program posts to social media is on their road map and will be implemented in the near future. It's possible that the price model has to be enhanced by integrating web analytics per user in the basic edition and providing a monthly block of emails with "no branded" in the subject line. There is a possibility that EngageBay might not provide all of the more complex functionality that are available on other, more comprehensive platforms. In spite of its user-friendliness, advanced automation sometimes needs a certain amount of training before it can be used effectively. Reporting and analytics: it's possible that the reporting options aren't as thorough as those found in some other specialist analytics programs. Customisation restrictions: there is a possibility that customisation possibilities could be limited, which would limit the alternatives available to firms who have very specific requirements. Scalability issues: there is a possibility that bigger businesses with more complicated needs may overrun the capacity of EngageBay over time. - Jan J.
The extent to which you are able to hone in on organizing connections. It's nearly the same as having a spreadsheet to organize the many contacts that you have. In addition to broadcast emails, individual booking confirmation emails may be sent using this tool. We spent a lot of time looking for software that could integrate a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management system with email and newsletters, and we found that this is the finest option available on the market. The customer service is another aspect that really impresses us. There is a chat facility, and often someone is available within a few minutes of making a request. Furthermore, they stay with you until the problem is resolved. The best that can be found on the market, especially at this price. EngageBay is used for some of the customers of the many companies that we own and operate. This is the product for you if you need to organize contacts, single some of them out based on particular criteria, send them individual or broadcast emails, and/or put them through a pipeline. When you're attempting to organize your contacts using tags but have so many of them that you're going crazy, you know it's time to sign up with EngageBay. - Carlos M.
The email templates were acceptable, but just satisfactory; nonetheless, they were customisable. Over the course of the last several years, I had hoped that there would be more diversity introduced than there really was. The prices are reasonable. At this point, I would advise that you have a clear idea of what it is that you need and check the prices of several different packages. You will discover that EngageBay is competitive (I have the all in one), but I have to question what I truly use and need for the price since I have to compare it to other options. Be aware, also, that when you first begin using the service, the number of emails you may send is restricted and you will need some time to "warm up." I was unaware of that fact, which caused a delay for me in several areas. There are several fundamental features that are not available, such as searching and filtering campaigns. This customer relationship management system is not the one for you if you want to link it to a million different devices or tools at the same time. It is possible to use webhooks, but it does not interface natively with the majority of the tools that are now accessible (in the way that Hubspot or Salesforce would). - Mariano M.

EngageBay Social media

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhHSPeKnXs0O6T4Vl7tDug1590 Subscribers
EngageBay seems to be a well-liked marketing automation and CRM software for companies of all sizes, based on a variety of remarks made by Reddit users. Email marketing, lead scoring, and marketing analytics are just a few of the many services that many customers like, along with its user-friendly design and reasonable price. Good experiences with EngageBay's customer service staff have also been reported by users; they are friendly and quick to respond when difficulties arise. Integration features of the platform that let clients link different tools and organize their marketing campaigns were also acknowledged by several users. When it comes to companies trying to improve their sales and marketing procedures, EngageBay is a highly advised choice.

EngageBay average reviews

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EngageBay Pros&Cons


  • Affordable pricing
  • All-in-one platform
  • Easy to use


  • Limited customization
  • Limited integrations with some third-party apps
  • Occasional glitches

EngageBay Final Conclusions

To streamline and enhance your company's marketing and sales operations, go no further than EngageBay, an all-in-one marketing and sales platform. EngageBay has been a favorite among many small and medium-sized organizations because of its extensive feature set and functional breadth. Some companies may find it limiting due to a lack of personalization choices and sporadic bugs. You are taking advantage of their no-risk trial to investigate the service's pros and cons.

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