CallRevu Review

CallRevu gives you complete visibility into the call-handling procedures, which enables you to improve the quality of the experience your customers have with your company and thoroughly resolve any concerns they may have. Being the first call intelligence system to have been developed in a dealership, it is intimately familiar with the factors that are important to both you and your clients. The CallRevu call tracking solution enables dealers to reliably convert callers into satisfied customers, which in turn maximizes current income and generates future referrals.
CallRevu Review

CallRevu overview

CallRevu is aware of the significant role the phone plays in the customer interaction process at your dealership. CallRevu is the most advanced communications intelligence platform for the automobile industry. They provide call monitoring and call analysis, and their technology is tailored for marketing, sales, and service (fixed operations). It assists dealers in managing their phone lines and optimizing their digital marketing efforts, maximizing the dealers' marketing income and return on investment.

CallRevu makes use of the most recent developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to provide customers with a streamlined and powerful solution for managing their phones, all while assisting employees in realizing their full potential. Utilizing its DealSaver® notifications, you may avoid losing purchases. The deal-saving alerts provided by CallRevu will tell you right away if a call is either ignored or sent to voicemail or if a promise is breached. Utilizing CallRevu's call alerts and phone health alerts helps guarantee that customers are happy and that business agreements are closed successfully. The sooner you answer to them, the more satisfied they will be.

CallRevu call reporting provides the analytics and insights you need to remove any revenue-affecting blind spots. It offers dashboard reporting with call analytics, such as voice sentiment, call history, and summaries and transcriptions of calls. In addition, its marketing statistics can determine how successful your digital advertising efforts are in generating conversions on your website and incoming phone calls.

What CallRevu has to say about itself

The platform that CallRevu provides not only offers you full access to your phones but also actively assists your staff in using that data to create a better experience for your clients. CallRevu is an industry leader in providing call center software.

It is not necessary for the implementation of a communications intelligence system to be difficult or inflexible. CallRevu is aware that not all dealership markets are the same, and as a result, the company has built its call management platform to be as adaptable as possible. Its technology provides call monitoring bundles that are scalable to accommodate a wide range of call volumes and prices. CallRevu will collaborate with your team to design a call-monitoring solution that is optimized to meet the requirements of your dealership's day-to-day business operations. It takes care of everything for you, from marketing to sales to servicing.

Receive real-time data analysis, quick call notifications, and actionable insight in order to become more informed and more proactive in the way that you interact with the calls that your customers place. You can guarantee that you are driving client retention and loyalty one call at a time with CallRevu, which will allow you to remain connected with your customers, be informed on every call, and drive customer retention.

Its platform enables businesses in the automotive sector to regain control of their calls by giving them the tools required to monitor, listen to, summarize, warn, and report on-call performance. CallRevu also offers training that is supported by research to guarantee that organizations can achieve the highest possible level of customer service.

CallRevu gives your team the ability to optimize the money stream coming from the phones, which is likely your most essential channel. Your financial investment in advertising works diligently to produce opportunities, the majority of which come in the form of phone calls. These calls, if not handled properly, have the potential to be the determining factor between your dealership and the one that comes next.

CallRevu Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesCallRevu provides real-time call monitoring, analytics, and coaching services to help businesses improve their customer interactions and overall call performance.
FeaturesCall Tracking, Call Monitoring and Performance Reporting, Lead Scoring and Alerts, Call Coaching and Training, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Integration with CRM Systems, AI-powered Call Analytics
CertificationsPCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, BBB, WBENC

CallRevu price policy

The services offered by CallRevu are not like any other. Additional functionality may be purchased for an additional fee. The precise cost is contingent on the nature, scale, and requirements of the enterprise. CallRevu also provides unique pricing for enterprises of a greater size. Smaller firms have access to pricing options with more reasonable rates. The benefit of greater customer satisfaction and retention might sometimes be sufficient to outweigh the expenditure. When purchasing from numerous locations, discounts are available. On the CallRevu support, all price information is presented openly and can be viewed without any difficulty. CallRevu's services, in general, come at a price that is both reasonable and adaptable to the specific requirements of each client company.
PackagesFor questions about service packages and their costs, you need to contact support.
Payment optionsСredit or debit card, EFT, DMS
Payment discountsIt's always best to directly contact CallRevu to inquire about any current discounts or promotions they may have available.

CallRevu online reputation

It is quite evident, after going through a variety of internet comments regarding CallRevu, that the firm has both good and bad elements. CallRevu provides a great call tracking system and friendly customer assistance, but they could improve on their pricing and solve technical difficulties to give a smoother and more dependable experience for their consumers.
We have interactive sessions in which teams talk about calls and share their opinions and suggestions on certain use cases and situations, as well as objections that arise during the call. It's like magic how simple the implementation and configuration are. The adjusting, coaching, and knowledge sharing that takes on inside the sales force is now much simpler because to the excellent synergies offered by Zoom and Outreach. CallRevu not only had a terrific sales staff that made evaluation simple, but they also invested in our sales process and areas of opportunity straight from the beginning (in only a few of days from when we had the first few SDRs sign up for the trial to offer input!). CallRevu is a leading provider of cloud-based sales and customer relationship management software. They contributed suggestions on how we might make the most of the usage, and they assisted the team in adopting those suggestions. My whole experience with CallRevu, beginning with the sales process and continuing through fully using the platform, has been exceptional, and I would not hesitate to suggest it to anybody looking to enhance their sales organization. - Blar Q.
When the technology was being shown to our group and marketed to us, we were under the notion that we could not record certain members of our team, including myself. This is not the case, and as a result, we no longer have any recordings, which means the tool is no longer serving its intended function. I did, in fact, sign a contract, and I will go on making the required monthly payments until the end of the term since no offer to release me from the agreement has been made. I am unable to single out certain users who are being filmed. It is dependent on the telephone lines. Every every phone call that was made in our shop was captured on tape. It's not healthy for us. On the reporting side, it ought to be somewhat less difficult to locate the information that one is seeking for. Be very cautious!! - Clara P.
Where do I even start? CallRevu has made my job as Head of Sales Enablement considerably simpler and more efficient than it was before I started using it. The option to generate game recordings and cut them straight from the transcript is my favorite feature. Previously, screen recording technology was required in order to replay and capture that moment once again. In addition to being one of my favorite features, being able to create a snippet, add a remark to it, and then send that specific bit straight to a channel or individual in Slack is another one of my favorite features. When it comes to the management of projects, this has been of immense assistance to our organization. The last element that I believe receives inadequate attention is the fact that when you download the desktop software, you will have the ability to bookmark certain sections of a live session that you are now participating in and then simply return to that point in time. If you use Zoom Calls often and want to recall a certain portion of a conversation that you had on one of those calls, this may be the most important tool that you just cannot do without. - Damian P.
Not every incoming call is being recorded for some reason. The information that is recorded on our main line is not limited to tracking numbers. Because customers have consistently used the same number for years, it might be challenging to transition them to a monitoring system. CallRevu should perform a better job of automating the process of taking notes, integrating those notes into certain parts of the conversation, and entering those notes into the customer relationship management system. It requires considerable practice before becoming second nature since in some respects it is awkward. Was more difficult to set up. The option to observe live meetings through CallRevu while they are taking place is one of the features that is lacking. We interact with a large number of individuals who have strong accents, and the transcribing process has a difficult time understanding them. Even though I am a natural English speaker, there are certain terms that don't get transcribed that are special to the business. I would want to be able to have the platform "learn" such phrases so that the transcription is more accurate. - Ban H.
CallRevu has a lot of great features, and I like all of them. I am going to go down each aspect of the product that appeals to me. The Dashboard provides us with an estimate of the total number of calls that were made and allows us to sort them according to the length of time they lasted. We are able to arrange them according to the talk-to-listen ratio as well as the duration of the longest monologue on a call. This sheds light on areas in which future calls may benefit from additional development. Game Tapes are something that I use rather often in order to assist new employees in comprehending how to manage objections by looking at past calls, how to market our goods to the consumers, how to position oneself, and other similar topics. I appreciate how the battle cards appear whenever we bring up a different company as a potential rival. In general, setting up CallRevu is really simple, and you can almost immediately see the effects of how it is going to assist you in analyzing the conversations and providing you with insights. CallRevu also has a highly user-friendly interface. - Leonard G.
Sometimes the dialects are not matched well, and when we go back and look at the recordings of the calls, we can see quite clearly that this occurred. Despite the fact that this circumstance occurs seldom, there is still potential for development in order to perfect this. CallRevu has room for improvement in terms of its precision. The artificial intelligence function works around 70 percent of the time. I can't wait when the scorecard option becomes available. In addition, similar to Gong, I wish there was a simpler way to share snippets of the conversation and use comments to pinpoint certain times for the purpose of making finding and reference more convenient. A few things that, in my opinion, have room for improvement. The transcript does not include a lot of correct information. There is often an error, and there are situations when even basic phrases or sentences that were said are not accurately preserved. There is a function that enables you to go on to the next speaker or to the one before them in the list. There are situations when this method does not provide particularly accurate results. The tape skips over the proper speaker and goes to another. - Pitar F.
The CallRevu is capable of competing with some of the greatest products in its category. You get the most value for your money, and they are prepared to work with other entrepreneurs to find price packages that are tailored to their development potential. The sales crew was accommodating from the very beginning, and we were never put under any kind of pressure to sign a contract at any stage throughout the process. We started by doing research on other platforms, and all of them were eager to coerce us into signing despite the fact that the timing was inappropriate at the moment. In reference to this particular topic, kudos to the whole of the sales staff. In addition to this, they are attentive to our requirements and are always working to enhance the functionality of the platform so that it better meets the requirements of their users. CallRevu is an extremely useful tool since it automatically records the calls and provides information such as the length of the longest monologue, the talk-to-listen ratio, and many more. This is of great use to us in evaluating our calls and enhancing the manner in which we communicate with others. Mostly handoffs between the various divisions, sales coaching, and onboarding new staff. - Tina W.
There are many transcriptions that include errors. There is opportunity for mistake in any technology, particularly one that analyzes voice and speech, and this includes voice recognition. In the end, this did not have an effect on our choice to continue with CallRevu. CallRevu's lack of the ability to customize settings and provide reports is one of the software's drawbacks. The straightforward installation procedure and intuitive navigation options more than make up for this drawback. Due to the fact that a significant amount of information is lost throughout the translation process, the transcripts are not always accurate. If I am reading the transcripts of a conversation that was taken by someone else, it might be difficult for me to comprehend who said what on the call, particularly if there were more than two individuals on the call. It is reasonable to assume that AI will not achieve perfect accuracy, but any progress in this direction would be very welcome. - Ann P.
The most effective method for enhancing our existing sales abilities. It is simple to use and never forgets to record any information (including phone numbers and email addresses). The conversations and meetings are immediately started to be recorded when it is activated. The scripting function enables us to analyze our pronunciation and determine the frequency with which we have used a certain word or phrase. By listening to the calls, I am able to identify and correct my errors. I am able to discuss my calls with the team, both the successful and unsuccessful ones, and this allows me to learn from the insights that they provide. Even better, it allows me tag others inside my business, which makes it much simpler for me to exhibit my work to those in positions of greater power within the company. It enables me to enter a hashtag, which in turn enables me to utilize the filter according to my own preferences. Excellent reporting; the proportion of time spent listening to time spent talking has significantly increased. Even when there are problems with the network, it will record the words and then convert them into scripts. It ensures that no essential bits of data, such as email addresses and phone numbers, are overlooked in any way. - Mary U.
Because it only offers a limited number of native integration possibilities with third-party system tools and services, its attractiveness is reduced. If it had better support for AI-driven transcription and greater localization support for more languages, it would already be a fantastic tool to have in our stack. But it would be much more wonderful if it had those features. CallRevu, which is a telephone answering service, has been linked into my company's BlueJeans video conferencing system. There will be instances when CallRevu is absent from the sessions. I also hope that CallRevu would record the video so that in addition to the voice, we would be able to see what is being shared on the screen. It would be nice if the reporting was a little more comprehensive and customisable. At the moment, it is a little bit out of the box, and in the future, it will need API development in order to extract more information from it. - Erick S.

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CallRevu Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Call Tracking and Monitoring
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Integration with CRM Systems


  • Cost
  • Complexity
  • Limited Availability in Certain Regions

CallRevu Final Conclusions

CallRevu is dedicated to delivering first-rate services and enhancing the overall quality of the experience they provide for their clients, as seen by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they get and the high satisfaction ratings they achieve. In spite of the fact that there may be some room for improvement in terms of price and contract conditions, the general view is that CallRevu is a trustworthy and dependable firm that lives up to its commitments.

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