Leadfeeder Review: Pricing, Features & More

Leadfeeder, a Helsinki company, wants to change buyer intent data perceptions. It may help you stop losing out on fantastic leads or spending time on non-converting ones. A B2B intent data platform, it watches onsite activity and identifies organizations who visit your website to identify ready-to-buy prospects. Stop spending time on non-converting leads.
Leadfeeder Review: Pricing, Features & More

Leadfeeder overview

Find the businesses that are currently visiting your website and see if you can turn any of them into high-quality leads. Leadfeeder can determine the names of the businesses that are browsing your website. Transform the identities of the companies behind the anonymous traffic. Uncover the precise actions taken by the businesses that have visited your website. Find businesses that use Leadfeeder, even if their personnel are distributed in different locations.

Someone who has never heard of you has a substantially lower likelihood of making a purchase compared to someone who has visited your website. Don't allow those leads who are eager to purchase to get away from you. Research has shown that making immediate contact with leads significantly increases the likelihood that a sale will be made. Make sure you get in touch with your leads before your competition even realizes they exist. Find out what kinds of material potential customers are interested in, then use that data in your sales presentations. Try to guess what they need before you even start a conversation with them.

Your lead list gets cleaned of bots, ISPs, and other valueless traffic automatically when you use this feature. You can easily filter and conceal firms so that you are only shown quality leads (and only pay for those leads).

What Leadfeeder has to say about itself

The Leadfeeder provides sales and marketing teams with everything they want to successfully win leads and complete transactions. The algorithms and apps developed by Leadfeeder can access data and insights that are inaccessible to other technologies, all while maintaining transparency and adhering to Europe's stringent and complicated standards.

The many tools and phases of the sales and marketing process are consolidated into a single platform by Leadfeeder. This powers a flywheel that optimizes your whole go-to-market operation in a continuous cycle. The result is accuracy that is continually improved, ICPs that are dynamic and updated in real-time, and an increase in the number of leads that turn into agreements.

Leadfeeder is a solution for generating B2B leads that makes use of Google Analytics to display the businesses that have visited your website. Your CRM data will be enriched with visit details, and it will be possible for all of your teams to utilize the same data. Create more potential customers who have previously shown an interest in the services you provide. By installing the monitoring script that Leadfeeder provides, your website will be tracked for visits from businesses in a manner that is very near to real-time (new leads will show in your account once per hour).

The vendor's value proposition is that due to Leadfeeder's user-friendly interface and consistently up-to-date data, several of their customers have been able to complete sales within the first few weeks of using the product.

Leadfeeder Review

Year Started2012
Company Websiteleadfeeder.com
Service AreasFinland, Sweden, Denmark, USA
Service TypesSome of the services that Leadfeeder provides include Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Visitor Tracking, Integration with CRM and Marketing Automation Tools, Customizable Lead Filters, Lead Notifications, Reporting, and Analytics.
FeaturesPowerful Contact Insights, Automatic lead scoring, Instant Lead Gen, Personal email alerts, Automation to your CRM, Website forms tracking, Powerful search, Versatile filtering
CertificationsGACP, ISO 27001, TrustArc, GDSC, GCC, AWS, IAB

Leadfeeder price policy

Your pricing tier is determined by the number of businesses that it recognizes every month. Even if the same firm sees your website more than once, each visit only counts as one. It automatically filters out Internet service providers (ISPs) and low-quality traffic, guaranteeing that only visits coming from businesses are counted as hits on the website. The paid edition of Leadfeeder will be automatically lowered to the free version after the conclusion of your trial, and you will not be charged for this transition. However, if you acquired a paid membership during your trial period, you will be immediately enrolled in the paid subscription after the conclusion of your free trial.
PackagesPaid starting at €139 per month
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Adyen.
Payment discountsThe consumers of Leadfeeder may take advantage of a wide range of discounts and special offers. Free trials, discounts on annual subscriptions, and reward programs for referrals are some of the potential alternatives.

Leadfeeder online reputation

Most online customer reviews of Leadfeeder are excellent, with many saying it has increased lead conversion rates and sales. However, people have real price and customer support issues. Leadfeeder might become a more beneficial tool for organizations wanting to create and monitor leads if it fixes these flaws and improves its functionality.
Leadfeeder is able to give precise statistics on the people that visit our website. Understanding the behavior of users across all of our material is something I truly like doing. For our sales staff, the Hubspot connection is very necessary. In most cases, I begin by sending a message on LinkedIn to people in senior positions at the prospects we identify. The simplicity of operation. This software is incredibly easy to understand and use. In addition to that, I like how powerful the functionality of custom feeds is. I am able to set up any number of feeds from returning customers to the method by which they really found our website (organic, Google CPC, Bing CPC, etc.). The procedure could not have been simpler. Since the time I began the process of setting up the trial, I have never had any difficulty obtaining a response to any queries or concerns that I have had. In addition, the connectivity with my CRM was as simple as it could possibly have been. It was as easy as pointing and clicking. Price was the most important consideration. LeadFeeder came in at a pricing that was half as much, and unlike Lead Forensics, they do not charge extra for integrating with CRM systems. - Tobias A.
Leadfeeder is a poor business and an ineffective piece of software. Continue reading if you are thinking about purchasing this instrument. To begin, this instrument is not very impressive. It obtains information about the corporate IP address through a tracking cookie. This information is not really helpful in any way. Retargeting and remarketing should be the primary emphasis of marketers. There are a number of tools that provide functions that are comparable to those offered by Leadfeeder. To mention only two: Hubspot and Zoominfo. Investigate it. In reference to the contracts. The annual price for using Leadfeeder is $12,000. I can never comprehend why somebody would commit to buying this instrument for a whole year. Because of how Leadfeeder's subscriptions are automatically renewed, you should stay far away from this tool. You have to cancel your subscription at least 30 days before it is due to be renewed. In the time running up to the renewal deadline, I never received any communication from our CS representative. They purposefully avoid drawing attention to themselves in the hopes that you would forget about this ($12,000) renewal date. However, when the time comes for them to have their bill paid, they emerge from the shadows. - Edward T.
Absolutely adore this product, and I highly suggest it to any and all of my coworkers because it is such a wonderful method for gaining insight into what current and new consumers are looking at on your website. There are a lot of innovative approaches that may be used to put it into effect. Because we also employ Hubspot integration, Leadfeeder offers account managers with information that is both useful and relevant. The simplicity of the interface, as well as the fact that over ten people of our team are able to utilize the account for a variety of reasons in ways that can be customized for each function, including customer success, sales, and marketing. Leadfeeder gives you the ability to see the particular web pages that organizations have viewed. Our team can now determine which types of content are doing the best as a direct result of the highly useful insights provided by this information. As a person or corporation navigates our website, their conduct may be monitored by our team. We are also able to see the length of time they spent on a certain page as well as the source from which they originated (direct, referral, Google, etc.). - Seda G.
In order to collect payment for the invoice, our customer service representative harassed consumers by email and Linkedin. After I asked her what happens if someone does not pay an invoice after missing the renewal date, she said that it goes to the "next escalation point," which she confirmed was collections. Our bill was paid in error, despite the fact that I had already terminated our membership through the website. After LF received their payment, the company went missing once again, and my customer service contact stopped responding to my emails. At Leadfeeder, the only thing that matters is whether or not they get paid. In conclusion, the tool is useless, the contract is for a whole year, the auto-renewal clause is sketchy, and there is a collection agency involved to enforce it. - Max R.
When we send out cold emails, we are communicating with an unaccustomed audience that is not familiar with our company. There is a possibility that we may irritate our current users and email subscribers by sending them an excessive number of emails while we are sending emails to them. But Leadfeeder occupies the optimal position between the two. Because they have interacted with our product, the leads are no longer cold. They haven't made any attempt to communicate with us, so we can't really consider them warm. We may take the next step to start a dialogue with them and listen to what their requirements are so that we can assist them in making better choices. In general, Leadfeeder is simple to use. Integration into our website was also a simple process. It was just a few of lines of code that needed to be added by our engineers. We completed the task in much less than 5 minutes. Bing to find out who is interested in our product and then contacting those individuals has been really useful for us. Some individuals decide to depart since their inquiries and worries were not addressed throughout the conversation. Leadfeeder is our opportunity to create a positive first impression a second time. - Charlotte R.
When you have many domains under the same corporation, pricing might get a little bit more complicated. In addition, certain adjustments were made to Leadfeeder as a result of a modification to the privacy policy that was implemented by Google Analytics. Although prospecting tools are not very significant (because we already have dedicated tools for it), there is room for improvement in this area. For instance, on the basis of the leads that we get, Leadfeeder might offer us other firms or leads that have criteria that are comparable to those of the present leads. This will assist us in locating more prospective clients for our company to work with. Because of the similarities, it is more probable that they will be interested in the job that we do. Because there are restrictions placed on the visitor data (such as just include domains and organizations and not the end user), it takes some digging to locate the contact who could have truly been the site visitor. - Julian S.
The sales staff has been presented with a significant number of qualified leads as a result of the ability to get a more comprehensive picture and data on the companies who visit our website. Also useful for gaining knowledge regarding the behavior of customers on a website. Leadfeeder enables you to quickly and easily monitor the number of visits to your website made by personnel working for organizations that may become your customers. You can then make contact with these individuals if there is a significant level of interest found in them. The simplicity of the connection, the abundance of information that is readily accessible for each lead, and the capability to interface with Zapier, which enables users to personalize the output and send it to slack or other tools. The ability to tailor website visitors and leads according to our desired customer profile and according to the pages they have read was the feature that had the most significant influence on our business. The solution was user-friendly and could be integrated with Salesforce in addition to a wide variety of other platforms. - Katelyn H.
Dwell time is counted as zero when a visitor only looks at one page throughout their session; thus, it would be good if this could be modified so that we could determine how long a page was seen when a visitor just looked at one page during their session. Although activating a client's Google Analytics account might be challenging at times, our customer service team is assisting us with this problem. I was hoping that it would record the individual rather than simply the corporation that was visiting my website. It would be most helpful for me to know what individual or at least what titles are visiting my website so that I can design a campaign to what is most essential to the prospect's function inside the firm. Although it is very exciting for me to see what company has visited my website, it is more beneficial for me to know what company has visited my website. The amount of ease with which you can filter categories is not something that can be said about Leadfeeder. The team need to get started working on stuff like integrating with a number of different CRMs as well as chatbots. They provide a system called Zapier as an intermediary for it, but in a perfect world, it shouldn't be necessary. - Thomas B.
Leadfeeder is something I've been utilizing for the last several months. The only thing that comes to mind as a drawback is that even though we know what business the visitor uses and what their IP address is, we do not have any information that would allow us to get in touch with the real person. Having said all of that, though. If I am in the process of doing business with a firm and I see that they have been on our website for a lengthy amount of time and that I am able to see which pages they have viewed, I have a good idea of how serious my prospective client is about doing business with me. It also offers me wonderful information about my rivals that come, and by examining multiple firms who visit us from the same sector, I can get a good sense for the prospective business in a given vertical. I believe that the product will prove to be an effective asset for my company. Getting quality sales leads has always been a struggle and a waste of time since you have to continually approach individuals without any indication as to whether or not they are interested in the service that you provide. Before I learned about leadfeeder, this was the routine of each and every day for me. Now, every morning when I wake up, the very first page I read is this one, and I couldn't be happier about it. - Paul E.
When using LeadFeeder, it might be difficult to properly configure the filters. Especially when it comes to filtering out material that we do not want to view or pay for as a potential lead. We would want to narrow down the number of overseas results that we are viewing as potential leads. Because visitors from certain countries do not make up our target market, the information about them is filtered away to prevent us from having to pay for it as an unqualified lead. I have to manually set up a filter for each nation if I want to prevent their leads from being added to our database. It would be more convenient for me if I could just choose a filter that limits overseas traffic with just a single click. It might be the plan level or the way that we have it set, but all that it shares with me is the name of the business that was there. Other firmographic and behavioral data about the visitor, such as their work title, length of time spent on the site, pages browsed, and so on, would be beneficial to have included. Since there is a lot of traffic on our jobs website, we want to make sure that those visitors are not included in our marketing efforts. - Ben O.

Leadfeeder Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@dealfront45 Subscribers
Positive comments and thoughts on Leadfeeder have been posted by members of Reddit. They praise the outstanding results that they achieve as well as the efficient services that they provide. Some individuals enjoy how inexpensive they are, while others like how pleasant and knowledgeable their staff is. One thing that everyone seems to agree on is how affordable they are. Users also mention the strong communication and cooperation talents the company possesses, both of which contribute to the smooth operation of the process as a whole. After beginning to work with Leadfeeder, several companies have reported seeing a significant increase in the quantity of leads as well as traffic to their respective websites. On the other side, there are a few concerns regarding how high their prices are and how pushy their sales methods are that can be found online.

Leadfeeder average reviews

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Leadfeeder Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Integration with CRM and marketing tools
  • Detailed visitor information


  • Cost
  • No live chat support
  • Limited reporting features

Leadfeeder Final Conclusions

Leadfeeder is a web application that provides you with information on the activities of prospective customers and existing clients on your website. It integrates with widely used customer relationship management systems (CRMs), like Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho, allowing you to provide your sales team with high-quality leads.

As soon as you've added a lead to your customer relationship management system, Leadfeeder will automatically feed visit information into your CRM so that you can keep track of how active your prospects are and what they are doing while they are on your website. Leadfeeder is consistently ranked as one of the best performing Google Analytics Partners in the globe.

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