LeanData Review: Pricing, Features & More

Salesforce's strategic lead management is made possible by LeanData, which links leads to accounts and assigns the appropriate leads to the appropriate representatives. You may use its straightforward drag-and-drop lead routing flow builder to bid adieu to intricate assignment rules. Regardless of whether your organization handles sales based on geographical regions, named accounts, account-based marketing, or something else completely, LeanData provides you with the ability to quickly and simply tailor lead routing to your go-to-market plan.
LeanData Review: Pricing, Features & More

LeanData overview

The industry leader in Revenue Orchestration, LeanData provides today's growth leaders with the fully integrated solution they need to survive in the buyer-directed environment of contemporary B2B selling. LeanData is the gold standard in Revenue Orchestration. You will be able to complete sales more quickly and increase income more effectively if you orchestrate every person, process, and play that is required.

Transform the unconnected procedures, segregated strategies, and hard code that are slowing down your progress and causing revenue problems. Increase the pace at which the pipeline is generated by ensuring that each buyer is connected with the appropriate rep and given the appropriate context as quickly as feasible. Increase visibility and make sure everyone knows who is responsible for each signal, play, and procedure.

Through the use of contextual views of leads, contacts, and accounts, you may have more interactions that result in better results. Ensure that there are no hiccups in the handoffs between sales and marketing by maintaining a comprehensive understanding of all signals. Build process automation that doesn't need coding and relies on human triaging to guarantee that handoffs inside Salesforce and your third-party connectors go off without a hitch. Determine which purchase signals are present, and then arrange for each revenue moment.

What LeanData has to say about itself

The purpose of the lead management software known as LeanData is to assist firms in managing their sales operations by connecting leads with accounts. Managers can acquire contact information and discover chances to generate leads. LeadData was designed with account-based nurturing and account-based reporting as its key tenets. The nurturing feature enables users to divide incoming leads into groups according to account data such as owner, client, active opportunity, and sales stage.

The software offers administrators the ability to establish criteria for account matching and remove duplicate accounts through a single dashboard. Teams are able to manage parent-child account hierarchies with the help of LeanData. On a single interface, supervisors may also obtain a comprehensive picture of target accounts that includes all relevant information.

Stakeholders are able to generate customized marketing campaigns by making use of the matching account information thanks to LeanData. Additionally, supervisors can do numerous data point analyses and update the matching findings in real-time.

Join the growth leaders who are witnessing a 30% improvement in lead conversion rates, a 99% decrease in routing update times, and a constant delivery of the right lead to the right person at the right time. With the help of LeanData, revenue teams can function with accuracy and alignment, adapting to any change with ease, and generating operational excellence that feeds exceptional buyer experiences.

LeanData assists businesses in enhancing the experience of their customers, reducing the amount of time it takes to generate money, and improving their operational alignment. Automating many go-to-market methods, such as inbound, outbound, account-based, channel, and other go-to-market actions is one of the many things that the LeanData Revenue Ops Platform does to boost both productivity and growth.

LeanData Review

Year Started2012
Company Websiteleandata.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesIn addition, to lead routing automation, LeanData offers lead-to-account matching, lead and campaign attribution, lead data cleaning and enrichment, lead conversion monitoring, and territory management.
FeaturesRouting, Matching, Engagement, BookIt, Integrations
CertificationsSAEC, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, SPN, GDPR, PSC, API Qualified

LeanData price policy

LeanData conducted a comprehensive price analysis with its clients and potential clients to determine which packed capabilities provide the most value to the most prevalent market categories. It provides greater capabilities and five-star implementation services to expedite time to value in order to suit the demands of these various groups while maintaining a straightforward price structure. It is because of this that the company's clients can simply implement current Revenue Orchestration and adapt to changes in both strategy and technology without having to go through a lengthy renewal cycle.
PackagesStandard - $39 per user license/month; Advanced - $49 per user license/month; Premium - $59 per user license/month; BookIt For Forms - $25 per connected calendar/month; BookIt Handoff - $25 per connected calendar/month.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, Bank transfer, PayPal
Payment discountsAs of right now, LeanData does not provide any discounts on its goods or services.

LeanData online reputation

Customer reviews posted online seem to indicate that LeanData offers both advantages and disadvantages with their services. Due to LeanData's general efficacy in enhancing sales procedures and boosting productivity, many clients continue to heartily suggest it. They also like how quick to respond and committed the customer service staff is to resolve any problems that may come up.
It is the ideal resource for bridging the gap between the information obtained from sales and from accounting. Users are able to simply make a connection between sales and accounts and may produce qualitative analysis if the gaps in the data are minimized. In addition, the app offers a full description of the market, which conventional analyses of the market do not provide. An application known as LeanData assists businesses in doing analyses of a higher quality and more acceptable to the general public. The application provides users with access to a wide range of leads, any of which may be used in order to do an easy and thorough examination of the data for the sake of decision making. The staff, the simplicity of deployment, the convenience of the tool, the insights it gives, the ability to troubleshoot, and the product's ability to be very adaptable in regards to filters and flows are all highlights. This was the most extensive project that I managed to do in such a little period of time (two to three months). - Kim V.
The app has a restricted number of capabilities and does not provide any information about the sales touches that have been made. The user was thus misled by this. The documentation of a system is an essential component of that system. This system does not provide detailed documentation of its features, and its capabilities in this respect are also restricted. Unfortunately, the sales staff and the team that supports customers are not at all linked with one another. Their exceptional sales people are the only ones who get the concept that LeanData should address business issues; the customer success team is not one of them. Even after a number of months have passed, the customer success team is still unable to give a list of the technical needs to get up and running or to provide an implementation guide. The staff often avoids responding to emails and instead likes to plan phone calls in order to address any questions that may arise. As someone who works in the IT industry and wears a variety of hats, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. - Ouida L.
The distribution of all of our leads is determined by using lean data. Lean data enables us to take logic and apply it to the lead, which facilitates the process by which we immediately turn our leads into contacts. This then enables us to allocate it to the appropriate Representative. The round robin function, which makes it simple to rotate leads depending on criteria, is one of my favorite aspects of their platform. It has been essential to the success of our new business start-up and has helped us route our leads. Our organization has a lead routing procedure that might be described as being pretty complex. A group of twenty-five people are responsible for the distribution of leads according to geography, device size, account status, and marketing engagement. With our old system, this would have been an insurmountable task; however, LeanData makes the process really straightforward. In addition, if there's ever a question regarding why a Lead was sent to a certain individual, we can search through the Audit logs to figure out the answer to that question. The quality of the customer service has been excellent. We simply communicated our requirements to our LeanData CSM, and she crafted the solution on our behalf. After each test, she would make any necessary adjustments until the outcome was satisfactory. Very prompt answer, as always, and a great deal of assistance provided. - Justin C.
The conversion of leads using lean data might take a few minutes, and if there is a high number of leads coming in at the same time, lean data can occasionally get backed up or barf. These are two of the disadvantages of using lean data. It functions just as it should. The quality of the lead matching is not ideal, but then again, no tool is. In addition to that, we have other data integrity and de-duping technologies that may assist with this. Consider that the only thing that is lacking, which could be part of the program, but we haven't discovered it yet, is the ability to determine whether or not a lead working for the firm has previously used our product. They need to let us to have access to a variety of various features, such as super user but not admin. Because it adheres to the rules to the letter, an algorithm is not always as "smart" at making decisions as a human being would be in the same situation. If the software could collaborate with other database programs to make fuzzy matching more accurate, LeanData would become even more impressive. - Mark C.
LeanData is a huge assistance for us when it comes to lead routing, making certain that the appropriate leads are sent to the appropriate sales development agent within our organization. It takes the data points of the leads and routes them in the proper direction, which saves us a ton of time. It has a significant impact on our team's productivity and shortens the amount of time required to reply to promising leads. LeanData is helping us improve the efficiency of our sales operations process, and the outcomes are worthwhile. It is simple to transmit modifications made in the sandbox to production by utilizing a file. Excellent backing. Through the use of LeanData, we are able to efficiently handle our incoming leads and direct them to the correct accounts. It helps remove unnecessary data from the database and ensures that the data are correct. The use of LeanData has resulted in significant cost and resource savings for my organization. Their personnel is very knowledgeable, they have an outstanding customer success team, and their product cannot be improved upon. LeanData comes highly recommended from me. - Brandon F.
If you need to make any tweaks or setups, you could find it challenging or daunting since the tool is so complicated, as I described before. Be mindful, too, that the purchase of Contact routing is distinct from the purchase of Lead routing. When you have inaccurate lead and account data as well as a large number of personal emails stored in the system, their matching capacity is not very good. Because of the price approach that LeanData employs, I have sometimes had the impression that my options are restricted. We had a few occasions when we wished that we could use LeanData to manage account routing in order to improve on our Lead routing, but because our accounts are controlled by AEs, including them in routing would need the inclusion of more "end points." Because of the price that LeanData charges per end point, we were unable to utilize it for what we needed it for. If we could pay a single, fair amount and then utilize an infinite number of end points, that would be fantastic. One of the things that may be improved is the appearance of the booking confirmation emails, which are a little too generic. On the other hand, the templates are editable, which allowed us to brand them in the appropriate manner. - Debbie M.
It is a really useful application. We have been use it for quite some time now. The team is able to save a significant amount of time and effort as a result of this. They excel in providing excellent customer service, and their product is of the highest quality. LeanData comes highly recommended from me. No coding is required for this approach, which is based on a workflow chart. Simple to understand or diagnose. Excellent service to the client. The Account/Leads/Geographic based routing that I'm doing is all done using LeanData. It saves a significant amount of time, particularly during marketing campaigns or tradeshows. Strong feature set that enables us to achieve a high level of granularity in the Lead/Contact routing that we do in SFDC. Additionally, the customer service has been excellent. Due to the complexity of the product, the implementation team will basically walk you through the full onboarding process while holding your hand. This is a really convenient feature. As a component of our ABM approach, this is a very important need to meet. Because LeanData offered the best combination of features and support for customers, we decided to work with them. - Eric V.
There are several applications for which complete support is not provided. For instance, despite the fact that Account Teams and Opportunity Teams get some support, we are only permitted to use hardcoded routing in our operations. The Round Robin pool cannot be accessed for the records of those members of the team. In addition, we are not provided the opportunity to put an RR'ed user into a variable for the purpose of using that data for routing adjacent activities (such as checking up their team hierarchy or alerting their manager of an assignment). This prevents us from being able to utilize that data for routing adjacent activities. At the moment, we have to handle management of those outside of LeanData. I can also see that down the line, the more complexity we incorporate into the tool, the more difficult it could be to maintain and debug. Building a working graph has a little bit of a learning curve, and all of the available choices might be a little bit daunting at first. If the team could provide some assistance on how to optimize our graphs as we grow, that would be fantastic. - Konnie T.
The implementation of LeanData has only begun in its first phases. We have completed the implementation of the merging functionality, which is operating as expected, as well as sections of the routing component. Everyone works together with a dedicated Customer Success person to assist the organization in developing its routing rules (although the LD rep is the one who really puts it all into action). Those of you who are in charge of the routing rules are aware that it may be an isolating job, which is why it's helpful to have a sounding board and someone to take on a significant portion of this responsibility. Although we are still ironing out some kinks in the routing rules (which was to be anticipated), none of them pose a threat to the company's operations, and everything is going forward at a decent clip. This platform is incredible; it bridges the gap in Salesforce between leads and contacts/accounts, and I simply cannot do business without it. - Vanessa W.
Because there are so many different configuration possibilities, setting everything up may be really stressful. Even if getting started isn't too difficult, there are a lot of different options to choose from. It's not that I really detest it, but I think the routing diagram may be more clearly shown using something like a list format. When you reach to more than 50 items, the chart gets difficult to read and understand. Untangling the tangled web of configurations may be an intimidating task, particularly when I am inheriting the pre-existing system from a previous employee. It would be wonderful if LeanData could transform the diagram into a format that would assist us in producing documentation that is both simple to read and share, as well as that which offers an overview of more in-depth information. They have completely built out products for the majority of standard objects (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases), but their product around custom objects is still somewhat limited. Despite the fact that they are extending the product to better support custom objects, they have fully built out goods for the majority of standard objects. - Adam B.

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LeanData Pros&Cons


  • Efficient Lead Routing
  • Automated Lead Matching
  • Accurate Data Management


  • Cost
  • Integration Challenges
  • Limited Customization

LeanData Final Conclusions

In conclusion, LeanData has gotten feedback from clients that is both favorable and unfavorable. LeanData seems to provide a useful and effective solution for handling lead routing and data management; pleased clients have praised the business for its cutting-edge technology and dedication to meeting their needs.

On the other hand, the billing and technical support procedures may use some work. Nevertheless, LeanData seems to be a trustworthy and respected business in the sector based on the vast majority of favorable client reviews.

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