Ruler Analytics Review: Pricing, Features & More

Ruler Analytics makes it possible for sales and marketing teams to collaborate more effectively and work smarter. Sales and marketing teams can boost lead volume as well as sales efficiency if they unearth the data that lies behind every visitor, touchpoint, and conversion.
Ruler Analytics Review: Pricing, Features & More

Ruler Analytics overview

Through the use of marketing attribution, you can automatically assign income to your various campaigns and channels. Spend less time trying to keep track of several reports and more time finding ways to maximize both your outputs and your budget.

Tracking client journeys and attributing closed income to their respective sources is made simple with Ruler Analytics. You may make choices based on data by linking your website, customer relationship management system, and marketing tools so that you can access the data you need exactly where you need it the most.

Track every click, call, and conversation that is automatically led to your website with the combination of our live chat, tracking forms, and phone tracking. You may demonstrate what does and does not work by linking the various marketing touchpoints you use to clicks, prospects, and sales. Get a better understanding of the behaviors of high-quality leads so that you can better optimize campaigns based on value-driven metrics.

Your data is already stored elsewhere; you're simply not linked to it. As a result, you are unable to comprehend which channels are generating new leads or recognize which leads eventually turn into sales. Using the marketing attribution software provided by Ruler, you will be able to link the data collected from your leads to your customer relationship management and analytics systems.

What Ruler Analytics has to say about itself

Ruler Analytics is a robust marketing analytics and lead-tracking tool that provides organizations with the ability to precisely assess the effect of their marketing activities. Ruler Analytics offers a comprehensive solution to comprehend the whole customer experience, beginning with the very first point of contact and continuing through to the ultimate transaction. This trend toward data-driven decision-making is becoming more important.

Ruler Analytics can provide firms with an all-encompassing perspective of their marketing performance by connecting with a wide variety of marketing and CRM systems, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Salesforce, and Marketo. It enables businesses to measure and analyze important data like as website views, leads, and conversions, offering insights into which marketing channels are responsible for producing the most value traffic.

The ability of Ruler Analytics to precisely monitor leads across various touchpoints and credit them to the appropriate marketing source is the defining feature that separates it from the competition. Not only can this assist in enhancing marketing efforts, but it also gives vital data that sales teams can use to prioritize prospects and ultimately complete more transactions.

Say hello to lead source data and insight into which marketing channels, campaigns, and keywords are influencing your leads. See every step your leads take on their journey to becoming a sale. You'll be able to evidence what works, and what doesn't. View your opportunities by stage and filter them by which channels influenced their conversion. It's the perfect data to help you separate a good lead from a bad one.

Ruler Analytics gives organizations the ability to better understand the path that their customers take, which is essential for success in today's highly competitive business environment. This platform helps organizations to make better-informed choices and to optimize their marketing efforts for optimal return on investment. It does this by providing comprehensive monitoring and reporting features.

Ruler Analytics Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasUK
Service TypesRuler Analytics provides a range of services aimed at helping businesses track, analyze, and optimize their marketing and sales efforts.
FeaturesMarketing Attribution, Opportunity Attribution, Offline Conversion Tracking, Data-Driven Attribution, Lead Tracking, Live Chat Tracking, Form Tracking, Call Tracking, BI & Reporting Integration, Marketing Mix Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Revenue Analytics
CertificationsISO 27001, EU-US, CE, MP, CEP, GACP, GCSP

Ruler Analytics price policy

Ruler Analytics offers a variety of price choices to meet businesses that range in size and have various needs. The cost of their services is based on several different factors, such as the integrations and features that are required, as well as the volume of traffic that is sent to their website. A free trial that lasts for thirty days is provided to businesses so that they may evaluate the products and services provided by the firm without incurring any costs. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to obtain customized quotations for enterprise-level solutions. This option is available to them. Ruler Analytics offers one of the widest ranges of pricing options in the business for the comprehensive and advantageous services it provides. These options are consistently ranked among the most competitive.
PackagesSmall Business (based on 5,000 monthly visits) - from £179/month; Medium Business (based on 50,000 monthly visits) - from £449/month; Large Business (based on 100,000 monthly visits) - from £899/month; Advanced (200k+ monthly visits) - £POA
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer
Payment discountsRuler Analytics does not offer any discounts or promotional offers at this time.

Ruler Analytics online reputation

Although Ruler Analytics has received great comments for its extensive monitoring and reporting features, user-friendly design, and outstanding customer service, there are some concerns surrounding integration difficulties, cost, restricted customization, and a high learning curve. In addition, Ruler Analytics has a rather steep learning curve.
Ruler gives us a much deeper understanding of the origins of our leads and helps us to make marketing choices that are more informed about the placement of our advertising purchases in accordance to the goals we have set. Finally being able to connect numerous clicks to leads generated from forms AND phone calls is something that my agency and I find to be of great value. Excellent tool for monitoring the number of leads and calls generated by your various marketing sources. It is critical to have the ability to illustrate each inquiry to a customer, and Ruler makes this process easy. Ruler gives us the ability to obtain more insight into incoming inquiries and the relative relevance of various platforms at various points during the customer journey. This is something that we employ with a lot of our customers, and it is tied in with both current marketing campaigns and analytics reports. - Andrew B.
Although Ruler provides a solution to a problem that we have, the one drawback is that complete end-to-end attribution is not easily accessible. This is because you can only see the initial and final clicks of the user journey. I'd be thrilled if the solution could be improved so that we could thoroughly monitor and categorize certain journeys and do a more in-depth analysis of this data, beginning with the first point of contact and continuing all the way through the inquiry stage. The only issue that may be considered troublesome is the four-hour delay that occurs between phone conversations and the API connectivity with our CRM; nevertheless, a work around has been established. The reporting tools are good, but in order to generate a more thorough report, we often find that we need to tunnel the data to our CRM or Google Data Studio. The dashboard has room for improvement, but I'm told that work is being done on it. - Olivia R.
Their customer service representatives are always ready to give help when requested. Because of their interfaces with widely used platforms, gaining access to their data in a manner that is familiar to us is really straightforward thanks to them. It does this by recording calls made on the internet and connecting offline activities to sources of traffic. This helps confirm judgments about spending money. Online portal via which you can examine calls and the marketing attribution, connectivity with our Zoho CRM, and the response of the staff when we have specific needs are all positive aspects. Provides us with the ability to understand the success of our marketing operations based on phone conversations. Ruler Analytics assists us in determining what information is pertinent and what information is not. Particularly when you are paying for advertisements but are unsure of which ones are bringing in traffic and which ones are not. - Max C.
One of the drawbacks of using Ruler is that some customers are quite sentimental about their phone number and don't want people to see any other numbers but their own. Implementation isn't always easy, especially when customers don't have a web developer who's up to the task and we attempt to tack it on using Google Tag Manager. In such cases, things may get a little hairy. The bulk of our work with Ruler is accomplished via the application's interaction with Google Analytics and Data Studio; but, when we do make use of the interface, we often find that it is unreliable. It would be helpful if there was a straightforward connectivity for Hubspot. However, there are times when the link is lost completely. They are developing more model types, which would be helpful to see so that you can combine data more effectively. They need to make the connection with advertising platforms (such Google Ads and Facebook Ads, among others) easier so that ROI can be calculated more quickly. - Tailor D.
As a B2B marketing firm, demonstrating a positive return on investment (ROI) to our customers is essential. Setting up a marketing attribution system, however, has proven to be a challenge for us due to the several distinct technology stacks that they use, in addition to the intricacy of their sales process. We have investigated a large number of alternative tools in the hopes of finding one that will help us complete the loop. Regrettably, none of them were able to work inside our price range the way that Ruler did. Because to the hard work of the Ruler team, putting up our monitoring system has been a snap. An increased marketing expenditure from one of our customers was made possible thanks to the ROI report that we were able to provide to demonstrate the value added by our marketing efforts. Even though it has only been a few short months, we have already seen a significant increase in productivity because to the software. We anticipate that this will also be rolled out for some of our other customers. For more reading on this topic, check out our Brighttail case study that was published on the Ruler website. - Rita T.
There won't be any issues with our company adopting Ruler Analytics. It is simple to personalize company operations and to keep tabs on data pertaining to customers in order to enhance business offerings. Due to the absence of a feature that allows for the comparison of date ranges, it might be difficult to monitor how the performance of the interface has changed over a certain period of time inside the interface. On certain internet systems, getting Ruler installed might be challenging at times. [Case in point:] [C]omcast. The feature that occurs the least often is when it lags and we are unable to make calls. Additionally, there are instances when we have to make the same call many times because it is not connecting correctly. There are occasions when there is a little delay. Additionally, when you get a callback, it does not always tell you of who is calling you in a timely manner. But these are very minor issues that I have no doubt will be resolved in the near future. Doesn't have much of an effect on the quality as of right now. - Ursula W.
Ruler makes it so simple for you to gather and merge all attribution data from various channels, despite the fact that it is plainly difficult to do so because of the unique methodology that they have. Ruler makes the difficult task of collecting accurate data for attribution, which is notoriously impossible, much simpler. The aspect of Ruler Analytics that gets the greatest usage by our company is the call reporting. Ruler is a solution that our firm recommends to our customers since the majority of our clients struggle to attribute phone calls received to certain marketing sources. Ruler makes it possible for us to easily attribute calls and report on the effectiveness of various marketing channels by integrating with Google Analytics in a smooth manner. Ruler Analytics has opened our eyes to the fact that a significant amount of data may be lost if phone conversations are not being recorded, and that marketing channels can be grossly undervalued if one does not have access to all of the relevant information. Ruler has made it possible for us to check that all of our platforms are properly optimized to meet one of our marketing objectives, which is to increase the number of phone calls we get. - Erica S.
We are anticipating additional usage capabilities from Ruler Analytics, and there are a few instances in which we will need to input the information manually.Even before we get calls, it would be helpful to know who we are talking to if we had the ability to look up the names of candidates whose calls we had missed. There are several occasions in which the calls are not logged accurately. In addition, there are many instances in which we are unable to make a phone call. If a candidate phones you and you miss his or her calls, it is difficult to determine which candidate has contacted you; in this situation, his or her number should be shown on the screen along with his number. If you are unsure which candidate has phoned you, it is best to display both numbers. A few of hiccups here and there are things that can be ironed out in the not too distant future. - Tina P.
Monitoring revenue as well as leads. Because Ruler Analytics integrates with CRMs, we are able to monitor both the money and the leads that come from our PPC campaigns. It enables us to show return on investment, which enables us to develop accounts, scale outcomes, and better retain customers. demonstrating value to the customer. Customers often provide feedback or establish the expectation of producing more leads without having a clear grasp of where their existing leads are originating from. Ruler enables us to get to the bottom of the problem. To begin, the assistance that was provided to us throughout the onboarding process was really proactive. Second, our previous attribution approach was only successful for about fifty percent of the leads. We were able to enhance our attribution to more than 90 percent thanks to Ruler Analytics. Manual form tracking allows for source attribution to be determined for leads that have arrived as a result of direct, organic, paid search, paid social, or display advertising campaigns. - Victoria F.
In the past, this piece of software was known to sometimes present a little problem. In the past, there was a good chance that the call wouldn't get through correctly since it often got stuck. In the event that someone phones back on the same number, your phone will not reveal the identity of the person calling but instead will mention frejun's number. However, on the software instead as a cover it has the name of the person that we would have stored earlier in the conversation. One of the disadvantages will be that we won't be able to see a log of the calls that we've made to other people. (Facing this glitch for sometime now). The mobile app is unable to show the contact logs. As a user, I was unable to monitor my call duration inside the application itself; instead, I was had to take an excel report in order to observe it. If there is an option that makes it simple to copy and paste bulk contacts, that would be ideal. - Ninell P.

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Ruler Analytics Pros&Cons


  • Multi-Channel Attribution
  • Integration with CRM and Marketing Platforms
  • Customizable Reports


  • Limited Free Trial
  • No Real-Time Tracking
  • Limited Customer Support

Ruler Analytics Final Conclusions

Both the good and negative feedback from Ruler Analytics's clientele point to the company's legitimacy and efficacy as a marketing analytics solution provider. Nonetheless, the platform's exorbitant price and occasional technical difficulties have drawn considerable criticism.

These limitations notwithstanding, Ruler Analytics continues to be a popular and reliable option for firms seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and enhance their strategies. For firms serious about their marketing, Ruler Analytics looks to be an invaluable resource.

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