Ricochet360 Review: Pricing, Features & More

You may maintain contact by making and taking calls from wherever you are. You will spend much less money getting everything set up, both in terms of people and equipment, compared to more conventional phone systems. Call Intercept, Skill-Based Call Routing, and Intelligent Calling Cadence are some additional features that may be found on auto dialers.
Ricochet360 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Ricochet360 overview

Ricochet360 is an all-in-one auto dialer, CRM/lead management, and marketing automation platform that generates predictable revenue results by automating 95% of your agent's daily sales process. This allows for more time to be spent on closing deals. Utilize the marketing automation features of Ricochet360 to increase the number of leads you produce and the number of sales you finish. Please use drip email marketing to maintain top-of-mind awareness, remain in contact with prospects, and build greater interaction.

Take advantage of SMS marketing that is both automated and targeted. If you use Text Messaging, you can automatically send SMS messages to new leads when they first arrive or when the status of a lead changes. You may also get text messages when contacts you call on their mobile phone don't pick up when you call them. You can follow your partners' referrals all the way through the Ricochet360 CRM if you create forms for your partners that allow them to receive lead submissions from customers.

Webhooks from Ricochet360 allow users to interact with millions of third-party APIs, enabling them to transmit and gather significant data in real time or screen pop straight to sites containing relevant information. Zillow's Property Lookup and Pricing Engines are only two examples among many more.

What Ricochet360 has to say about itself

Ricochet360 is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that combines an auto dialer, lead management, and marketing automation. It is designed for both inbound and outbound agents, providing them with the ability to call a new lead in one second, nurture and engage prospects throughout the entirety of the sales process, and automate 95% of their daily workflows.

Ricochet360 analyzes the likelihood that your phone numbers will be reported as spam and then optimizes your calling queue to combat this potential problem. Teams can either purchase new numbers or manage their outgoing calls on a per-number, per-day basis to reduce the likelihood of having their calls identified as spam. Create more awareness and continue to develop your leads. Build marketing processes that are extremely engaging by using automated email and text message campaigns that are triggered by factors such as status, age, vendor, and more.

You will be able to acquire insights into the customers' interests via Social Link, which imports the profile information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. It also makes it simpler for you to interact with them. Have a local area code and number everywhere you call in the country to increase the percentage of customers that pick up the phone when you contact them. Utilizing a gamification dashboard together with agent alerts will help you motivate your users as well as monitor their progress. Sort the calls based on their length or the total number of calls. Watch your overall performance increase overnight as your agents compete against one another!

Use chat groups to keep your staff informed of new policies or guidelines. Directly communicate in real-time with other workers or colleagues while on calls or after they have ended. Create forms for your partners to use, which will allow them to gather lead submissions, and then monitor the referrals that your partners make using the Ricochet360 CRM using the forms you created for your partners.

Ricochet360 Review

Year Started2010
Company Websitericochet360.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesRicochet360 is a comprehensive sales and marketing automation platform designed to streamline business engagement and lead management processes.
FeaturesEmail messaging drip automation, Text messaging, Social media integration, Local caller ID, Gamification, Call recording & call monitoring, Chat/Instant messaging, IP restrictions, Referral tracking, Lead distribution & Tags, Restful API, Webhooks.
CertificationsISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2019, SOC® Type II, HIPAA, CSA and GDPR

Ricochet360 price policy

Based on the unique requirements of enterprises, Ricochet360 provides a customized price structure. Numerous variables, like the quantity of users, degree of customisation, and volume of use, affect the price. Generally, Ricochet360 has a subscription-based business strategy, offering price tiers to suit both enterprise-level customers and small enterprises. Companies who are interested in working with Ricochet360 may get a personalized estimate straight from the organization. By guaranteeing that customers only pay for the products and services that are relevant to their needs, this individualized approach enables a clear and economical solution catered to their particular sales and marketing objectives.
PackagesBOOSTER - $162 per seat/month; GALAXY - $210 per seat/month
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, EFT, wire transfers, and ACH.
Payment discountsThe kind of service, the length of the contract, and special occasions like holidays or industry events may all affect the availability of discounts and promotional offers. It is advised to check out Ricochet360's official website or get in touch with their sales or customer support staff directly for the most accurate and current information on any discounts, promotions, or special deals. They are able to bring you up-to-date information on any current or planned discounts catered to your particular company requirements.

Ricochet360 online reputation

Ricochet360 receives praise for its intuitive user interface and effective lead management. Customers like its quick customer service and features that may be customized. Some customers, however, complain about difficult integrations and wish there were more reporting choices. Though there is little space for development, Ricochet360 provides enterprises with a simplified solution overall.
It has been wonderful. We are able to keep track of sales, and the auto-dialer works well. No more producers scouring lists in search of "the best lead" You just need to go online, and at that point, they will wait for someone to be available to take your call. When compared to other software that was supplied, this one was able to monitor my leads and sales better. When a new producer is added, there is already a pipeline available for them to use. This is one of the nicest aspects. When it comes to hiring new employees, it is undoubtedly helpful. Because the system cadence dials the best lead for the producers at any given time, they no longer have to plan out their day and attempt to determine which prospects will provide the greatest opportunities to follow up with. It ensures that no prospects that have been cited will fall through the cracks. The feedback has been mainly good, and the situation is continuously improving. After working on the system for a few years, the one and only recommendation I would give is to continue receiving training on new system capabilities. - Alexander O.
You are not allowed a lot of room for personalization unless you pay a consultation charge. I would be pleased to assist you and provide a recommendation to someone who can help and put the plan into action immediately!! When modifications are made to the system, it might be rather difficult. Thankfully, support is highly helpful, straightforward, and professional in the process of implementing fixes and adjustments required to make the system better match our particular requirements. It was not always a very straightforward system, and overall it simply gave off the impression of being a low-end phone service. The software interface seemed to be somewhat antiquated and a little bit clunkily designed. It is a little on the pricey side. I just wish that in the past it had been priced more affordably. If I'd known about it sooner, I would have given it a go. If I had to say anything, I suppose I would suggest that incoming calls be routed to a waitroom that had an alert system to notify the attendant that a call had been received. Once again, I'm simply noting something that might be done better. It's not that big of a problem. - Sally M.
The system contains a large number of features. Although it takes some time to master them, I truly enjoy the system that is now being used to manage the workplace. My staff members don't need to put as much mental effort into deciding which lead to contact, which is helpful. After a lead has been received and phoned in, you go to the next lead in the queue. Call duration increased by 200%, while the number of outgoing dials increased by 250%. Extremely productive, simple to master, and a significant benefit to the organization as a whole. The auto-dialer is superior to all others in its class. It gives you a wide range of options for customizing the way calls are routed according to your preferences. Ricochet provides excellent assistance despite the fact that it might be challenging to comprehend initially. Your inquiries will be answered by a real person, not by an automatic response system, whenever you send an email to the support team. If you use the system's built-in support and assistance options, you will get a response to your email the same day. From the initial setup to further improvement of the system, support has been of the utmost assistance. They have extensive expertise and are always eager to share it with others. - Brad S.
It will take some time until you get the hang of it and have everything set up. On the other hand, there is a strong group of specialists that assist with this process from the onboarding stage all the way through to the post-implementation phase. It is necessary to do a great deal of configuration in order to get the most of the software's flexibility and capabilities. I'd rather have something that can be customized to my needs than something pre-made that doesn't exactly work for me. It's frustrating because you can't bulk allocate leads to different persons all at once. You are unable to remove leads in bulk. You are responsible for fixing problems on an individual basis. I really wish there was a greater availability of analytical data and reports. Was informed that we will be updated to 3.0, however this was never completed. The user interface is not the most straightforward, and it has a little antiquated feel to it. It is possible that it might have a couple of these traits. I hate it when people call me when I'm already on the phone with someone else. - Christopher R.
For customer relationship management (CRM), lead management, and even our soft phones, Ricochet360 has been our "go to" platform. Because of the efficiencies it provides in the area of automation, it has repeatedly shown that it is a factor that is beneficial to our bottom line! It has turned out really well. Because with Ricochet360, we are now able to organize our customer data and quickly locate it whenever a consumer calls in. Because of the dialer, we are now able to make a big increase in the number of calls that we make each day. The dialer that Ricochet360 provides makes it simple to make hundreds of calls every day. I really like being able to personalize this program. My ability to develop something that is unique to me relies on the flexibility of being able to add and remove fields. My productivity has significantly increased as a result of being able to automate the sending of voicemails, texts, and emails. When I use Ricochet360, I appreciate that it allows me to make calls right from my laptop. As a result of my actions, I was able to dispose of the phone system for my company. These cost-cutting measures assist reduce the overall expense of using Ricochet360. - Charles S.
Video chat and screen sharing are not yet supported, however the technicians have developed a webhook solution to address this issue. Simply become acquainted with ALL of the functionalities; it has a ton of things that it can do, so it might be intimidating to the typical person who is knowledgeable about technology. The program comes with a certain amount of training required to use it properly. On the other hand, just as with everything else, the more practice you have using it, the simpler it will become. After scheduling an appointment, the caller's disposition is incorrect sometimes. Additionally, we would want to have the ability to route calls more quickly. It might be challenging to use at times, especially when we are trying to multitask with other systems in our workplace. If you follow the training videos, you'll get the feel of it. Getting started might be a bit intimidating, but if you do, you'll get the hang of it. The initial setup was quite difficult, and the integration of the previous lead data did not proceed as well as anticipated. - Derrek A.
Before we switched to Ricochet360, we tried a wide variety of other dialing solutions. All difficult to use, difficult to train on, and difficult to instruct others on how to use properly. After trying out 5 other systems, we landed on Ricochet360, and we have been with them for the longest time. The adjustment has been made extremely smoothly, and it has been a wonderful experience overall. Their staff has been of great assistance in ensuring that my organization is making the most of the tool and the resources that are included inside it. Ricochet360 has proven to be an invaluable resource. Always going above and beyond to assist in ensuring that the system is operating well and informing us of any new features that have been added. It is an outstanding system, and although there are a few things that I would want to see added to it, I have no grounds for complaint in general. I really like how smoothly the assistance works as well as how apparently practically limitless this system's adaptability is. This program is top-notch and makes organizing a breeze. Ensures that all of my follow-up sales are well-defined, structured, and efficiently planned. Additionally, it saves all of the pertinent information and makes it extremely simple to retrieve it. - Adam S.
The process of getting a new business off the ground is quite challenging, but that's to be expected with almost any novel endeavor you undertake. The fact that it is still relatively new shows up sometimes, but fortunately, the majority of problems are resolved really fast. A disadvantage for smaller companies who have less resources at their disposal is that Ricochet360 may be difficult to use and may need some time to understand before it can be effectively configured. To be honest, there aren't very many things about Ricochet360 that irritate me... One of them is that this instrument is rather pricey to purchase. However, if you have a strong marketing staff and know how to make full use of all of its advantages, it will pay for itself. The fact that the system does not simultaneously dial many numbers to maximize the likelihood of connecting with a real person is something that I find to be quite annoying. - Winky W.
The fact that they provide the majority of what we were looking for in one location is a huge plus. CRM, a Phone system, a power dialer, a Marketing Platform, chat, and they also provide a SIP service are some of the services that are offered by this company. In addition to that, they are assisting us with the transition from Hubspot to Ricochet360. Manuals and movies that are quite thorough. The most important problem that is being fixed is the fact that all of the features are now being integrated into a single system rather than being implemented separately. Our time spent working with Ricochet360 was just remarkable. The representatives showed a great deal of patience with us and led us without making any complaints. We chose Ricochet360 Software because of their excellent customer service as well as their extensive understanding of the sector. Utilizing this approach will result in increased productivity as well as more revenue. My representative for customer support has been very helpful, patient, and constant in their availability. It is very necessary to include your phone service into your lead management system. In comparison to Ricochet360, my previous VOIP phones and lead management solutions are about as useful as a rotary phone. - Lily S.
The charges for both booster packs and galaxy packs are somewhat hefty on a monthly basis. Due to the high cost of the membership, it is impossible to subscribe on a monthly basis. There has to be a price reduction for the monthly bundle. My experience with Ricochet260 has been quite positive; however, I have heard complaints from other people who have abandoned this service in favor of others, such as CallFire, owing to "not so attractive pricing" and the fact that setting up this service may be a time-consuming process. Because of the format restrictions imposed by the fields, users will be required to utilize the appropriate format when capturing data such as addresses. This must to be certified as a dependable product by Ricochet360 as soon as humanly feasible. - Greg D.

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Ricochet360 Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Support


  • Limited Reporting Options
  • Pricing
  • Occasional Glitches

Ricochet360 Final Conclusions

Ricochet360 receives recognition for having a user-friendly UI and strong lead management features. One exceptional quality is the quick resolution of problems by responsive customer service. Despite its advantages, there is a learning curve for new users, and some users need help with integrations. Although Ricochet360 provides effective lead tracking, consumers would want to see additional capabilities for reporting.

Even with a few little issues, it's very helpful for companies looking for more efficient sales procedures and customized client interactions. Ricochet360 is a well-liked tool among users in spite of some small drawbacks since it is a dependable option in the competitive market, providing a balance between customization, user experience, and effective lead management.

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