OneLocal Review: Pricing, Features & More

OneLocal will assist you in expanding your company most effectively. Purchasing advertisements is no longer the only means of marketing a small company. Your clients are hunting for you online; you must provide them with a means to locate you and a motivation to purchase your services and continue returning for more.
OneLocal Review: Pricing, Features & More

OneLocal overview

Everything you need to expand your local company, including reviews, a website, communication tools, booking capabilities, and more, is included inside a single platform. The customized strategy used by OneLocal makes use of data-driven techniques to boost your company's success and bring in more customers.

Every one of your marketing requirements may be met via the usage of a single, streamlined platform. Have confidence that your devoted team of professionals will offer you with the skills you'll need to accomplish your objectives and will present you with up-to-date information in real time at every stage of the process.

There will be no more need to log in to several platforms! Get access to a complete array of integrated marketing tools to help you get more reviews and recommendations, automate actions that are performed repeatedly, and do a great deal more. Connect with customers using the communication method of their choice, whether it email, text message, or the telephone, and manage all of your interactions from a one location.

Quit your second guessing. You will get monthly video updates from your personal account manager, breaking down everything you need to know in a way that is easy to understand. Monitor your progress at any time with the personalized dashboard you were provided with.

What OneLocal has to say about itself

To get someone's attention is the first and most important step in the advertising process. OneLocal takes things one step further by gathering your prospective clients and converting them using a platform that complies with all applicable regulations. The process of turning internet leads into customers requires a design that is not just powerful but also aesthetically pleasing.

Through OneLocal's affiliate network, you may earn rewards whenever you recommend the company's goods and services to local companies. You will have the chance to expand your network and earn a reward for every successful recommendation you make if you sign up to become an affiliate. You will get a payment of two hundred United States Dollars (USD) for each new member that you bring on board whom you referred.

Use the value of the full digital marketing solutions provided by OneLocal to make the most of the relationships you already have. You assist local business owners in growing their companies and improving their internet visibility with every successful reference you make. Drive more local website conversions with professionally designed, fully responsive small business websites that offer more prospects and new business while assuring findability within your local marketplace. These websites are meant to drive more local website conversions.

See increased performance data in real-time for your website, SEO, and ads, and construct a picture of your website's performance using the most local statistics and metrics. You should place a high focus on both acquiring new clients and keeping the ones you already have. The performance analytics tools provided by OneLocal enable you to detect patterns from your site, SEO, and adverts to accomplish your business objectives.

OneLocal Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesOneLocal is a platform that offers various services to help businesses attract, retain, and interact with customers.
FeaturesLocalSite, LocalSEO, LocalAds, LocalAnalytics, LocalReviews, LocalMessages, LocalResponse, LocalVisits, LocalReferrals, LocalContacts
CertificationsHIPAA, SOC2 Type II, GDPR

OneLocal price policy

OneLocal provides custom solutions regularly; the price of these services might change depending on the degree of difficulty involved in the engagement. In most cases, companies that are interested in OneLocal's services are required to submit a price request to the firm directly. The sales staff at OneLocal evaluates the specific needs of each customer and gives customized price information as a result of their findings. A pricing structure could contain extra payments for premium services or large use volumes in addition to a monthly membership price and an initial setup cost.
PackagesOneLocal has not offered price information for either the product or the service.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, EFT, wire transfers, ACH
Payment discountsYou are advised to contact OneLocal's sales or customer service staff directly if you want accurate and up-to-date information on any discounts, promotions, or special deals the company may be running.

OneLocal online reputation

OneLocal is commended for having an intuitive user interface that provides companies with powerful options for engaging customers. Positive comments highlight easy appointment scheduling and customized marketing efforts. Some users do, however, report occasional bugs and a learning curve. All things considered, OneLocal excels at improving customer relations, albeit consumers could encounter some small implementation issues.
I think it's extremely cool that you have the option to send a review request link to the clients of your business. We are able to send review requests to consumers in a more streamlined and effective manner because to OneLocal. I was able to handle all of my marketing issues with the help of OneLocal, which is very user-friendly and focused on producing results. With OneLocal, we have complete control over our online reputation at our fingertips. OneLocal gives us the ability to keep an eye on our reviews while also enabling us to put a personal spin to the process of automatically replying to those reviews. Not only is it simple to reply to reviews, but it's also really easy to get a sense of how people feel about things. Because of the fantastic reporting tools that they provide, OneLocal makes it much simpler to manage having a broad variety of properties that have a variety of different reputations. Features such as live response to customers' comments and getting fast notice are truly wonderful additions to the product. OneLocal assisted my company by providing a one-step solution for our marketing needs and by supplying me with insights that were very beneficial to the expansion of our company. - Anthony C.
There is room for improvement in the product's user interface, and the price may need to be adjusted downward since it is likely to be too costly for new businesses. The replies provided by the auto-review feature may seem quite repetitive at times. Once again, we have the ability to go in and make modifications to those replies, which means that it is not really their responsibility. One of the representatives we worked with did not offer us with all of the information and assistance we needed about OneLocal's capabilities. In another matter, the reporting was sometimes restricted, and we were unable to retrieve word sentiment clouds or graphs, which would have been really useful in comprehending what the reviews are saying about each of our many sites. It would be wonderful if it were feasible for us to run our own individualized reports without first having to construct them. The data is already there, so it looks like adding it wouldn't be too difficult. At this time, we are only able to use the reports that are already incorporated into the system. - Mark P.
We have discovered that OneLocal is not only more affordable, but also offers an improved product along with remarkable support for customers. All of our social media platforms, messages, voicemails, and webchat conversations are consolidated into a single inbox that is easy to manage. Our sales agents are able to engage in two-way conversations with consumers, during which they may submit price estimates, photographs, and other information. The function that sends out automated review requests is another useful component. Since we began using OneLocal's platform, we have seen a meteoric rise in both the quantity and quality of the evaluations that our customers have left for us. We have only just begun utilizing the surveys, but have already collected useful information on what our clients believe are good and bad aspects of our company. Because I am in charge of monitoring the accounts, I am really thankful for the option that allows me to automatically respond to favorable reviews. It saves me a ton of time. But what really separates OneLocal from the competition is the quality of their customer service. We are grateful for the problem-solving, reporting, and individual attention we get from our account representative, who is always accessible to me. - Sandy O.
It may load really slowly at times, which I know isn't helped by the fact that I work for a company that has hundreds of locations. We often find that we need to contact support, but whenever we do so, their personnel is quite helpful. When you send an email OneLocal Support, you may not get a response from a real person for more than twenty-four hours. However, they have been working on this in order to make it such that account agents would answer calls more quickly. Before launching a customer reviews campaign that is effective, there are a great number of specifics that need to be addressed. On the other hand, this is the only way to receive reports that are actually tailored to your needs, so I can't really complain about this. They are fast to handle issues and accept responsibility for doing so once they have been brought to their attention. I am quite grateful for their professional demeanor and their effort to ensure that I am completely satisfied with their services. - James P.
Having all of our social media, texts, voicemails, and webchat come into one manageable inbox, and being able to have two-way conversions with consumers through direct text messaging. Text messages are preferred over phone calls by the vast majority of clients. The function that sends out automated review requests is another useful component. Since we began using OneLocal's platform, we have seen a meteoric rise in both the quantity and quality of the evaluations that our customers have left for us. The auto-responses serve to ease the administration of the review process. With OneLocal, we are able to connect and interact with our consumers across more than 70 of our locations more effectively. Our corporate and on-site workers are able to get a better feel for what our residents think of our homes because to OneLocal's capabilities. As a result of this, we are in a better position to deal with any issues that may be occurring on the premises of which we are unaware. We are able to better communicate with prospects, residents, or anybody else who may be experiencing a problem thanks to the automatic answers, which also enable us to monitor our evaluations. Maintaining our brand and providing even more assistance to our residents is made easier when we stay on top of our evaluations, which also allows us to solve problems that we were previously unaware of. OneLocal makes our work more efficient by allowing us to communicate with all of the residents who give a response, therefore enhancing their sense of being appreciated and heard. - Bradly P.
An simple method to respond to GBP Questions and Answers is one of the elements that might be implemented to enhance the entire experience. Having a mechanism to notify the client of any possible duplicate profiles would also be beneficial. The fact that you had to manually choose the review in order to get credit for it and that it did not always assign the review to you bothered me. It took a lot of time even though it was a little task. Since OneLocal still reroutes users to the original website in order to remark, I find it challenging to make a comment on a review. Being sent to a separate website rather than being able to directly comment on the OneLocal ratings seems like a better option in my opinion. I believe that social media reporting should be improved. - Claudia O.
I appreciate that I can text customers from our computer using OneLocal, and that all members of the team can see all incoming and outgoing messages in the same place using the same platform. OneLocal is very easy to use. Obtaining testimonials is a breeze, particularly considering the automatic follow-up that they provide!! Everyone who phones in and mentions finding us online gushes about how much they love all of our five star reviews. OneLocal has been important in assisting our team in obtaining over 600 reviews that are rated FIVE STARS. Additionally, it allows our team to communicate with customers and monitor the history of conversations that have taken place between other team members and customers. You can even "facetime," which is a feature that is incredibly beneficial when attempting to speak to someone who isn't in our profession and be confident that you're saying the same thing. Facetime allows you to see each other's faces. The administration of reviews and automatic answers are being centralized. By partnering with OneLocal, we have eliminated the need to work with a variety of different suppliers to meet our various requirements. - Andrew S.
I really hope there was a method for us to group the many requests that are received for the different departments. Messages do not need to be clicked on individually; Example goes to Billing, Tech Support, or Other. Right now, it seems like we may have been overpromised, but it's still too early to say for sure. While OneLocal claimed to have a 10% conversation rate, the current number is barely 2%. If it stays the same, we are going to be very unhappy. We were also told how important it was to make sure our Google review comments were both unique and packed with SEO, and that OneLocal would take care of this part of the process automatically. It was important for us to change the templates ourselves in order to achieve this aim. OneLocal just included the reviewer's name as an element of individualization. The rest of the message was quite generic, without any personality, and had no remarks that might be interpreted as endorsing search engine optimization. - Christian H.
As a DSO, OneLocal's ability to automate and consolidate review administration without overwhelming our busy practices is its greatest feature. We were able to automate reporting, adapt our replies to evaluations, see patterns, and get a more comprehensive picture of our practice experiences. Our account management staff has provided us with excellent assistance, and we are always in contact. We've had a significant rise in sales as a result of OneLocal's three to four-fold boost in reviews! The staff members are usually really helpful and answer very quickly, followed up immediately after. We are loving the recently launched new report and the new IA answer support option. We would also employ the social media scheduling and invoicing tools if we didn't already have them. As an additional note, I like our collaboration with the account manager and our daily success manager. They constantly make sure we are aware of any updates or new features that might help us strengthen our connections with our vendors. We anticipate moving a few more tools to OneLocal, which should result in monthly savings of several hundred dollars for all of our clinics. - Wiliam S.
When you preschedule a social media post, the spacing might get a little strange. Additionally, there seems to be a discrepancy between the data from OneLocal and Facebook, and I'm not sure why or which platform is more reliable. Better response integration with other platforms is something I would like to see. I'm happy with what OneLocal offers, even though I realize it would be challenging to fully connect with all other platforms. Finding certain platforms on the dashboard might be a little tricky, and setup can be difficult. Over the years, many account executives have overseen our account; all of them have expressed a desire to meet for a discovery meeting to get a deeper understanding of our account. It would be preferable if they merely went through our account notes or had a meeting with another team member that oversees our account. - Karlee R.

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OneLocal Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Customer Feedback


  • Occasional Glitches
  • Limited Integrations
  • Cost

OneLocal Final Conclusions

OneLocal is a useful client engagement platform admired for its intuitive user interface, the ability to do tailored marketing, and the simplification of the appointment booking process. The fact that it has received positive feedback demonstrates its efficiency in increasing the number of contacts with customers and the exposure of local businesses. However, some people may have to go through a learning curve, and there may be some inconsistencies sometimes.

Even if there are a few small shortcomings, the platform has a big overall influence on the involvement of customers and the success of businesses. OneLocal is useful for organizations looking for effective solutions to increase customer satisfaction; nevertheless, customers should be prepared for the possibility of encountering some small problems during the adoption and usage of the product.

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