CAKE Review: Pricing, Features & More

More than 500 advertisers, networks, and publishers can manage, monitor, and improve their digital marketing campaigns in real-time, thanks to CAKE, a reputable worldwide supplier of performance marketing software.
CAKE Review: Pricing, Features & More

CAKE overview

The sophisticated performance marketing software offered by CAKE will clarify your marketing efforts and give you the knowledge you need to make sensible choices about your marketing strategy: real-time management, performance measurement, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

CAKE's Lead Generation Solution is designed to improve acquisition efforts by capturing, validating, and distributing leads in real time. Additionally, the solution monitors closed-loop performance. Collecting, verifying, and disseminating leads in real time is essential to achieve the highest possible profitability level. To optimize ROAS, measuring channel performance utilizing multitouch attribution is important.

The Affiliate Marketing Solution offered by CAKE gives you the tools to effectively manage and monitor your partner marketing program, improve performance to achieve the maximum possible profitability, and recruit quality partners. Careful management and measurement of partner performance may improve profit margins.

The MultiChannel Marketing Solution offered by CAKE monitors the success of digital campaigns across all channels, providing a comprehensive look into cross-channel interactions' influence on the customer journey.

It is unacceptable in its eyes for any consumer to be left stranded and without a remedy. You may get the answers and support you want from the team of industry professionals that it employs. Always accessible are CAKE's expert services, as well as its round-the-clock phone support, vast online knowledge base, and online ticketing system.

What CAKE has to say about itself

There is no need to go any further since CAKE answers your search for a reliable affiliate marketing solution. Using their all-encompassing platform, you can monitor, manage, and improve partner campaigns, paving the way for you to get outstanding outcomes.

Maintain excellent management of the numerous partner marketing initiatives and conduct thorough evaluations of those efforts while simultaneously growing profitability and obtaining highly attractive partners. You can monitor, assess, and enhance performance as a result of its comprehensive approach, which enables you to ensure the success of the marketing campaigns that your partner is pursuing. In addition, utilize data that is updated in real-time to determine which of all the available lead buyers will provide the most profitable routing. Because of this, we can maximize the quantity of revenue made.

Using CAKE, which enables you to modify your targeting settings, is one way to get the power of leverage so that you may use it to your advantage. Because of this, you will be able to precisely target the audience you choose based on a variety of characteristics like location, device, browser, traffic constraints, and redirection. If you accomplish this, you can monetize your audience in real time while guaranteeing that you precisely measure every impression, click, and conversion. Moreover, you will be able to do both of these things simultaneously.

CAKE Review

Year Started2010
Service Areas50+ countries
Service TypesCAKE's performance marketing platform helps advertisers, networks, and publishers manage, monitor, and improve real-time affiliate, lead, and multichannel marketing.
FeaturesAffiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, MultiChannel Marketing
CertificationsHIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3

CAKE price policy

CAKE, a renowned marketing technology company, tailors its pricing to each company's size. CAKE's prices depend on numerous factors. Traffic, marketing campaign complexity, required features, and support level are some of these characteristics. Clients usually get customized quotes from CAKE following a thorough requirements study. This ensures organizations only pay for desired services. Pricing models may include setup, licensing, and usage-based costs. You should contact CAKE directly for accurate and complete pricing information. This will let them provide correct charges based on the company's needs.
PackagesCost negotiations to purchase CAKE must be conducted with the seller.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, EFT.
Payment discountsMany variables impact the availability of discounts and other promotional pricing.

CAKE online reputation

CAKE's reliable monitoring, thorough analytics, and real-time reporting help organizations make data-driven choices. Regular platform upgrades and good customer support are also acknowledged. Unfortunately, novices may worry about the learning curve and how hard it is to grasp all the functions. Drawbacks include limited flexibility and software integration.
I enjoy how this software is structured up for conversions from the lead page to the administration, but the webinars that explain you how to utilize the platform are its most valuable feature. Learning the procedures to create landing pages and lead pages on your own and how to construct them. CAKE is without a doubt the most user-friendly, adaptable, and dependable tracking solution currently available on the market. The user interface is uncluttered and simple to browse. The configuration and rollout of new campaigns is a straightforward process. The level of detail in the reports is incredible. CAKE is just an incredible platform in every way possible for tracking. There is not another system available anywhere else that even comes close to competing with it. - Noy E.
It is merely for online, but offline usage is required for it to be used in a company that has a street address as part of the management program. It is quite frustrating because I am unable to speak with anybody over the phone on the weekends. If there is a problem with the tracking in this firm, you may easily lose thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. When you need assistance right now, submitting a ticket isn't going to cut it. Because I'm still new to some of the more technical parts of affiliate marketing, I feel as if some of their knowledge base articles are too complicated for me to understand. There is a little amount of room for improvement with regard to specific CAKE processes. It is possible that if you do not do a certain action at a certain phase or save your progress more than once, the process will not be successful. I have acquired the knowledge to exercise care and to check that everything is functioning properly. - Christine C.
Being the greatest platform in the business does not always make it the most user-friendly option. On the other hand, this is something that could be stated about any sophisticated SaaS platform. In my opinion, CAKE strikes an excellent mix between the complexity of its features and the ease with which new users may browse and configure them. CAKE, on the other hand, would not be sufficient for its more experienced customers if it did not have an exceptional customer assistance and support personnel. These are the individuals that bring everything to a successful conclusion and contribute to an enjoyable journey as a whole. One aspect of the market is one in which the other competitors excel, and that is marketing. However, you should not let yourself get distracted by the slick user interfaces and attractive prices. After taking a closer look, it is clear that none of these platforms can match the level of comprehensive capability that is offered by CAKE. At the end of the day, a platform should be able to accommodate the particular needs that a customer has. Therefore, from my point of view, I choose CAKE because I want for my company to have the most competent and feature-rich system supporting it. - Spencer R.
The new style for the navigation doesn't sit well with me. I reverted to the previous method in a hurry. The mobile app does not provide all of the features that I would like to see it provide. Additionally, the mobile web version has a few bugs that restrict what actions you may do. I did not like for the new design that was implemented when it was pushed out. The app that I have on my phone also has a lot of restrictions, which is a bummer. The only item that comes to me is a recent need to submit our "Lead Detail, by Buyer" to a post URL. Other than that, I can't think of anything else. It is being handled at the moment by pointing us to iFrame Media, who is constructing the API for us. The graphical user interface (GUI) design might need to be improved, however this is nitpicking at its finest and, to some extent, also relies on individual taste. On very busy days, it might be challenging to get in touch with customer care, but on the whole, they are quite helpful. - Bud J.
When I was just starting out in company, I thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with CAKE. Tracking and understanding any platform might seem daunting at times simply due to the fact that there is always a lot going on in the background. Without the help and encouragement from all of my teammates at CAKE, I would not be where I am today. It's possible that I wouldn't be where I am right now. The platform provides me with all of the tracking tools I need to monitor my leads. User friendliness. Because I can't devote as much time to our affiliate program as I'd want to, using CAKE helps make the process a great deal less complicated and more efficient for me. Our affiliate program used to be a homegrown solution that was cobbled together in-house. CAKE has been a huge time saver for us. CAKE provides us with twice as much assistance despite the fact that we spend far more money on advertising with firms like as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Our account manager is always available to assist me, and the resolution of any problems that may arise is handled efficiently via their ticket system. There just aren't enough positive things to say about the CAKE support. - Rachel N.
When compared to other software that I have used in the past, I have discovered that CAKE, due to the capability it possesses, may sometimes be more difficult to configure or locate certain information. This is because of the product's extensive feature set. CAKE is not the least expensive option available, but it is a leading contender from the advertising and client perspective. It would be wonderful to have additional possibilities for customization, so that it does not seem as familiar and comparable to other platforms that are running it as a network solution. The procedure for requesting new features is a drawback. It's like pulling teeth to try to have bespoke features built out. It is not feasible to fire postback url pixels on http posted leads, which is a really straightforward task. When it comes to reporting, we would want to be able to extract variations of the data throughout periods in an easier manner as opposed to having to extract them one day at a time or partner by partner. It would be wonderful to have a comprehensive master report from which one could choose the data that they wanted to display and then run the report. - Julie K.
Since its inception, our affiliate network has benefited greatly from the use of the CAKE platform. It enables us to handle our affiliates in an effective manner. Getting down to the subid level of tracking. Simple and straightforward implementation of partner postbacks and pixels. Certain CAKE procedures have a very minor learning curve associated with them. There are situations in which you have to do a certain action at a certain phase or save the file more than once in order for it to be successful. I have realized the importance of taking safety measures and ensuring that everything is functioning properly. CAKE provides highly specific and in-depth details on the information that we are seeking. I may apply filters to the data and see it in whatever manner that best suits my needs. It is convenient because you may see the data based on the kind of phone, medium, media, and so on. When difficulties need to be resolved, it is beneficial to have the ability to log in and see things from the affiliate's perspective. The support service for CAKE is also quite helpful, and they answer to inquiries in a timely manner. They have assisted me with difficulties on several occasions, and they have even planned phone calls to personally assist me. - Christine D.
APIs, the capability to retrieve data without having an effect on the system; CAKE is working on these things right now. Clicks and clacks, This creates problems with scaling partners and preserving connections since the excessive subid's warning does not operate correctly with this and flags partners erroneously. Because we are unable to rapidly access the data, this has become a problem for our partners in cases when there are differences. Although the UI in and of itself is a little bit stale, they are actively working to update all of that. Strong technology is used behind the scenes, and it delivers all of the functions that we have required for more than a decade. CAKE is capable of doing a broad range of tasks, and so far we haven't even touched on half of those possibilities. It is fairly pricey, but if you want a reliable solution that isn't going away, that has everything you'll need so that you won't ever have to relocate in the future, then this is an excellent option for you to consider if you have the financial means to do so. - Warren S.
I had spent years using the CAKE platform with previous employers, so the opportunity to utilize it once again was quite exciting for me. What I like most about the members of the Technical Support Team is how quickly they respond to my questions. They won't hesitate to help you out if you run into a problem or are confused about one of the features! Extremely user-friendly and simple to use in many aspects. Controlling visibility across the many members of our company's workforce is made much easier by a system that allows for individualized user roles and reporting capabilities. The design is incredibly impressive, and the functionality of the platform is top-notch in many respects. The ease with which integration with other platforms may be achieved is really appealing. This very effective piece of software shines because to the robust reporting mechanism. Navigation that is easy to use, a campaign builder that is straightforward, integration that is flexible, and support and service for customers that are second to none.- Peter K.
When a customer has several offers, it might be difficult to browse the application programming interface (API) that checks partners for suppressed file downloads. The procedure of submitting a concept to the idea portal is time-consuming, and there is only a small chance that it will be chosen for execution. The alerts are a fantastic concept, but there is room for improvement in terms of providing further customization choices to make them more intelligent. The platform requires very specific term searches in order for the results to be shown; otherwise, they won't. The Advertiser API does not include a choice for the s1= variable in its documentation. Within the affiliate view dashboard, the list of subID rewards that are now accessible cannot be seen. There is no copy function available for the partner or offer set-ups in the system. There are no day-parting alternatives available at this time, but efforts are being made to add them. more fees, such as those associated with event monitoring or more clicks. Alerts, which are essentially significant notifications, may be unsubscribed from by partners if they so want. - Nykiya M.

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CAKE Pros&Cons


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Robust Tracking and Analytics
  • Customer Support


  • Learning Curve
  • Pricing
  • Limited Integrations

CAKE Final Conclusions

To sum up, CAKE is a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. They have completely changed how companies interact and connect with their consumers because of their innovative technology and user-friendly UI. The overwhelmingly positive comments from happy clients and industry awards show CAKE's dedication to quality and innovation.

CAKE is still a driving force in the corporate environment, helping businesses prosper in a globally interconnected one. CAKE has established itself as a go-to partner for companies looking to improve their communication strategy because of its consistent commitment to providing customer-centric solutions.

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