HGS Review

HGS is a completely customized contact center AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that assists companies in resolving crucial contact center difficulties and supercharges their contact centers to provide an exceptional customer experience. When you use HGS, you only pay for the capabilities essential to your organization's operation.
HGS Review

HGS overview

HGS is a digital CX industry leader that is committed to the delivery of successful customer encounters. As leaders in autonomous customer experience, HGS assists clients in providing consistent experiences at scale that are pleasant, quick, and personable. HGS consistently works to change, optimize, and expand businesses to meet and surpass customers' ever-increasing demands.

HGS is the only company of its size that can really care about its customers while being large enough to deliver on a global scale. With a purpose-driven and design-thinking approach to digital customer experience solutions and services, HGS is here to assist you in developing your company for the years to come.

HGS always strives to improve every stage of the customer experience and raise the customer lifetime value (CLV). An encounter with a client is not a discrete, isolated event; rather, it is an ongoing component of an overall strategy to nurture the kind of connection with the wanted consumer.

It implements a complete omnichannel strategy by seamlessly connecting with customers across several channels, including phone, chat, email, postal mail, video, and social media. It also looks for chances for deflection and self-service. This software will improve your contact center by boosting income, improving productivity, and keeping clients alive. It does this by charting the trip and detecting moments of truth.

What HGS has to say about itself

HGS is presented as a comprehensive, customizable, cloud-based contact center solution that enables contact centers to increase their return on investment (ROI) in the following ways: by growing efficiencies by automating mundane agent tasks; by reducing agent task and talk time; by speeding up agent onboarding and self-learning; by providing agents with deeper customer insights to enrich customer interactions; and by facilitating agent collaboration and idea generation.

HGS combines top-tier human resources with a comprehensive inventory of AI, automation, and analytics (triple-A) technologies that can be tailored to specific needs or purchased off the shelf. This helps the company increase both productivity and customer happiness.

For instance, its Agent X solution for contact centers empowers your most precious assets (people!) by providing them with multichannel live-agent-assist capabilities, real-time data, unified customer perspectives, and interactive knowledge sharing. Any customer experience (CX) or back-office procedure may be streamlined quickly utilizing the HGS Automated Enterprise solutions (which use a library of more than 600 bots!).

If you have the proper combination of people and technology, you can make your workers happier, provide a better customer experience, and boost your company's ability to compete. With its comprehensive capabilities, HGS was developed to facilitate the accelerated resolution of user concerns, the acceleration of quality management procedures, and the delivery of exceptional service to customers.

Through its Experts On-Demand service, HGS makes experienced personnel and flexible contract timelines available to its clients. HGS provides dependable and cost-effective assistance whenever required, whether for staff augmentation, the execution of a project from beginning to finish, or even for one-time strategy and innovation services. Not only are projects involving transformation, pilots and proof of concepts, process reengineering, and Lean consultancy included in its scope, but they are also the company's area of expertise. Additionally, it provides managed services. HGS uses an on-demand methodology that could be more platform-specific to find the finest possible choices for surpassing customer requirements.

HGS Review

Year Started1993
Company Websitehgs.cx
Service AreasUSA, UK, Canada, India, Philippines, Jamaica, Australia, Colombia
Service TypesSome key services offered by HGS include Customer Support, Sales and Marketing Support, Technical Support, Finance and Accounting, Back Office Services, Digital and Social Media Services, and Multilingual Services.
FeaturesAI-powered agent assist, Customer 360° view, Smart knowledge base, Cloud-based omnichannel platform, Interactive voice response (IVR) & assistance, Contact center analytics, Contact center automation.
CertificationsISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

HGS price policy

The cost of HGS services may vary greatly depending on several criteria like the kind and complexity of services required, the amount of work, the degree of expertise necessary, and the length of time the partnership must be maintained. After determining a company's specific needs, HGS will often provide individualized price estimates. There are many other pricing structures, such as hourly rates, fees based on transactions, and project-based contracts. Enterprises interested in the services offered by HGS are strongly advised to contact the company's sales staff to get exact pricing information. This will enable the enterprises to acquire accurate quotations based on their unique business requirements.
PackagesHGS has not disclosed this product or service's price. This is standard procedure for service providers and software vendors. Speak with HGS to find out the current cost.
Payment optionsWire transfers, EFT, credit card payments, or other forms of electronic payment.
Payment discountsDiscounts may be available, and the conditions attached to them may vary significantly depending on the services rendered.

HGS online reputation

Customers who have had satisfactory interactions with HGS often comment favorably on the company's professionalism, promptness in customer service, and capacity to deal with difficult responsibilities. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that certain customers may be dissatisfied with particular members of the customer care staff or with periodic dips in the level of service supplied.
Our customer service staff makes extensive use of this technology, since its primary purpose is to simplify and automate the handling procedure in order to significantly boost their level of productivity. Its fluid analytics, which allow for a 360-degree picture of a customer's activities, and its usage of AI, which works like magic, are the qualities that make HGS a winner, and they are responsible for its success. Additionally, nobody seems to notice this, yet the user interface and user experience of this platform crammed with features is really straightforward. AI-powered agent assistance, with the goal of helping agents address problems more quickly and cutting down on wait times. A centralized control panel that displays everything in one location, such as a pay stub and a chart of tax deductions. HGS has been dependable and stands out from the competition. We began out with ShoreTel, but after switching to HGS, we have not seen any quantifiable benefits. - Sara U.
If the scope is not clearly specified, integration and automation for two tasks that are relatively similar may be in conflict with one another when using robotic process automation. It is necessary for it to wage its own war against competitors such as Exotel. Despite the fact that they have an amazing clientele at this point, they still need to demonstrate their usefulness. In addition, the connectivity with our CRM is not supported by the administrative dashboard. Simply said, it accomplishes one's goals while remaining within one's budget. Problems with the interface and logging in. My efforts to modify my password using the option that is not functioning. - Oscar Y.
HGS requires that agents have access to a reliable internet connection in order for it to work correctly; when agents do have such access, the software has shown to be reliable. Because of the buttons, it is simple to use and works very well with the workflow that is currently being used. There have been a few bumps along the way with the integration, but each one of them has been rather simple to resolve. A perfect score of ten is awarded to the registrar because, in my experience, it is the most user-friendly and typical example of its kind that I have encountered. However, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about the required tab for updates in the contact center. It is not well defined, the agents do not seem to care about the voicemail component, and it is possible that this is the best choice. The fields of marketing and sales, in addition to the financial sector, all make use of the acronym "HGS." It has been used widely, but the outcomes have been quite variable due to the fact that the goal is to increase sales response time and activity transparency. It's possible to time and track the conversation with a prospect accurately, and you can get started automating your CRM right now. Because of this, the members of our marketing team have a great deal more spare time on their hands, and we have no intention of going back to our inefficient VOIP for business campaign from before. - Nate R.
When an advisor participates in a video discussion and gets a response indicating an error, the reason the provided number was ineffective may not be immediately clear. Even if there are more stories, the ability to make them over the telephone is slow, clumsy, and complex. This is despite the fact that there are more stories. It is necessary for the identity to have a tab that is easily accessible in order to see voicemails and missed calls. Although I am aware that the display of a GPS was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible on purpose, it would still be quite beneficial to have this information shown. The reporting feature in HGS has proven to be one of my most significant challenges. My impression is that the front end is quite well done; nevertheless, the reporting on the back end is very confusing. It is not possible to read many of the reports in the browser; rather, they must be emailed. This would be an excellent product if they could make the reporting interface as user-friendly as the call interface. - Blake D.
The HGS program is the primary tool for managing both new and existing client contact accounts. It is used by all of the company's support and sales departments simultaneously throughout the whole organization. Its primary benefit is that it makes it possible to cut down on the number of screens or windows that must be navigated in order to go from one area of knowledge to another while simultaneously indicating to workers and management whether or not the information in question is now accessible. Companies that have a lot of information and can present to personnel and management equally when it is accessible and when it is not available are the most ideal candidates for HGS. Where you really start to see the benefits is in your capacity to flip between these different regions. If you do not utilize the "talk" feature, then HGS is not useful to you since it does not market itself as effectively to organizations who do use it. - Kim N.
If you log out of your account but do not change your status to reflect that you are offline, it will continue to function until the next time you enter into your account. It would be useful to have the opportunity to modify the choice you have as an appointment or a staff member. This is a note concerning your inability to customize the alternatives that are accessible. One of the most significant flaws that I have seen up to this point is that it often fails, such as by failing to be ready for calls when it is patently impossible to do so or by failing to be able to receive calls from another party. Even though HGS just released Explore, which compiles all of the available reports into a one area, it is still quite difficult to choose which report to run. After you have located the report you are looking for, you will need to export it to either Excel or Google Sheets so that you may alter the data and create any type of graphic. On the other hand, the majority of the information you seek is included in these reports. - Laton P.
Find ways to simplify and speed up the challenging parts of your typical method while maintaining the integrity of your goals. You have the option of using a different display mode or moving it across the screen to get it exactly where you want it. The ability to easily move between important workplace duties, such as email and chat, while keeping open communication with your group over matters such as meals, meetings, and scheduling, reduces the amount of tiredness that is caused by making these transitions. This piece of software is ridiculously simple to use. The process of learning how to utilize this tool takes just a few seconds. In addition to this, the HGS gives our IVR an astounding degree of adaptability. Because of this, it is now much simpler for customers to reach the appropriate team, which has contributed to an increase in their overall level of satisfaction. Utilizing HGS has been an amazing experience all around. This software has not only helped us expand, but it has also supported us along the process. In addition, their customer experience (CX) staff is exceptional and highly helpful. - Daniel T.
The callbar often has technical difficulties, and there is a lack of certain fundamental functions (you cannot put a client on hold and then make a transfer; the number of external contacts that you may have readily accessible in the callbar is capped at a certain number; etc.). Due to the fact that we work in a contact center that connects prospective customers with our real estate agents who are situated all over the nation, it is very important to have speedy access to the personal phone numbers of our agents. Since a few of weeks ago, we have been unable to add, remove, or change any phone numbers that are stored in our "Favorites" list, which acts as our internal phone directory. Unfortunately, it does not seem that any fixes are on the way either. There is no option to automatically webpop; only clickable urls are available. Enterprise license might come with a hefty price tag. - Charlz V.
Everyone at HGS has been very involved in the deployment process since it began. During the installation, we work with PS, and they are just incredible. They have a deep understanding of both our business and the way we do our operations. They also assist us in developing our customer service center further. Following the installation, our CSM and TAM have taken over, and everything has gone quite well thus far. While we were in "run" mode, the support crew was also quite responsive; they provided very speedy responses to all of our urgent requests. User friendliness. This is a product that requires relatively little effort to maintain. The response time for help is between 24 and 48 hours. Excellent reporting capabilities and integrations are available. It works very well. In general, we have had a positive experience; however, there are issues that we are currently dealing with, and the HGS team is prepared to cooperate with us. - Kyle T.
In order for the tool to provide even deeper comprehension, there are still a few aspects of its design that may need to be improved. Reporting may benefit from changes to enable greater usability between reports. Second, I would want to see enhancements made to the capability of differentiating between several records that could have the same name. Not all dialers come with no known issues. The fact that you could never work out of an account while using HGS was, in my opinion, the service's most significant shortcoming. Because of this, it was challenging for me to keep track of the people I was calling while I was just working from HGS. Another problem, which I believe they are working to resolve, is the manner in which the screen displays itself when you use HGS as a click-to-dial option. It is one of my pet peeves to be required to click more than is really necessary in order to place a call, and this was a pain for me while I was attempting to power down my list. - Blar C.

HGS Social media

https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamHGS2760 Subscribers
Reddit users give HGS a lot of credit for its creative fixes. HGS maximizes client interaction in the sector and propels company expansion with a scalable platform, real-time monitoring, and targeted communications. Reddit users have applauded them for their commitment to dependability and client happiness. Businesses may achieve data-driven success and cultivate enduring customer relationships with the help of HGS's comprehensive portfolio of products. Try their services and leave your feedback.

HGS average reviews

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HGS Pros&Cons


  • Diverse Service Portfolio
  • Scalability
  • Innovation


  • Communication Challenges
  • Data Security Concerns
  • Cost

HGS Final Conclusions

Overall, the HGSfirm offers services that are of a high quality and have rather decent customer service. Nevertheless, price and customer service improvements are required to increase consumer satisfaction further.

With the assistance of comments and suggestions from its customers, HGS needs to prioritize creating new features and tools. When both the positives and negatives are evaluated, HGS may be seen as a dependable and promising firm that can develop into an even larger success provided it continues to be customer-driven.

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