ClickPoint Review: Pricing, Features & More

The difficult job of following up on sales may be greatly simplified with the aid of ClickPoint's automation. ClickPoint removes the need for guessing who to call, when to call, whether to email or send a text message, etc. Your salespeople will be able to work their leads in a more efficient manner, with less complexity, thanks to the use of assisted selling and automated lead prioritizing. This will help them close more transactions.
ClickPoint Review: Pricing, Features & More

ClickPoint overview

The potent software known as ClickPoint helps performance marketers and salespeople enhance their return on investment (ROI) from leads. Leads may be captured, and their origins tracked via affiliates, forms, and phone campaigns. Instantly disseminate leads to either internal teams or individual clients. The real-time acquisition, qualification, and distribution of leads and calls is made possible for businesses by the LeadExec lead distribution platform.

The web-based ClickPoint LeadManager software is designed to assist salespeople in making more contacts and converting more leads in a shorter time. Find the information you need to move the decision-making process forward more quickly. Build bespoke reports that break down just how each campaign is doing. Through the use of real-time reporting, you may get a higher ROI from your lead flow.

ClickPoint Software develops innovative solutions to capture, distribute, and optimize prospect interaction and marketing, as well as sales automation and customer response. Your sales and marketing technology stack will benefit from the addition of LeadExec and ClickPoint LeadManager at every stage, from creating leads to finalizing transactions.

By increasing the number of contacts made and sales made, ClickPoint makes it possible for businesses to flourish. It provides more than simply the most effective lead software to its customers. The existing sales and marketing technology stack is something that ClickPoint attempts to understand. It analyzes how to operate with the stack you already have to get the best possible outcomes. The project managers at ClickPoint are committed to your success because they feel it is in their best interest.

What ClickPoint has to say about itself

ClickPoint is a comprehensive sales and marketing tool that is aimed to assist salespeople in contacting a greater number of potential customers. Lead distribution is the process through which leads are made available to lead buyers, sales teams, or software tools developed by third parties. Automation software is required for effective lead routing since it is necessary to swiftly acquire leads and distribute them based on a variety of criteria as soon as feasible.

ClickPoint is a solution for sales lead management and sales interaction that provides results for sales teams of all sizes. The lead management software gathers leads, evaluates them based on their potential value, and then distributes them to sales representatives in the appropriate order. Follow up with leads in a timely and effective manner to increase the number of sales achieved in a certain amount of time. Lead Management is a component of ClickPoint with RingResponse. It was developed to assist sales teams in communicating with more of their prospects and closing more transactions.

The sales engagement lead management tool offered by ClickPoint enables salespeople to easily contact their leads with the touch of a button, making the process much more streamlined. You can change the information and status of leads, take notes, and arrange follow-up appointments all from inside the app. Every appointment and email discussion thread is kept up to date across both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Live call transfers ensure that live phone leads are transferred from contact centers to lead purchasers in an efficient and smooth manner. The use of live call transfer software is an important component of a successful contact center since it enables the prompt distribution of hot leads to sales representatives. The LeadExec live call transfer tool examines all the orders now available and provides the most suitable one. In addition, the length of the call is captured inside the recording. It is possible to record the conversation with the approval of the prospect to validate the lead interest and certify a successful transfer.

ClickPoint Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesClickPoint is a sales automation platform offering services designed to streamline lead management, increase sales efficiency, and optimize marketing strategies.
FeaturesIntelligent dialing and lead prioritization, Sales scripts & guided selling, Inbound call tracking and IVR, Lead capture and lead source integration, Automated text and email nurture, Real-time scoreboards, call dashboards, performance dashboards
CertificationsSOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, SPN, GDPR

ClickPoint price policy

ClickPoint solutions are tailored to meet specific needs and are priced according to variables including the quantity of leads, user count, and necessary functionalities. A subscription-based business model is ClickPoint's standard operating model, which offers flexibility to enterprises of all sizes. Specific price information is available upon request, enabling businesses to get tailored quotations according to their needs. ClickPoint guarantees that companies pay for lead management services that meet their goals and budget by providing tailored programs. Direct communication with ClickPoint's sales staff is advised for accurate and comprehensive price information.
PackagesStarting at $450 a month for teams of 5 users. ADDITIONAL USERS - $65 per Active User per Month
Payment optionsСredit cards, American Express, EFT, ACH
Payment discountsCertain criteria, such as the kind of service plan and the length of the contract, might affect discounts and promotional offers. Please get in touch with your sales or customer support representative if your company is interested in using ClickPoint's services. Customers may get the most accurate and recent information by talking about their unique needs and asking about any continuing discounts, special deals, or customized pricing plans.

ClickPoint online reputation

ClickPoint is well-known for its effective lead management solutions and features that allow customized communication. Users like its prompt customer service and simplicity of use. However, some express difficulty with intricate setups and want further integrations. Though there is little space for development, ClickPoint provides organizations with a simplified solution overall.
It is a terrific way to go through leads quickly and when you want to teach a very particular procedure of how your leads should be handled. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out this article. Extremely user-friendly and straightforward to master. Clearing the screen is a philosophy that makes it extremely simple to explain it to newly hired staff members, and it also makes it possible to quickly assess how well the team is doing at a glance. Incredible work from the support crew! The integration of chat assistance within the system has been fantastic for providing instant answers to any issues that may arise while we are using it. Whenever we make a request or query, we almost always get a prompt answer along with a solution within a short amount of time. The implementation of ClickPoint couldn't be easier. Even someone who has never worked with a customer relationship management system before may quickly learn how to utilize it. The presentation is simple and free of mess. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to that aspect of things, particularly when it comes to the cost of leads, so the method and manner in which it creates leads is very useful to me being as how it is. You will be able to receive the greatest leads for your budget if you make use of the alternatives that they provide, which assist to narrow things down. - Bob S.
Enhancements to the user reporting process are necessary, and interfaces with other systems would make it simpler to examine the data. In the future, it would be great to see a greater number of integrations with many other software and SaaS solutions. Absence of capability for reporting issues. My support staff has been pretty excellent about trying to get us what we need, but the lack of reporting capabilities is holding us back a little bit. My support team has been really good about trying to get us what we need. I really wish there was a way to go back over your past, even if it was just the last ten items you worked on. In addition, I don't like how the Lead Source fields are hidden when you use the Push Distribution feature. That ought to be something that the administrator may decide for themselves as an option. In addition to that, I'd want to be able to make calls from any of the screens. There have been moments when the program has run slowly owing to certain underlying issues that have been rectified very rapidly. When I first started using the program, the "search" page was difficult to navigate and hard to use. However, the software has now been updated, and I have not encountered any of these issues since then. - Adam D.
I really like how the program is laid up, and if you take the time to learn how it functions and use it well, I have no doubt that you will see a difference in the quality of your work. The expansiveness as well as the capability of personalization. Before we made the switch to ClickPoint, our organization had a number of one-of-a-kind and very particular needs pertaining to lead management and workflow, all of which were being handled manually. Together with our management team, the team and account representative from ClickPoint were able to largely automate our formerly hand-operated processes using the software provided by ClickPoint. We have been able to enhance our lead to show conversion rates by streamlining our lead distribution, lead transferring, and reporting processes. In addition, we have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of time that passes between when we get a customer's lead and when we get in touch with them. - Jason E.
Even when Revenue Sharing is selected as the option, I believe it should be possible to see the real settlement amount per lead in the vendor site. This is the only feature I believe it should have. It need to deduct the cost depending on a percentage, and it ought to display the deducted amount appropriately in both the admin portal and the vendor portal. The program has, on rare occasions, gone through periods in which its operation was very sluggish; nonetheless, any issues that arose were immediately remedied. We too had concerns with the functioning of the search, but lately there was a significant improvement made to the search, and we are no longer having any problems with it. I don't think that they now provide history tracking or summary reports, but I do believe that they are working on enhancing these capabilities. There have been a few occasions when it has functioned slowly, and we have had a few problems with the operation of the search bar, but the support team is always extremely fast, and problems are rectified promptly. When compared to other CRMs that I've tried, there have been very few instances of downtime. - Scott S.
My staff spends a lot less time working with it since it is so simple to use. Numerous intelligent features, so you don't need to worry about whether or not it's the appropriate time to call or how often you should call. You are responsible for setting the settings, and the system will provide you with leads. Our call center has benefited greatly from it. We are able to immediately contact leads, which has resulted in significant cost and time savings for our company. Our contact center has benefited tremendously from being able to recruit fewer workers while also increasing their overall productivity. When it comes to working leads, ClickPoint is a fantastic CRM to have, particularly if you have a team. In a setting involving several people, the pull distribution seems to be the most effective way for dealing with leads. It offers solutions to an extremely wide range of problems. And you can automate the CRM to the point where all you have to do is click a button, and the lead will be contacted. You can also click a button to choose what to do with the lead. It is the greatest in its category for what it can accomplish, particularly now that they have added the function that allows for two-way texting. - Tom P.
SMS is reliable, however there is no MMS support. The 3-way call connection first seemed cumbersome, but when we put it to the test, we discovered that it was quite seamless. One SMS thread is maintained, but several persons may give phone follow-up. This will make life simpler for the lead, as they will be able to see the history of their own SMS thread within the context of the multi-user capabilities that allows us to utilize a single phone number for the lead. No.csv uphold is required for the sending of reports and storage of information since both of these functions operate just as well with pdf trade. The customer service may respond more quickly. It sometimes slows because of surges in use, but the background team is always right on top of it, so in my perspective, there is really nothing about the application that can be considered an unequivocal hate. - Stacy M.
I appreciate how it's organized in a manner that's simple to comprehend for our company, and how it's built to work leads with the click of a button, which is a huge plus. There is no other CRM on the market that works leads as well as this one does. It is effective in every way. There will be no downtime, problems, or features that aren't necessary. When I did have to contact customer support, they were wonderful on the few occasions that it was necessary. Software and a firm that are rock strong. One of the wiser choices I've made about the future of my firm. Contains features that are excellent for lead management and are really handy. The user interface is quite pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. The customer support is highly flexible and helpful. It's a good product, it does what it’s supposed to do, it’s simple to use, and it’s continually becoming better. This is an item that comes highly recommended from me. - Krystel A.
The one aspect of their platform that I do not like is that, unlike Salesexec, it is not web-based. This is for leadexec. It bothers me because there are so many mistakes and "bugs" in the system. When I try to click on an incoming call, it consistently ignores my input and refuses to record the click. Since there are no issues with outbound calls made via our phone system, the issue must be on the end of SalesExec. I usually receive two pop ups when I answer an incoming call: one of them has the customer's information, while the other one is empty. It is annoying because every time a new tab starts, it is blank. In addition, if a lead is transferred to me, I would want to be able to view that file without having to reopen the sales executive window. - Barbara P.
It is simple to use, the prices are reasonable, and the customer service representatives are typically quite fast to fix any difficulties that may arise. They are also constantly working on ways to enhance the program, both in terms of how easy it is to use and how well it functions. When problems do develop, the staff at ClickPoint is quick to address and resolve them. The product itself is incredible since it is capable of achieving things that the majority of other software businesses are just considering doing at this point. The fact that the device is both trustworthy and simple to use is unquestionably the most advantageous aspect about it. I had no prior experience with XML, HTTP Post/Get or Ping Post anything; nevertheless, they did a good job of training us, and the software is rather extensive and is capable of handling pretty much all that any lead generation firm could ask for. The lead management software offered by ClickPoint is a revolutionary innovation in the field of sales. It helps me retain an orderly lead tracking system and simplifies the sales procedures I already have in place. It's been a few months since I started using it, and I can honestly say that it's made my work a lot simpler. In the event that I ever want assistance or have any issues, they also provide excellent customer service. I cannot speak highly enough about ClickPoint to anybody searching the market for a dependable and effective lead management software. - Jesse R.
The practicality of it? Don't even get me going on this one. It has about the same degree of dependability as a house of cards during a storm. Glitches, crashes, and failures for no apparent reason are all common occurrences. It is incredible that they were able to release something that was so very rough around the edges and unreliable. How is their assistance for customers? It is pointless to continue the conversation since nobody will listen. They are a model of both apathy and inability to do their duties. You will discover that you are caught in a cycle of pre-written replies that do little to address the real problems that you are now dealing with. To add insult to injury, the price they provide is nothing short of a heist. They charge an exorbitant amount of money for a product that has terrible performance and a user experience that is very frustrating. It is almost remarkable how they manage to make excessive profits off of such poor quality service. - Dave T.

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ClickPoint Pros&Cons


  • Efficient Lead Management
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Responsive Customer Support


  • Complex Configurations
  • Limited Integrations
  • Mobile App Functionality

ClickPoint Final Conclusions

Users have lauded the effective lead management and tailored communication tools that ClickPoint provides. These features make ClickPoint stand out. A pleasant experience is contributed to by the user-friendliness of its interface as well as the responsiveness of its customer assistance.

Nevertheless, there are some small limitations, such as difficulties with complicated settings and restricted integrations. Despite the fact that some customers have mentioned some small problems, ClickPoint is generally regarded as a solution that simplifies corporate operations, hence increasing both sales productivity and customer engagement.

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