InfoFlo Review: Pricing, Features & More

The user-friendly customer relationship management (CRM) software from InfoFlo is ideal for handling connections with your contacts and clients. This complete contact, relationship, email, calendar, document, and task management system is integrated.
InfoFlo Review: Pricing, Features & More

InfoFlo overview

InfoFlo solutions is a technology firm established in Toronto with a primary emphasis on facilitating the growth of small and medium enterprises. It believes that complex requirements should be met by business software without making the program itself difficult. It is the company's goal to provide reasonably priced software that has been built with careful consideration.

InfoFlo CRM is both the beating core of the InfoFlo platform and the company's flagship offering. It gives you the ability to automatically connect, archive, search, and share any and all of your phone conversations, voicemails, recordings, emails, appointments, tasks, and projects, as well as many other types of information. The most popular customer relationship management system (CRM) for use with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 is InfoFlo CRM.

InfoFlo Talk is the VoIP technology solution that is both the most technically sophisticated and the most affordably priced in the globe. It is designed to assist you in regaining control of your data and VoIP while also reducing the amount of money you spend on the telephone each month by fifty percent. The majority of companies operating in the modern era are forced to employ pre-packaged software. With InfoFlo One, it is now possible for you to construct beautifully designed bespoke apps that are tailored to meet the requirements of your company without having to make any sacrifices in terms of style, functionality, or workflow.

What InfoFlo has to say about itself

Your workflow will be optimized, and the amount of money you spend on recurring monthly fees will be slashed in half with InfoFlo, a comprehensive technological platform that comes from a single vendor.

With only one click, you can easily send your clients bills as well as estimations. Maintain a record of unpaid bills, produce regular reports, and make available to your clients a sign-on online site where they may see an account of their past purchases. Ensure that you have a seamless transition to the next phase of the process by syncing all of your transactions to either Intuit QuickBooks or InfoFloCRM.

InfoFlo's mission is to continue developing solutions that are robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective so that they may fulfill the demands and requirements of all small and medium-sized organizations. Call recording, Embedded forms, Advanced analytics and Reporting, Gmail connection, Conferencing, Mobile friendly site, and Help desk app are some of the features that are included. In addition to all of the fundamental services, it also provides certain free premium ones, such as the ones listed above.

You may access the data stored in your InfoFlo account from anywhere using the iPhone or Android mobile applications. Always have your sales pipeline with you so that you don't miss out on critical activity or chances to close deals. A quick search for the person's name or company allows you to quickly access your to-do list as well as your contacts while you are on the move. Before you enter a significant meeting, ensure that you have the self-assurance that you are familiar with the whole history of a contract.

Put an end to constructing applications in the conventional manner, which is a difficult process that results in inflated costs. Using the patent-pending AI builder that comes with InfoFlo One, you can create your own bespoke application without having to write a single line of code. Not any more parasites. No longer discomfort in the head. With InfoFlo, any Excel document or app concept may be turned into a functional application.

InfoFlo Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesInfoFlo provides various services designed to streamline business processes and enhance customer interactions.
FeaturesCRM, Talk, InfoFlo One, InfoFlo NPO, InfoFlo Print
CertificationsSAEC, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, SPN, GDPR, PSC, API Qualified

InfoFlo price policy

The price structure of InfoFlo is designed to meet the unique requirements of companies. They provide several subscription options, the price of which is based on the quantity of users and wanted features. Explicit pricing information guarantees that customers pay for services that meet their needs. Businesses may get a CRM system that suits their budget by requesting custom quotations. Essential features are covered by the membership costs; other features may be subject to additional payments. Because of this adaptability, companies of all sizes may use InfoFlo's CRM services without worrying about exceeding their budget. It is advised to get in touch with InfoFlo's sales staff directly for accurate and comprehensive price information.
PackagesBasic - $ 30 per month, On Premise - $ 99 per user
Payment optionsMajor credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, EFT, and ACH
Payment discountsThe kind of subscription plan, the length of the contract, and unique occasions like holidays or business promotions are some of the variables that might affect discounts and promotional offers. Please get in touch with your sales or customer support staff directly if your company is interested in using InfoFlo's services. Clients may make sure they obtain the most accurate and current information by discussing their unique requirements and asking about any continuing discounts, special offers, or customised pricing plans according to their demands.

InfoFlo online reputation

InfoFlo is well-liked for its powerful contact management and easy-to-use UI. Customers like the personalization possibilities. Some worry, nevertheless, about the few integrations and sporadic errors. Despite a few small issues, InfoFlo is an effective option for organizations due to its easy design.
Despite the fact that we have only just begun using the program, one of the features that appeals to me most about it is how readily it can be modified to meet our specific requirements. InfoFlo is, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest alternative for a permanent (non-subscription-based), reasonably priced non-cloud-based experience that gives a simple and straight-forward means to organize and manage legal cases. This discovery was made after many months of testing a multitude of CRM software. Their customer service and sales representatives go above and beyond to assist you in making a selection, and they provide an excellent trial run to ensure that you have a solid understanding of what you are getting yourself into. They provide recommendations on what add-ons will best meet your requirements and explain the various ways in which you may modify the program to meet the requirements of your practice. Another very fantastic feature is the fact that you can begin with the fundamentals and gradually build on more advanced features as your business develops. This software will grow with your company since it has room for growth and receives free upgrades often. You owe it to yourself to give InfoFlo a go if you're looking for a product that won't bust your budget but will assist your team in maintaining its organization. - Morgan D.
The fact that you have to "figure it out for yourself" and that the training is poorly organized are the two aspects of this program that I dislike the least, particularly given the exorbitant price and the fact that it is priced in US dollars. After the first installation, you are on your own and are required to figure things out on your own. Because there is no user manual, you are required to have a high level of independence and be able to figure things out on your own. Even if you have access to the online "Knowledge Base" (KB), there isn't a central location or index where you can look for solutions to problems. I ended up phoning Carmel Vision for help during the first month of usage, and a technician was nice enough to assist me in addressing the problem at no extra expense. I am grateful to Carmel Vision for their assistance. You are informed right from the beginning that you will be charged by the hour for every time a technician has to connect remotely to your computer in order to provide support. - Frederick S.
Our issue of being held back by an obsolete CRM that wasn't properly adapted to our business and the items we sell was addressed by InfoFlo. The simplicity and effectiveness of the layout are huge selling points for us. We receive the same fantastic customer support whether we need assistance with our phones or with Infoflo since they are both housed by the same firm and linked to Infoflo. Love this feature! The change over to Infoflo was completed with great success, and we highly recommend it to both small and big enterprises. The simplicity and versatility of InfoFlo are two of my favorite features. We required a customer relationship management system that could keep track of all of our interactions with customers, including phone calls, emails, and scheduled appointments. That is provided by InfoFlo! This is something that is used on a daily basis by every employee in the office, and it has improved both output and internal communication about all of the customers that we service. The platform design is what I appreciate the most about it since it appears to be a lot simpler to browse and get all of the key information on a certain customer, with just a few easy flowing clicks. The fact that extra modules might be added is one of my favorite things about the CRM since it gives you a lot of leeway to customize it to your own requirements in your own time and gives you the option to add people as your workforce expands. - Chris A.
I found out after the fact that you could also open a support ticket and wait for a technician to respond to it...but nobody explained how to use this type of support, so I learned not to expect a phone call but rather to keep checking the support ticket for an online response or link that suggests different options for troubleshooting the issue. In the event that this does not resolve the problem, you should continue to use the support ticket. Finding a solution to this might take anything from a few hours to many days. Regarding the training, Shai did a good job of displaying the program; nevertheless, an organized training outline (akin to a lesson plan that describes what you will learn and shows you step by step) would have been beneficial, particularly for the purpose of educating new users or those who are not as skilled with technology. - Michael D.
The user interface is simple to use and divided into parts that are easy to grasp for speedy workflow. One advantage is that it interacts with Outlook. I think InfoFlo is "feature rich," full of practical features, and clearly made by folks who understand what a CRM needs. Considering how little time I've spent with it, I'm spending a lot of time at the "Academy". Finding out about the product excites me because I know what it can accomplish. We can retrieve accounts in a variety of methods, which aids in the creation of more effective sales campaigns. We may quickly fulfill our demands by selecting the state, the amount, or the different firms we represent with a few clicks. We had a few questions, as with many fresh launches, and their service was excellent in making time to check that everything was functioning. gave us a great deal of freedom in terms of information gathering.I love that we can decide which information to provide our workers, allowing them to have access to exactly the information they need. It is now much more handy thanks to the new mobile version. Their mapping tool makes it very easy to start entering information. the fact that all information is entered into a client file without repetition. We seem to have all the information thanks to all of the emails and papers. - Owen O.
REPORTING is not adaptable; in addition, we need an online report that we can run and get contact details by just clicking on the name of a customer. It is not possible to sort reports based on distinct fields without exporting them to Exel and modifying them, which takes time. Support may be difficult at times. After two weeks of attempting to install the offline version of Infoflo, we asked for assistance and were instructed to purchase support. We sought for a workaround on our own, but the problem persisted and our data would not download. After reaching out to them for the fifth time, we were informed that an update was on the way due to an internal problem. EMAIL & POP-UP REMINDERS: they only ever functioned once on my IT guy's machine; they never function on my computer at all. BACKUP: We had a backup for three months, but it doesn't alert you when it fills up. They said that they are addressing this. ONE entry at a time must be deleted; MASS DELETE is not possible. They've got things under control. EMAILS THAT ARE NOT CONTACT: We are unable to delete them. During software installation, we had duplicate emails, resulting in over 250K emails that we are unable to remove. - Kerry A.
The fact that it is not a membership service is something I like about this product; yet, the expense of purchasing everything you need all at once might be difficult to stomach. Integration with both Outlook and Gmail is a tool that comes in quite handy. You will have simple access to connecting your emails, tasks, and contacts (including sales and opportunities). The Desktop version and the one-time purchase pricing are both appealing to me. By storing all of a contact's information in a single location and making it accessible with the push of a button, InfoFlo provides a comprehensive picture of all of the user's contacts. Users are able to add customized fields to better meet the needs of their businesses, and the interface is relatively simple to use. An ideal instrument for recording all customer interaction data is Infoflo talk's built-in capability to integrate incoming phone calls. In addition, Infoflo enables you to record any and all activity linked with your clients, as well as establish processes and tasks. - Laura D.
The project feature does not have a suitable connection to the opportunities feature; for instance, you are unable to transform opportunities into projects. The feature of Categories does not make very much sense. It is in your best interest to generate Leads and keep them distinct from Contacts. They do not supply the software that is required in order for you to install the Quickbooks connection, and as a result, you are required to acquire their services in order to do so. During the process of installing the connection to Quickbooks, the agent only said that the majority of customers do not have Quickbooks, which is the reason why it is not offered in advance. Even though I inquired, they did not offer the necessary software to establish a connection with Quickbooks. As a result, they insisted that I purchase their services in order to complete the Quickbooks link, despite the fact that all of the other CRMs that I researched included step-by-step instructions for doing so. In my opinion, this behavior is immoral. Also, each and every item is an extra module, and they have bundled everything in such a way that you are required to purchase almost all of them. Although it seemed to be a bargain, the total cost ended up being far more than I had expected. The service provided after the transaction is not very good. There has been no answer to my e-mails. - Mathias B.
There are a lot of useful features, as well as simplicity of use in general, a decent appearance and feel, and the flexibility to switch between individual and business profiles. If you want to begin with a blank slate or are willing to pay the cost so that they can assist you in transferring your data into their program, I have no doubt that it will be an excellent choice. To put it to the test, we had a lot of excitement. If our requirements were more extensive and if we had a more sizable budget, everything probably would have gone according to plan. Given the circumstances, we are grateful that we were able to get a significant amount of assistance from tech support without having to pay for it, as is often the case. Due to the few resources we had available, we were unable to make it work. You are able to start the Customer Relationship activity even if you have not yet purchased all of the available add-ons. And once you get started with your activity, you'll find that you can immediately operate in a professional manner. Because of this, I have suggested this program to a variety of businesspeople who were seeking for a solution. - Robert L.
We may have tried thousands of times, but we were never able to successfully import our pre-existing data into the program on our own. We were informed that in order to seek assistance with putting our data into their program, we would need to pay a minimum of two hours' worth of support. We have CSV files as well as Excel files that could be used for the import, and I had two programmers at my disposal. The basic package includes an import function. That we should be in need of their assistance didn't sit well with us at all. Because we were informed that we would not be able to import on our own after purchasing a license, we are of the opinion that the function should not be made available to the customer if they are unable to utilize it without paying for further assistance. It is not clear at all. Because of the relative simplicity of our requirements, our budget had to be kept quite tight. I was ultimately successful in convincing my programmers to construct a simple address book for us, since this was the only thing that we really need. - John C.

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InfoFlo Pros&Cons


  • Robust Contact Management
  • Task and Project Managemen
  • Customer Support


  • Limited Integrations
  • Learning Curve
  • Mobile App Functionality

InfoFlo Final Conclusions

The design of InfoFlo achieves a balance between being easy to use and having powerful contact management features. The user experience is improved overall, as seen by the positive comments that stress its straightforward design and extensive personalization possibilities.

InfoFlo is a dependable option for CRM use in spite of several bugs and a restricted number of connectors. Because of its effective contact management and rapid customer service, it is a popular choice among companies that are looking for a solution that is both flexible and easy to use.

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