Lead Liaison Review: Pricing, Features & More

Businesses may generate marketing-qualified leads and convert them into sales-qualified leads with the aid of the Lead Liaison marketing automation platform. Setting up important company procedures and developing omnichannel marketing campaigns for online and offline platforms are made simple by integrated marketing technologies. The platform is designed to increase productivity while assisting your sales and marketing teams in forging stronger bonds with partners, consumers, and prospects.
Lead Liaison Review: Pricing, Features & More

Lead Liaison overview

Lead Liaison is a provider of marketing and sales automation tools hosted in the cloud. These products assist companies all over the globe in attracting, converting, and closing leads. The firm caters to companies of all sizes and concentrates on developing the Revenue Generation Software platform that has the most functionality and is easiest to use.

The cutting-edge and powerful software that the company uses integrates all of the following functions into a single platform: lead collection, real-time lead tracking, lead qualifying, lead distribution, database segmentation, lead nurturing, social media interaction, and ROI reporting. The days of the "evil CRM" salespeople often try to avoid using are long gone. Lead Liaison has provided organizations with a platform that enables them to have a single focus on prospective clients, existing clients, and business partners. It simplifies the process of entering data so that salespeople may work more quickly and effectively.

Lead management automation enables salespeople and marketers to work more effectively and develop deeper connections with customers, prospects, and partners. This benefits everyone involved. ProspectVision offers the highest degree of proactive monitoring available in the market, which enables sales representatives to get important sales intelligence. Users of GoCapture! are given the ability to create their own unique forms, instantly supply mobile devices, and swiftly collect leads. At the same time, they are on-site and then immediately segment, tag, follow up with, and nurture leads without skipping a beat.

What Lead Liaison has to say about itself

Lead Liaison is the industry's most adaptable solution, offering individual building pieces or a comprehensive suite to complete your sales and marketing stack. Lead Liaison is the most flexible solution in the business. Users are able to send and receive email in their native format, carry out prospecting programs, and evaluate the outcomes with the help of the company's Sales Enablement service.

OneFocus is available at no cost at all. With its completely integrated (and simple to use) CRM, you can keep track of client connections as well as sales and tasks. Through the use of tailored popups or embedded content, SiteEngage is able to convert and engage a greater number of website users. Your business will stand out from the competition with gamification's highly customized games and group challenges. Lead capture integrated games allow for the collection of fresh leads.

The Lead Liaison sales and marketing automation software is the most adaptable and comprehensive one available on the market today. Utilize enterprise-ready point solutions or utilize the platform as a whole sales and marketing suite. Both options are available. Your company will have a faster start-up time thanks to the first-rate assistance and online learning platform that it provides. Every customer is provided with an onboarding experience, assigned a Team Lead, and the chance to get certified on the platform.

Lead Liaison developed a set of sales solutions with the intention of making the lives of sales professionals a great deal simpler. It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced sales representative concentrating on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or a business development representative concentrating on prospecting; this solution will help you to sell more while expending less work. Your business will have the advantage it needs to succeed in a highly competitive market if you use systematic methods to speed up the selling of your products.

Lead Liaison Review

Year Started2013
Company Websiteleadliaison.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesLead Liaison provides a variety of services geared towards marketing automation, lead management, and customer engagement.
FeaturesMarketing Automation, Email & Online Marketing, Lead Management, Campaign Management, Social Marketing, Reporting & Analytics, Platform & Infrastructure
CertificationsISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, GDPR

Lead Liaison price policy

The price structure of Lead Liaison is customized to meet the demands of each unique organization. Based on variables like the quantity of leads, the number of users, and the necessary features, they provide tailored solutions. Pricing information is open and clear, guaranteeing that customers pay for services that meet their unique needs. The basic functions are usually covered by the membership fees; however, there may be additional costs for certain functionality. Because of this adaptability, Lead Liaison's services may be used by companies of various sizes while nevertheless meeting their budgetary needs. It is advised to speak with the Lead Liaison's sales staff directly for accurate and comprehensive price information.
PackagesInbound - $250/month; Omnibound - $780/month; Lifecycle - $1,500/month
Payment optionsCredit cards, ACH, Pay Pall
Payment discountsCertain criteria, such as the kind of service plan and the length of the contract, might affect discounts and promotional offers. Please get in touch with your sales or customer service team if your company is interested in using Lead Liaison's services. Customers may get the most accurate and recent information by talking about their unique needs and asking about any continuing discounts, special deals, or customized pricing plans.

Lead Liaison online reputation

Lead Liaison is commended for its extensive lead management and marketing automation features. Users value how well-featured the tracking and reporting are. Some users, however, feel that the learning curve could be faster and that competency takes time. With a little learning curve, it's an effective tool for data-driven marketing overall.
It starts with successfully carrying out the foundations (such as email campaigns and monitoring website visits), and then it adds a considerable number of capabilities that can be added on top of that (including content management, tracking, and automation, for example). One other aspect that distinguishes Lead Liaison from its rivals is the exceptional quality of the people that work in the company's technical support department. Lead Liaison's capabilities in the areas of marketing automation and visitor monitoring have been of the utmost importance to our organization in terms of our capacity to put the inbound marketing strategy that we've developed to good use. We have been able to successfully complete a number of transactions as a direct result of using the platform, and we predict that this number will continue to climb in the near future. During the process of making enhancements to the product design, Lead Liaison ensures that the platform is robust by taking into account the demands placed on them by the customer. We requested it, so they produced it, and ever since then, our return on investment has been going through the sky. There was an integration that wasn't there before; we asked for it, and they developed it. The features are valuable to a broad range of professions inside our company, including sales, marketing, and analysts, amongst others. - Angela J.
Unfortunately, the data are not good. Really awful. We were generating a 2600% return on investment at a rival before they stole us away. This was a poor choice for us to make from a business standpoint. Lead Liaison promised the same high degree of visitor identification in addition to a large number of other features, but it was never able to deliver. After a year, we did not, in point of fact, see a return on investment that was higher than the initial investment. On the other hand, the competition has reported a return on investment of 1,700% in only the first month after returning to them. Based on what I said before, it seems like we don't really have a solution to this. The most ideal situation would be to have a single platform that could detect site visitors, do marketing automation, create landing pages, and run email campaigns. "Jack of all trades, master of none" is how we would describe Lead Liaison's work. We have migrated our complete technology stack to other platforms, which has resulted in a significant increase in our return on investment (ROI), at a much cheaper cost. - Anthony P.
Are you looking for an automated visitor tracking system to shorten your sales cycle and simultaneously identify potential leads on your website? That's precisely what Lead Liaison's Prospect Vision License for visitor monitoring provides, and more! Gaining additional insight into the needs of our visitors has allowed us to close leads much faster and also helps us discover areas that still need improvement. The most valuable aspect of Lead Liaison for a marketer is its ability to increase the effectiveness of the whole sales and marketing team process by speeding up sales and offering deeper campaign insights. Lead Liaison's automatic program, Prospect Vision, saves me hours of effort that I would have to perform manually by recording IP addresses when people engage with your website. It is much more reliable than Google Analytics. You may see live information on the businesses and individuals that visit your website thanks to this license. Lead Liaison's database will capture a visitor's IP address the minute they connect with your website to complete a task (such downloading files, viewing videos, engaging with promotional materials, completing forms, clicking on a document or URL in an email, etc.). - John S.
It does take some time to get things set up right, and you may need some technical competence in order to do so. This will help us get a better sense for which pages work the best on our website (without having to do it manually), and I hope that in the future they will have the option to be able to obtain a comprehensive list of all prospects along with all of the dates and each page they viewed on our website. When we first began using the tool, it was obvious that it had just been released into the market. Nevertheless, during the course of the last year, it has undergone a comprehensive restructuring of its major sections, which has resulted in increased capabilities across the board. The corporation is hard at work improving its user interface, which might be confusing to certain users because of the extensive amount of functions it has. I really wish that Lead Liaison came with an out-of-the-box solution that enabled me to sync to an unlimited amount of Salesforce standard and custom objects. In addition to this, I would want to have the capacity to generate individualized reports without being required to have prior understanding of complex reporting systems. Last but not least, I would want there to be an option for a folder structure for the functionality of Emails, Prospects, and Forms. - Danielle S.
Some of the things of this application that I find most attractive are listed below: You may attach documents and links from your website to emails that you send to recipients. These will let you know when the email is read and what the recipient does with it after getting it. Real-time automated email alerts will be sent to your email address whenever a visitor completes a certain activity that qualifies them as a hot lead or potential customer. When a visitor completes a certain activity that qualifies them as a hot or prospective buyer, you will get a signal. Every morning, you will get Activity Update Reports that feature a list of all the people and companies who visited your website the day before. This enables you to target qualified prospects more rapidly, which helps to accelerate the sales process. It also saves you from needing to go through the database by hand. You may create shortened links and use them in print marketing materials to track their effectiveness in driving traffic back to your website and/or to the targeted product or solution (social media and content features). To do this, choose the "Social media" or "Content features" tabs, in that order. - Bill M.
There are certain things that are not as obvious as others. In order to set things up, you may make use of a wide variety of workflows, rules, and other tools; but, if you do not do it in the proper manner, you will not obtain the outcomes that you anticipate. The fact that there is no option to buy an extra license in order to access more in-depth reporting capabilities is one of the things that may be bothersome. Due to the fact that our financial resources are limited, we have reverted to our old tactic, which consisted of compiling monthly reports utilizing information obtained from other sources. It would be helpful if there were automatic methods to run reports, so that we could get a file once a week, once a month, or whichever often we opted for that had the comprehensive exported data that we now have to manually export. They assisted us in adding an upload function that enables consumers to attach documents to a form that they fill out. On the other hand, it would be convenient if the uploading process allowed for the selection of numerous documents at once. At the moment, we are only able to add a maximum of three uploads to our form, and each one operates independently. - Marie G.
You may want to create individualized tracking links (and shortened URLs) that you can apply to the material in order to monitor which platform or content is generating the greatest traction for you. You can do this by following the instructions in the previous section. Postings on social media, campaigns, and other actions that are connected may be organized into specific folders that correlate to various social networks. The General Data Protection Regulation is gaining increasing momentum in the business sector, notably in the fields of marketing and sales as well as technology. This is particularly the case in Europe. Using the tools that are now available for compliance with GDPR, you are able to establish an appropriate tracking opt-in and exclude users located in certain locations. Before we made the transition to Lead Liaison, our go-to CRM of choice was PipeDrive. The CRM capabilities in Lead Liaison work in a way that is quite comparable to PipeDrive's functionality. You have the ability to customize your own pipeline, including the ability to add information to prospect profiles, make comments, and other similar actions. Lead Liaison is compatible with a wide number of applications, one of which is PipeDrive. Using Lead Liaison, for instance, you can export leads directly into PipeDrive's CRM with nothing more than the click of a button. - Shelley L.
Working with the user interface may be difficult at times, and the accuracy of some of the metrics reporting is dubious. You won't run into any problems as long as you can corroborate the findings with more data points and evidence. It covers a great deal of ground, something that takes some getting accustomed to. The LL vocabulary is unique to LL, and it may take some time before you feel comfortable using it. The most challenging component would be being required to fill out all of the contact information in order to generate a lead. The presence of a number of coworkers in an office environment makes completion of this form more challenging. The duration of the contract is one year, and you have to provide written notice at least one month before the contract is set to automatically renew itself. Therefore, if you are not dealing with the contract and you are simply using the program, this might be a very tough situation for you. It will take a significant amount of effort to reach the goal. Moreover, in order to get the most out of this program, you will need to get familiar with how to use it. - Brian A.
Having worked with IBM Marketing Cloud (formerly known as Silverpop), Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly known as Exact Target), and Mailchimp, among other email marketing platforms, I can state with 100% confidence that Lead Liaison is superior to all three of those systems. Both the user interface and customer service are incredibly easy to use and understand. I can now utilize the hours I used to spend trying to figure out how to get a complex system to accomplish just one of the ten things I needed it to do to develop marketing strategies and enhance the customer experience. Lead Liaison provides users with the same features found in other big-box marketing automations, but without the annoyance of a complicated user interface. Because of this, Lead Liaison is a desirable choice for companies of all kinds. The Lead Liaison platform has exceptional user-friendliness, and it's amazing how many criteria it offers for segmentation and automation. Prospect management may be done in two ways: manually uploading lists or connecting prospects to a customer relationship management (CRM) system. We absolutely need the White Glove Service, and the technical help we have received has been of the highest caliber. - Phil S.
There are constantly proposed add-ons that pop up, as is the case with many other software packages. It's possible that some customizing of this is going to need to happen in order to aid with inclusion. The capability to put up automatic campaigns is the one aspect of this platform that I feel may need some improvement. I was accustomed to working on a different platform, which included a drag-and-drop interface on a "canvas," which made the process more simpler and easier to understand than the sequential steps involved in LL. Although it requires a large amount of effort up front, this type of comprehensive solution often necessitates such preparation. It is easy to get frustrated with the lack of progress being made, but you are aware that everything will turn out well in the long run. I do not like the function that allows for text messaging since it has few options and a typical user is unable to set it up; rather, a someone with a greater understanding of technology is required to do it. - Linda S.

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Lead Liaison Pros&Cons


  • Comprehensive Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Integrations


  • Learning Curve
  • Pricing Complexity
  • Customer Support

Lead Liaison Final Conclusions

Renowned for its strong tracking and customization capabilities, Lead Liaison is a leading all-inclusive marketing automation and lead management solutions provider. Although its sophisticated features are well-received by customers, there is a learning curve, and some need clarification.

Notwithstanding some small issues, it is a well-liked tool among users and a worthwhile option for companies looking to improve consumer interaction, streamline marketing campaigns, and utilize data to inform decisions.

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