ResponseTap Review: Pricing, Features & More

ResponseTap is facilitating and energizing phone conversations from launch to close. Contact intelligence gives contact centers and marketers real-time, actionable information about what causes a phone to ring, allowing them to maximize the value of each transaction. Make every call matter if your customers' purchasing process involves the phone.
ResponseTap Review: Pricing, Features & More

ResponseTap overview

ResponseTap displays the campaigns, channels, and keywords that get your consumers to pick up the phone and call, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. ResponseTap offers detailed data spanning all marketing channels, making it possible to minimize marketing spending while improving performance and return.

It is essential to your company's success that you be able to trace every phone conversation, assign costs, and optimize operations appropriately. Because it helps us to monitor how people engage with the site and determine trigger points for phone calls, the visitor touchpoints report is quite powerful.

At long last, you can connect sales made over the phone and those made online to your digital marketing campaign activities. When you better understand which channels are most successful for you, you will be able to allocate your money more wisely. Integrates with your other martech products, providing you with more insights and enhanced clarity. The Smart Match function of ResponseTap offers you a whole new dimension of information. You may quickly determine which marketing source is responsible for the greatest value phone sales and then optimize according to that knowledge. All of this may be accomplished without the need for any additional technical help.

What ResponseTap has to say about itself

Call monitoring software from ResponseTap gives you access to premium capabilities at a price that is comparable to other similar products on the market. This is useful whether your goal is to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts or to increase revenue. Call Intelligence may be easily integrated with almost any analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), or bid management software you may already be using. Integration problems will no longer prevent you from progressing. Instead, you are equipped to go forward with more accurate reporting and insights that can be put into action.

Because the pricing for call monitoring is so flexible, you will only be charged for the features that you use. ResponseTap assigns a one-of-a-kind number to each online session, allowing users to link a customer's phone call to the internet trip they have taken and the campaign history they have seen. Consequently, you may make use of this information to determine which marketing and keywords were responsible for generating phone purchases.

Recording phone calls using a split channel gives you the ability to listen to both the customer and the agent on the call. You may also detect trends and words in the discussion that lead to a favorable conclusion if you listen carefully enough. This enables you to get a deeper understanding of your clients as well as better adapt future marketing efforts.

The use of call monitoring software enables marketers to figure out the origin of the phone calls that are inquiries about their products or services. The platform provides advertisers the opportunity to track phone calls directly back to digital marketing expenditure, which enables them to assess the effect that phone calls have on their marketing campaigns and determine how best to use phone calls going forward.

ResponseTap Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesResponseTap offers businesses call tracking and analytics services, monitoring and analyzing inbound phone calls.
FeaturesVisitor level call tracking, Smart Match technology,Setting up your sales call tracking software, Easy integration, Easy access to call recordings, Next best actions, Optimize for quality, not just quantity, Multiple telcos
CertificationsSOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA

ResponseTap price policy

Pricing for licenses begins at £199 per month for small enterprises, in addition to any call expenses. You will get access to the reporting portal, basic support, and connections with Google Analytics, Ads, Bing, and more — all you want to get started is included. If you have a bigger company, please get in touch with its sales team for tailored pricing depending on the number of calls you receive and your integration needs. It will guarantee you get the most value possible from your call monitoring package by providing tailored solutions, training, and customer support.
PackagesCosts start at £199 per month
Payment optionsCredit cards and electronic funds transfer or other online payment methods
Payment discountsCheck out their official website for up-to-date information, or get in touch with them directly for specifics on the savings that may be available to you. These may come in the form of volume-based pricing, promotional offers, or special package deals. Because businesses often modify the structures of their discounts, a direct connection must be maintained with ResponseTap to get the most recent and precise information.

ResponseTap online reputation

ResponseTap has garnered favorable feedback from its clientele, with customers praising the effectiveness of its call monitoring and analytics features—the commendations center on the extensive features, the faultless integration, and the invaluable insights. Nevertheless, some people wish there were more ways to personalize their experience. ResponseTap is a highly regarded tool that may improve marketing tactics and maximize the effect of phone conversations on the results of a company's operations.
The script can be run with GTM even by someone with little technical expertise, since setting it up is not too tough. You won't have to wait too long for someone to answer the phone, and the quality of the customer care is also rather excellent. Response Tap was happy to visit our company and provide a training session recently, which was really beneficial for the new hires. With Response Tap's assistance, I've been able to track conversions from Google search advertising campaigns. Our conversion attribution has improved as a consequence of the calls, and we have been granted more credit for the adverts we provide to our clients. Our customer's conversion process consists of two steps: first, all conversions must be qualified, and then they must be evaluated. The 'user history' feature of Response Tap is extremely useful in this aspect since it displays the user's click IDs, which are then uploaded back into the ad platforms. This allows the'verified' conversions to be included in Google Analytics and our auto-generated reports. - Ellen E.
If you could download all of the calls at once, that would be really helpful. The user interface may be a little cumbersome at times, and multiple formats are used for a few of the pages. In the meanwhile, it may make it a bit harder to discover things if you aren't familiar with the platform very well if I'm not mistaken, they may be going through a delayed update, which would explain this, but I believe this may be the case. The customer portal has certain places that are awkwardly designed. However, despite this, there are a ton of fantastic stuff to explore. It's just not immediately clear where everything is. Because not all of the data can be quickly exported or connected up to your other platforms such as Google Ads or Analytics, you will still need to log in and manually read and export reports in order to get all of the content. I think it would be helpful if call recordings were kept in the log for a period of time that was little longer than 30 days. Going back over old calls may be helpful, but most of the time, those calls have already been erased. Although it took some time to get accustomed to the UI, ResponseTap was really helpful in setting up our account and customizing it to meet our requirements. - Amelia R.
I like how straightforward it is to monitor the different projects' progress and how simply we can construct the monitoring statistics that are allocated to them. With the exception of "prettying up," I would say that ResponseTap's client portal is an excellent piece of software. In a world where things are always evolving, developing, and improving, I would be confident in stating that the ResponseTap team is improving with time, and I'm excited to see what follows. The response tap team is, in my opinion, getting better all the time, and I'm forward to see what they will do in the future. One of my objectives as a digital marketer is to show that the world is now mostly found online rather than in print media like newspapers and magazines. I was able to prove that the advertising budget for this particular organization is better used when it is applied to online marketing since I had included the different ResponseTap numbers that I had created. The setup procedure is rather easy, and the dashboard offers an abundance of excellent reports that might help you make sense of and handle the call data. There are other options for exporting the data in order to combine it with the reports that you now own. It has also been shown that Smart Match is a beneficial component of the software, as it allows for even more data to be connected and value to be assigned to touch points. - James C.
Needs to get used to discovering how you set up the new numbers, however once someone becomes used to the service, it is extremely simple to utilize! Limit of ten static numbers, but the primary problem we're experiencing, and the reason I didn't supply ten, is that the call feedback doesn't work or record the sales or lead information. It's possible that the problem lies with our phone system, but we haven't been able to figure out how to make it function correctly. Sometimes I have to go through the motions of clicking through the many alternatives until I get at the location that is ideal for me. Certain aspects of the user interface are overdue for an update and tend to be cumbersome at times. The nomenclature of some items, such as metrics and features, may also be a bit perplexing at first, as can the installation of the tracker; despite this, the customer support staff has always been helpful with any queries that have been raised. When navigating through the numerous different aspects of the system, some of which are modern and sleek while others are archaic, there is a feeling that is little fragmented. When you have a high number of items, setting up single numbers might be a time-consuming process. - Marianne K.
The tool helps a website illustrate the total value of different acquisition strategies, which is particularly helpful from a marketing standpoint. We have successfully shown several times that a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that has been doing poorly is, in fact, beneficial by using response tap data. The reports are easy to read, and so is listening to the call recordings. As a consequence, we can now allocate responsibility for the work we are performing and keep track of calls much more effectively. Furthermore, setup was quick and easy. Have a one-on-one conversation with them and ask for a system demonstration so you can assess its capabilities. Although we weren't sure whether we wanted to change providers, we found that it was easy to do so and that we didn't miss anything about our prior supplier. ResponseTap streamlines attribution, making it easier to link phone calls to a return on investment. This makes sense in a world where clients could see your website via several channels and don't always call right away. We can now more readily link a return on investment to phone conversations thanks to ResponseTap. - Charles Y.
Switching back to the previous interface is still necessary in order to use some ResponseTap functionality; however, this is just a small annoyance. When transferring between various accounts, the initial layout might be rather difficult to grasp, particularly when it comes to the process of setting up single numbers. The dashboard still has certain areas that are difficult to navigate, but overall, it is a significant improvement over the earlier version. To alter your account settings, you still need to go back to the previous layout, which isn't really an issue but is rather inconsistent with how user-friendly the rest of the site is. For the time being, however, this need remains in place. In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, we depend on the data provided by ResponseTap to guide crucial marketing choices and to inform our bidding models. It is quite annoying because any single numbers that are utilized cannot be given back to AdWords, and as a result, any data that AIs look at will be lost. When you first enter the portal region, you may find it difficult to traverse; but, with some practice, the area will become second nature. - Nicholas W.
ResponseTap has proven to be a tremendous help in our joint efforts with YES Glazing Solutions, providing us with the exact solution we need to track our clients' offline conversions. When it comes to tracking phones that are available for purchase in the UK, this is the most efficient technique. They have the best customer service anywhere, and they are always happy to provide helpful advice on how to maximize the features and benefits of the system you're using. The phone tracking service that ResponseTap provides was a perfect match for our business as we were unable to integrate our marketing data into offline conversions, like when someone phoned us. All of the information that would have been available to us if customers had completed a web form and given us access to the search engine cookie data is now available to us. rather easy to generate new tracking numbers, and using the program is also quite easy. In addition to being easy to download and read, the reports provide a wealth of helpful information. Even if there are no measures, you should recommend that your clients test this service since it could provide very valuable information for print advertising in particular. I use ResponseTap to monitor visitors to my website and print adverts. Seeing which print magazines are the most popular with my readers is useful. - Bobby N.
The dashboard has quite a few features, the functions of which I am not yet familiar with. It's not strictly anything I don't like; there are simply certain things I don't make use of, which means they go to waste. It may take some time to get used to the dashboard's format, which is rather perplexing due to the way it is organized. Finding your way about might be difficult if you aren't familiar with the layout of the area. Sometimes it might be too expensive for some customers, particularly those who do not have a large budget. There is need for improvement in the interface, since several areas retain the appearance they had when the previous platform was in use. ResponseTab was only intended to work with Salesforce Classic when we first began the process of implementing it. Nevertheless, issue was discovered and fixed, and the LEX-enabled Widget became available from the vendor in the second quarter of 2019.It sure would be convenient to have a live chat option available for faster and more effective customer service work. Certain parts of the website are cumbersome, and obtaining statistics is not as simple as it might be; the dashboards could need some work. - Evan B.
I like that each print piece or advertising campaign may have its own unique phone number assigned to it. This allows us to track the amount of calls coming from each source and determine the return on investment. Being able to see incoming calls, their origins, and make use of the data to target and create additional inbound sales calls is also highly beneficial. Additionally advantageous is integration with Google, which enables users to see the specific keywords and other phrases they have used. Work with the keywords and publication types that get the best results for incoming sales calls. The most useful feature of ResponseTap is, by far, the ability to track calls down to the keyword level. Should you want to enhance your digital marketing approach, call monitoring is a must. ResponseTap offers an excellent service that is hard to compare in terms of quality. Having access to call data at the keyword level allowed me to greatly increase the efficacy of my advertising. Additionally, it has allowed me to expand my digital marketing in ways that I was not able to do before. I may now, for instance, target certain people who I know have called. - Jason A.
Within ResponseTap, having a complete understanding of the post-call attribution might be challenging at times. There isn't a whole lot to complain about, but in order to get the most out of it, you should absolutely look into all of the reports. If you aren't willing to put in the effort to do it, then the price may not be justified. The insight hub (analytics) is top-notch, however the old legacy admin console is starting to show its age in terms of user interface and user experience. The functioning of the IVR system might also be improved. When comparing numerous campaigns or efforts that have been running for a significant amount of time, I found the interface to be a little bit confusing and time-consuming. The connection with GA or AA may be improved or made simpler. I would want to have more than 10 static phone numbers accessible on our account related to the monthly subscription rate that we now pay, but this isn't much of an issue right now since we're not utilizing all of them anyhow. I would like to have more than 10 static phone numbers available on our account relative to the monthly subscription fee that we currently pay. There are quite a few fields throughout the process of setting up phone numbers that I do not utilize. Adding UTM tags might be a bit of a hassle at times. - Emma P.

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ResponseTap Pros&Cons


  • Effective Call Tracking
  • Robust Features
  • Seamless Integration


  • Limited Customization
  • Evolution of Services
  • Cost

ResponseTap Final Conclusions

The efficient call monitoring and comprehensive analytics ResponseTap offers consistently win high customer marks. Users prefer smooth integration as well as insightful data. The platform stands out for its ability to optimize marketing efforts via detailed call data, even though some users express a need for more customization.

The platform's generally good reaction demonstrates its assistance in optimizing marketing tactics via extensive call statistics, notwithstanding some minor issues about the platform's customizability.

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