NinjaCat Review: Pricing, Features & More

NinjaCat is a tool for firms, media companies, and brands to use to control how well their digital marketing is working. The NinjaCat platform combines all of your marketing data into a single source of truth. This is made possible by the industry's most transformational data model for multi-channel digital marketing performance analytics.
NinjaCat Review: Pricing, Features & More

NinjaCat overview

NinjaCat is the top in the market when it comes to providing data intelligence and analytics solutions to organizations of all sizes. To aid businesses in making better decisions, we provide them with sophisticated but intuitive tools and software that will allow them to adopt data-driven strategies. These programs and apps might potentially get their information from a broad variety of sources. We are experts in deciphering the motivations and actions hidden in your data, and we can provide you with the crucial insights you need to grow your business. You can count on us to assist develop your company because of our competence in this area.

When you work with NinjaCat, you'll benefit from our in-depth understanding of data and how it can be used to increase your company's ROI. Because we take a customer-first approach and use AI-powered algorithms, the business intelligence we provide to you will be of the highest quality, and you can trust the numbers we give. We have extensive experience integrating information gathered from a wide range of digital and non-digital sources, including mobile devices, online platforms, search engines, electronic mail, and more.

What NinjaCat has to say about itself

Your performance in the actual world will improve as a result of the helpful data tips that we present to you. These recommendations will aid you in recognizing trends in the business. These realizations may also help you assess and improve the quality of your efforts, uncover new ways to make money that you were previously ignorant of, and a great lot more. You will have an edge over other persons as a result of the information that we supply to you since it will aid you in discovering and capitalizing on opportunities ahead of the time needed by your competitors.

Our mission at NinjaCat is to democratize data intelligence and analytics so that they may be used by businesses of all sizes and in all kinds of fields. Our goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to the particular needs of every one of our customers, and we won't stop working toward that goal until we've reached the highest possible level of excellence in our sector. Unify your info. You need to produce reports and slideshows that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also offer a lot of information that is important if you want your business to be more successful, be more competitive, and be able to grow.

If you cut down on the amount of time spent on each campaign, you will be able to show your clients that their efforts were successful in a shorter length of time, which will be beneficial to your business. Because of this, you will be able to provide more campaigns that are successful. Accelerate the pace at which marketing is enhanced, leads are collected, and those leads are turned into customers in every location where sales and services are provided. Deliver exceptional results to your clients while at the same time streamlining procedures for the staff members working in your data department.

NinjaCat Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasNY
Service TypesNinjaCat provides a wide range of measurement and analytics services to digital marketers. These services include, amongst others, keyword monitoring, competitive analysis, landing page analysis, website optimization, Adwords automation, and dynamic tracking performance reports.
FeaturesData management, reporting, dashboards, campaign monitoring, call tracking, budget management
CertificationsGoogle Analytics Certified Individual, Google Ads Display Certified, Google Ads search Certified, HubSpot Inbound Certified, DoubleClick Certified Professional, BrightEdge Certified Professional, and conversionBoost Certified Professional.

NinjaCat price policy

The price of NinjaCat's services is subject to change based on the specific requirements of each customer. NinjaCat has a starting price of $99 per month for agencies that have between one and twenty active customers and requires minimum configuration and customization. The price increases to $179 per month for bigger agencies that have between 21 and 100 active customers. Despite these costs, NinjaCat nonetheless provides potential clients with a free trial period of fourteen days in order for them to have a sense of how the service operates. NinjaCat provides a variety of add-ons, which may be used by businesses that call for more sophisticated assistance and want unique integrations. Starting at only $99 per month, this may incorporate additional advertising networks, tailor-made application programming interfaces (APIs), and customized report layouts. You also have the option to buy add-ons à la carte for close to $25 a month. In addition, NinjaCat provides flat-rate reduced plans for big agencies that enable them to spend fifty percent less for the service overall. These plans are available to agencies that serve more than one hundred active customers.
PackagesNinjaCat has a starting price of $99 per month for agencies that have between one and twenty active customers and requires minimum configuration and customization. The price increases to $179 per month for bigger agencies that have between 21 and 100 active customers.
Payment optionsCredit card, prepaid subscription, and ACH (“automated clearing house”) transfers
Payment discountsNinjaCat does not offer any discounts.

NinjaCat online reputation

Those individuals who are interested in monitoring their online profiles and analytics will find that NinjaCat is an excellent tool. Their user-friendly dashboard makes it possible for customers to immediately grasp their data, providing them with the knowledge necessary to change their online presence to get the best possible outcomes. According to the feedback of some users, navigating the website may be challenging at times, and the customer support team is notoriously sluggish to react. On the other hand, the feedback received is generally favorable, and the capabilities of NinjaCat as well as its customer assistance make this product a fantastic choice for companies as well as individuals.
It is a comprehensive system that can analyze data, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), generate reports, and track phone calls. The process of viewing the data across a bigger number of customers and the various campaigns they run is facilitated and simplified as a result. The ability to compile information from a variety of sources into a unified report and to provide customers with a tale that has been given some consideration. When it comes to meeting the requirements of our marketing agency's business intelligence demands, has proved to be a game-changer. We can extract useful insights and make decisions that are guided by data as a result of its streamlined data integration, fully configurable reporting, robust automation capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. has been an incredible asset for us in our quest for marketing excellence because of the features it offers for client cooperation and the tools it provides for performance tracking. is a robust and all-encompassing business intelligence solution, and I strongly suggest it to marketing organizations who are looking for one. Reporting tools that are both comprehensive and configurable. The interface is both simple and straightforward to use. dashboards that allow for interactive data display in real-time. Integrations with a wide variety of well-known marketing platforms are available in extensive quantities. Functionality for the import and export of data is extensive. Outstanding response and assistance for existing customers. Tracking and monitoring performance based on key performance indicators that are flexible and may be customized. API that is both dependable and effective, allowing for smooth connection. Software that is regularly updated and has its features improved. Provides excellent value while maintaining affordable prices.
The service is designed for large corporations, but the prices are more reasonable for medium-sized businesses, which is fantastic. Having said that, the whole cost was difficult for my little agency to manage, and we had to do some creative budgeting in order to be able to afford the service. If you haven't had any training on the program, creating templates may be a challenging task, and pulling in data in time for important deadlines might be a challenge as well. the more difficult learning curve associated with more extensive personalization tools. Only a limited amount of documentation and tutorials are available for certain functionalities. Occasional performance concerns during times of high demand for the service. Some users may find additional pre-built report templates to be more convenient. There are several integrations that can call for further setting up or configuration. There is room for additional development or expansion of the advanced analytics tools. There are just a few data transformation options available inside the platform. There is a possibility that there may be software errors or defects occasionally9. There is neither an offline access option nor a mobile app available for use when on the go. It's possible that small enterprises with restricted finances won't be able to use the pricing options.
Because of this, we can share with our customers their overall ad expenditure as well as their total conversions. We are able to demonstrate to our customers that the campaign we are running is effective by tracking and notifying for every phone conversation. Since our company began using NinjaCat for the first time, the platform has undergone significant development. It used to be more of a platform for reporting and monitoring, but now we can use it to track and report on calls more quickly, and it makes it easier to integrate call leads into Google Ads. In the past, it was mostly utilized as a reporting and monitoring tool. Without the configurable reporting capabilities that NinjaCat provides, I can't even begin to fathom how anybody might manage to keep track of multiple PPC accounts on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. A cursory examination reveals with relative ease the current status of both our finances and our leads. For me to identify seasonal patterns or prioritize client accounts, having the capability to rapidly compare data to different date ranges has been a vital aspect of the process. Lastly, we are able to provide our customers with access to their own customized dashboards, and we can also automate the generation of reports, both of which contribute significantly to our overall level of productivity.
It is not possible to interface with email services such as Aweber or MailChimp in any way. In order to link them, we are forced to utilize tools provided by a third party, which often fail. While using NinjaCat, there are a few annoyances that we have been used to tolerating as part of the process. The monitoring dashboards may not always reflect the most recent information in real-time, for one. Therefore, the data that a customer or you are looking at is only accurate up to the previous day. We've also had some problems where errors in the system weren't notified to us in a timely way, which led to calls not being imported into Google properly. This was a problem since it caused the calls to fail. Their customer service department was quite accommodating, although our organization would have liked to be given an earlier warning of the modifications they were making in order to address the unforeseen problem. Oh, and when you're making custom dashboards, there is no "undo" option available.
Integrations are connections to each of the several advertising platforms that we employ. Ease of use: reports are automatically created and are prepared to be used whenever you need them. Specifics of the reports; there is so much data that it even throws off our own analysts! Report formats and dashboard layouts may be customized to an almost infinite degree. NinjaTrack is the most advanced, easy-to-use, and integrated call tracking system available. In my opinion, the fact that Ninjacat is so simple to use is its most appealing feature. It is easy to use, and as long as the settings are configured correctly, the results look fantastic. In addition to this, they are searching for methods to enhance the functioning of their products. In general, it was a really simple and straightforward process. It is necessary to have a reliable reporting method in order for our customers to understand the value of the many services that we provide (PPC, SEO, social media, etc.). NinjaCat is capable of producing reports that are appealing to the end user and communicate a significant amount of information without being crowded or difficult to navigate. The software's adaptability and the ease with which it can be integrated with a wide variety of different platforms and applications are two of our favorite features.
The new, updated style has a steep learning curve since it is a little confusing and it takes some time to understand where items are located (particularly billing and invoicing). It may take some time for pages to load and transition between them. The initial setup might be a time-consuming procedure; however, NinjaCat offers a "white glove" service that makes the process easier for users. There are members of our team that are color blind. When combined with displays of ordinary quality, this renders the light blue buttons completely invisible. The employees at the workplace end up both frustrated and laughing as a result of this. My opinion is that the limited filtering options are the most significant drawback. There are not a lot of options available to you at this time if you are dealing with a large number of accounts and need to organize them in some manner. The length of time it takes to load pages is the most significant issue. If there is a large amount of data, it loads really slowly. However, since we were early users of the product, we expect (and even anticipate) frequent changes to NinjaCat as the product evolves over time. The most recent version of the program is taking a little bit longer to master than we'd planned, and it seems that a lot of things were moved about without a solid explanation.
I really like the responsiveness of the on-demand customer care. They are always ready to provide a hand and are waiting for me to come up with silly things to ask them. The program is really easy to use. Although the Ninjacademy was comprehensive and helpful (my onboarding crew was fantastic), the program itself is merely created in a way that makes sense. The generation of reports is a straightforward procedure after everything has been set up. I believe that after we have completely established, we will be able to halve the amount of time that we spend reporting. Within the framework itself, there is a good deal of flexibility for personalizing the data. This was a really compelling argument in our favor. In order to produce reports and analyses that are specifically catered to the needs of each individual customer, we need the capability to combine datasets, as well as to filter and edit data. NinjaCat came out on top in this area by a wide margin when compared to other reporting services available on the market. NinjaCat provides a number of different integration choices in addition to the ability to personalize not just the data that is brought in but also the way that each page of the report appears and behaves. In addition, the time-saving capability of automatically scheduling and emailing reports is a valuable feature.
Personalization of the design is restricted. That is not to suggest that you are unable to make a report that has a pleasing appearance; rather, the tools that you use to construct the report are not going to blow your mind. Since the design choices have already been upgraded once since my company joined the platform two months ago, I believe there will be more development in this area. When it comes to the design functionality, for the time being, you should think of it as a stripped-down version of PowerPoint. additional of the connectors, such as making modifications and updates to the data in Google Sheets, might add additional manual work to the report-creation process because of the learning curve associated with them. I am aware that you are upgrading the software, however I have noticed that it has sometimes caused a little disruption to the process. On the other side, I adore the path that you are on, and I can't wait to find out what new endeavors you will do next.
When I contacted assistance, they got back to me quickly away with a response that was quite straightforward. Live dashboard and report generation. It has improved our ability to communicate with our customers and has brought us all onto the same page. The team that provides technical assistance is always working to improve the functionality so that we can make greater use of it. Additionally, it is a versatile platform that is well worth the money spent. Capabilities for personalization of products. We have the ability to completely personalize it. The customer service crew is really helpful and quick to respond. The simplicity of making reports. It is really worthwhile to be able to consolidate the information for our AdWords, Analytics, Facebook, and Linked accounts. I really like how it gives a single interface that I can use for simple access to everything I need.
It is possible that the process of developing a new report will take quite some time due to the extensive number of options available. Even if you start with a pre-made design, there are still a great many widgets out there for you to investigate and experiment with. It's possible that making new templates from scratch will need a lot of time and effort on your part. If you had access to a larger collection of user-made templates, it's feasible that you could cut down on the amount of time you spend searching for one. Pricing is not horrible when compared to that of other firms operating in the market; but, Google is starting to supply things that are equal to those sold for free. Consolidating many AdWords accounts into a single report is one of my primary objectives; nevertheless, I've discovered that this is not an easy operation to do. There is an opportunity for development in social reporting, although I acknowledge that the interface of Facebook may be difficult to work with.

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NinjaCat average reviews

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NinjaCat Pros&Cons


  • Reliable
  • User friendly
  • Detail of reports


  • Expensive
  • A large number of features
  • Lack of templates

NinjaCat Final Conclusions

NinjaCat seems to be a reliable firm that really cares about its clients' pleasure. Previous purchasers' testimonies provide validity to the assumption that their items are dependable and simple to use. Although there have been occasional concerns, customers seem to be happy on the whole. NinjaCat's courteous and experienced customer service agents, as well as the company's affordable rates and lightning-fast delivery, have received nothing but acclaim from customers.

It should come as no surprise that utilizing a service supplied by NinjaCat, which has such a stellar reputation and a robust feature set, is a joy in general. To summary, NinjaCat seems to be a trustworthy firm that really cares about its consumers.

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