Analytic Call Tracking Review: Pricing, Features & More

If you're looking for a call tracking platform, go no further than Analytic Call Tracking. This solution is top-notch in every way. Calls may be properly credited to the appropriate marketing effort, whether it a trade fair flier or an online pay-per-click advertisement.
Analytic Call Tracking Review: Pricing, Features & More

Analytic Call Tracking overview

Analytic Call Tracking offers enterprises all around the globe unique and user-friendly software solutions to help them better understand their clients and campaigns. Analytic Call Tracking aspires to be the global go-to source for consumer interaction data. Companies may acquire greater insights into client demands, interests, and behavior by using our products and services.

Analytic Call Tracking works by combining extensive site analytics with phone call data. We can deliver an unmatched degree of knowledge into the customer journey and campaign efficacy by merging these two data sources. We can discover any gaps in the customer experience and optimize your marketing by analyzing all areas of the client journey.

Analytic Call Tracking also includes some capabilities that make it simpler for marketers to monitor and react to consumer interactions than ever before. We've also created a number of real-time notifications that warn you anytime a consumer calls about your company. This tool assists you in staying on top of client inquiries and gives you with a comprehensive snapshot of consumer behavior.

Analytic Call Tracking gives you the tools you need to analyze client behavior and improve customer satisfaction.

What Analytic Call Tracking has to say about itself

Transform into a trackable asset for every marketing effort that includes a phone number. Analytic Call Tracking gives you the ability to precisely identify every call to its source, whether that source is indicated on a trade fair brochure or a pay-per-click campaign, and regardless of whether you need to monitor 10 numbers or 100 numbers.

The cloud-based software known as Analytic Call Tracking was developed to provide organizations with a centralized location from which they can better manage and trace call data. The built-in dashboard provides managers with the ability to examine and analyze call statistics, such as the length of calls, the types of calls, the locations of callers, and the kind of devices they use.

Analytic Call Tracking is a complete solution that enables businesses to trace calls made via their mobile apps or websites. It gives managers the ability to record calls and keep an eye on how customers are interacting with other channels. The Round Robin system may also be activated by administrators, and access rights can be customized for individual team members.

Other capabilities, including voicemail management, interactive voice response (IVR), autodialer, billing and invoicing, reporting, and more are also available via Analytic Call Tracking.

Analytic Call Tracking Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasFL
Service TypesAnalytic Call Tracking provides businesses with an intelligent, adaptable solution for tracking, managing, and analyzing inbound and outbound communications. The services provided include call monitoring, recording, routing, analytics, reporting, optimization, IVR routing options, virtual concierge services, call and appointment reminders, and opt-in SMS campaigns, among others.
FeaturesCall Recording, Call Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Tracking, Call Disposition, Call Whisper, Call Reporting, Call Analytics, Blacklist, Email Notifications, Call Routing, User Permissions
CertificationsGoogle Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, PCI DSS Level 1, GDPR.

Analytic Call Tracking price policy

The normal cost of an analytical call monitoring service is anything from $50 to $600 per month. The specific pricing may vary, depending on the supplier as well as the degree of services that are made available. A great number of service providers charge an initial setup cost, while others bill on a per-minute basis. There may be extra expenses associated with the provision of other services such as transcription and analysis. A lot of companies that provide call monitoring services give discounts determined upon the total number of calls logged. Customers can also be able to negotiate a reduced fee depending on the particular demands that they have placed on the business. When choosing a provider, it is essential to take into consideration the required budget, the features that are currently available, and the reputation of the service. Customers can guarantee they are getting the most value possible out of their investment in call tracking services if they work with the proper supplier and use the capabilities that are available to them.
PackagesStarter Plan - $29 per month ($261 per year), Pro Plan - $79 per month ($711 per year), Agency Plan - $199 per month ($1,791 per year)
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or check.
Payment discountsAnalytic Call Tracking offers a variety of discounts depending on the plan and length of service. Discounts are available for monthly plans, annual plans, and even custom plans. For more information, please contact Analytic Call Tracking directly.

Analytic Call Tracking online reputation

Analytic Call Tracking is met with a variety of reactions and perspectives. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the product's extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, dependable data tracking, and precise analytics. On the other hand, there have been consumers who have voiced their dissatisfaction with the price, the absence of customer assistance, and the occasional inaccuracies in the monitoring of their data. Before committing to a subscription, there are a few things to take into consideration, despite the fact that Analytic contact Tracking seeming to be a strong tool that helps organizations manage and assess the effectiveness of their contact centers overall.
This is one of the simplest methods for integrating Twilio and making advantage of the possibilities it presents. Call monitoring is one of the tools that I use in my role as an internet marketer to analyze the efficacy of various online marketing activities. I can now establish a one-of-a-kind call tracking number in a matter of minutes and for a price that is a tiny fraction of what it used to cost. The system performs the duties of a virtual private branch exchange (PBX) and is responsible for everything, including the recording of calls. In addition, I like that the developers of the application often update it and make improvements to it. The application is fun to use for me as well. Now I can contact clients straight from my smartphone, and the calls to my normal mobile phone will be routed via my Twilio number instead. When I have to give out my cell phone number for work-related reasons, it gives me anxiety. Obtain a license as soon as possible by making the necessary purchase. The owners of the product use it in their own firm that generates leads, and as time goes on, the quality of the product will continue to become better and better as a result of this use.
It is kept online by the server that I administer and manage. I am making an effort to wean myself off of hosting and would want to have a solution that is a SAAS. Having a server, on the other hand, implies that I do not need to worry about this at the moment. You should be informed that there is an upgrade option accessible for a higher monthly payment that contains specific possibilities if the premium features are something that you are interested in having. It is imperative that you keep this in mind at all times. Because there are only a limited number of ways in which the software may be modified, it is challenging to adapt it so that it can fulfill the needs of the whole business. They had difficulty navigating the software since the user interface of the application was designed in a way that was very basic and lacked clarity. Dissatisfaction with the length of time it takes to get a response to a query or issue from the Help Desk, which may take as long as seventy-two hours in certain cases.
People who are monitoring the return on investment (ROI) of their lead generating activities will find this to be a very helpful tool. I am able to evaluate the success of the numerous campaigns I run thanks to the use of a call tracking number. Another advantage of using this is that it may be used for a variety of phone authentications in areas in which I do not have a presence. I appreciate that this solution can be customized whatever you want, in addition to how affordable it is. Because it is based on Twilio, the pricing are much lower than those of many of its rivals. This offers a great method to keep tabs on incoming calls and leads, and the update comes with several quite useful capabilities. The platform functions well, is dependable, is extremely simple to use, and has all of the features that are necessary for me in a call monitoring platform. Your service has been really helpful and, most of the time, you answer quite quickly. If there was insufficient assistance, it would serve as a major warning sign for me.
After using Analytic Call Tracking, I discovered that neither the precision of the data nor the quality of the customer assistance lived up to my expectations. This was the case for both aspects of the service. This came as a huge letdown to me since I had such high expectations for each of these things. This was the case for both aspects of the service that were being offered to the customer. It does not in any way, shape, or form justify the expense in any manner! As soon as I became aware that Analytic Call monitoring was unreliable, I made the decision to switch to an other firm in the industry that also specializes in call monitoring. In the beginning, I used the services that Analytic Call monitoring had to offer. Spending both time and money on Analytic Call Tracking was a waste of resources to the utmost and most extreme degree possible. There is just no possible way that the pricing could ever be made to make any kind of sense in any way! One of the services that I used, which was known as Analytic Call Tracking, was responsible for giving me one of the most upsetting and frustrating encounters that I have ever had in my whole life. Stay away if you can!
The interaction between Analytic Call Tracking and the services provided by Twilio is smooth and unobtrusive. This connection is useful, and it has allowed me to establish a tracking number that is unique to my business in a matter of minutes at a cost that is far lower than I had anticipated. Customers have found that the option to operate as a virtual PBX has been beneficial in aiding them in evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of a number of online marketing strategies. The reporting function of Analytic Call Tracking is one of its most valuable functions, as well as one of its most important components. It is also one of the most important components of Analytic Call Tracking. These reports provide an almost instantaneous insight into call performance by providing information such as call graphs over a period of time, individual calls by number and location, as well as the call duration and call length for each individual call. The program is simplistic and simple to use, and it has a user interface that is straightforward, which makes it easy to find all of the additional options for calls and SMS.
There was nothing that immediately jumped out as being undesirable when the pooling and analytical aspects of Analytic Call Tracking were considered. In spite of this, Analytic Call Tracking also offers a VoIP business phone solution, which is an option that we gave considerable thought to exploring. Throughout the course of the demonstrations and sales conversations that I had with the Analytic Call Tracking team, it became very clear to me that their business phone system was not even close to being competitive with some of the other options available on the market, and it was severely lacking in functionality. This was something that became very apparent to me during the course of our interactions. In addition, when we were in the process of signing up with Analytic Call Tracking, their Sales Rep was not very knowledgeable on many of the topics that our PPC Specialist questioned. During this time, we were in the process of signing up with Analytic Call Tracking. Our Specialist had to depend largely on his own previous knowledge and experience in order to arrive at the conclusion that Analytic Call Tracking was, in fact, the option that was most suited to meet our criteria.
I like that I can assign separate port numbers to each of my companies, and that I can monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls, as well as see all of this information on a single dashboard. This is helpful in case we ever need to go back and double check anything. This is a function that has been of great use to me. Greeting messages together with unique tracking numbers for each tracking number. Because it is a plain platform yet has many different components, you have the choice to either keep it relatively simple or play with all of the features and tools that are available to you. Keeping it relatively simple is an option. Because they have the opportunity to both read transcripts and listen to call recordings, our clients are able to more effectively train their staff to gather leads thanks to the availability of these resources. This platform's user interface is really well thought out, which makes it very easy to use. On my prior computer, I was able to do things that would have taken me thirty minutes in a matter of seconds, saving me a significant amount of time.

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Analytic Call Tracking average reviews

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Analytic Call Tracking Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent reporting feature
  • Seamless integration with Twilio services


  • Limited customization
  • Poor interface design
  • Slow help desk response time

Analytic Call Tracking Final Conclusions

Customers of Analytic Call Tracking have generally favorable things to say about the service. This is because the firm provides a product of excellent quality. The company's overall positive feedback has increased as a result of customers' appreciation for the company's skills in monitoring and analyzing incoming and outgoing conversations and the quality of the company's customer service. The expensive price of membership and the absence of an interface with other applications are two areas that may need some work. Both of them provide room for development. Just two more examples among many more.

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