JustCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

You receive a package offer with built-in connections, a support desk, and other business features when you use JustCall. This deal is available to you at no additional cost. Because of this, you will have the capacity to devise and carry out effective processes for the sales and support teams you manage.
JustCall Review: Pricing, Features & More

JustCall overview

JustCall is a cloud-based business phone system designed for modest enterprises that is simple to use. It offers all the capabilities of a full-fledged business phone system at a fraction of the price. JustCall provides you with a dedicated phone number and a suite of features, including call forwarding, automated voicemail, and custom greeting messages. The system is extremely user-friendly and simple to set up, allowing you to be operational within minutes.

The features of JustCall assist small enterprises in remaining organized, increasing productivity, and decreasing expenses. It makes it simple to manage contacts, monitor customer history, and follow up with leads. JustCall also integrates with productivity and team collaboration tools such as Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, and Zendesk, allowing you to manage interactions with consumers and prospects swiftly and effortlessly.

Just like the rest of their services, the customer service team at JustCall is also outstanding. A senior team of professionals is available around-the-clock to provide you with the finest support. This indicates that you can rely on them for assistance in times of need. Additionally, they are responsive and always willing to collaborate to discover solutions.

What JustCall has to say about itself

Stack of communication tools designed for customer-facing teams. Customer-facing employees are the core of your organization. Give them the means to construct more effective conversations. Automation, integrations, and analytics that are specifically designed to promote agent, sales rep, and manager productivity.

In minutes, you can set up your own cloud phone system. JustCall is the simplest and quickest way to administer phone support. Examine how businesses use JustCall to manage phone interactions. Sales Outbound Call Center. Eliminate the inconveniences of manual dialing and data entry. Increase call volumes and productivity by up to 300 percent.

Contact Support Center. Offer seamless, 24/7 support with IVR, Smart Call Routing, Live Call Monitoring, SMS Bots, and a variety of other potent features. Business Phone System. Integrate natively with over 100 CRM, Helpdesk, and business tools to create streamlined workflows for sales and support teams.

Discover how companies around the world use JustCall to strengthen their customer relationships and transform their business practices.

JustCall Review

Year Started2015
Company Websitejustcall.io
Service AreasUSA, Brazil, Irleand, Japan, Australia, Singapore
Service TypesDon't squander time listening to a dial tone; simply upload contact lists and let your remote team dial numbers for you. Take notes during a call with a contact and have them integrate automatically with your CRM. Record every contact made to each of your numbers in order to better monitor your team's performance. Want to maintain your current phone number? Local and toll-free numbers can be ported to JustCall. Want a number that spells out your company's name, or just something memorable for your callers? We are delighted to assist you in locating the ideal number for your firm.
FeaturesJustCall offers call forwarding, virtual receptionist, call recording, call scheduling, voicemail transcription, business SMS, web call back, and international phone numbers as services.
CertificationsSOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008

JustCall price policy

JustCall's rates change based on the destination and pricing plan you choose. The Basic plan, available to users in the US and Canada for $15 per month, provides access to features including call recording, call muting, and call forwarding, as well as unlimited call logs and voicemail storage. With the Premium plan, you may get an auto-dialer, call scheduling, hold music, and more for as little as $25 per month per user. Customers from countries other than the United States and Canada may get started with the Basic plan for $19 per month per user and the Premium plan for $30 per month per user. Prices might be different in other countries. In general, JustCall offers its consumers a service that meets all of their needs at a price they can afford. You may get a suitable plan regardless of where you live.
PackagesEssentials - $19 per user/month, Team - $29 per user/month, Pro - $49 per user/month
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards, Google Pay, PayPal.
Payment discountsJustCall offers discounts on the following products: monthly plans - 10% off, annual plans - 15% off, enterprise plans - 20% off, pay as you go - 12% off on prepaid credits, nonprofit and academic organizations - 20% off on all plans.

JustCall online reputation

JustCall is well-liked because of the comprehensiveness and dependability of its virtual phone services. Although many customers have had positive experiences, others have complained about the invoicing procedure and/or customer support. Overall, it seems that JustCall offers a solid service that boosts consumers' efficiency and productivity, however, it might do more in the areas of customer support and invoicing.
JustCall manages our interactive voice response system (IVR), team number management, and call recording. Our team uses JustCall on a regular basis since our main office lines are routed via JustCall. All of the employees in our company use HubSpot, and we have discovered that the integration works faultlessly. As a result of adopting this platform, our productivity has significantly grown. Because we operate in a digital realm and our customers depend on us to complete projects over the phone, it is imperative that our support staff is able to quickly resolve any small difficulties that may crop up. The whole user interface for backend administration is straightforward, making it simple to pick up and simple to go about. I think that the assistance, pricing, and product are all excellent. The two things work very well together. It is not as pricey as the other available options, and it fulfills its purpose. Assistance is provided in a timely and efficient manner while also working together with you.
Pricing for extra phone lines and users might get rather pricey at times. Although some of the reporting tasks should be simplified and made visible to all users, the system performs adequately overall. For instance, I wish that some perspectives had a more in-depth analysis. The mobile application is just terrible. You can't add contacts. You are unable to utilize 3D Touch to bring up a menu that would allow us to make calls via the JustCall app rather than from the contacts that are stored on the phone. The vast majority of the time, my phone does not ring, yet it does so on my iPad. The app's user interface, in general, is a complete mess. It is challenging to locate the voicemail. There are a lot of things about the app that bothers me. Sometimes, the CTC Google Chrome plugin can have certain issues that need to be fixed. Due to the fact that JustCall is still a very young firm, it does not offer every function that one could possibly want, and its method of interfacing with other applications is not always foolproof.
The user-friendliness and awesomeness of the website's UI are unmatched. It is always being updated with new functions. It gets the job done with a minimum of bother. Even if we make a significant number of phone calls, sometimes there may be a problem or a line that isn't allocated, but in general, everything is running well. It interacts almost faultlessly with Pipedrive, which is the customer relationship management software that we choose to use, and it is quite dependable when used with the Chrome plugin. Although I am unable to comment on the pricing, I can say that our staff is pleased with the cost per call, and management seems to have no complaints. In general, it's fairly simple to use, and it comes with a ton of different functions. It provides more than its rivals do, and the price that you pay is reasonable for what you get. In addition, the personnel of their customer care and technical support teams are all very quick to respond and really helpful.
Throughout the early use on their end, they often had issues with the call quality. The software may sometimes cause calls to be dropped or have extremely poor reception. Compared to other VoIP systems that we have used in the past or now have in place for other phone lines, this one has fewer functions. Because the consumer does not remain in line to push a button after the call, the CSAT is difficult to complete; thus, it would be amazing to send messages to the customer after each call to inquire whether he was happy with the service. Is prone to experiencing certain bugs from time to time. It is challenging to make this function in a consistent manner on a daily basis. It is not always a perfect match for what our business wants; nonetheless, out of the various choices we examined, JustCall did check the most boxes and has been the greatest fit for us so far based on what our phone and sms requirements have been. This is despite the fact that it is not always a perfect fit for what our company wants.
The fact that I can make a call to someone by just pressing a button rather than laboriously dialing the number is a great perk, but it is also wonderful that I have the option between the two approaches. The former is more convenient. works well with the customer relationship management software that we use for admissions. Friendly interface on both the desktop computer and the mobile device it's being used on. It allows me to monitor data and make phone calls at the same time. Additionally, I am able to send and receive text messages using it! One of the parts of JustCall's service that I like the most is how helpful and fast to answer their support staff is whenever we have questions or run into issues. This is one of the reasons why I use their service. They are really concerned about ensuring that their clients obtain the most potential benefit from their service and resolving any issues, regardless of how seldom they occur. Simply on the basis of that one function, we have no qualms about sticking with JustCall for as long as our company needs a phone service.
The support is unacceptably poor. When you first join up for anything, let's say a free trial, you'll be asked to verify your email address. If that goes well, you'll be sent three questions to answer through email. I have responded to them. After that, they will need to examine the account before granting you access to it. In point of fact, I am still waiting. I asked certain queries using the online chat, but I received no answer. Multiple emails were sent to the provided support email address, but there was no response. Therefore, a complete and utter waste of my time. We are not talking hours, we are talking days. Having said all of that, I am still on a trial that I am unable to access. Additionally, email addresses hosted on Gmail or iCloud cannot be used during the signup process. I always have problems with both incoming and outgoing phone calls. I use the app on both my phone and my computer, but regardless of the device I'm using it on, customers have reported that my phone sound is inconsistent (noise comes in and out) while I am connected to wifi. No matter which wifi I am connected to, in order for the calls to come through clearly, I have to first disconnect from my own wifi and then switch to using my data plan. I wish you the best of luck if you have many instances of JustCall open on your PC at the same time.
JustCall is what we use to handle calls coming in from clients on their phones. As a result, the functions of call allocation, interactive voice response, and voicemail are things that we find to be of great use. The most impressive feature of this service is the lightning-fast response time offered by JustCall's customer support team. Our inquiries are answered in a matter of minutes, and they are always eager to go the extra mile for you if that is what is required of them at the time. Pipedrive was something that I knew I needed to have in my workflow, and I couldn't wait to get started with the free trial. We assumed that it was going to be an ideal option for our communication needs, and they have an integration that is already built in the marketplace of Pipedrive. The fact that Justcall provides a wide variety of choices is something that appeals to me. A large number of different personalization options are at the user's disposal within the boundaries of a single software platform. It is to one's advantage to be able to travel freely around the company and make use of a variety of various phone numbers.
The application is terrible. It takes an interminable amount of time to load voicemails. Also, there are instances when calls do not go through, but I am notified through email that I have a voicemail. This is not a good thing. There are moments when the call quality is questionable. Because there is just one user on our account, the dashboard is cluttered with a large number of other integrations and choices. that I am unable to select whether or not to save the call at the very end. Sometimes my settings mess up the communication, and when that happens, I have to remove the message after the fact in order to retain the integrity of my metrics (when using Pipedrive). It may take anywhere from ten to twenty minutes for the call to register as an activity in my Pipedrive account. At that point, I will have moved on to doing something else. It's a hassle just to go back to the delete button.
Since I had prior experience with JustCall from my time while working for a different company, I was able to recommend it to this client as a business consultant when they were in the process of updating their reservation system. Both the ease with which I may get in contact with customer support and the caliber of the individuals that provide assistance are very much to my liking. They are always going to put in a lot of effort to come up with effective answers to any problems that you are having. It is really easy to install and use and needs very little work to get it up and running in the first place. It is extremely straightforward. We would want to have access to powerful technologies that may lessen the amount of labor needed to complete administrative responsibilities without sacrificing the quality of the job. Just give it a name and carry out the instructions exactly. In terms of a more comprehensive evaluation, I would give it a score of 7. Because I feel the people behind could do much more with the PD integration, especially in relation to contacts that are duplicated, which causes some calls that are made from one open deal to be saved in another because it recognizes that deal rather than the other, the reason for this is simply because I believe the people behind could do much more with the PD integration.
It is most likely due to the delays and lags that are sometimes present in the program. When you click on the PD link, the notes won't appear straight away. Because there have been instances in which the notes have been preserved in JustCall but do not display in the transaction on PipeDrive where the call was made, it is unclear if the problem lies with JustCall or with PipeDrive. After you have typed in the phone number, if you need to enter more numbers (extensions or meeting ids), you are unable to use the keyboard for the numbers. This is something that I do not enjoy about the system. To dial a number, you will need to use your mouse and click on the corresponding number on the dial pad. I joined up with the hopes of making phone calls to customers using this program. The click to call" button that they said would be put next to every phone number in the browser was the feature that attracted me the most. However, that function simply never worked for me. On January 18, I made the decision to terminate my membership. Even though it's almost May, they haven't stopped billing my credit card.

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JustCall Pros&Cons


  • Price
  • Quality
  • Integrations


  • Limited customer support
  • Limited features
  • Limited call forwarding options

JustCall Final Conclusions

Consumers are able to make and receive calls in a shorter length of time with the help of the JustCall phone system, which seems to be a dependable and user-friendly phone system with excellent customer service. This analysis was developed with the help of the remarks and recommendations provided by previous customers.

Despite the fact that some customers are unhappy with the pricing and the services that are provided, JustCall seems to be an excellent choice for companies that want to enhance their phone system. This is despite the fact that some customers are unhappy with the services that are provided.

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