NeoDove Review: Pricing, Features & More

With a telecalling CRM NeoDove, you can streamline your process, which in turn will increase productivity and revenue. You may use it to streamline and computerize formerly manual processes. You may track your agents' progress in real time with the help of the provided reports. When it comes to telemarketing, there's no better CRM than NeoDove.
NeoDove Review: Pricing, Features & More

NeoDove overview

NeoDove is a Telecalling CRM and Sales Engagement Platform that assists companies in increasing their sales by improving their incoming and outbound calling operations, as well as their lead management procedures.

NeoDove enables organizations to spend more time doing what's essential to maintaining a solid sales funnel by providing tools like an auto dialer, a lead management system, multichannel communication, and connectors.

The online portal that NeoDove has created provides a full picture of the whole sales funnel. Everything can be examined and handled, from the current state of leads to the current performance status of the sales staff.

With features like an automated calling procedure and personalized reporting, the mobile software developed by NeoDove makes it simpler for telesales professionals to meet their quotas while they are on the go.

What NeoDove has to say about itself

The one and only dialer for telemarketing calls and client relationship management solution you will ever need. A fully-featured dialer and telecalling CRM that may assist you in increasing your productivity and propelling your sales to new heights. You may rely on the members of our team to be by your side every step of the way, offering our complete and undivided support to you throughout the process.

Because we have everything under control with regard to the integrations, you won't ever have to be concerned about them. Users in a wide array of industries were able to increase their conversion rates by as much as 72 percent after using NeoDove. A dialer that is at the bleeding edge of technology and brings out the very best in each and every telecaller. With the auto dialer software that NeoDove has to offer, you can get all of the features you need to reduce the amount of idle time in your business, improve productivity, and raise the amount of sales you make!

Effortless connections across several platforms for more effective lead management! You will be able to see lead data in real time when you use the Telecalling CRM provided by NeoDove. Additionally, you will be able to get all of the required custom integrations and have all leads automatically recorded.

NeoDove Review

Year Started2020
Service AreasIndia
Service TypesNeoDove provides services such as website design and development, digital marketing, mobile app development, software development, UX/UI design, software testing, cloud services/hosting, and web infrastructure.
FeaturesDailer, Lead Management, Customer Engagement, Team Management, Reporting, Integrations, WhatsApp API
CertificationsISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2 Type 2, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard), CSP

NeoDove price policy

NeoDove's services are extremely reasonably priced. The needs and price ranges of individual clients are considered while tailoring service plans. Hourly fees typically start at $30, however that might vary based on the specific service needed. Services like web design and custom programming may have different price points depending on the complexity of the job. In addition, NeoDove offers flexible pricing plans for its subscription services. Monthly costs start at $50 with the standard package, which includes a certain amount of hours and services. Discounts are offered for extra hours, and features may be altered to suit the individual needs of each client. Last but not least, NeoDove offers free consultations to provide the best possible value for its clients.
PackagesThey have 3 service packages: Personal from $30 USD, Standard from $50 USD, and Premium from $70 USD
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or direct debit.
Payment discountsDiscounts are not available

NeoDove online reputation

NeoDove is a quick and useful automated phone system. Online, there are both favorable and negative product reviews. Customers like the user interface and the 24-hour customer service. Many clients like the price options and services as well. Some consumers, however, have complained about inconsistent customer service and problems contacting support staff. Overall, NeoDove provides a dependable, user-friendly, and feature-rich service. Improving customer service, on the other hand, may help to avoid client unhappiness.
A fantastic organization to collaborate with in order to increase your customer success and sales procedures while you are both working to develop your business. Having access to features such as autodialing is quite helpful for me, and I am grateful to have access to such features. As a direct consequence of this, the group is able to maintain their focus and carry out the responsibilities assigned to them in an efficient way. Dashboard made available by NeoDove for the purpose of lead management and the methodical dialing of leads. We are able to maintain an exceptionally high level of production thanks to the autodialer function. Its predictive dialer helps us to save time, which we are then able to put into dialing fresh leads because of the high degree of efficiency it has. We are just getting started with NeoDove, but thus far we are particularly happy with its predictive calling capability and the fact that it supports a variety of different languages. Both of these features make it possible for NeoDove to communicate in more than one language. We were pleased when we discovered that NeoDove includes a WhatsApp sharing choice as a result of the fact that WhatsApp is so extensively used in every region of the planet.
I really wish there was more documentation available so that I could learn how to utilize the product more quickly. It is possible that more of the responsibility lies with us, yet there is a learning curve associated with utilizing the tool appropriately. Because they are relatively new to the market, we anticipate greater features and functionality from them, which we know they are currently working on developing. There is need for improvement in the user friendliness of the support service level agreements. The auto dialer function is responsible for this. Because of the way local numbers are handled, Kot is an effective tool for internationally present organizations. If there is any way to improve upon this, that would be fantastic. I squandered my money after the procurement process by purchasing the Neodove Accounts app, however I am unable to add excel or BOQs to the invoices that I create. Developing a customer relationship management system with reasonable cost, so that I may add more users and increase my efficiency.
The software program known as NeoDove offers a way for systematic calling in addition to offering a solution to the issue of lead assignment as a problem that needs to be solved. They make accessible to us a service that is known as an autodialer, which frees us from the obligation of manually calling numbers in a phone book or other directory. Because it enables us to consistently give the greatest possible quality of service to all of our customers, the Artificial Intelligence component of the software is the most astounding portion of the whole system. The element of the program that makes use of artificial intelligence gives the most advantage, as it enables us to deliver the highest possible level of service to our customers by enabling us to provide them with the best possible experience. This, in turn, enables them to get the highest possible degree of satisfaction from our company. Have been using it for a few years now, and its user-friendly online interface makes it feasible to study and get a handle on the sales funnel with relative simplicity. The fact that it provides you with an overall picture of the sales process is beneficial to you in that it enables you to better understand it.
Lead enrichment integrations are not present. Additionally, the platform has to provide suggestions based on data science in order to optimize campaigns as well as lead allocation and conversion funnels. My experience with Neodove was the worst and most nightmare-inducing of all the SaaS businesses with which I have been affiliated. During the demo, they made claims about the quality of the goods and pressured us to make a rapid purchase. After making the transaction, we came to the conclusion that the product characteristics that had been described to us were not at all like the ones that really existed. Multiple back-and-forth emails and phone conversations, during which their team's SLA and ETA to address the problem were not met. Even a strongly worded request for assistance to the company's founders had no effect on the settlement. Additionally, their telecommunication partner TeleCMI is a platform with extremely bad service. Because of the negligent and unethical actions shown by the Neodove team, we were forced to endure a detrimental effect on our company's finances. My decision to go with them was a mistake, and I really hope they never make another one of their clients go through what I did.
Neodove CRM is supported by Vyapaar, a formidable competitor in the industry, and offers extremely reasonable pricing for new businesses. When it came to the further reports, I had my reservations about working with them, so I approached the decision with extreme caution. Their user interface is very simple, and I hardly ever came across any bugs in the system; whenever I pointed it out to the team who were behind the show, they quickly worked on the same based on their priorities. The price per year was too good to be true, so I took the time to understand the app, as this is one of the most important applications for any organization that has a team for tele calling. In addition, this is one of the most important applications for any organization that has a team for tele calling. The backend engineers and developers are doing a fantastic job, and the sales staff has assisted me with technical questions on several occasions. I have previously used CRM software such as SalesForce, Zoho, and Leadsquare, and so far think that this program has the ability to become as large as them. I also hope that they will continue to provide flawless support. I was astonished by the team's product and process understanding. I hope that everything works out well for everyone in the team. Bravo!!
You will be required to go through a more complex learning process in order to make effective use of the technology that is available to you. It is not feasible to send individual messages via WhatsApp or SMS unless one first determines the state of the call. It's ridiculous how they manage the relationships they have with their customers and clients. In their present form, the vast majority of the critically important features are inaccessible and cannot be used. Even in the event that the product team already has a low degree of competence to begin with, the service crew displays an even lower level of experience. Those that work in sales at this organization are the only ones who really do anything useful, hehe, and that's a shame. They are highly proficient in the art of bringing transactions to a successful conclusion.
All aspects of lead management, from assignment to monitoring conversions, are consolidated into a single view of the funnel. Another advantage is the ability to produce many types of conversion reports. The challenge that Neodove claims to be able to solve is intriguing. At the very least on paper, their product seems to be quite user-friendly and straightforward in its operation. You can upload leads to the mobile and online app NeoDove, and then assign them to members of your team so they can start contacting them. This tool's ability to interact in several languages makes it well suited for use by multinational corporations. You have the ability to make changes to preloaded calling scripts that are provided by NeoDove. My favorite feature is an artificial intelligence that is able to review calls in real time in order to enhance both their quality and the overall experience they provide for clients.
When we were just starting started, we had a few little setbacks here and there, but none of them were serious enough to prevent us from meeting the demands of our clients in a timely manner. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that whatever we used did not create any problems down the road, but the reality of the matter is that we have been compelled to deal with them from the very beginning of the process. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that whatever we used did not cause any problems down the way. The events that transpired are somewhat the result of our actions, despite the fact that they are also partially to blame. The thing that I detested the most was that we encountered roadblocks; yet, in spite of this, NeoDove never skipped a beat in taking care of us and reacting with the right degree of responsiveness and service.
The program known as Neodove offers a solution to the issue of lead assignment as well as systematic calling. They provide an autodialer service, which frees us from having to manually dial phone numbers. Their artificial intelligence is highly capable, and as a result, we are able to provide the very finest customer service to each of our customers. Because I have an unhealthy obsession with all things related to artificial intelligence (AI), I was very drawn to test NeoDove because of its focus on AI. One of the things that I really appreciate is called the scheduling lead tool, and it assists us in connecting with our consumers at precisely the proper moment. Since we have users located all over the globe, this was something that we were extremely interested in finding. It has freed up a significant amount of time for our staff to call numbers manually. They provide us with an autodialer service, which frees us from the need of manually dialing numbers. The finest element of the program is the Artificial Intelligence component, which enables us to give the best customer experience possible to our customers. It has also provided us with access to certain fundamental information, which has helped us better understand where we can develop our company.
When we decided to combine a number of other suppliers a few months ago to see if they could compete with what NeoDove had been offering us for the previous three years, we put ourselves through a trial period that was nothing short of a nightmare. During this phase, we consolidated a few other service providers to see whether or not they were capable of competing with the level of service that NeoDove had been giving us for the prior three years. They were unable to, but there is always something that you wish you could have done or had that you were unable to do or have. As a direct result of this, we have seen that the feature set of the NeoDove mobile app is not as comprehensive as that of its rivals' mobile applications. It's conceivable that I'm being very fussy in this regard, but it would be fantastic if there was a simpler method to handle faxes, calls, and messages inside the app itself. The next logical step would be to provide the application the capacity to transmit faxes, since this would complete the circle. You already have an image processor on your phone, and a pdf converter is common on most pieces of corporate equipment. Please include the capability for the program to transmit and receive faxes so that it may be used more effectively.

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NeoDove average reviews

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NeoDove Pros&Cons


  • 100% customer support
  • No capital investment
  • Scalability


  • A complex system
  • Not enough features
  • Incomprehensible interface

NeoDove Final Conclusions

NeoDove is an all-inclusive telephone solution that assists small and medium-sized businesses in growing their income by boosting the productivity of their staff. NeoDove gives consumers a platform that is fully configurable, dependable, and secure for managing all of their phone call responsibilities.

Autodialing, Comprehensive Lead Management, Instant Multi-Channel Interactions, Real-Time Performance Analytics, Thousands of Integrations, IVR Marketplace, SMS Automation, and Many More Features Are Included in It.

The responses from consumers are not unanimous in their assessment. Naturally, the majority are favorable, with many users appreciating both the support crew and the features that may be accessed. However, there are a few bad ones, and the corporation should think about them and try to repair all of the defects as soon as possible.

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