Affiliatly Review

The Affiliatly has several features for enterprises of all sizes. Its monitoring tool lets merchants easily track and enhance their campaigns, revealing which promotions are most effective and attracting the most customers. Its cutting-edge analytics give a wide range of campaign efficacy data and help organizations understand their ROI. Try it.
Affiliatly Review

Affiliatly overview

Affiliatly is a highly successful platform for affiliate marketing that gives merchants the tools they need to design and maintain an efficient referral and affiliate marketing plan. It gives companies the ability to rapidly roll out automated marketing programs that are specifically tailored to the nature of their company and the people they are trying to reach. You will be shocked by its features.

In addition, advertisers may conduct campaigns across many channels, including social media and search engines, without incurring any costs until customers actually make a purchase from one of those sites. Your company finds many features for yourself. Marketers are able to acquire insights into the user experience, segment users in order to better target prospective consumers, and give unique links and codes to each channel via the use of an easily designed affiliate dashboard.

Affiliatly also provides connectors with payment providers, marketing automation systems, and ad networks. These integrations enable merchants to plug in any essential resources that they may need, which enables them to easily grow their campaigns without having to perform any of the technical work. Because it is intuitive to use and provides a wealth of features in one place, the platform makes it simple to devise an effective plan for affiliate marketing.

What Affiliatly has to say about itself

Affiliatly is a useful tool for simplifying the administration of affiliate marketing programs. In just a few minutes, you can start up your very own affiliate marketing program after registering for an account. Affiliatly is a piece of software that helps online retailers keep track of their affiliate relationships.

Affiliatly provides you with a comprehensive set of features that are intended to satisfy all of your requirements and boost the number of sales you make. Your admin dashboard gives you complete command over the affiliate program in all of its facets. You can keep track of your affiliates via their emails, links, coupons, or QR codes. Keep track of the profits and accounts for each affiliate. You should immediately configure your tracking systems in order to get your affiliates started as soon as possible. Gift certificates to the retailers your affiliates shop at so they may try out your wares are an excellent incentive.

Development and improvement that never stops, achieved by our customers' input and years of working together with them. Join the ranks of those who have benefited from the great accomplishments to which they have contributed. The dashboard allows for the convenient checking of precise information about leads, traffic, sales, and performance. Take care of two different levels of rewards for your affiliates according to the parameters you set.

You are just a few clicks away from having access to an exceptional collection of tools that will allow you to have your affiliate marketing program up and operating in a matter of minutes, which will assist you in taking your company to the next level.

Affiliatly Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesAffiliatly helps set up, monitor, and manage affiliate programs. You are getting constant commission payments, customizable commission rate structures, advanced tracking and analytics, customizable affiliate campaigns, merchant fraud protection, custom affiliate access levels, and affiliate management and recruitment tools are among its many features.
FeaturesMultiple tracking methods; Extensive Settings; Manage Affiliates individually; Quick setups; Gift cards; Marketing Assets; Two tier; Measure performance and growth.
CertificationsGDPR, certified by Trustwave

Affiliatly price policy

The services offered by Affiliatly provide an excellent return on investment. When you pay Affiliatly, they will provide you with a trial period of ninety days to ensure that you are currently profiting from your program. The most common choice, the Starter plan, can be had for $16 per month, while the Advanced plan can be had for $24 per month, and the Professional plan can be had for $39 per month. You don't have to worry about losing out on anything since the features are included in each and every plan. You won't have any trouble finding a plan that works within your financial constraints, regardless of the size of your company.
PackagesStarter - $16.00/billed monthly (Up to 50 Affiliates); Advanced - $24.00/billed monthly (Up to 200 Affiliates); Professional - $39.00/billed monthly (Up to 500 Affiliates); Pro 1000 - $59.00/billed monthly (Up to 1000 Affiliates); Pro 2500 - $79.00/billed monthly (Up to 2500 Affiliates); Pro Unlimited - $129.00/billed monthly (Unlimited Affiliates)
Payment optionsCredit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, andDiscover), PayPal, Apple Pay
Payment discountsAffiliatly doesn't offer any discounts.

Affiliatly online reputation

Online customer reviews for Affiliatly are divided. Customers say it's simple to use and has prompt customer service. Their vast variety of tracking tools, built-in commission tracking system, and dedicated member support personnel are very popular. However, some clients complain that wages are late and the interface is outdated.
Affiliatly is compatible with all of the website platforms that I've used for various customers. The user-friendliness of the product is matched by excellent support for existing customers. They have been there to answer my inquiries at any point in time. It is inexpensive, which is very helpful for businesses who are just starting out with affiliate programs. It provides you with all of the functionality you need to effortlessly install and monitor the sales you make via your affiliate program. Keeping track of affiliate sales and managing everything else that pertains to affiliates is made so much easier with the aid of this program, which I like using. Utilizing this program has been of great assistance to our company, as it enables us to easily monitor the development of our affiliates and manage payments from a single location, all of which saves time. When it comes to affiliate marketing, this program is unquestionably among the very finest available on the market today. The information that we have obtained as a result of this has assisted us in making educated judgments about our company and in easily managing our affiliates. - Jessy T.
I would want to have the opportunity to observe which banners are being utilized and generating traffic, but this functionality is not currently accessible to me. In addition to that, I would want the option to send an email to all of the affiliates without leaving the system. A great number of bugs and problems with the server. tracking of data that is not correct. Because there is a 30-day lag between when payments are approved and when they are actually sent, the interface that is used to evaluate whether or not affiliates are eligible to receive payments may be a little bit confusing at times. The thirty-day term is required to comply with the thirty-day return policy that we have. It would be considerably less of a hassle if the app provided the ability to modify this setting. The user interface is a little bit dated and may need a little bit of a makeover. The fact that it is lacking one of its features is the aspect of the program that I dislike the most. Affiliates are able to see their downline, however the members of that downline are not organized into levels such as first, second, and third. If affiliates were to incorporate this functionality, it would be to their advantage in a number of important ways. - Rob V.
We have spent a considerable amount of time searching for a software that would suit the needs of our organization. Although we have participated in various affiliate programs, we have had difficulty locating particular features that we wish to employ. Because of Affiliatly, we are able to accomplish our goals to the letter. Although there are a few more elements that we would want to have that are not accessible on the programme, we are really delighted with the program overall. We are currently using the free trial version, but we will most likely upgrade in the near future. The level of support we have gotten is truly astounding taking into account that we are currently in the beta testing phase of our project. This software for monitoring the growth of affiliates and managing affiliate programs is fantastic in every way. Using Affiliatly, it is quite simple to conduct all of this in a single location and determine who is doing the best. In general, I couldn't be happier with this piece of software! It has made keeping track of my affiliates and the sales they generate much simpler, and it provides me with information that assists me in making more informed business choices. - Daniel F.
There were far too many features that were absent. This is a very fundamental approach to tracking conversions with affiliates and influencers, but it does not make it possible to gather any specific data. You won't have an easy time recruiting influential people either. CSV files are difficult for me to deal with. Although I am aware that the csv file type is required for this, the possibility to download it straight in xls would be much more convenient for me. Only two tiers provide payouts, and the program does not have the capability to run competitions or track sales objectives; nevertheless, the leaderboard assists me in working these off-line. It would be great if they provided more marketing options, similar to those provided by other affiliate platforms, to assist in spreading the word about our program and recruiting affiliates. However, it seems that you won't be able to make use of the program to its full capacity unless your website is compatible with woocommerce integration. - Bruse H.
Even though I've been using this software for over three years, I don't have a single complaint about it. It accomplishes what it is meant to do, which is keep track of affiliate sales, and the pricing is quite reasonable for what it offers. It is a wonderful program that performs faultlessly and without any troubles. The fact that this program is so simple to use is perhaps its strongest selling point. It has a pretty straightforward design, and navigating it is not difficult at all. In contrast to some other applications, which base their prices on the number of customers that visit the business, this one does not. We were able to get everything we need for our affiliate program from Affiliatly at a cost that was much more affordable than we had anticipated. Pricing is determined by the number of affiliates, which is a system that works out quite well for us considering that our affiliate accounts are reserved for only the most specialized clients. My organization has been making use of this program for close to a year now, and we have had a really positive experience with it overall. I have only had to get in touch with customer service a couple of times. I think that all small companies would benefit from using this software. - Hellen C.
It was a tremendously challenging procedure when I first began learning about the backend of the website. It is not, by any length of the imagination, anything that can be described as being simple to use. In addition, I was not pleased with how little customization choices there were to choose from when it came to either the dashboards or the forms. There aren't that many things that could be improved, however it would be great if I could look at where clicks and client data like email id are coming from. There aren't that many things that could be improved. It would be helpful to have a tool that could investigate the origin of clicks and identify the email address that corresponds to each lead that was created. To put it more simply, I really wish there were more possible partners to choose from. You won't be able to construct a reliable base of regular clients. There is no way to know for certain whether or not there will be a profit. - Jonas D.
Customers may make purchases on the website using a wide range of ways (coupon codes, affiliate links, and so on), and Affiliatly maintains track of all of these transactions and connects them with the right orders. It is possible to monitor purchases made on platforms for which it does not have an integration by using custom code if the platform supports such monitoring. Because Webflow is the platform on which we manage our online business, this is of critical significance. It was really simple to utilize, and it was uncomplicated to track the development of each individual's performance. The installation procedure drew my interest since, in my experience, it was basic and uncomplicated to me was straightforward. The technical support that was provided throughout the process of setting it up was outstanding due to the fact that it was timely and helpful. I like how the app remembers everything and gives a variety of information, including details and statistics, all in one convenient location. The fact that my affiliates found my program easy to use and uncomplicated in terms of its instructions is something that gives me a great deal of satisfaction. - Selena Q.
There are times when it is difficult to keep up with all of the activities. I really wish that I could also see the source of clicks, the ultimate destination, and any action that took place in between, as well as some sort of customer identification like an email, so that I could follow up with them and keep track of how many times they visit as well as how many are new visitors. It is not possible to send referral coupons after only one purchase, as opposed to sending them after each transaction. Because of the manner that our shopping cart operated, there was a problem with the configuration, however Affiliatly assisted us in fixing the problem. When I first tried to find everything in the administrator login, I had some difficulty doing so. However, after I discovered where everything was located, it was simple to find what I need in the future. I wish there was a button that would show you who you have personally invited to the Affiliately program as influencers - I wish there was a page that would show you who has accepted your invitation! I am aware that I can export the customer list and then filter through it; but, I believe that having a separate tab for those influencer addresses that you have personally entered would be of great assistance to a lot of individuals that use Affiliatly for influencer affiliate programs. - Andrew O.
It's impossible to overstate how good their customer assistance is. On business days, all queries will be handled within the first 24 hours. They were fast to suggest a work around if it wasn't possible for it to perform precisely what I wanted it to do. Very simple to set up, and the customer service is excellent. Very rapidly realized what it was that I need, and they put in place a solution right away. In my view, it is superior to the vast majority of the other similar affiliate softwares that are now available. Affiliatly makes it very simple to begin building a network of affiliates for your company. I have never used software of this kind before, and I must say that I am really pleased. I'm still new to this, but I really wish there was a way to incorporate an affiliate's discount code via my website as tracking in addition to their link. That way, they wouldn't lose out on any money if a buyer just used their coupon code without coming through their link. I'm still learning, but I really wish there was a way to do that. (Is it possible that there is a way? I'm just starting off, haha!) - Enrike O.
The user interface might need some polishing, and there is room for improvement in the features available to managers. The data could be more comprehensive, and the fact that we do not utilize a platform similar to Shopify made the process of onboarding a little bit more difficult. It is not simple to activate or deactivate any campaign by the use of a button. Simply said, I'd want to see additional tools added to Affiliatly that give us the ability to personalize our experience there. The greatest illustration of this would be a function that gave us command over the timing of when we dispensed incentives to advocates. Some people are unhappy with the fact that they can only cash out once a month. It would be fantastic if, as on some other referral networks, we could exercise control over rewards and decide for ourselves whether or not to make them more regular. - Eneli T.

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Affiliatly average reviews

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Affiliatly Pros&Cons


  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Service


  • Limited customization options
  • No ability to award bonuses
  • No CRM features for affiliates

Affiliatly Final Conclusions

Customers have a variety of reactions and thoughts on the Affiliatly brand as a whole. Customers who have used their service have complimented it for being easy to use and transparent in the process of setting up affiliate marketing, as well as for having a support crew that is prompt and helpful. On the other side, several clients have voiced their dissatisfaction with the Affiliatly team's poor response times and the restricted feature set.

Affiliatly seems to give decent capabilities for those individuals who are interested in beginning an affiliate network; nonetheless, the platform may not be the ideal choice for those individuals who anticipate comprehensive monitoring and prompt payout.

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