AffiliateWP Review

AffiliateWP is the greatest WordPress affiliate plugin. It creates tools to help you develop your company quicker by unlocking additional income channels. AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, dependable WordPress plugin that allows you affiliate marketing tools to expand your company and generate more money. It simplifies affiliate marketing so you can concentrate on operating your company.
AffiliateWP Review

AffiliateWP overview

AffiliateWP is the most effective affiliate program plugin for self-hosted installations of WordPress. AffiliateWP is the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress Affiliate Tracking software on the market, and here are the features that make it such.

The 1-click connection that we provide for WooCommerce and 28 other eCommerce and form plugins will make it simple for you to establish your affiliate program. Tracking referral links, affiliate discount codes, custom landing pages, cross-domain marketing, and direct link tracking should be done with complete reliability. The administration of affiliates is simplified as a result. Personalize everything from the affiliate signup and onboarding process to the approval procedure and rewards.

Get thorough information from your affiliates to find out what is working and what isn't so you can expand your affiliate program and increase the number of sales you make. Using Stripe or PayPal, you can easily pay all of your affiliates with the press of a single button. It will save you a few hours over the course of each month. Personalized and customized affiliate dashboard that provides your affiliates with all of the essential data they need to be successful in their endeavors.

What AffiliateWP has to say about itself

AffiliateWP is the ideal affiliate tracking software for WordPress, and it was designed with YOU in mind. Establish a commission system that is suitable for your company's needs. Personalized commissions, one-time commissions, recurring commissions, tiered commissions, and lifetime commissions are all included. Construct one-of-a-kind referral links, banners, vouchers, landing pages, QR codes, and more for your affiliate marketing campaign.

Your affiliate program may reach its full potential with the help of growth tools provided by AffiliateWP. These tools include email marketing, an affiliate leaderboard for competitions, and more. AffiliateWP was developed specifically to accommodate the way you operate. Through the use of hooks, filters, templates, and the REST API, you may personalize everything.

By identifying and preventing affiliate fraud using its sophisticated fraud detection technologies, it can help you avoid the loss of money. Create an affiliate program in the language that you speak. AffiliateWP is put to use by companies all around the globe. Over 30 different languages are supported. Creating an affiliate program in WordPress is very simple and can be done in about ten minutes using AffiliateWP. You have complete control over the appearance and operation of every facet of your affiliate program, including registration, onboarding, commissions, creatives, and more.

AffiliateWP makes it simple to monitor referral traffic coming from your preferred eCommerce, membership, form, and payment plugins on the WordPress platform. Integrations include WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, and more than 20 more such as WPForms and Gravity Forms. AffiliateWP's interface, in contrast to that of comparable SaaS affiliate tracking software, may be fully modified to reflect your company's identity. To put it another way, build a white-label dashboard for your affiliates.

AffiliateWP Review

Year Started2014
Service Areas30+ countries
Service TypesAffiliateWP provides all of the features that are necessary to expand your company via the use of an affiliate marketing program.
FeaturesAdvanced affiliate tracking, 1-Click payouts,affiliate growthtools, custom affiliate dashboard, smart commission rules, easy setup, powerful affiliate management, detailed affiliate reports, unlimited creatives, fully customizable, smart fraud detection, fully internationalized
CertificationsPCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO-9001

AffiliateWP price policy

AffiliateWP provides a variety of price options to accommodate a wide range of client types, sizes, and requirements. Every package has a refund guarantee good for the first two weeks of service. In addition, AffiliateWP collaborates with other website providers to provide consumers who need several services the opportunity to take advantage of discounted package deals.
PackagesProfessional - $299.50/year (normally $599.00); Plus - $199.50/year (normally $399.00); Personal - $149.50/year (normally $299.00). Special introductory pricing, all renewals are at full price.
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, bank transfer, ACH transfer, or check.
Payment discountsCustomers have the opportunity to save money by taking advantage of the many different discounts that are offered by AffiliateWP. These price discounts include price reductions on their subscription plans, price reductions on renewals, price reductions based on volume, price reductions for groups, and price reductions for referrals. Customers also have the option to save money by taking advantage of discounts that are given during promotional events while such events are being held. If you have any questions, you may contact customer service at any time.

AffiliateWP online reputation

Customers have complimented its user-friendly interface while also praising its robust back-end and comprehensive feature set. They also enjoy its exceptional customer service, claiming that the personnel is both prompt and helpful in addressing any questions that may be asked of them. Nevertheless, several customers have experienced various problems behind the scenes with the integration and functionality of the product.
This was an easy decision for us to make given that we are a WordPress design and development service. Installing and integrating a specialized affiliate dashboard for our partners was a simple process in our experience. AffiliateWP has a wide variety of pre-built connectors for many WordPress e-commerce plugins and themes, such as WooCommerce. As an agency that sells services via a third-party CRM (HubSpot), we did not have an automatic interface; nevertheless, the flexibility of the solution enabled us to construct our own integration to ensure that inbound prospects fed into our CRM are credited to an AffiliateWP affiliate. In other words, we were able to make sure that incoming leads are properly attributed. Because this solution connects directly with WordPress, setting up even the most fundamental infrastructure is a breeze. This is easily the finest aspect of this solution. AffiliateWP is the solution that seems to be the most actively developed as well as the most popular of all the options now available. With the help of the add-on choices, we are able to install just the capabilities that we need and get rid of the others. - Andrew M.
There are occasions when I discover that it does not appropriately track an affiliate referral based on an affiliate discount code. There have been several problems for us. Despite the fact that the support team made an effort to assist us, the problems persist. The process through which we generate our monthly reports might proceed more quickly and easily. The way things are done right now aren't terrible. However, it is not particularly user-friendly and may be confusing at times. Affiliates, for their part, likewise find the reports on their end to be rather unclear. It is necessary for us to guide them through the process of locating and comprehending what they are seeing. I believe that the status of "forced pending" on new transactions is the primary source of the most of this uncertainty. We do not want to provide a refund or credit for a purchase until the specified time period for returns has elapsed. Some marketing connectors can't be used because of the plugin. In essence, this refers to the kind of marketing known as referral marketing, in which the site responsible for the recommendation does not have its leads shown on the primary website that uses affiliate WordPress. My opinion is that there need to be a form established so that there is less labor. - Andrea C.
For those in the market for an effective and user-friendly affiliate management system, AffiliateWP is an excellent option to consider. It provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting features, as well as connections to referrals that can be customized and email alerts, and it has an interface that is simple to use. It also provides features that are superior to those offered by its competitors, such as the capability to monitor commissions across several sites and the provision of a variety of different commission structures. It was quite simple to get started, and it fulfilled the majority of the requirements we had at that time. The fact that this software could easily be integrated with WooCommerce was a pretty strong point in its favor. Because despite the fact that it was not inexpensive, the premium features it supplied were superior to those provided by its rivals. In general, it is straightforward to use. The fact that you actually have complete control over it (through extensions, as well as WP hooks and filters) is one of my most favorite things about WordPress. Due to the very modest yearly charge required to utilize it, it is a considerably more competitive choice for companies that are quite tiny. - David Z.
It would be great if it could interact more seamlessly with form plugins such as Gravity Foms. Because you are the one who is in charge of your own affiliate program, you do not have access to a larger network of affiliates. In the beginning, I intended to utilize two different extensions, but they weren't compatible with each other. The functionality is quite restricted, and I'm not entirely certain if they have users participating in board meetings at all. There are a few straightforward and simple ways to provide immediate improvements to the user experience. Sadly, there is no documentation about the hooks. Because PayPal blocked the capability that would enable users to do bulk payouts, it is no longer possible to depend only on PayPal to process large-scale payments. Therefore, if you have a large number of affiliates, processing payments will take up more of your time. In addition, if you want the user interface (UI) that you provide to your affiliates to be a bit more appealing and user-friendly, you should definitely consider using some custom CSS and maybe a custom page template for how their affiliate account information is shown. This is especially important if you want your UI to be more visually appealing. - Claude R.
AffiliateWP is one of my most favorite platforms. During the time that I used it, it was a wonderful tool, and the support staff responded extremely quickly and effectively to any problems that arose. Because of a problem with the invoicing, I was forced to either close or sell the companies that were utilizing it (at one point, I had three sites using AffiliateWP). Their customer assistance quickly resolved the problem (which was all my own) and issued a refund with no fuss whatsoever. When a business is prepared to take care of you AFTER you have finished paying them, it is a clear indication that they really care about their customers. I really hope that I'll have another opportunity to utilize it in the future, because if I do, there's no question that I'll choose AffiliateWP above any of the other options. I use this as a plugin for Wordpress for a product that is related to consumer goods. Easy to set up and recruit affiliates for, as well as providing them with the ability to log in independently and get stats, creative, and tracking links. It gets the job done successfully! After initial configuration, I forget about it entirely, with the exception of making payments to affiliates on the first of the month and vetting new applications to become affiliates. - Nate A.
Although I'm not a fan of having to pay yearly licensing payments, if you buy an Ultimate license, you can prevent having to do so in the future. If you want to create a genuine referral network, it is quite probable that you will need to purchase the Professional license at the very least. Simply said, I don't think that makes any sense. Because I don't have a lot of affiliates and the sales that they create aren't that significant for me, I don't utilize it very frequently. Therefore, every time I use it, I spend a significant amount of time attempting to find out how to utilize it properly. I really wish they had connectors for other affiliate networks like CJ, Shareasale, JVZoo, and Clickbank as well. There is not a free trial offered. I wasn't certain that this was the instrument I need. A pricing that is too expensive for new customers. This is not a feature that is lacking but rather a restriction of the business model that the company uses. AffiliateWP is a simple plugin that does not include any further features, such as a marketplace (where your affiliate items might be found) or marketing to assist you in finding affiliates. - Kelly S.
My shop is powered by Easy Digital Downloads, another WordPress plugin developed by the same group who created AffiliateWP. This indicates that EDD and AffWP collaborate well to guarantee accurate payments to my affiliates and work jointly to achieve this goal. Although there are many other ways to customize how you pay people out, I decided to go with straightforward commission rates ranging from 10 to 20 percent. The fact that my e-commerce shop was developed by the same company that created AffiliateWP made it the most logical choice for me to utilize both platforms together. AffiliateWP is the only Wordpress affiliate plugin that I've seen so far that does more than any other Wordpress affiliate plugin (and is dependable; we tried another plugin, but it kept giving us problems over and over again). Support is usually quite good, and queries are answered fairly fast. I really appreciate that you can offer affiliates the ability to establish their own unique and straightforward affiliate urls, and I like that you can construct affiliate landing pages that provide credit to those affiliates without the need to even use their affiliate url. Both of these features are very great. - Jacob O.
It is not successful. It has been linked to Tickera for some time now, but for some reason it is not functioning properly. Unfortunately, support does not make a difference either. The fact that there is not yet a setting that varies from month to month for clicks is the aspect that I dislike the most. Due to the fact that our affiliate program is organized by month, the software does not now provide that capability, which makes the process a little bit more difficult. Even so, it's rather effective. The user interface is simply much too unattractive. Needs a major UI repair as well as some template customization possibilities. One of our projects uses a multisite installation of WordPress, and getting it configured properly so that it works across the network may be a bit of a challenge. despite the fact that we have had some difficulties with other WordPress plugins in the scenario. There could be here to assist in putting individualized material on affiliate websites and managing such content. We intended to add a calculator on numerous sites, however doing so via Affiliate WP was not as simple as we had hoped. - Erin R.
I adore using! One of the things that I like the most is how simple it is for me to make payments to the individuals who are part of my business's affiliate program at the end of each month. The program is really straightforward, and my affiliates report that they have no trouble understanding it either. My experience with the product as a whole has been pretty favorable, and I do not hesitate to suggest it to my close friends. AffiliateWP was the only platform that provided all of the functions and connectors that I need, whereas the others did not. The tracking is done really well. Joining as an Affiliate is a simple process. It is not difficult to create affiliate accounts for other individuals. The use of discount coupons is another fantastic feature. how straightforward the installation and integration processes were with both my WordPress website and my WooCommerce marketplace. Based on my previous experiences with other services that are quite similar to this one, I was anticipating a great deal more labor to get it correctly set up and operating. Everything worked, and all you had to do was plug it in and turn it on. As a software developer, nothing gets me happier than when a plugin I've written simply works. - Martin M.
Regarding the several compensation structures that may be followed by referrals or payments, it would be helpful if there was default affiliate legal wording that could be offered for affiliates to sign off on. Additionally, there is a rising area of worry surrounding sponsored material on social media in the United States (which affiliates would use to advertise, in order to earn commissions), and this issue is developing at an alarming rate. A legal guidance for them to follow regarding the sharing of information in advertisements would be a welcome addition. It should be simpler for users to generate promo vouchers that they can hand out in person and that are connected to their affiliate account. A more smooth and simple experience may be achieved via improved integration, such as using WooCommerce. It is completely ineffective at tracking, as we are always adding fresh referrals for purchase that did not connect. This has led our associates to lose faith in us as a result. And we are given assistance and guidance that is of no benefit. I wish there was a more obvious way to access the affiliate coupon alternatives. I wish there was another option on the admin affiliate portal or better documentation on where to locate it since the option is hidden deep inside the Woocommerce discount area. - Maria H.

AffiliateWP Social media

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It seems that people have a generally good opinion of AffiliateWP based on comments made on Reddit. People laud AffiliateWP for its layout and adaptability as well as the top-notch support and customer care. For individuals wishing to include affiliate marketing in their enterprises or websites, AffiliateWP looks to be an all-around beneficial and dependable plugin. AffiliateWP has emerged as a popular option for customers searching for a strong and dependable plugin to assist with their affiliate marketing requirements because of its simple setup and straightforward features.

AffiliateWP average reviews

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AffiliateWP Pros&Cons


  • Easy to install and use
  • Automated affiliate payouts
  • Can integrate with WooCommerce


  • Does not offer a commission split option
  • Limited support for multi-currency payments
  • No method to limit the visibility of private products

AffiliateWP Final Conclusions

Overall, AffiliateWP is a well-regarded and functional WordPress affiliate plugin. Customers seem to have a positive opinion about AffiliateWP. Most users laud its simplicity of installation and usage, as well as its solid customer support. However, several customers have complained about the lack of functionality and the sporadic integration issues.

However, the AffiliateWP business offers a comprehensively affordable alternative for establishing a successful affiliate network. Anyone seeking an efficient and dependable affiliate management plugin should choose AffiliateWP.

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