TUNE Review: Pricing, Features & More

TUNE is the only company in the partner marketing sector that provides a solution that prioritizes technology above everything else. It is committed to developing the finest possible platform for marketers and networks wherever in the globe. It is important to the organization that this remains the exclusive point of concentration for innovation both now and in the future as we move forward to performance marketing partnerships.
TUNE Review: Pricing, Features & More

TUNE overview

TUNE manufactures the most adaptable software as a service (SaaS) platform for managing marketing relationships across mobile and online platforms. You can optimize your return on investment (ROI) with your most critical partners – affiliates, networks, influencers, agencies, and any other business development partnerships — all inside one platform, from the point of onboarding until the point of payment.

TUNE is an entirely modifiable software as a service platform, unlike its rivals. This means that it provides you with the most powerful and distinctive collection of tools in the industry to integrate, manage, and repay your marketing relationships, as well as the freedom to separate your company from the competition. Streamlining your partner marketing operations, from onboarding to payment, can help you get a better return on your investment of time.

TUNE is committed to maintaining high standards in the protection of the data of its clients as well as the end users of its products. It is the mission of the organization to establish and maintain trust via the development of policies and products that assist consumers in doing the same with their networks of trust.

What TUNE has to say about itself

TUNE develops software that enables businesses to form profitable marketing relationships across mobile and online platforms. Building, administering, and expanding partner programs and affiliate networks may be accomplished with the help of the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform, a completely configurable, white-label SaaS solution. TUNE is used by digital marketers all around the globe to enhance their return on investment (ROI). This includes everything from partner onboarding to conversion monitoring, rewards, and more.

TUNE makes it simple to boost profits, reduce traffic that does not function well, and quickly grow your network by providing intuitive automation solutions that simplify and streamline complicated operations and handle repetitive manual activities. TUNE simplifies integrating, managing, and compensating the most valued advertisers and publishing partners in your network.

As a supplier of SaaS technology, it makes available software-based pricing options that are uncomplicated, reliable, and, to tell you the truth, dull. Because it is aware of how critical stable monthly expenditures are to the overall viability of a network. Its support staff regularly offers industry-leading customer satisfaction scores of 98% or greater each month, which they give to customers monthly. TUNE's staff and technology have your back no matter where in the globe you may be.

Affiliate marketing may help you directly access your target audience at every point of the customer journey, regardless of the product or service you offer. And since with affiliate marketing, you only pay for demonstrable outcomes, it is a low-risk method for direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses to produce more sales, leads, and traffic.

Affiliate marketing allows your company to stand out from the competition. Affiliates are paid promoters who work professionally and are rewarded for the outcomes they provide. Affiliates understand precisely how to engage customers, which enables them to create additional sales and traffic to their websites. Content publishers, influencers, bargain sites, and other affiliate partners may also provide new insights into your clients and the communities in which they participate.

TUNE Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitetune.com
Service AreasAround the world
Service TypesFully customizable, white-label SaaS solution for building, managing, and growing partner programs and affiliate networks.
FeaturesPartner onboarding, conversion tracking, payouts.
CertificationsSOC 2 Type II, SPN

TUNE price policy

Specific company needs, such as the size of the marketing campaign, the number of partners, and the extra features required, determine how much TUNE's services will cost. Customized pricing models are what TUNE primarily provides, analyzing each company's unique demands and then preparing prices accordingly. The services are tailored to the client's financial limits by offering a variety of add-ons and service levels. To guarantee cost-effectiveness, transparent pricing makes sure customers only pay for the features they need. Businesses may get in touch with TUNE directly for more specific information. By using this strategy, firms may maximize their marketing campaigns while staying within their budgetary constraints since accurate quotations are guaranteed.
PackagesBOOTSTRAP - $599 per month; SCALE - $1500 per month; ENTERPRISE - $899 per month.
Payment optionsMajor credit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), electronic fund transfers, and PayPal.
Payment discountsInformation about any continuing discounts, unique packages, or personalized price plans catered to the client's particular requirements may be obtained from their sales or customer support staff.

TUNE online reputation

TUNE is commended for its comprehensive features and user-friendly UI. Customers like its thorough analytics and effective partner management. Some mention a learning curve for higher functions, nevertheless. TUNE is a useful tool that helps companies have smooth, data-driven partner marketing experiences.
My favorite feature of TUNE is the variety of choices available inside the reports that allow me to see useful data and tailor those reports to meet my specific requirements. It is incredibly simple to use, and the pixel testing features are excellent for avoiding the need to individually test each publisher that is onboarded to an offer. In general, I am extremely satisfied with the experience I have had while using it, and we very seldom run into any technical difficulties. They provide a high-quality documentation of their goods, in addition to a trustworthy customer support service. The cost in general is reasonable, and the product has a strong reputation in the market. There is a wide variety of reporting choices and capabilities available. On the other hand, it is simple to mess things up. In general, a terrific tool that is, most likely, a little bit more costly than certain other firms' offerings but absolutely justifies the additional cost. Because we were able to monitor the efficacy of our affiliates' efforts on a more granular level, we were able to scale up our operations more rapidly by establishing unique rewards for each sub source and sub affiliate. We were also able to grow with greater confidence by identifying potentially fraudulent traffic and leads at an earlier stage of the funnel. Strongly suggest trying it out. - David B.
I believe that the cost of clicks might be reduced, which would make it possible to utilize less supplementary software in the future. They have the ability to raise rates at any time without prior warning, and once they do so, they will not bargain with you; you will either have to leave or accept the higher pricing. Customer service is now at an all-time low; we know more than they do, and their standard operating procedure consists of copying and pasting templates without understanding your problem, all the while thinking that you are an inexperienced user. They don't have a vast network, but that's partly because they don't consider themselves to be a network themselves. They do have carefully selected partners that they engage with, and these partners effectively serve as their network, which is continuing to expand. TUNE is an excellent solution that is beneficial to both publishers and networks; nevertheless, there is need for development in the areas pertaining to advertisers. These areas include more administration capabilities for publisher accounts and a conversion rejection API for publishers. - George M.
The Tune is a top-notch platform; nonetheless, taking into account the present circumstances, its prices are quite steep. When we compare the prices to those of our rivals, we see that they are much higher. The learning curve is not very steep and the process is not complicated. The creation of reports is a breeze, and the vast majority of the program's features and functions are intuitively laid out. In all, the Tune platform is fantastic, especially when considered as an economical alternative for the requirements of basic-level affiliate programs. However, when programs expand and their requirements get more sophisticated, it becomes a product that is more difficult to leverage. The customer care and product teams at Tune are highly enthusiastic about gaining an understanding of the requirements that advertisers have, and they consistently convey the sense that they are working toward the best possible standards. I do like that the teams have the will to compete in the SAAS market, which is known for its high level of competition. They are simple to manage and come with a variety of different settings. Additionally, the API provides the majority of the required data. - Joel T.
Management of affiliates and evaluation of their performances. You really need a separate CRM and business intelligence system for it now. The ease of use is not very high. For instance, we are unable to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) for our goods over time. In addition, our conversion monitoring does not allow us to see individual targets in isolation. There are highly intricate set-ups that need to be completed. Additional monthly fees of one hundred dollars are required for customized domain tracking. The fact that it does not permit multi-level marketing is something that I do not really appreciate about it. There does not seem to be any valid rationale for the absence of this functionality. We have to wait a very long time to obtain a response from our account manager, which indicates that the support is not up to the level. At first, it was challenging to get the feel of it, but we employed our Rep with inquiries when we needed help. There are nearly an excessive number of reports, and I feel that it may be difficult to navigate through them at times. - Luc L.
TUNE's ability to provide me with various options inside the reports that let me see vital information and modify those results according to my requirements is the aspect I like the most. It is quite easy to use, and the testing capabilities for pixels are fantastic, making it possible to avoid physical testing for every distributor onboarded to a proposal. My experience with using it has, for the most part, been positive, and even though we sometimes run into specific problems, I couldn't be happier. Not only is Tune simple and easy to use for administrators to set up new campaigns and new creatives in just a few clicks, but it is also simple and easy to use for affiliates, who can independently study metrics in real-time, including what is going wrong in their traffic (suspect clicks and flagged cause). Tune's strengths include integration via API on several different software platforms (such as Unsubcentral and others). The music is always developing. If you cannot carry out a certain task today, you may be able to complete it the next day. Outstanding support: their accounting management is always accessible to offer you the ideal answer. - Salina L.
It is quite aggravating when data size constraints decrease the date range that may be used for report production. There is not an automatic means for me to submit conversions, and I cannot find a way to do so. There is a server to server postback feature available right now; however, in order to use it, extra resources will be needed. Impact Radius provides a capability that enables users to set up conversions to occur automatically via the use of email. This is a challenge for me since if there are other conversion events that I want to import, doing so would call for the allocation of extra technical resources. When I make adjustments to any deal, such as pausing it or changing the caps, I have noticed that it does not always send a message to my pubs. I have high hopes that they will become more well-known and that they will be able to be of more assistance at partner resources. only a handful of inconsequential campaign-specific additions that have no bearing on the gameplay as a whole. I believe that there are occasions when it might be a little bit too straightforward. I wish there were more features to choose from, and I also wish it was simpler to find what you're looking for. - Zach B.
Help me better manage the goods and partners on a single platform by streamlining the process. The features were up to date, which was just what I need in this day and age of digital marketing. TUNE was developing a pretty nice product (hasoffers), but if I were to be really honest, I would recommend that hasoffers develop a new method for their e-commerce system. I am aware that you have a deeplink and an interface with shopify. Perhaps you guys might make the procedure of integration for a single online store more straightforward. There are a number of different integration choices (S2S, pixel, iframe, etc.). Payout models that are flexible to accommodate any sort of company. The 'Event Tracer' capability may be used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers to assist with debugging and investigations. Automatic integration with Attribution Analytics, which makes things even simpler. Send feedback to a third party on any event. You will have simple options available to manage your affiliates. Take charge of the banners that you create and provide to your affiliates so that they may utilize them. You will be able to properly manage your campaigns if you become an affiliate. Through our partnership with Tune, we have been able to expand our company and establish our own affiliation. Tune is a well-known solution, and all of the affiliates put their faith in it because of how effectively it is managed. It is not necessary for us to establish them in order to organize and launch our initiatives. - Olive M.
Pricing is too expensive if you reach a certain level of scale (for example, if a campaign has many clicks but few conversions, the cost of the campaign may be quite high, while the income may be negative depending on the business model). I may want to see more options, such as getting email warnings as a chairman when an accomplice arrives at CAP, having the option to utilize various monetary forms for accomplices in addition to the standard one at the offer lever, and, in particular, being told by email if CR drops on offers or snaps are sent by changes not going through to demonstrate following issues. These are all things that I would like to see. It is now up to the campaign administrator to decide whether tracking protocol (S2S, Pixel, or Iframe) will be used for that particular campaign. The ability to enable multiple conversion tracking on the same campaign should be enhanced. It is only feasible to turn on some of the protocols simultaneously for a campaign. To prevent having to replicate the same campaign many times for different pricing models, it would be helpful to have the option to have several price models on the same campaign, such as CPL, CPM, and CPA. - Joshua T.
An excellent dashboard with both informatics and visuals for making decisions quickly based on facts. This marketing program is the only one of its type that enables the control of many campaigns at once. An incredible, user-friendly campaign management tool that supports the management of numerous campaigns at once; this is a fantastic feature. An outstanding tool for setting and tracking goals, which enables in-depth and targeted administration of certain objectives and projects all the way through to their final realization. When it comes to the customers that this company serves, the functionality of the program is unrivaled. Software that is ready to use out of the box but yet allows for some customization. The crew is receptive to feedback and highly proactive overall. Tune is what we utilize for monitoring and attributing partner marketing efforts. Never experienced any problems with the other users or the site itself. We are an affiliate network, and in most cases, HasOffers from TUNE meets all of our needs in a satisfactory manner. As an advertiser, we just required one tracking site to operate our worldwide campaigns, even for diverse brands that we own, and TUNE's tracking solution was the key for us to effectively run these with our direct partners. The product has allowed us execute our partnership program at scale internationally. - Catherine F.
Because of the time difference between the United States and the United Kingdom, customer service is mostly conducted by email, which results in a certain amount of delay. It is necessary to create a specialized support system only intended for use in India. There is certain functionality that could be more apparent, which makes it more difficult to fulfill certain requirements. For instance, the following are examples: to clarify the payment groupings and the regulations. Ie. Our accounting teams have a tough time conducting accurate audits since they need access to streamlined documentation of the payment history. The dashboard needs to allow for more customization, and several functions do not apply to our affiliate business. I'd want to make some adjustments to the dashboard so that it better reflects the needs of my program. There is no facility for discovering publishers (at least none that I am aware of). I would like to see more options, such as receiving email notifications as an administrator when a partner reaches the cap, being able to use different currencies for partners and not just the standard one at the offer level, and, most importantly, being notified by email if CR drops on offers or clicks are sent by conversions not going through to indicate tracking issues. I would like to see more options like these. - Hope W.

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TUNE Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Customization


  • Learning Curve
  • Cost
  • Support

TUNE Final Conclusions

TUNE's user-friendly interface, extensive analytics, and effective partner management are all things that contribute to its overall impressiveness. Customers like the flexibility of its customization possibilities and the depth of its insights. Although there is a learning curve involved for more complex functions, customers are generally happy with the product.

TUNE stands out as an option that can be relied upon to provide companies with integrated marketing solutions for their partners and data-driven initiatives, creating successful partnerships.

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