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Tapfiliate is a piece of software that provides assistance to organizations in the processes of developing, monitoring, and maintaining affiliate marketing programs. Tapfiliate allows you to customize the affiliate program in whichever way you see suitable, and the software will assist you with the remainder of the process. Integration with over 30 eCommerce systems, including WordPress, is available via this service.
UpPromote Review: Pricing, Features & More

Tapfiliate overview

Tapfiliate is the best affiliate marketing network for many big businesses. Its modern user interface and strong cloud-based architecture provide unmatched ease and efficiency. Tapfiliate has consistently shown to be a trusted partner for companies looking to optimize affiliate marketing. This solution helps companies grow their affiliate networks by connecting with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. It easily communicates with clients and affiliates through websites, blogs, mobile devices, and social media.

The holistic strategy maximizes affiliate network reach and engagement for your brand. Tapfiliate makes monitoring affiliate success, controlling rewards, and designing bespoke programs easy and powerful, elevating word-of-mouth marketing. Automating routine tasks lets you concentrate on what counts most: monitoring progress and tweaking campaigns for optimal ROI, making affiliate program management simpler and more efficient.

The platform has significant collaboration capabilities including real-time alerts, bespoke email automation, and goal monitoring. Simple but efficient performance monitoring helps organizations remain on top and ahead of their competition. Tapfiliate also gives thorough statistics and analytics on visitor activity over time, which helps companies understand user behavior.

What Tapfiliate has to say about itself

Tapfiliate is a company that develops software for the administration of affiliate programs. Their products have assisted hundreds of companies in expanding their client bases and encouraging audiences to advocate for their brands. They do this by staying true to their primary objective, which is to restore people's enjoyment of advertising.

The vast amount of free information that is available for everyone to enjoy is mostly made possible by advertisements. On the other hand, when an organization delves further into the technical aspects and emerging opportunities of Internet advertising, it moves farther away from a model that strikes a healthy balance between the needs of consumers, advertisers, and those who create content.

The mission that Tapfiliate has undertaken is to assist in reestablishing ecological equilibrium. They are of the opinion that reintroducing the human aspect into advertising will be a significant step toward enhancing the whole advertising experience, which will allow consumers to take pleasure in advertisements once again.

Tapfiliate has made the satisfaction of its customers its top priority as it strives toward accomplishing its vision and achieving its goals. Tapfiliate puts the needs of its customers first in all they do. They make it their mission to ensure that everyone participating in your referral and affiliate program is content. This pertains to you, your business affiliates, and the clients you serve.

Mitgo is a pioneer in online advertising solutions and has extensive knowledge of the online advertising sector. Tapfiliate is a subsidiary of Mitgo. They are able to produce even better affiliate marketing solutions for their consumers more quickly as a result of being a member of the Mitgo ecosystem.

Tapfiliate Review

Year Started2009
Company Websitetapfiliate.com
Service AreasUSA, Netherlands
Service TypesAffiliate marketing, Influencer marketing, Referral marketing
FeaturesTracking and attribution, Partner recruitment, Flexible commissions, Automation and workflows, Partner network, Real-time reporting, White label
CertificationsGDPR, ISO, SOC 2, ePrivacyseal and ePrivacy GmbH

Tapfiliate price policy

Tapfiliate's pricing levels begin with the Essential plan, which offers fundamental monitoring, reporting, and affiliate management tools. This plan costs $89 per month. The price of the Pro plan is $149 a month, and it includes access to more extensive integrations, API access, and more comprehensive reporting in addition to a professional support team. Dedicated account managers, bespoke integration, and priority support services are all included in the Enterprise plan, which has a pricing structure that is determined case-by-case and is priced differently. A free trial period of 14 days is included with each plan. When payments are made on a yearly basis, there are savings possible. In addition, Tapfiliate has a referral program that awards a payment equal to 5% of the lifetime membership value of each referral. When you join up for the service, the referral program is immediately enabled without any further charges for setup or the next month.
PackagesEssential - $89/month; Pro - $149/month; Enterprise - Custom (contact to support)
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, ACH transfers, SEPA payments and direct debits.
Payment discountsSave up to 17% with an annual plan. Get 2 months free!

Tapfiliate online reputation

Tapfiliate is a terrific tool for affiliate marketers, however, some consumers have had issues. Most customers say the platform's features and functionality help them maximize affiliate partnerships. Many consumers also say the support crew responds quickly and addresses difficulties. Some consumers also complain about service payments. Read all the reviews before deciding to cooperate.
Tapfiliate's efforts have been of tremendous assistance to both the beginning stages and later stages of the development of our affiliate network. Because our company offers a software as a service (SaaS) solution, I often get the idea that Tapfiliate was developed with our company in mind particularly. This is because SaaS stands for software as a service. I think it's great that they've prioritized the affiliates who use our network in the same manner that they've prioritized the administrators of our network. It shows a lot of consideration and thoughtfulness on their part. In addition to using it for commercial purposes, I also utilize Tapfiliate for the Shopify store that I run for personal usage. This highlights how simple it is to integrate Tapfiliate with almost any platform that you could find yourself working with. TIP: If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, you may want to take advantage of the free 14-day trial offer so that you can get the hang of things while you are working on your learning curve. You can find further details on this deal on this page. However, in order to get started with your trial, you will first be required to choose a payment method from the several alternatives that are shown to you. - Alessia D.
There is a good chance that there will be a little learning curve required for the majority of individuals who are new to the process of setting up an affiliate network. This is because the procedure itself is somewhat complex. Obviously, once that goal has been accomplished, using Tapfiliate may become a lot less complicated and more enjoyable. I really wish that there was a function specifically designed for this purpose that was already built in. For the time being, I am sending out affiliate newsletters using MailChimp. There is a disparity between the cost of the product and its capabilities. Their updates to the API sometimes cause problems. We are dealing with a difficult integration situation. We provide a subscription-based SaaS solution, and we would want to increase the conversion amount each time a customer who was recommended to us pays for the product. This scenario ought to be handled by Tapfiliate (in our example, by hooking in with the Stripe Webhook), and despite the fact that we have adhered to the API guidelines to the letter, we have not been successful. Over the course of a year, we have made many attempts to get in touch with Tapfiliate, but they have not responded to any of our messages. - Garrett G.
User Interface: Tapfiliate is a beautifully designed, sturdy-looking user interface that is simple to use and learn. But remember, this is just my viewpoint. Though some of my coworkers disagree, our affiliate division seemed to like the program. Set-Up & Integration: With Tapfiliate, you can create your own affiliate network in a matter of minutes. It is also quite simple to add your tracking code to your website, after which you can instantly begin seeking out affiliates. In contrast to other programs of a similar kind, Tapfiliate doesn't charge a transaction fee. Instead, they offer a variety of price modules that are determined by your affiliate count, clicks, impressions, conversions, and other factors. I believe that is well stated. Giving your affiliates brief, attractive links that don't seem crowded and bulky is achievable with Tapfiliate. But there's more! You may reward your affiliates for sharing their own promo codes by providing them with their own. Additionally, a more advanced social affiliate sharing capability is used. You may manage many groups of affiliates concurrently using Tapfiliate. The fact that you may pay your affiliates in multiple currencies gives this program a ton of flexibility. Customer Success Representatives are incredibly patient, understanding, and fast to answer. - Osiris M.
I thought the old display was better since it was simpler to identify at a glance which key performance indicators were most relevant. Because it is rather challenging to navigate and organize, the Asset library has room for improvement. The navigation and configuration options may be a little bit ridiculous at times. There is room for improvement in the import function. When an associate joins the program, they should immediately get an email including their password. This should happen automatically. I get the impression that the Payout tracking mechanism may stand to benefit from some further clarity. I need to export certain things, but I'm not really sure which conversions have already been paid for. It would be wonderful to have integration with Stripe. It is not possible to send affiliate newsletters using the program; instead, we utilize mailchimp for this purpose. The program need to be included with a newsletter that may be used for communicating directly with the email list. It would have been much simpler and more helpful to have it. Then the newly upgraded user interface should allow for easier navigation than the current method, which severely restricts access to critical settings and KPIs at a glance; this aspect has to be improved. - Bred D.
Tapfiliate is definitely worth a go; nevertheless, there are still a few restrictions, despite the fact that they improve on a month-to-month basis. A few years ago, integrating with Tapfiliate was an ordeal of epic proportions. I don't even know where to begin since almost everything was flawed in some manner, beginning with the program and continuing with the documentation and finishing with the cost. Despite this, they performed a fantastic job, and the product is currently in a very developed state. When it comes to fundamental integrations, getting Tapfiliate up and running should not provide too much of a challenge. They feature an integrated affiliate site that allows you to submit various materials. Tapfiliate is an affiliate program that is easy to start up and maintain. It has the right amount of features without having an excessive number of those features. The support is provided in a prompt and helpful manner. The team takes user comments into consideration as they work to enhance the product. Because our Affiliate Program, despite the fact that it is quite modest in size, generates more revenue than the product itself does, the tool more or less pays for itself. - Jhon S.
We are unable to easily integrate the discount code with our website at this time. I am aware of and completely grasp the need of contacting our web developer; yet, given the size of our company, this is yet another price for us to bear. It is helpful to keep the dashboard and reporting simple, which is why some of the capabilities are concealed; but, it would be wonderful to be able to obtain all of the information I want without having to depend on my business intelligence team inside the company to extract it through the API. A feature that allows users to log in and out of the API with a single account would be quite convenient. Our platform has a community of more than 2.3 million active members. These users would anticipate logging in using our provided credentials in order to access the affiliate portal. Just something that would be wonderful to have (although I am aware that developing anything of that kind is not exactly a quick task). - Abera H.
Where do I even start? After attempting to collaborate with a rival's support team when I was still learning the ropes of utilizing an affiliate tracking program, I found the help staff at Tapfiliate to be an incredible and welcome change. Despite the fact that we had countless back-and-forth exchanges, during which I sometimes worried if they had "enough of me," they were always very patient and unperturbed, and they were eager to clarify whatever confusions I had on that particular day in the process of tailoring their service to my one-of-a-kind requirements. I am putting my law firm on trial to see whether or not increasing my client base via affiliate marketing would be successful. I knew I could always expect a speedy response, but given that I was located in the United States (and Tapfiliate was based in The Netherlands), I often had to wait until the next morning to hear back from them. This was accomplished at no extra financial outlay! Regardless, I imagined that they had hundreds of businesses using their platform, so I kept thinking how they could have been so quick and helpful despite the fact that they had so many customers. Perhaps I was an odd kind who need a greater amount of guidance and support:) If this is the case, then you shouldn't be frightened to use this effective strategy for boosting your sales, or in my case, for attracting more customers. - David R.
We want to point out a few disadvantages. Unable to edit or modify affiliate links. Requires manual calculation of commissions and fees. Looking from an affiliate's perspective, dashboards should be more descriptive. Pending commissions are still shown to affiliates even though they have been authorized by the admin. Because of the time difference, given that we are in the US, we don't always get a response the same day. This is probably one of the most frustrating interactions I have ever had with a web software development firm. They will charge you money, so never start a trial until you are one hundred percent sure that the product meets all your requirements. Since they don't explain anything upfront, it's a shame that a firm presenting itself as serious has this policy of requiring you to enter your card details to familiarize yourself with the features. This is very frustrating. Even if you haven't used the service at all, you will start being charged regularly. And despite the fact that I explained the matter to them, they still did not accept the refund. This example demonstrates the nature of the organization and the lack of empathy and intimacy; all they care about is getting your money. - Martin M.
Tapfiliate is a piece of affiliate marketing software that was developed to assist web-based companies in the process of establishing their very own affiliate network. Tapfiliate has met my expectations in every way. The program is easy to use and provides a wide range of capabilities along with responsive assistance. In my search for a tool that may meet my needs at an affordable price, I did my research and tested out all of the major contenders. Although the majority of programs had comparable fundamental capabilities, the process of getting started with each was somewhat distinct. It is essential that the software has a user interface that is up to date and makes it simple to set up and distribute the application. Due to the antiquated nature of the design of many affiliate tools available today, the relationship might seem stale before it has really begun. I was immediately drawn in by Tapfiliate's mobile-friendly and basic interface, and I proceeded to tick off the components that functioned appropriately. Support is available at all times, and everything is operating normally. There has not been a single instance in which tracking has been unsuccessful. In addition, there is a respectable amount of configurable settings that I am capable of changing without consulting IT. I really enjoy that it provides me with the opportunity to monitor the clients who are engaged in the community activities. TapAffiliate, in my opinion, provides an additional boost to our already robust word-of-mouth marketing, which accounts for a significant portion of our revenue. - Andreea C.
Before we entered our credit card information, we were unable to find out whether or not they had network functions. They began charging without so much as issuing a straightforward email. Their sales process is designed to collect money from you regardless of whether or not you end up purchasing their product. They are simply interested in obtaining your money, nothing else. Instead of just clicks and impressions, we would want to see more information. We are interested in seeing where the URLs are placed. We do wish that there was a more straightforward approach to apply various commission rates to certain goods rather than to the whole range of products as a whole. I would have liked it more if it linked directly to PayPal or some other service, so that I wouldn't have to leave the app in order to make a payment. I don't have access to a lot of different reporting options. The process of analyzing the findings requires some work. The ability to display clicks from affiliates in a graph, for example, seems to be a feature with a low level of complexity; nevertheless, I have not yet discovered how to implement it. - Claude R.

Tapfiliate Social media

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCOEGF5Wu95rsqx5OgC6Mmw114 Subscribers
Accordіng to user revіews on Reddit, many are pleased with Tapfiliate's performance as an affiliate marketing tool. Tapfiliate has received high marks for its user-friendlіness, robust reporting tools, and responsive support staff. Affilіate programs benefit from the wide variety of third-party services that may be integrated with thanks to the platform's user-friendly connections. Tapfiliate is widely regarded as a user-frіendly and trustworthy system for monіtorіng and controllіng affilіate marketing initiatives.

Tapfiliate average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score


Tapfiliate Pros&Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways
  • Robust API


  • No mobile app
  • Lack of customizability
  • Limited options for customization

Tapfiliate Final Conclusions

Tapfiliate has received generally positive feedback from users, indicating that the software is trustworthy when used for monitoring affiliate programs. Customers are pleased with the product's user-friendly interface, accessibility, and simplicity of use; nevertheless, some customers have mentioned that customer service and technical assistance might be improved.

Tapfiliate is an excellent option for businesses that want to monitor and manage their affiliate programs because of the breadth and depth of its capabilities, the dependability of its performance, and the competitive price options it offers. But before you decide to work with them, you should get acquainted with all areas of the business as well as feedback from previous customers.

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