Retreaver Review

Introducing is a game-changing platform that is revolutionizing commerce. Explore its reliable analytics, communication platforms, and specialized sector solutions. redefines efficiency across industries, whether it banking, healthcare, or marketing, and propels unrivaled development in the contemporary company scene.
Retreaver Review

Retreaver overview is a cutting-edge and very successful marketing solution that has quickly gotten a lot of attention in the sector. The objective of this research is to carry out a thorough examination of the distinctive features, advantages, and differentiating characteristics that set Retreaver apart from its rivals in the market. is a revolutionary development in the realm of marketing solutions, providing businesses with a robust system from which to improve the effectiveness of their call monitoring and performance marketing strategies. Here at Retreaver, we have state-of-the-art technology and a straightforward interface that help business owners and marketers make informed decisions and accomplish remarkable results.

The robust call monitoring technology at the core of allows companies to acquire useful information into their incoming calls. Retreaver helps marketers to improve their efforts and enhance conversion rates like never before by accurately identifying the origins of these calls and monitoring campaign effectiveness with remarkable precision.

Furthermore, Retreaver's dynamic number insertion and advanced call routing options enhance personalization and ensure that customers are connected with the right agents at the right time. Customer loyalty and retention are increased as a consequence of the seamless and enjoyable customer experience that follows from this level of personalisation.

What Retreaver has to say about itself

Leading call monitoring and performance marketing software is Retreaver. Retreaver helps companies of all sizes to make data-driven choices, maximize marketing efforts, and increase conversion rates with the goal of revolutionizing customer interaction tactics. The main features and advantages of Retreaver will be covered in detail in this review, along with helpful tips to help you make the most of this outstanding marketing solution.

Modern call tracking technology is at the heart of Retreaver's success. This cutting-edge technology allows you to acquire unmatched insights on your incoming calls and is seamlessly linked with your marketing initiatives. Retreaver gives you the facts necessary to successfully improve your marketing strategy by accurately pinpointing the origins of these calls and monitoring campaign effectiveness.

Businesses love Retreaver's easy-to-use interface. Customizable dashboards let you concentrate on marketing goals-related indicators. The straightforward design makes it easy to monitor and analyze call data and make smart choices.

The intuitive user interface of Retreaver is a noteworthy feature that makes it simple for companies to utilize the platform. The analytics may be tailored to your particular requirements with the use of customisable dashboards, enabling you to concentrate on the indicators that are most important to your marketing objectives. Because of the design's simplicity, you can easily track and examine call statistics and make wise judgments without having to through a challenging learning curve.

The secret to effective marketing is personalization, which Retreaver provides with dynamic number insertion and cutting-edge call routing choices. Based on predetermined criteria, these capabilities allow you to match consumers with the most relevant agents. The outcome? a personalized client experience that encourages adherence and happiness and, eventually, boosts conversion rates.

Beyond their cutting-edge technology, Retreaver is dedicated to ensuring client happiness. You will get great customer service from their team of professionals at every stage of your marketing journey. Retreaver's support staff is there to assist you whenever you have queries or require technical advice with setting up or modifying your campaigns.

Retreaver Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasGlobal
Service TypesCall Tracking For Inbound Calls
FeaturesCall Tracking & Attribution, Pay-Per-Call Ad Platform, Lead Generation, Sales Contact Center Solutions, Tag Customer Journey, Deliver Multi-Channel Customer Information, Route Calls for Enterprise, Customer Experience, Caller Journey, and Call Data
CertificationsRetreaver has not provided information for this product or service

Retreaver price policy

We recognize how crucial it is to choose the best marketing tools for your company.'s price options are created to meet your unique demands and make sure you get the most out of your investment. Simply get in touch with their knowledgeable support staff to learn how much their plans will cost. They are there to provide individualized support, respond to your inquiries, and walk you through the price alternatives that precisely match your company's objectives. Unlock the potential of's performance marketing and sophisticated call monitoring solutions by getting in touch with their support team right now.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsRetraver has not provided information for this product or service
Payment discountsRetreaver recognizes how crucial it is to support the growth of organizations, which is why they provide enticing discount programs to further increase the accessibility of their sophisticated call monitoring and performance marketing solutions. You may benefit from exclusive deals and discounts at that are tailored to your demands and financial situation. These savings enable you to use the power of data-driven marketing at an even more reasonable cost, regardless of how big or small your business is. Don't pass up the chance to improve your marketing initiatives while taking advantage of discounts. To find out more, call them right now!

Retreaver online reputation has an unblemished web reputation among marketing professionals. The company has become well-known for its innovative call monitoring and performance marketing solutions thanks to the praise of its pleased customers. has established itself as a go-to resource for businesses looking to implement data-driven marketing tactics.
For the last several years, we have been routing calls with the assistance of Retreaver. We have just lately started making use of some of the more complex functions, and it is incredible to see how much they can do! Because I am not a "tech" man, I could never do anything without the assistance of their exceptional support staff. They have instructed me on how to use the tool and have always been there to answer my questions whenever I have had any. When it comes to call routing, tracking, and buyer availability pings, Retreaver comes highly recommended from me.
There are a few quirks in the reporting features that, in my view, might be simplified and altered in order to make them more enlightening. These changes would be made in order to make them more clear. One of these differences is that it is not possible to check the conversion percentage based off of individual calls as well as total calls. This is one of the quirks. In addition, an enhanced method of reporting that makes it simpler to identify discrepancies between receivables and payables.
When compared to the other three systems that I am now responsible for managing for our call campaigns, I have discovered that Retreaver is the software that is the easiest to use. I can have everything set up in a matter of minutes, literally, and the assistance has been far better than I had anticipated it would be. Retreaver is capable of completing the task at hand, whether it be data exports for optimization analysis, individualized routing solutions and data flow, or simple access for our customers to evaluate their own calls.
As someone who has used a number of other systems for call monitoring, I can tell that certain features of this particular platform are not as user-friendly as others. Having said that, the platform, as a whole, is straightforward to navigate through, and their crew is more than eager to teach you in order to guarantee that you are getting what you need out of it. There will be a learning curve associated with this, just as there would be with anything else, whether you want to use it in conjunction with other systems or convert entirely to it. Having said that, once you have the basic structure figured out, the technique is not difficult to implement at all and yields excellent results. There aren't very many complaints that can be leveled against this firm!
Everyone that you will have contact with is really polite and helpful, and they go above and beyond what is expected to be of assistance in any way that they can. Both Phil and Stan are available around the clock to respond to queries and are always eager to provide ideas and create connections. Since we began using Retreaver, we have seen a tremendous uptick in the quality of our work, since the service is not only user-friendly but also very flexible and powerful.
In general, support has been quite helpful; but, my most recent support issue does not seem to have been processed properly and I did not get a response. In addition, it would be wonderful if I did not have to get in touch with assistance in order to be able to get German mobile phone numbers; I could do it on my own.
The superb Webhook connectivity that comes included with Retreaver as well as the ability to add tags to each phone number are two of my favorite features of the app. I also really like the Retreaver JS script for my websites since it works so well with both my ad tracker, Voluum, and my ad tracker, RedTrack. Retreaver is the only platform that I am aware of that has the capability to take URL parameters (such as Operating System, Country, City, Device, and IP Address) and assign them to the appropriate source, which is what I use to send call traffic to it. This sets Retreaver apart from other platforms. I am able to grow campaigns across Pop Ads, Native Ads, Push Ads, and other ad formats with the help of it. If I didn't have it, my advertising options would be restricted to Facebook and Google Ads.
We don't think the site is very user-friendly. For example, after running a report, you should be instantly sent to the Generate Reports page to determine whether the report is complete. Furthermore, several functionalities do not function properly. For example, while viewing a campaign, you may click Numbers to display the campaign's phone numbers. There is a filtering menu at the top of the page, but when you pick a different campaign, the website never refreshes to reflect the new campaign option. We have not been able to find a button that will allow us to do this. The same situation applies whether you begin with a particular campaign or just pick Numbers on the left hand menu. Even if I pick a campaign and then click figures, I am sent to a list of figures for the last campaign I watched, not the one I just chose. Some of the navigation choices have been perplexing at times, and the literature, although substantial, does not always contain the facts we want.While support has been really helpful in general, my most recent support ticket seems to have gone missing and was never responded to. Also, instead of needing to call support, it would be nice if I could retrieve German mobile numbers myself.
The Retreaver crew is highly responsive and accommodating. I've had numerous questions, issues, and ideas, and they've always provided prompt, useful replies. When it comes to problem resolution, the staff is extremely hands-on and gets on calls with us if there is an issue. Stan and Dylan give exceptional customer service and assist us in better understanding how to utilize their technologies to meet our goals. They will even include specific features if required to be on the leading edge of Pay Per Call. Their reporting is simple to grasp and delivers pertinent information without having to go through a plethora of data. They are also incredibly patient and take the time to teach us through new features or show us how to utilize current ones more effectively. Their assistance surpasses our expectations and helps us to flourish.
I really wish there was a method to either delete invalid calls from the interface or filter out calls that weren't picked up, maybe in a separate area, so that pubs don't mistake them with calls that were answered.

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trustradius.com29.5 out of 10
trustpilot.comNo reviews3.5


Retreaver Pros&Cons


  • Customization
  • Excellent support
  • Professional team


  • Not user friendly
  • Complicated reporting
  • No billing feature to manage clients' accounts

Retreaver Final Conclusions

With its plethora of benefits and drawbacks, makes a lasting impact. On the plus side, Retreaver excels in customisation, allowing firms to precisely adjust their marketing tactics. Their exceptional customer service and competent personnel increase the user experience, guaranteeing that customers are properly taken care of.

There are, however, a few downsides. There is a higher learning curve for certain users since the platform is not as user-friendly as one would think. The reporting mechanism also presents difficulties in data analysis due to its complexity. Finally, firms looking for a complete answer may be disappointed to learn that invoicing and account management features are not included.

Overall, is distinguished by its customization and customer service, but enhancements to its user-friendliness and reporting could increase its market appeal.

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