Tapfiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

Because of the experience, partners, and technology at your disposal, you can establish client loyalty, expand your company, and maximize your return on investment (ROI) with PartnerStack more quickly than with any other commercial technique. PartnerStack is able to assist you in achieving each of these objectives.
Tapfiliate Review: Pricing, Features & More

PartnerStack overview

PartnerStack lets organizations develop, manage, and expand their Partner programs. Businesses may speed up onboarding, activation, engagement, and performance evaluation by centralizing partner management on the platform. Its user-friendly design lets firms swiftly enhance their partner programs.

PartnerStack simplifies managing strategic partnerships, referral programs, and affiliate programs. Businesses may develop and gain income by using online and offline distribution channels. PartnerStack streamlines partner onboarding, campaign development, process completion, authenticity, and safety using automated operations.

PartnerStack data and analytics help users understand their relationships and promotions. Businesses may get a better understanding of their marketing efforts, save costs, and increase profits with their help. PartnerStack also works seamlessly with most marketing systems, making external media marketing campaign administration easier.

Every organization requires PartnerStack to manage and expand partner relationships. PartnerStack streamlines getting a return on investment from selecting the best partners to implementing their advice.

What PartnerStack has to say about itself

Finding the right business partners for your company might prove to be a pivotal strategic move in the long term. You need to keep track of your relationships and prioritize enhancing the quality of the businesses that make up your ecosystem. Through the formation of relationships with industry-leading software companies, you may start earning commissions.

In order to expand the pool of potential customers who are exposed to your brand, you need to publicize your partner program to more than 65,000 active partners who are willing to market SaaS. If you provide your partners with unique onboarding experiences, product-specific training, and several other resources, they will have a greater chance of becoming successful with the help of your company.

Find out where your traffic originates and where it converts, and then trace it back to the partners who supplied it. This will allow you to compensate them and encourage them to continue sending you traffic in the future. Please save the ordeal of doing any more laborious calculations. No matter how many partners you have, you can simplify and streamline the process of making payments to them by issuing a single monthly invoice.

Give your partners detailed information and data on how to make your program more successful, and then give them the authority to improve their own performance as a direct consequence of this knowledge and those figures. Grow your alliances by tapping into Marketplace's network of more than 80,000 active SaaS partners. This community consists of agencies, resellers, and marketers who are presently generating money off of the platform. PartnerStack functions as a bridge between you and all of them, giving you the ability to pick the partners that are the greatest fit for your program and helping you to advance it.

PartnerStack Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitepartnerstack.com
Service AreasUSA
Service TypesPartnerStack offers program administration, monitoring and analytics, referral marketing and link creation, and connectors with Salesforce, Marketo, and Zapier for organizations working with partner networks. It gives companies tools to manage and evaluate their partner networks.
FeaturesProgram management, tracking and analytics, referral marketing and link generation, and integrations with popular third-party platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, and Zapier
CertificationsSOC1 (SSAE16) and SOC2, ISO 27001 certified and GDPR, PCI DSS.

PartnerStack price policy

PartnerStack gives customers a number of different pricing tiers to choose from so that they may find something that meets their specific needs. Their Basic Plan is entirely free, and it comes standard with unrestricted referral partners, campaigns, and reporting in its most basic form. In addition to this, they provide customized solutions to clients that have requirements that are very specific. All of the available plans provide free onboarding, round-the-clock customer assistance, an unlimited number of user accounts, and comprehensive access to all of PartnerStack's application programming interfaces (APIs). In addition, larger companies have the option of using the enterprise-level software solution that PartnerStack provides.
PackagesHas not provided pricing information for this product or service
Payment optionsPayPal, Credit cards, Apple Pay, and bank transfer.
Payment discountsProvide savings on subscriptions based on criteria such as the number of users or the annual payment plan chosen. In addition to this, reductions depending on the total amount of Enterprise packages bought are available for application. If you want any more information, kindly get in contact with their customer service representatives.

PartnerStack online reputation

PartnerStack is perfect for organizations trying to boost referrals. Online customer reviews suggest PartnerStack provides excellent referral tracking, accessible statistics, and courteous customer assistance. It interfaces with numerous platforms and is straightforward to set up. Few unfavorable remarks refer to glitches and some customers claiming the monthly cost is too costly.
We experienced a positive return on investment (ROI) within a few weeks of signing up for PartnerStack, and it is quite simple to set up and utilize. Signing up and getting started is not that difficult at all. In addition to this, it is simple for affiliate partners to join up and begin spreading the word about your connections. Because there is a significant level of flexibility, it is simple to ensure that all of your affiliates are pleased with the program. PartnerStack is superior to other affiliate marketing platforms that we've researched and tried out despite their high monthly minimums and expenses, and I can say this without reservation because of how simple it is to use and how reasonably priced it is. In addition, if you have any issues, the staff that provides assistance will reply quickly and offer answers that are easy to understand. They have gone so far as to write articles just to address the questions that we have and to assist in explaining the procedures to our affiliates. - Arnulfo V.
The fact that PartnerStack may be fairly pricey in comparison to some of the other platforms available on the market is one of its major drawbacks. They just ignore everyone who signed up using your link (despite the fact that you are an affiliate). Having more than 450 clicks inside Partnerstack but not receiving any recommendations made me curious, particularly considering the fact that you have previously made purchases at stand-alone products. I signed up for certain tools on my own using the URL that they provided, and it did not even track them. Instead of opening in one of your central dashboards, the platform opens in one of your affiliate partnerships. In addition, if you are registered for a large number of applications, the menu on the left side of the screen might become difficult to navigate. I wish the program would start with a dashboard that showed the best and worst performing applications. It would be helpful to include a filter or search option on the left menu in order to find the partnership you're searching for more quickly. - Matthew G.
Our company has benefited tremendously from using PartnerStack's services. Their crew is always accessible to answer any queries that we may have, and they provide excellent service to their customers. The integration procedure went off without a hitch, and the platform is simple to use. Our time spent with PartnerStack has been really positive on the whole. Our affiliate program was set up quickly and without much difficulty, and it has already generated a lot of fruitful outcomes for us. The PartnerStack company and its employees get a ton of praise for their numerous impressive qualities. They put a lot of effort into it, which is impressive considering that the program is centered on collaboration and connections. They will look after you and ensure that you have access to all of the information you need to be successful. The platform in and of itself is a thousand times better than anything else we've used, and the fact that its user interface is straightforward and completely self-sufficient has been a significant factor in the expansion of both our subscriber base and the depth of our connections with existing clients. PartnerStack is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal if expanding your company is in your future. - Trevor A.
Affiliates that have prior experience dealing with mainstream products will quickly identify some of these limits as applicable to the products in question.Because the products that are sold by PartnerStack fall into very specialized categories, the commissions that are first offered by the company are initially lower than the norm. However, this is more than compensated for by the very high percentage of client retention that the firm maintains. As a seller, I make use of Reverb.com, and although I like the fact that there is no cap on the number of connections per account, I do wish there was one. I am not sure if Reverb or PartnerStack is the one that is limiting it, but for me, I need quite a few traceable connections on a weekly basis. As a result of this, I have been forced to re-evaluate what it is that I want to attempt and try to monetise on. I am not sure whether Reverb or PartnerStack is the one that is restricting it. There is just a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page accessible to learn how to use the platform; movies are not an option. One other suggestion I have is to get support from people living in Australia. Even though the staff at PartnerStack was happy to work late and around our time zone, I couldn't help but feel guilty about the situation because of how it turned out. - Codey W.
In order to manage the whole partner funnel, starting with recruitment and application, and ending with resource management and tracking referrals, we need to make sure that we have everything we need. The system is both easy to understand and straightforward to use, and it provides users with access to a diverse range of different types of activities. When you have a solid grasp of how your program and reward configurations are configured, integrating with PartnerStack is a basic operation that you can do on your own, in consideration of the particular demands placed on my business. Since I began use Partnerstack well over a year ago, I have not had any issues whatsoever with it. One of the perks I found was that as I became more knowledgeable about how to utilize the platform, I saw an increase in the amount of money I made. It puts all of my affiliate money in a single dashboard that I can simply monitor, allowing me to keep track of it all. After a successful referral has been completed, you are immediately eligible to receive your commission. PartnerStack is linked with Paypal and enables users to get quick payments with only one click. Users of the Partnerstack marketplace get access to the vast majority of the most well-known affiliate programs that are designed specifically for app developers. - Kirsten E.
The fact that there is not a single page that lists all of the partners is frustrating to me. It might be challenging to withdraw from partner programs even when you are no longer interested in doing so. The one little issue is that I really wish there was an option for me to perform automated payments rather than manual ones. One of the most disappointing aspects of PartnerStack was that it did not provide direct interfaces with customer relationship management systems. We make use of Hubspot, which is a reasonably well-known platform, and we were hoping to discover an easy approach to integrate PS with our CRM. Using a third-party platform such as workato, which is their preferred option, is the workaround. Unfortunately, we do not utilize Workato but instead use Zapier, which is also doable; however, their instructions for Zapier seemed to be a little out of current, and their support had to assist us with the setup in order for us to be successful. - Siddiq K.
If you are seeking for a reliable business partner to help you manage your affiliate revenues, then you should seriously consider using the Partnerstack platform. They will never, under any circumstances, give you any unneeded difficulty with regard to your payments. The affiliate portal is quite well organized, and its features make it simple to locate and access the content that one seeks. In addition to this, it offers more sophisticated tracking tools and insights. The greatest part is that you won't need to continually monitoring your dashboard for any affiliate profits since the Patnerstack team will email you with an update anytime there is a commission that is ready to be paid out. You may be shocked to see that other major app affiliate programs are accessible in the Partnerstack marketplace. This means that you do not need to have additional tracking tools because you can monitor all of your profits from all of these applications within the Partnerstack platform itself. Making and accessing your own unique affiliate links for each of your numerous applications is not only simple, but it also helps avoid mixing things up. Please refrain from throwing any needless tantrums when transferring your rewards. In addition to this, it comes with all of the marketing material that you are ever going to need in order to successfully advertise the items that you sell as an affiliate. In general, dependable, user-friendly, and packed with many resources. - Jonny W.
In order to comprehend how to use the Partnerstack, you are going to need to have a fundamental understanding of affiliate marketing in some form or another. On the other hand, one may acquire the necessary expertise by viewing an instructional video. Getting rid of undesirable partners in PartnerStack; I have no idea how to do this, but it's not a huge problem anyhow. If I were forced to choose just one item, it would be the need to log in before transferring funds. There should be a method for an affiliate to access a list of competitions and promotions that are running in the current month inside the PartnerStack dashboard. This is one feature (recommendation) that I would like to see in the PartnerStack dashboard. Affiliates will have an easier time doing it, will save time, and will earn more money. The first investment may seem like it will demand a significant amount of work on your part to get your account set up and operating; nevertheless, the reward for your efforts is unquestionably well worth it. You should take advantage of the team that is already aligned with you so that they can help you get started more quickly. Having said that, you should be realistic and accept that building the basis of any partner portal will take some time. Within the next 90 days, you will have a partner channel that requires little work yet yields a significant payoff. - Brittany L.
Signing up with PartnerStack, personalizing the links you use, obtaining the tools you need, and communicating with the businesses you do work for are all really easy to accomplish. As a publisher, I participate in a number of associate networks, but by far, this is the one that offers the simplest user experience. My interactions with this site have been mostly pleasant.The affiliate support tools that are provided are of extremely high quality.Because the items it advertises are of the best quality, our websites are more likely to see conversions as a result. I am quite satisfied with PartnerStack as a whole and the way it has enabled me to make supplementary revenue that is necessary for the operation of my website and my company. It is unfathomable to me that I was able to use the majority of the money I made to fund advertising campaigns, website hosting, and the purchase of the domain name. The streamlined user interface of PartnerStack makes the platform extremely simple for me to use. Your prizes, the status of those rewards, and access to connections are all there in front of your face and simple to locate. It implies that I can spend less time on the site and less time distributing links on my site, yet I can still make some much-needed revenue. - Taje B.
If I'm going to be "nit-picky," it would be helpful to have more sophisticated reporting and metrics; but, we are able to interface with our existing reporting platform, so this is not a problem at the present. The reporting might be a little bit inconsistent at times. Adding ACH as a payment option rather than using a gateway provided by a third party is the one thing I wish they had done better. I believe that the prolonged withdrawal time is one of this software's major drawbacks. If the withdrawal period could be shortened to one week, that would be ideal. I really wish it were simpler for me to comprehend and self-configure the "recipes" on the backend that are responsible for triggering our referral bonuses. If I thought that our post-launch Support staff was as responsive as they were throughout the onboarding period, then I would give PartnerStack an additional star. The greater the number of payment options that can be added for withdrawal, the more areas can be supported. - Yasaf B.

PartnerStack Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@partnerstack199762 Subscribers
People have, on the whole, regarded their interactions with PartnerStack favorably. It offers comprehensive monitoring of affiliate links, friendly and prompt customer care, and an intuitive dashboard, among other benefits. Even though the price could be considerable for some people, it seems that the benefits of using PartnerStack surpass the costs. Affiliates that are wanting to monitor their connections, manage their programs, and enhance their income will benefit from working with the reliable partner that is PartnerStack.

PartnerStack average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score


PartnerStack Pros&Cons


  • Ease of Use
  • Comprehensive Tracking
  • Adaptable Marketing Tools


  • Limited Support
  • Variable Pricing Structure
  • No Lead and Acquisition Tracking

PartnerStack Final Conclusions

It would seem that PartnerStack is a reliable and successful company that provides outstanding help to its customers. When one interacts with the company in whatever way, this is the overriding impression that one is left with. Despite this, the overwhelming majority of customers have voiced their contentment with the level of care they received as well as the promptness with which they attended when they had questions or concerns.

Customers over the technical issues they encountered while attempting to make payments or manage their accounts. It would seem that PartnerStack is a trustworthy and well-acknowledged provider of solutions for affiliate management in general.

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