FreJun Review

FreJun is an excellent platform for maintaining records of discussions and telephone calls. Because the solution is intuitive and provides insightful data in reports, it is simple to use and contributes to an increase in call efficiency. The interaction with a number of different platforms, a virtual business number, and the opportunity to use WhatsApp are likely to be the aspects that appeal to you the most.
FreJun Review

FreJun overview

FreJun is a cloud-based phone application that may assist your company in automating the inbound and outbound calls that it receives and makes. Users are able to use a one-of-a-kind false number to make calls to businesses, and they are also able to use the same number to answer calls that are placed to them. Users are able to save costs and simplify their methods of communication as a direct result of this development. Calls made to fictitious numbers are able to be tracked and linked to a wide variety of different process tools, such as customer relationship management systems and application tracking systems.

This is due to the fact that virtual numbers do not correspond to any specific location in the physical world. The present activity, which is taking place right now, has as its primary objective the enhancement of the overall performance of the team via the collection of specific call data and AI insights. In addition, FreJun offers a one-of-a-kind automated dialing tool, generally known as an auto-dialer (which is the common name for software of this sort). Users are able to make calls without having to manually key in each number one at a time while using this tool. One of the things that distinguishes this application from others now available on the market is that it has this feature.

It provides the user with the option to automatically dial a predetermined list of telephone numbers. Using the FreJun and your workflow tool together, you can handle your entire contact management system in as little as five to ten minutes. When compared to the other option, this saves a lot of time. If you use your time well, you can finish this task in as little as five minutes.

What FreJun has to say about itself

FreJun is able to integrate with the workflow tools of your choice while simultaneously automating calls with just one click, analyzing your business discussions, and providing insights. If you use click to call and autodial, it is possible that you will be able to increase the number of calls that you make while simultaneously lowering the number of calls that need you to manually dial numbers. This is because you will be able to make fewer calls that require you to manually dial numbers. Each and every call is automatically recorded and documented, giving you with a record of the discussion that may be utilized in the future for both reference and training-related purposes.

It is possible that downloading Truecaller on your smartphone would result in an increase in the proportion of incoming calls that are answered by your FreJun virtual number. This is because Truecaller has a higher success rate than other caller identification apps. This would be an advancement above what has occurred in the past. Develop the trust that people have in you while also protecting yourself from being labeled as spam. Make effective use of FreJun's analytics to keep tabs on how well your team is doing and to determine which aspects of your process are functioning well and which may be improved with some minor tweaks by keeping track of these metrics.

Because they are all operating at the same time, there will be no need to toggle between the various applications any more. This is because it is all happening simultaneously. If you connect FreJun with the workflow tool that you are already acquainted with and using, you will be able to consolidate all of your call data into a single location that is easy to access. This will allow you to better organize and manage your call logs. This will be feasible due to the fact that FreJun will operate in conjunction with the tool.

FreJun Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasIndia
Service TypesGet a local or toll-free phone number for your company. While surfing the web, you may initiate calls with a single click. Transcribe call records automatically for future reference. Calls may be made immediately from your CRM/ATS.Dial a list of phone numbers automatically. Examine call logs and agent performance. Route calls to the appropriate agent/department automatically. With a pre-recorded message, you may reach hundreds of people at once. Use artificial intelligence to evaluate call data and optimize call operations.
FeaturesVirtual number, click to call, call transcript, CRM/ATS integration, autodial, reports & analytics, call routing, voice broadcast, AI insights
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SA8000 and UL 218.

FreJun price policy

FreJun prides itself on giving a variety of services to meet your requirements. Our price depends on the service you need. We provide complete packages and unique solutions that meet your budget and provide excellent value. Their free trial provides you a sample of their fundamental features and services. They also provide high-tier plans with several amenities. Choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget. AI writing helpers create customized strategies for bigger companies. The size and scope of the organization and the services needed determine these plans' prices. There is price flexibility to meet various budgets and needs. FreJun services are affordable without sacrificing quality. They also provide a significant money-back guarantee so you may sample their services risk-free. To conclude, FreJun provides several services at low costs.
PackagesSTANDARD - $16 per user, per month; PROFESSIONAL - $21 per user, per month. Virtual number - $6/month, inbound calls - $0.01/min, outbound calls - local - $0.01/min
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, and wire transfer.
Payment discountsFreJun offers various discounts and different additional offers to its customers. It is better to find out and discuss this with the sales department or the customer service department.

FreJun online reputation

According to the testimonials of previous customers, both favorable and negative, found online, FreJun has both benefits and drawbacks. Users are quite complimentary of the company's high-caliber customer service as well as its extensive range of available services. Customers, on the other side, have mentioned that the pricing may be a little bit excessive, that navigating the website can be challenging at times, and that the performance of the support service also generates some dissatisfaction. In general, we are able to state that FreJun delivers high-quality services; nonetheless, the company's website may benefit from enhanced accessibility and navigation.
It is quite simple to place calls and thus simplifies a process that would otherwise be rather laborious. It would be helpful if there was an option to add comments to calls, in addition to the status and the purpose of the call. You only need to look at the list of calls that were made to see whether or not any of them required any further action on your part. You may also review the call records in case you forget anything vital during the conversation. They also provide you with a virtual number so that other people will not have access to your personal contact information. Because everything we say to the candidates in FreJun is recorded, we don't need to recall every specific thing that we discuss with them because we can review it anytime we wish to contact them again.
The least common scenario is the one in which there is a delay and we are unable to make calls due to the fact that we cannot. In addition, there are occasions when we have to make the same call many times because the connection does not operate effectively, which can be extremely unpleasant. In other cases, we have to contact the same number. The defect in issue is the one that, every time I use my ATS and click the enter key, causes an automated phone call to be placed to the destination number. There are times when the process progresses at a rate that is typically a little bit slower than average. It does not always notify you in a timely manner of who is calling you when you receive a callback, nor does it always alert you of who is contacting you when you get a callback. When you get a callback. In addition to that, it does not always tell you who is phoning you when it does so. Because there is no option for applicants to send messages, they are unable to transmit any other sort of communication than those that are sent through WhatsApp.
Calls made on the phone are recorded, It may be accessed at any time from inside the FreJun application. It is possible that we may continue our investigation of the database in order to get any more information. Both the call recorder and the call tracker are available here. I have been using Frejun, and these two capabilities, in addition to the fact that you are able to see who is calling you back, are some of the things that I truly appreciate about it. In addition, I am able to monitor the total amount of calls that I have put in by using this feature. Everyone is able to get a grasp on how to utilize it because of how straightforward it is. It is not difficult to retrieve any of the information that has been submitted, even after a few months have gone after they were first sent in. Developing meaningful connections with other people may be quite helpful. There are many characteristics, and each one offers something useful and advantageous to the customers.
It was a terrible choice that should not have been taken to do rid of the capability of sorting calls according to whether or not they were answered. It would be beneficial if we had the option to eliminate the calls that we have previously taken when screening incoming calls while we are on the phone with a customer. We are currently on the phone with a client. We think that Frejun will provide us with additional application possibilities, and we predict that there will be very few instances when information will need to be input manually. We would benefit from knowing who we are talking to even before we received calls from them if we could look up the names of candidates whose calls we had missed but who had previously left us messages. This would enable us to know who we are speaking with even before they called us. As a result, we would be in a better position to find prospective new consumers more quickly. There are a few cases when calls are not adequately logged, and these occurrences occur with some frequency. There are a few instances when calls are not logged at all. Furthermore, there are several scenarios in which we are unable to make a phone call.
The fact that I do not have to use my own personal phone number to make calls is the feature of FreJun that I find to be the most useful. My overall experience with FreJun has been positive. It is an excellent product in general, since calls are readily linked, we can listen to calls that we made as well as calls made by other people, and we can listen to calls made by other people. The quality of the call recording is so high that we won't need to contact the candidate again, even if we end up forgetting an essential piece of information they provided; instead, we'll be able to simply listen to the recording of the conversation and get the information we need. Calls may be monitored and recorded for use in our company's operations, which is of utmost importance.
There is always a possibility that you will experience network connection issues while on a call. This circumstance is completely beyond your control. Especially when they interfere with ambient noise or the connection is abruptly severed for no evident cause, these interruptions can be quite annoying. This particular circumstance occurs infrequently. It may be difficult to effectively manage candidate calls if you frequently miss their calls and have difficulty determining who called and why. This may make determining how to manage candidate inquiries difficult. When multiple prospective clients simultaneously call, this may be a particularly challenging task. This may present difficulties when attempting to manage inquiries from potential candidates. Even though there is a small possibility that you will not receive a call, the FreJun team is working diligently to enhance the quality of the call service to ensure that there will be no connection interruptions. This is true despite the small possibility that you will not receive a call.
It is not necessary for me to provide a client with my personal phone number. I can just leave it out. Because the transcripts of all of the previous interactions that have taken place with the client are preserved on the platform, I can always return to them if I can't remember the most recent one that took place. The conversation recording and call tracking statistics are quite beneficial to us since they allow us to follow talks and concentrate more on our key performance indicators (KPI). The auto dial feature is the single most critical and helpful tool that can be used for effective time management. We are delighted with the level of service and quality we have got, as well as the promptness with which our inquiries have been handled, and we can confirm that the device is easy to use.
In the past, it was common knowledge that using this particular piece of software may on occasion result in a little complication. In the past, there was a considerable probability that the call would not go through successfully since it often got stuck. This increased the likelihood of an incorrect connection. At present moment, FreJun does not support phone calls that are made to numbers that begin with jio. Complained on many occasions over the same issue. It is difficult to monitor candidates on a runtime basis while using a callback since a callback does not have a name feature. In the event that the same number is dialed again, your phone will not divulge the identity of the person calling but will instead indicate FreJun's number. On the program, however, rather than serving as a cover, it contains the name of the individual whose information we would have saved early on in the chat. This is due to the fact that we would have done this in the past.
The auto dial functionality of this Chrome addon also includes recording and thorough analytics of incoming and outgoing calls. The application is easy to comprehend and the instructions for using it are clear and concise. This system logs and keeps a record of each and every call that comes through. It is useful to be able to contact with people in a straightforward and uncomplicated fashion, and it is convenient to be able to place calls using the app. The operations of the software that are carried out on their own without human intervention. Customers have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the program's call accounting capabilities as well as its capacity to automatically record and save each conversation. In addition to this, one can also use it to keep track of the daily dial count by making use of its functionality. It is easy to use; all you need to do is copy the phone number from the page that is relevant to your inquiry, put it into your phone's address book, and contact the business immediately.
It is essential that we maintain a log of all past contacts received and responded. When you visit that specific website, you should have immediate access. Currently, the user experience and any potential issues are being evaluated. In the midst of everything else, there were server problems. One disadvantage is that we will not be able to observe a log of the calls we have placed to others, which is one of the calls we have placed to them. This is one of the contacts we have placed to them. Because this feature is absent from the mobile app, contact records cannot be viewed. Instead of being able to monitor the duration of my interactions within the program, I was required to perform an Excel report as a product user in order to obtain this information. This was a significant inconvenience for me. A feature that allows for the simple copying and pasting of a large number of contacts would be fantastic, so it would be ideal if this program had such a function. It is necessary to input the calendar time on a regular basis in order to acquire the daily report. When the report is refreshed, it will show the recordings from the previous 10 days. You will not be able to see the daily report until you consistently supply the calendar time.

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FreJun Pros&Cons


  • Call recording
  • Easy to use
  • High security


  • Limited features
  • Limited support
  • Limited templates

FreJun Final Conclusions

Because of the range and depth of the services it provides, as well as the significance it focuses on the overall pleasure of its clients, FreJun has built up a substantial clientele throughout the course of its existence. Because of this, the company has been able to secure the business of a significant number of clients. Customers are pleased with the low rates, the kind and attentive care they get, and the excellent quality of the services they purchase as a whole.

On the other hand, a number of customers have mentioned that the customer assistance may be slow and inconsistent at times. This is something that has been brought up by a few different clients. In spite of these challenges, FreJun is unwavering in its commitment to fulfill the requirements of its clients while simultaneously raising the bar for the quality of its goods and services.

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