Five9 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Customers may be contacted by agents via phone, online, chat, email, mobile, or social media with the help of the Five9 Cloud Contact Center Solution. With advanced management tools, including a supervisor desktop for agent coaching and monitoring, call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, and real-time and historical reporting, Five9 offers a comprehensive solution.
Five9 Review: Pricing, Features & More

Five9 overview

Regarding cloud contact center software, Five9 is the industry leader. It is driven by a deep understanding of the expenses and difficulties associated with running a contact center and a strong desire to transform call centers into centers of excellence for customer interaction. Its goal is to help you alter your contact center to match your customers' higher demands while empowering and motivating your agents to provide more human experiences.

As contact centers realized the cloud's possibilities and started looking for alternatives to traditional, premises-based solutions, Five9 swiftly gained momentum. Five9 was able to take advantage of the market potential as a result. Five9 has been leading the cloud trend ever since. It provides all-inclusive solutions encompassing digital engagement, analytics, workforce optimization, artificial intelligence, and automation to boost agent productivity and deliver real business advantages.

For many businesses today, the contact center is their main entry point. In terms of cloud contact center software, Five9 leads the industry. It is always on, always willing to assist, and always accessible. It's the same as hiring a whole new multilingual team that speaks hundreds of languages and streamlines the key facets of your company.

What Five9 has to say about itself

Leading CCaaS platform Five9 allows your agents to interact with customers via the channel of their choosing, gives managers insight into contact center performance, and increases overall company agility. Five9 combines the power of people and technology to help you fulfill your CX commitment and generate CX success.

Reevaluate your cloud-based customer experience capabilities. Five9 improves the agent and customer experiences by using AI to empower your staff and modernize the contact center with an open platform and robust product portfolio. Its results-driven approach to installation, sales, and service achieves company success. Users may reach customers via any preferred channel, including social media, chat, email, phone, or online. Five9 claims to help users communicate with customers more effectively and quickly respond to inquiries.

Instead of the other way around, adopt the cloud contact center to suit your company's demands. Analysts often acknowledge Five9's achievements as a cloud solution provider and its products. You may rely on its staff to support you in maintaining your success in a constantly changing environment. About incoming, outbound, and hybrid contact centers, Five9 strives to provide all the tools required for successful operation, including CRM connectors, recording, and management applications like real-time and historical reporting.

Using Practical AI, Five9 is an all-in-one contact center software that boosts your team's productivity via chat, email, the web, and phone calls. Use smart dialers to give your agents more time to spend with live prospects. Use intelligent routing to match your clients with the appropriate agent. Use client intent data to advise your agents on the proper action to take next. Evaluate performance in real-time and report findings. You are providing round-the-clock client service. See why more than 2000 customers rely on Five9.

Five9 Review

Year Started2001
Service AreasLocations Around the Globe
Service TypesFive9 offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based contact center services designed to enhance customer interactions, improve agent productivity, and optimize operational efficiency.
FeaturesGlobal Voice, Agent Desktop Plus, Supervisor Desktop Plus, CRM Integrations, UC Integrations, APIs & SDKs, Digital Workforce, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Virtual Agent, Agent Assist, Workflow Automation, Reporting & Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Interaction Analytics, Performance Management, Gamification, Customer Engagement
CertificationsISO 27001, GDPR

Five9 price policy

Five9 is aware that your company has specific customer communication requirements. While the company provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for contact centers, you may only need a subset of those features. It has developed simple price packages to achieve this goal that will get you started quickly and only include the features you need right now. When you work with Five9, you have access to a business partner who is committed to your success and who has the appropriate competencies to provide a customer support experience that is more personal.
PackagesDigital - $149 monthly; Core - $149 monthly; Premium - $169 monthly; Optimum - $199 monthly; Ultimate - $229 monthly.
Payment optionsCredit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, PayPal, Bank Transfer
Payment discountsThe deployment's kind and scope, the contract's length, and exclusive promotions offered for a limited time are some examples of variables that affect discounts and promotional offers. Often, Five9 customizes estimates upon consultation based on each organization's specific requirements. Please get in touch with your sales or customer support staff directly if your company wants to use Five9's services. Customers may get the most accurate and recent information by discussing their unique needs and asking about current discounts, special deals, or personalized pricing plans.

Five9 online reputation

Five9 is praised for its comprehensive features, which include multichannel support and user-friendly UI. Users like its effective integration and call routing features. Some, however, voice worries about sporadic system errors and the learning curve related to sophisticated features. Five9 is a dependable option for companies, striking a balance between modern contact center solutions and ease of use.
It is essential for a contact center to have the capability of monitoring both the incoming and outgoing call traffic. In the past, I've done insurance enrollment-related contact center work in both English and Spanish, and I'm fluent in both languages. Call data monitoring is important since it helps to keep a large amount of data private while also providing a corporation responsibility in the event that a caller discloses personal information such as their social security number or home address. These are to be kept highly secret, and ensuring that the call program is operating correctly is of the utmost importance. The call itself going through and not dropping is the most crucial thing, and Five9 is able to capture audio in a crystal clear quality so that it can be played back at a later time. This is true regardless of whether someone is following specific rules or a script. When I worked at a contact center that handled calls over the internet, Five9 was a calling application that was easy to pick up. It required very little maintenance on my part, and the only thing I needed to do was make sure to refresh the screen whenever there were no incoming calls. This ensured that the screen did not go to sleep since it was a virtual computer system. Aside from the infrequency of actual software changes, its consistency and dependability were commendable. - Isabella T.
It may take some time for the software to start up completely if your internet connection is unstable. Because it does not have any noise reduction or increasing capabilities built in, the caller's voice may vary from call to call, which may necessitate making fast adjustments to the audio settings depending on the nature of the conversation. There is need for improvement in the ability to see chat conversations between agents. Although it seems as if there is functionality there, in order to access it you will need to log in as the agent. After you have completed this step, you are required to remove the agent from production. Because it does not have a phone line dial addition, we have to use another app in order to make and receive phone calls. This makes it a little bit difficult to use. It is a nightmare to put into action, the customer service is terrible, and it employs game principles that are hard to comprehend with the material that is provided. - Jeff L.
After using a number of other dialer systems and breaking a contract with another dialer firm, we found that Five9 is simply one of the finest systems available for big enterprises. In addition to being user-friendly and simple to set up and administer, it also has excellent reporting tools that can be tailored to specific needs. So simple to include or exclude people and to make changes to skills. The process of uploading leads is a breeze. The experience as a whole is quite positive since it allows you to concentrate on operating your company rather than battling with the software. The dialer's ability to switch between different modes is also quite handy. We've been utilizing Five9 for some of our workforce engagement and change management, and it's been a terrific experience so far when partnered with our learning management system for learning and improvement assignment work. Because the user interface is not too complicated, our managers and directors have had no trouble picking it up and applying it to our expanding list of projects. - Rory B.
It is possible to receive calls from specific countries with the instrument information on display belonging to a different user if the routing set up is not correctly done. This occurs when the routing is not properly done. It is inconvenient for the representative to have to make the same inquiries to the client over the phone again. Perhaps the implementation of an AI that is capable of recognizing the phone's country code. In comparison to WalkMe, adoption of Five9 among our managers has not been nearly as widespread as it was among our ordinary customers. The user interface is intuitive, however it might benefit from some modernization. Outbound call center was the primary use case for Five9's services. The minimal minimum of functionality might be found in the product, however it was not designed to be used for the intended purpose. There was a significant shortage of new issues such as the prevention of spam and the identification of answering machines. To the point that our representative felt compelled to offer us with outside services to assist with spam mitigation. These services came at a high cost and were implemented in a manner that made it almost difficult to administer from inside their interface. - Justin B.
The majority of our managers and directors were able to get a handle on Five9's user interface (UI) with relative ease since it was so straightforward and intuitive. I was impressed by what this program can do for you from the very first day that I began using Five9. It is highly user-friendly, and most importantly, their support crew is quite helpful. Calling individuals, both inbound and outgoing, is quite simple, and this feature makes my work a great deal less difficult than it would otherwise be. The inbound call service center that this program provided me with was of a high quality and it only cost me a moderate amount of money. It is quite simple to pick up and incorporate into one's daily life. Additionally, we are able to discover statistics on each of our calls by using the report options that it provides for the user. According to the information that the report provides, we even provide financial incentives to those employees who regularly record a large volume of calls coming from new patients. It is a really valuable piece of information that may assist lead us in determining whether or not we should change the way we answer calls or even think about having two workers on the shift at the same time to answer calls. - Darwin T.
The app experiences a LOT of crashing. As a user, I have had many instances of the program crashing while I was in the midst of doing an action, such as chatting with a customer, speaking on the phone with a customer, or composing an email. There have been times when the program has frozen in the middle of a conversation and subsequently logged me out of the system. Every time there is an update on the program, problems will crop up shortly after, or giving me a hard time logging in again, I really hope that they can do something about this very soon. I really hope that they can fix this problem as soon as possible. The automation of workflows and procedures that are directly integrated with your CRM might be difficult to achieve at times. I strongly suggest that you designate an internal person to serve as your go-to expert on all of your company's various operating systems, customer relationship management systems, contact center software programs, and so on. It's possible that the finished result won't live up to your expectations if you don't put in the effort required in terms of time, money, and resources. Having said that, I don't think it should be considered a problem with the product. Rather, the implementation of the product or its introduction to the market. - Andrew C.
The fact that it does not need a separate business line is the aspect that appeals to me the most about it. There are specialized telephones designed for use in contact centers that, due to their configurations and software, make it difficult to take incoming calls. The number five nine, on the other hand, is straightforward. You just need a set of headphones and the appropriate software to be ready to answer calls whenever they come in. Since we began using Five9 around one and a half years ago, the quality of the phone conversation has been excellent, and we've had a steady and dependable beam of phone service ever since. In addition to being quick and effective, the program has been designed to be very user-friendly and straightforward, making it simple to understand and use. It's the simple things that make a difference, like being able to generate weekly statistics on calls and checking to see whether another person is waiting in line to speak to you when you call. The whole experience is really impressive, the program is, once again, quite simple to use, support is always there to lend a hand, and I would highly suggest Five9 to any of my friends. I am looking forward to continuing to use Five9 in the years to come. - Jason L.
The customer service and the difficulty of quickly blocking incoming phone numbers are the two things I dislike the most. I have to contact Five9 Customer Service once every two to three months on average with a query. While the person on the other end of the line does their best, they are often not helpful with the particular problem. They've assisted me in situations when I've rated them five stars, but sometimes, when they're at a loss for what to do, our conversation is rated two stars. type of like "turn it off and turn it back on again" type of stuff. There have been a few instances when they are unable to figure out how to fix the problem. After the problem, they keep checking in with you, giving you calls and sending you emails many times. Although this is a kind gesture, it often causes discomfort when the matter has already been resolved or someone independently discovered anything. There is just one method to block incoming numbers, which is the other aspect I dislike the least and the reason I gave it a 4-star rating for features and usefulness. Every day, a lot of unknown numbers contact our business and quickly hang up. We believe that we were phoned by an automated sales or service call that had a problem. You must redirect the calls and get into the manager's portal in order to block a number. It's an intricate procedure. - Patrick P.
Integration potential with our CRM, plug-ins. Because of its automated capabilities, our average speed of answering inquiries and our speed in responding to leads have both grown. We rely on the partnership with the managed services provider to assist us in maintaining our IVR and the behaviors it exhibits. This is an excellent resource to confer with about new initiatives, ideas, or concerns, and it also provides an opportunity to get insight into the most effective procedures used by others. It carries an astounding amount of value. The Supervisor Web application is fantastic and delivers useful performance information straight out of the box. It integrates really well with Salesforce, and Five9 also offers a multitude of strategic partner choices for AI, Analytics, Workforce Management, Quality Monitoring, Social Media, and other areas that bring even more value to Five9's CC Software. We maintain and execute any essential adjustments with the assistance of our technical account manager, who joins us for a weekly meeting that is scheduled in advance. In addition, this person is always accessible to help whenever it is required outside of our standing calls. - Brittany M.
The automation of workflows and procedures that are directly integrated with your CRM might be difficult to achieve at times. I strongly suggest that you designate an internal person to serve as your go-to expert on all of your company's various operating systems, customer relationship management systems, contact center software programs, and so on. It's possible that the finished result won't live up to your expectations if you don't put in the effort required in terms of time, money, and resources. Having said that, I don't think it should be considered a problem with the product. Rather, the implementation of the product or its introduction to the market. It would be nice if the functionality was improved somewhat. It amazes me that it has taken this long for Five9 to fix the problem of not being able to switch between calls while a customer is on wait. This is an absolute need. And despite the fact that I like the options for reporting, there are occasions when analyzing the data is not the simplest task, and customer support does not provide any assistance in this regard. One illustration of this would be doing two distinct reports on the same data but arriving at different conclusions from each. The data do not often line up when they should. - Micheal C.

Five9 Social media Subscribers
Five9 has garnered praise from users of Reddit for its user-friendly design and flexible support for several channels. Calls are routed well, and there are no hiccups in the integration, according to positive experiences. Five9 is a well-liked option for companies that want dependable and adaptable solutions for their contact centers despite reports of sporadic bugs in the system. This is because the software balances user-friendly features and complex capabilities.

Five9 average reviews

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Five9 Pros&Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Real-Time Analytics


  • Occasional Glitches
  • Limited Customization
  • Integration Complexity

Five9 Final Conclusions

Its multi-channel assistance, sophisticated call routing, and user-friendly interface make Five9 an impressive choice for consumers. The feedback that is positive highlights intelligent analytics and smooth integrations. Nevertheless, a learning curve for advanced functionality and sporadic bugs have been noted.

Five9 is notable for its extensive functions, dependable customer support, and user-friendly design despite occasional setbacks. Users looking for a complete contact center solution love it because of its efficiency and flexibility in maximizing client interactions, which businesses find appealing.

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