Cisco Review: Pricing, Features & More

People may create strong relationships with Cisco in business, education, charity, and the arts. Networks cannot function without the Internet solutions that Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings enable—easy access to information anytime, anywhere. Cisco engineers have developed networking technologies based on Internet Protocol (IP) from the company's founding.
Cisco Review: Pricing, Features & More

Cisco overview

Cisco provides a portfolio of technological advancements that leads the industry. It supports the safe connectivity of communities and industries via networking, security, cloud management, and other services. Cisco can provide your company with solutions for data centers, networking, security, and collaboration. Choose the solutions that best fit your company's requirements.

A virtual private network (VPN) called Cisco AnyConnect is intended to provide remote workers safe access to the company's network from various places and devices. To guarantee data security, administrators may use the platform to determine network activity specifics and automatically evaluate endpoint posture.

With Cisco, administrators may leverage the Cisco AMP platform to prevent threats across endpoints, validate user devices with multi-factor authentication, and safeguard VPN access. IT personnel can provide actionable reports, react to malware assaults, data exfiltration, and dangerous user behavior, and obtain insight into the network's blind spots and weaknesses. Businesses may enable workers to secure network access on smartphones or tablets using Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, allowing them to localize the system's language to meet organizational needs.

Cisco's built-in modules, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IP security Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IPsec IKEv2), assist enterprises in improving network security. The platform may be set up to maintain a steady network connection when the IP address changes, standby and hibernation procedures are in progress.

What Cisco has to say about itself

Cisco's hardware, software, and service offerings are used to provide the Internet-based solutions necessary for network operation. These solutions make it easy for users to access information no matter where they are or when they are situated in the globe. Since its inception, Cisco engineers have maintained their position at the vanguard of technological advancement within Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies.

Unlock all of your Cisco software's advantages, whether running on your premises or in the cloud. Receive experienced technical help that is informed by the knowledge gained from the resolution of millions of cases all around the globe. Professionals provide unified support for the whole suite of Cisco products and third-party vendors that comprise your solution ecosystem.

To reduce the time it takes to get value from your investment, you should have its professionals directly oversee your IT operations. Your workers will be more prepared for the future if they have access to training and certification opportunities. You can depend on Cisco to be there for you every step of the way, whether you work in retail banking, wealth management, insurance, or financial markets.

Comprehensive and robust solutions for the digital age, in which the client's satisfaction remains the primary focus. Cisco has assisted thousands of customers in accomplishing their objectives via collaboration with monetary establishments located all over the globe. Cisco allows your workers to be productive no matter where they are—at home, at the office, or anywhere else. Make hybrid work alternatives available to achieve the highest possible level of trust and collaboration in the workplace.

Cisco Review

Year Started1984
Service AreasWorldwide
Service TypesCisco provides various services covering various aspects of technology and networking solutions.
FeaturesNetworking, Wireless and Mobility, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Analytics, Internet of Things, Software
CertificationsCCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCDA, CCDP

Cisco price policy

Cisco offers a range of price options for its services, each catering to different company requirements. The kind of service, the extent of distribution, and the need for further features all affect costs. Cisco usually provides tailored rates according to these specifications. Higher monthly membership rates are associated with more comprehensive solutions for bigger organizations, whereas entry-level services are often more reasonably priced. Additionally, Cisco may charge for its premium training, support, and consulting services. Customers may pay for services that meet their needs when pricing is transparent. Businesses are urged to speak with Cisco's sales staff directly for more specific information since this will guarantee accurate quotations that meet their needs in terms of both price and service.
PackagesFinal cost negotiations to purchase Cisco must be conducted with the seller.
Payment optionsCredit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, EFT, wire transfers.
Payment discountsDepending on the deployment size, the kind of service, and the contract length, Cisco offers different discounts. Volume discounts are often offered, which provide lower prices for bigger deployments. Nonprofits and educational organizations often get discounted prices. Furthermore, Cisco periodically runs promotions for new product launches or at certain times. Special packages may have decreased prices, such as software and hardware bundles. Businesses are urged to communicate directly with Cisco's sales staff to get exact information on possible savings. Customized quotations are offered, guaranteeing that customers obtain the most accurate and fair price according to their needs and financial limitations.

Cisco online reputation

Two of Cisco's many strengths are strong networking solutions and top-notch customer service. Users value its performance and dependability. Nonetheless, others point to intricate setups and sporadic support hold-ups. Cisco is a standout option for companies looking for superior networking solutions and assistance because of its state-of-the-art technology.
It is the instrument that is easiest to use for customers. As administrators, it is the one that instills the most amount of trust in us about the organization's ability to maintain a secure connection. The announcement that it would soon also be compatible with Meraki was very appealing to us, and we look forward to its implementation. It has been extremely useful for us; in comparison to utilizing Meraki, it is far more stable, and the end user has less issues as a result. On a desktop computer or a mobile device, you just need one click to set up a virtual private network (VPN). Additionally, you may pick a server to connect to in a simple manner. In addition, by arranging many servers, even in an environment in which the connection to a particular server is bad, the capability to connect to a VPN by picking another server is advantageous when using software that necessitates a VPN connection. This is because multiple servers provide for redundancy in the event that one server's connection becomes unstable. The aforesaid challenges and issues will be handled after the scale, ease of use, ease of introduction, ease of use for users, and so on are discussed once with the Cisco manager and the information system manager. We strongly suggest that you give some thought to the benefits. - Philip S.
Only the ASA and Firepower are supported by the most recent versions of the software, and it is no longer compatible with the ISR4000. The fact that you are need to buy a separate device in order to establish a distant connection is, in my opinion, a significant drawback. When utilizing Cisco AnyConnect, adding exception routes to deviate traffic away from using the VPN cannot be configured in a flexible manner. You will need to use the add route command inside the operating system to do this. It was not the easiest process for anyone to integrate this system since the authentication program or process did not operate properly with all phones, and it may be difficult to transfer the authentication if the authentication device is lost or destroyed. However, it was not the most difficult process for anyone to integrate this system. Can be unstable when used with other networking devices and has the potential to muck up the winsock settings on a machine. Because we did not get an expiration notice, we encountered a few challenges while attempting to renew the security certificate. - Fernanda B.
The implementation of a work-from-home system is something that proprietors of small and medium-sized businesses are strongly encouraged to advocate for. The scale, ease of use, ease of introduction, ease of use for users, and so on will be addressed once with the Cisco manager and the information system manager, and the aforementioned difficulties and issues will be handled as a result of this discussion. It is highly recommended that you take into consideration the benefits. When we are away from the campus, we connect to the Mason VPN server using safe encrypted tunnels that are created by Cisco. When we evaluated Cisco's security and performance, one of the things that stood out as particularly noteworthy was the company's usage of DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security), which is a protocol that depends on UDP to deliver more effective VPN tunneling by eliminating the complicated TCP 3-way handshaking methods. This is a fantastic solution for situations in which the underlying connections are already using TCP/TLS, since it prevents the need for yet another costly VPN TLS connection on top of the one that is already in place for the TLS traffic. - Eduardo C.
When I work with customers of this kind, I am constantly worried about the safety of the information they send and receive. When people are traveling, they often do them while connected to unsecured WiFi. I am very interested in learning more about the measures that Cisco has taken to guarantee that none of the information or work that has been accomplished is jeopardized in any way. On internet connections that are EXTREMELY unstable, Cisco will trick you into thinking that you are still connected even if the connection has really been severed. It may be able to automatically reconnect to your VPN on occasion, but this is not guaranteed. In certain circumstances, you will need to quit all open applications and then resume them once you have achieved WiFi stability. If a connection is canceled while another connection is being formed, the only way to get the program to operate again is to stop the anyconnect service and then start it back up again, which is a royal pain in the behind. I wish that anyconnect would automatically choose wifi (known) connections whenever I went to a new place since I had to manually choose the new wifi connection every time. - Veronica C.
In general, my experience with Cisco consists of using it a few times at work; however, we now have access to alternative tools, like as Teams, which we use for internal calls and meetings. Whatsapp is what I turn to if I have to get in touch with the provider via phone. Any Connect is my go-to method for placing calls to other countries the vast majority of the time. This became essential as we made the transition to working from home, and I've been really impressed with the speed with which it operates as well as the secure locking out of unauthorized users from critical information and applications if they are not connected to the VPN. This was a huge factor in our decision to make the transition. This program is really simple to use, and the greatest part is that it is equally simple to administer as an administrator. We can connect it with AD, and also, as an SSL VPN, it has very very little chances of being banned by an Internet service provider. A tool with relatively simple administration. The administration of users is made much easier by integration with the active directory. The application may also be used on mobile devices, which makes for a far more effective involvement in business operations. - Carl D.
Because I was working from home during COVID-19, I came to the realization that the Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that our organization uses does not function very well on Mac desktops. It continuously disconnects, despite the fact that I've tried switching between different work locations and my home, which forces me to waste unneeded time signing in and restarting my computer. There is not a single aspect of Cisco that I find unfavorable. To tell you the truth, it has performed miracles for us, and the advantages that we have gotten as a result of using it are innumerable; yet, I do not have any critical remarks to bring up. Access to a virtual private network (VPN) that is successful and dependable requires both a resilient network and a VPN server setup. My employer regularly pushes out updates to the AnyConnect software it provides to customers, and those updates have sometimes created problems for those customers. This is not inherently the fault of Cisco AnyConnect; rather, it is a problem with communication and coordination of changes between VPN support workers and end-users. Specifically, end-users. When VPN staff make modifications to the VPN server architecture that have an effect on end-users, it is essential to think about when and how to coordinate such changes in order to minimize the impact on end-users and the irritation that results from it. - Serena C.
The feeling of being secure is wonderful. Before the pandemic struck, we had been using Cisco for over a year, so we were prepared with enough licenses to cover the whole firm. Our virtual private network (VPN) was very reliable. When the pandemic struck, we encouraged our personnel to work from home, and every single individual made the adjustment quite well. They were also very impressed with how stable their VPN connection was. We adore working with Cisco. It does not provide any problems. We are able to do logging with it and figure out where the problems are if someone is having difficulties with it. In most cases, the software is used to fix problems with unstable home networks rather than the networks themselves. The one area in which Cisco has room for improvement is in their customer service and in the frequency with which their account representatives communicate with their clients. Any issues I've ever had with AnyConnect were entirely the result of my own mistakes as a user and had nothing to do with the actual product. It is a simple pop-up window that enables me to log in and establish an encrypted connection so that I may access my work files. It takes some time, but eventually it turns into a habit the same way that everything else does. As a user, I don't have any idea what it's like to be an administrator, but I'm very happy with it. - Camila L.
A Windows upgrade caused problems for me and the people I worked with around a year ago, and I also had personal problems after the update. Cisco Technical Assistance Center was able to assist us in making modifications to the.xml profile and get us up and running. The product works without any issues 99 times out of 100. When problems do arise, which is not very often, more relevant error messages would be helpful in discovering what the underlying reason is. The fact that the program will attempt to connect to the work network every once in a while (once every three to four months) is not a huge drawback, but it is something that might perhaps be worked upon. The solution to this issue is generally as simple as restarting your computer or cycling through the states of having internet connectivity. It is difficult to set up and some users may find that there is a high learning curve associated with using it. Since it is a subscription service, it may not be appropriate for smaller organizations owing to the expense. It's possible that you won't be able to use all of the functions without purchasing additional hardware or software. It's possible that some users won't find the UI as user-friendly as other VPN options. - Lola D.
Although I do not have a complete understanding of the technicalities of VPN, I have faith in the IT staff at our firm since they insist that we need it. Using a virtual private network (VPN), I am able to get the data I need from the server at our company even when I am at home, and I have to admit that Cisco makes the process quite simple. You are just a few clicks away from it, and it will remind you if you have disconnected after an extended period of inactivity or if you have turned off your computer. Although I haven't used any other VPN clients before, I find it hard to believe that they could be any simpler to use than this one. I am extremely, incredibly happy with this instrument! Because it enables you to access your work interface while connected to the VPN, it is an essential tool for anybody who has to work away from the office but must use the computer at their place of employment. Unquestionably essential in every way! Both the installation and the operation of it are quite simple. Strongly, strongly recommended! - Alessandro D.
The Cisco AnyConnect software has very few known faults. There are instances when it fails to identify the existence of mobile networks, and there is no way to make a WiFi connection without first restarting the device and crossing your fingers that everything works properly thereafter. This is a significant obstacle, particularly in situations involving urgent customer encounters that need mandated virtual participation. The firmware version of Cisco's firewalls are almost always compatible with one another. It is mandatory for IT to deliver a new client version whenever there is an upgrade to the FW firmware. Not this piece of software, but rather the need to sign in daily. The "clock" that is being used right now is set for 15 hours, which means that there will be very few interruptions. In the event that I am unable to connect to the VPN, I will not be able to determine whether the issue is with my Internet connection or with a connection to a particular site. One of the disadvantages is that it often and automatically disconnects and reconnects itself, and this state might linger for several minutes before it becomes stable. The fact that it probably disrupts the current meetings or calls makes me feel a bit irritated, but other than that, it's a nice thing. - Piter F.

Cisco Social media Subscribers
Users of Reddit often praise Cisco for its powerful networking solutions and the steady performance it provides. Positive feedback emphasizes outstanding customer service as well as a diverse product offering. Cisco continues to be the go-to option for enterprises looking for high-quality networking solutions despite some customers complaining about its complicated installations and occasional support delays.

Cisco average reviews

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Cisco Pros&Cons


  • Robust Networking Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Innovation


  • Complex Configurations
  • Pricing
  • Learning Curve

Cisco Final Conclusions

Cisco's ability to provide high-quality networking products and outstanding customer service has earned them global praise. Users are impressed by its dependability, extensive product offering, and consistent rate of innovation. Cisco continues to be a reliable option despite occasional complexity in setups and greater cost.

It is able to serve a wide variety of corporate networking demands while also winning the confidence and devotion of its customers as a result of its dedication to quality and continual technical developments, which consolidate its position as an industry leader.

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