CallHippo Review: Pricing, Features & More is a platform that is altering the face of current business practices and invites you to join the revolution. Exploring its powerful analytics, communication tools, and industry-specific solutions is a must. redefines efficiency by providing seamless automation and customized interaction across several industries, including banking, healthcare, and marketing. This enables the company to uncover unprecedented development potential in today's fast-paced corporate climate.
CallHippo Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallHippo overview is at the head of the digital marketing change, giving companies all over the world a full suite of new solutions. is changing the way businesses connect with their customers because it is the top provider of virtual phone systems and contact tools.

One of the prominent features offered by is its virtual phone system, enabling businesses to swiftly establish a sophisticated and comprehensive telephony infrastructure. Business enterprises have the convenient capability to establish a global footprint by availing themselves of local and toll-free telephone numbers in excess of 50 nations.

The revolutionary nature of is further reinforced by its cutting-edge call analytics and real-time reporting. Data-driven choices on marketing and customer service may be made with the use of insights regarding call performance, call volume, and customer interactions.'s cutting-edge call analytics and real-time reporting further establish its status as a marketing industry game-changer. Businesses may optimize their marketing campaigns and enhance customer service by using the useful information regarding call performance, call volume, and customer interactions that are provided.'s virtual phone system is only the beginning; the site also provides a number of supplementary features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and more, to meet the varied demands of today's companies.

By utilizing, businesses may increase the impact of their communication efforts and get a market competitive edge. Due to their user-friendly design, feature-rich goods, and unrivaled customer service, is the go-to partner for businesses wishing to update their marketing tactics and achieve new levels of success. With at your side, make strides in enhancing your communication and elevating your business.

What CallHippo has to say about itself

When it comes to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, having strong communication skills is very essential to the achievement of commercial success. has distinguished itself as a forerunner in this industry by establishing itself as a provider of a broad range of innovative communication solutions for the purpose of strengthening the marketing strategies of companies and their relationships with customers.

The virtual phone system, a game-changer that enables companies to set up a fully-functional and professional phone system in only a few clicks, is at the core of's offers. Companies may easily build a global presence and interact with consumers all over the globe thanks to the availability of local and toll-free lines in more than 50 countries.

The sophisticated call analytics and real-time reporting capabilities of are among its main selling points. Businesses obtain vital information to fine-tune their marketing campaigns and improve client experiences by gaining in-depth insights about call performance, call volume, and customer interactions. By enabling data-driven decision-making, these analytics optimize marketing initiatives, enhancing consumer happiness and increasing conversion rates.

The extensive call statistics and real-time reporting on stand out in particular. In-depth data on call performance, call volume, and customer interactions may help businesses enhance their marketing and customer service operations. These analytics increase client acquisition as well as retention by enabling marketers to make knowledgeable choices based on factual information.

The feature-rich offerings extend beyond the virtual phone system, as equips businesses with call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, and more. Each tool caters to specific business needs, empowering them to engage customers effectively and leave a lasting impression. is an accessible and dependable partner for companies of all sizes because to its intuitive interface and round-the-clock customer assistance. The staff at is eager to help you with any aspect of your experience, from initial setup to troubleshooting to learning about the site's latest features. distinguishes itself as a dynamic and inventive provider of communication solutions, modifying the manner in which businesses interact with customers. Their virtual phone system, call statistics, CRM integration, and other communication tools all enhance marketing strategies and consumer engagements. is a transformative solution for businesses seeking to elevate their marketing efforts and establish long-term client relationships in the competitive digital marketplace.'s cutting-edge communication solutions will pave the way for a prosperous future for your business.

CallHippo Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasA virtual phone system for business and enterprise
Service TypesGet Global Numbers, Phone System & Customer Support Platform, virtual phone number, toll free numbers, help desk software, customer support system, Call Centre Phone Systems, IT Help Desk Support, VoIP Communication Platform, business phone system, and contact center software
FeaturesPower Dialer, Smart Switch, Global Connect, Smart Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Call Conference
CertificationsCallhippo has not provided information for this product or service

CallHippo price policy

Businesses of all sizes may access a variety of price options at that are suited to their individual requirements. With the Basic plan, which starts at $0 per month and is great for startups, you receive unlimited users and just pay for the phone lines you really use. Important services like Click To Dial, Global Connect, Teams, Voicemail, SMS/Text messaging, and Smart Switch are included in the subscription. The Bronze plan, which costs just $16 per month, includes all the features of Basic as well as a free number, Forward-to-device, SMS, Voicemail, Shared inbox, Skill Based Call Routing, Webhook, Paid Call Recording, Target Vs Achievement, and Campaign Management. Perfect for small teams who want to improve communication. The $24/month Silver plan expands on the Bronze plan with additional features such as Role-based access control, Free Call Recording, IVR, Live Call, Call Queuing, User Working Hours, Call Reminder, After Call Work, Call Cascading, Holiday Routing, Call Feedback, Gamification, Call Tagging, and Pause-Resume Recording. The $40/month Platinum plan, which is designed for larger teams, includes everything in the Silver plan in addition to advanced features like Power Dialer, Voice Broadcasting, Multi-level IVR, Multiple Level Call Transfer, Conference Calling, Call Barging, Route to External Number, Forward to Multiple Device, Single Sign-On, DID Group, Call Whisper, Intelligent Reports/Analytics, Reports via Email, Automatic Machine Detection, and Intelligent Call Recording.
PackagesBasic 0$/mo, Bronze 20$/mo, Silver 30$/mo, Platinum 50$/mo - Monthly Basic 0$/mo, Bronze 16$/mo, Silver 24$/mo, Platinum 40$/mo - Annually
Payment optionsCallHippo has not provided information for this product or service
Payment stands out for providing affordable communication solutions with a wealth of features, and their payment savings increase the advantages even more. These alluring offers provide companies, whether they are start-ups or well-established organizations, access to cutting-edge marketing solutions at a lower cost. Companies may enhance their marketing strategy without going over budget by taking advantage of these savings. is a great option for companies trying to boost their marketing efforts because of their dedication to quality and cost. Take advantage of's payment savings to achieve unmatched performance in the cutthroat marketing environment.

CallHippo online reputation has established a stellar internet reputation as a top supplier of marketing solutions. Their legitimacy is undeniable due to their stellar ratings and endorsements from pleased clients. Businesses may rely on's cutting-edge communication tools and first-rate customer service to improve their marketing strategies and experience extraordinary success in the digital sphere.
Customizability, dynamic modules, and user-friendly technology are the primary advantages of CallHippo over any alternative phone system. I have been using the software for a considerable amount of time, and based on its analytics and real-time recordings, I am at my peak performance. From real-time interactions with my global clients to team conferences, I have become dependent on CallHippo. I additionally utilize the software to monitor customer communications. It is exceedingly cost-effective and beneficial to my business.
My customer relationship management system is linked to it, however it does not log any of the recordings into the CRM at all. You may need to do some digging around on their website to find them. Always having problems, such as being unable to call out, having calls dropped, having a dialer that does not operate to push extensions when the call is connected, etc...
I had no idea CallHippo could be so helpful to my staff. I feel obligated to utilize this program in my capacity as sales manager, and I undoubtedly gain from it. I may transfer or pass calls to the appropriate team members while speaking with customers. While I'm on another call, it may also put calls on hold until one of my team members picks it up. One WOW feature of CallHippo is its personalized music and messaging system, which functions best when we are not around.
Having problems with the system. There were a variety of reasons why it wasn't functioning. After informing support that our active user count was just three, we continued to be charged for seven people each month. They talked about why it was occurring but still refused to help address the user problem so that they could continue to make more money. Instead of doing the right thing, they just wanted to keep making money. Last but not least, the customer service was terrible.
CallHippo, in my view, is the best virtual phone system since it's a lightweight, flexible program with many of useful functions. Thanks to this, I am able to keep in touch with my key customers no matter where they may be located. Not only can I talk to and monitor the progress of my customers, but also of my staff.
The procedure of verifying the account was very invasive and did not comply with the criteria that US Call Centers are required to have in place for DNC regulations. In all of my twenty years of experience working in the telecommunications software sector, I have never seen such an invasive degree of behavior from a platform supplier toward the business operations of its customers.
When we decided to go with CallHippo, we were amazed that it took like 3 minutes to set up. It includes variety of features that allows offices to present themselves professionally, especially the feature of voicemail is very useful. The Virtual Phone System is available on Android platform as well, So the calling process becomes mobile. After conducting an extensive research and analysis, my team highly recommends CallHippo as the most affordable Virtual Virtual Phone System for offices of all sizes. CallHippo was chosen from a pool of hundreds of business Virtual Phone Systems that we had considered. So far our experience with the system has been great and it is definitely a reliable Virtual Phone System for SMBs like us.
They advertised on their website and throughout the purchase process that they would provide me with my local phone number, but they failed to do so. In addition, customer service was of little assistance unless they guaranteed a speedy resolution to my problem. Therefore, I sought for a return. They followed me around for six days offering discounts. I insisted that a refund be given to me. They will not provide a refund. Extremely disheartening!
The quality of the product itself is good, but the support that is provided is outstanding. Today, I had a real issue with the goods, and in order to get assistance, I contacted customer support. Over the course of an hour, a customer support representative by the name of Hima assisted me in finding a solution to my issue. She went above and above to assist me in resolving this issue, which was a one-of-a-kind kind of difficulty that was only there due of the browser I was using. The exceptional quality of CallHippo's customer care has now been confirmed by me on two separate occasions. The more I recognize the effort that Hima put in to assisting me with my issue, the less urgent the matter seemed, particularly considering the little amount of time I had to solve the issue before it became critical.
Signup and number allocation were immediate, and the service functioned, but as soon as I notified consumers of the new number, CallHippo sent emails requesting "government-issued photo identification," email domain information, a business description, and other identifying information. Combined with my credit card information, this would be sufficient for identity theft. Then they wrote, "We have a system that alerts us to any suspicion" and threatened to cancel if I did not provide this information, which was not requested during the registration process. CallHippo justifies this by stating, "It is a standard practice in the telecommunications industry to prevent fraud and abuse, which impacts honest customers like you." My service was terminated, leaving my consumers with a non-functional number. Merci CallHippo. Now, CallHippo sends me emails about their donation to "the ophanage" and the features I have. These individuals are completely out of control and appear to be operating a fraud. Do not even approach them. I've lodged a complaint with the FTC and the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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CallHippo average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
capterra.com4904.3 out of 5 stars
trustradius.com65.7 out of 10
trustpilot.com5824.3 out of 5 stars
getapp.com4904.3 out of 5 stars


CallHippo Pros&Cons


  • Price
  • Easy and robust
  • Friendly and most importantly customer


  • Unable to receive SMS from Banks
  • Poor call qualtity
  • Not a userfriendly

CallHippo Final Conclusions

Finally, provides a fantastic marketing solution with a number of important advantages. Their price is reasonable and suitable for companies of all sizes. The platform's simplicity and durability allow for smooth collaboration. Positive user experience is delivered via helpful and quick customer care. However, several drawbacks must be addressed. Communication has been hampered by reports of problems with users getting SMS from banks. There has been a problem with call quality, and changes are required. To improve general usability, the platform might also be made more user-friendly. Overall, offers an excellent marketing solution, and by fixing the drawbacks, it may be able to further strengthen its position in the industry.

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