CallCriteria Review: Pricing, Features & More

The functioning of CallCriteria's software is simple, and the program's graphical user interface is designed to be intuitive for its end users. Once you have an unobstructed view of all of your data, you will have complete command over that information. You should have complete confidence in your abilities to manage the people working for you.
CallCriteria Review: Pricing, Features & More

CallCriteria overview

When it comes to the provision of online contact center evaluations and solutions for the management of the customer experience, CallCriteria has established itself as the benchmark for the industry. We promise that your contact center will give amazing customer service experiences by using our cutting-edge software and evaluation services, which will leave your customers wanting more. These experiences will leave your customers wanting more.

We at CallCriteria are well aware of the fact that the interaction a customer has with a business should be personalized to the customer in question and should always meet or exceed the expectations of the customer. As a result of this, our solutions offer you with substantial insight into how to adapt to the needs of your clients and deliver the absolute best experience that can be enjoyed.

The solutions provided by CallCriteria contain a comprehensive range of tools that were designed by seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in customer service. You may be able to determine areas in which there is potential for improvement with the assistance of these tools. The method of data collection used by CallCriteria is predicated on the utilization of automated surveys and call recordings. Both of these methods provide crucial information that will aid you in improving the quality of customer care that you deliver.

What CallCriteria has to say about itself

CallCriteria is a software solution that has the ability to help you establish a contact center that is more productive by making efficient use of input from customers. This may be accomplished via the usage of CallCriteria. This, in turn, has the potential to lead to increasing levels of engagement and loyalty on the part of the client. CallCriteria is able to provide a hand in the development of a contact center that is more productive on your behalf.

CallCriteria could also be able to help you increase the number of consumers who are loyal to your brand, which is another important aim for a business to work toward achieving. If you follow this course of action, you will be able to realize your goal of achieving better levels of engagement and loyalty on the side of your customers. We offer a wide range of services, one of which is benchmarking in comparison to the standards of the relevant industry and identifying areas that may in the future need some improvement. This is only one of the many services that we provide to our clients in addition to the many others that we provide.

By casting light on consumer expectations as well as the areas of friction that consumers face, CallCriteria aids enterprises in making informed choices that have a favorable impact on the quality of customer service delivered by such organizations. These decisions have a beneficial influence on the quality of customer service provided by such organizations. The company that later became known as CallCriteria was the one that first created CallCriteria. CallCriteria also gives users access to a large quantity of information on their clients, which may be put to use to make significant improvements to the level of service that is offered to those customers.

CallCriteria Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasUSA, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Philippines
Service TypesCallCriteria offers contact center consulting and outsourcing services, including cost-benefit analysis, call center design and implementation, performance management, quality assurance, employee training, customer service evaluation, customer segmentation, and process analysis. CallCriteria provides bespoke reporting and analytics, contact center benchmarking, IVR systems, and other services.
FeaturesAI Human Verification, AI Enabled Voice Analytics, AI Agent Coaching, Quality Assurance, Sales Performance, Sentiment Analysis
CertificationsAES, IQA, QAI, VCP, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

CallCriteria price policy

CallCriteria offers a broad range of services at varying price points. Complex services like customer experience analytics and professional consultancy sit alongside simpler ones like managed customer support and cloud computing. Prices might vary from $2 per month to $150 per month, depending on the service's sophistication and the size of the customer. Monthly premium service fees might cost as much as $3,000. CallCriteria's bundles are flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of any business. The final price of this package might be anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the number of guests and the number of services included. There is always someone available to help with any of their services, day or night.
PackagesThe service's complexity and user base determine its monthly pricing, which ranges from $2 to $150. If they continue at their present pace, monthly premium service prices might surpass $3,000.
Payment optionsCredit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsCustomers of CallCriteria who subscribe to longer-term monthly plans and buy greater quantities of minutes are eligible for price reductions made available by the firm. For instance, consumers who sign up for the Pay as You Go Plan are eligible for a discount of 10% on purchases of more than 10,000 minutes, 25% on acquisitions of more than 25,000 minutes, and 50% on acquisitions of more than 100,000 minutes. With the Wearhouse Plan, you may be able to save money by buying a number of months all at once, and with the Automatic Refill Plan, you might save a significant amount of money by enrolling in an annual plan. Both plans are referred to as "plans." Our website has downloadable PDFs of both of these proposals.

CallCriteria online reputation

CallCriteria has received mixed reviews. Many users say it's a simple contact center management software. Customers like the automatic call routing and interactive speech recognition capabilities. However, some consumers have had trouble with customer calls due to system unreliability. Recent software upgrades have resolved many of these technical difficulties, improving consumer experience.
The capability of CallCriteria to provide me access to any number in any location anywhere in the globe is the feature that most pique my curiosity in using the service. This is the aspect of the site that I feel to be the most enticing of its features. Not only do I have a beautiful feeling of community with my workers and business partners, but I also have a wonderful sense of community with my customers and other people who operate in regions that are adjacent to ours. This is because we all work in the same space. Because with CallCriteria, not only has it simplified our day-to-day lives, but it has also made it simpler for us to maintain our connections with one another.
There is not a single aspect of CallCriteria that I think to be enticing in any way, shape, or form. They only evaluate fifty calls per week for the whole company, and even if they do review anything at all, they haven't done anything yet for my team even if they do review anything. This is even though they only review fifty calls each week. The team is not even allowed to log in to see the criteria that will be used to evaluate calls until after they have been investigated. This restriction is in place to ensure that the calls are thoroughly investigated. This limitation will remain in effect until all of the calls have been processed. Because they only submit more than ninety calls each week for the whole department, we have not been successful in resolving any of the issues, which may be linked to the fact that they only submit more than ninety calls each week. To this day, not a single member of my staff has been contacted by anybody requesting them to carry out an assessment.
The phase I like the most is the one in which I am given the chance to listen to previous conversations, reflect on those discussions, and then develop as a direct consequence of those ideas. This has been one of the most advantageous elements for me. One of my goals was to become a better communicator, and it has helped me achieve that goal. I was able to improve each of my poor scores, so I feel that if I listen to my calls and pay attention to what went wrong, I will be able to make improvements to enhance my performance the next time I use the phone. This is because I was able to improve all of my low scores. This was shown by the fact that I was able to improve all of my previously deemed bad scores. This was shown by the fact that I was able to significantly improve each of my poor scores. My overall grade improved as a consequence of my efforts.
In general, it does not have a lot of bad elements owing to the fact that it is relatively simple and even a basic sort of launch; nevertheless, this is precisely the problem that develops from it. This is exactly the problem that arises from it. Because of this, it is essential to keep this in mind at all times. As a result of this, many people regard it to be a basic way of launch. It is a pretty simple method, and one might even go as far as to call it a basic manner of getting started with an activity. In addition to that, it does not support a significant number of lingos, which is a significant disadvantage.
The question of how easy it is to start using the technology and putting it into action is one that might have a straightforward solution offered, and it is one that is important. Because both the user interface and the user experience are on the whole very straightforward, it is far less challenging for the members of our team to begin placing calls as soon as possible.
The web-based iteration of CallCriteria delivers an experience to consumers that is not very pleasurable and is thus not recommended. Before I made my first call or used CallCriteria for the first time, I made it a point to become acquainted with the program first. This was one of the first things I did when I started using CallCriteria for the first time. I made it a point to adhere to this protocol before I engaged in any of those activities. This was prior to the very first time that I tried to make use of it. I did this in order to ensure that I would be ready for anything that may be thrown my way in the future. I wanted to guarantee that I could handle whatever that came my way. When users explore the website, I want them to have an experience that is easier to use and makes it more evident to them what they should do next. This is because I want them to stay on the website longer. This is one of the most important objectives that I have for the website.
CallCriteria has improved my team's communication since its implementation. I appreciate these advances. Since opening our EMEA office, we have had to contact several European and African nations. It has run well and made excellent calls. They may concentrate on other crucial activities. If users could utilize the phone system online was a consideration while switching platforms. We can now run our firm remotely. Monitoring, whispering, and barging on calls helps train new hires and assess conversation quality. This applies whether the training is in-office or remote.
There is not a single trait that distinguishes CallCriteria from other similar products. After the team has finished their investigations into the call, they may log in to review the criteria. Because of this limitation, we are able to ensure that our call investigations are comprehensive. My team has never been asked for any comment on anybody else, and nobody else has ever asked for it either.

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CallCriteria average reviews

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CallCriteria Pros&Cons


  • Enhances customer service
  • Helps organize a high volume of incoming calls
  • Saves money for large companies


  • Controls calls
  • Can be expensive to implement and maintain for smaller companies
  • Poor customer service

CallCriteria Final Conclusions

CallCriteria seems to be an amazing contact center software based on the comments that customers have provided about the product. CallCriteria has a great deal of functionality that may be of use to businesses who are seeking to enhance the level of customer service that they deliver, and this functionality may be of help to businesses that use CallCriteria. Customers, on the whole, are pleased with both the effectiveness of the program and their capacity to make use of it. Furthermore, they put a high premium on the accessibility of high-quality customer support.

On the other hand, there can be some problems with the price of the program and the degree to which users can personalize it. CallCriteria provides a potent contact center solution that, all things considered, may assist businesses in improving their customer operations; however, in order for this to happen, the businesses must first be aware of the related expenses and limits. CallCriteria offers a solution that may assist businesses in enhancing their customer operations. CallCriteria offers a service that can be of use to organizations in their efforts to enhance their customer operations.

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