WhatConverts Review: Pricing, Features & More

WhatConverts is much more than just a company that monitors calls. It is both a reporting tool and a lead management system packed into one. It takes into account all of those elements and a great deal more too. It is a process that assists marketers in discovering what works best for their company and offers them guidance on how to implement it.
WhatConverts Review: Pricing, Features & More

WhatConverts overview

WhatConverts, a cutting-edge marketing monitoring tool, helps organizations precisely measure their marketing ROI. This user-friendly software lets organizations rapidly and accurately measure the effect of their marketing operations, helping them make strategic choices.

WhatConverts makes competitive advantage simpler than ever. Businesses may use WhatConverts' powerful insights, analytics, and APIs to examine their marketing efforts. Businesses may improve marketing efforts in real time by automating follow-up actions and measuring ROI. WhatConverts gives you everything you need to boost your marketing. WhatConverts is the best tool for marketing tracking and analysis.

It's a one-stop solution for data-driven insights and choices with phone monitoring, online form tracking, social media tracking, web analytics, website visitor tracking, and more. WhatConverts lets you manage marketing campaigns immediately! WhatConverts gives organizations vital information into their marketing performance. This powerful tool helps firms collect more data and discover which methods work best.

Businesses may improve marketing strategies for maximum effect and profit by monitoring and evaluating important indicators. Don't miss this useful resource that may boost your company!

What WhatConverts has to say about itself

The best lead monitoring and marketing efficiency tool is WhatConverts. With our integrated platform, you can keep an eye on prospects and evaluate marketing initiatives. Join us right now to boost your conversion rates! The foremost provider of marketing software is WhatConverts. It has become the most potent tool due to its unparalleled monitoring and reporting capabilities.

WhatConverts helps you obtain insights and surpass your competition. This AI technology helps you measure, comprehend, and enhance your marketing activity using trustworthy data. Make educated choices based on a variety of facts to improve organizational performance. Make sure all of your judgments are supported by facts. Be proactive to successfully navigate the dynamic business environment.

You may track leads, sales, and return on investment with WhatConverts. You may track leads from multiple sources with this all-encompassing tool, which also provides insights into conversion metrics and helps you make data-driven business choices. Use a variety of lead sources to keep clients coming in. You may utilize calls, emails, chats, online forms, and other methods to create leads for your business. You can monitor your return on investment (ROI) and produce more high-quality leads using trustworthy data and analytics. Successful business choices are aided by reliable insights.

WhatConverts lets you monitor your marketing ROI and immediately increase it. This sophisticated solution also lets you manage and nurture leads for optimal efficiency and profit. After you join up for our free trial, we'll start improving your marketing methods. Our staff works quickly to improve your company.

WhatConverts Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitewhatconverts.com
Service AreasNC
Service TypesLead tracking for marketing agencies and clients
FeaturesCall Tracking, Lead Management, Form Tracking, Multi-channel Attribution, Campaign Management, Reporting & Analytics, Integration with CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms, Offline Conversions Tracking
CertificationsGoogle Premier Partner Certificate and the Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certificate

WhatConverts price policy

Pricing for WhatConverts is calculated based on the monthly subscription level you have for the service as well as the number of active projects you have for that subscription. The total number of leads received each month that are connected to ongoing projects serves as the basis for the development of the plans. Plans begin at $30 per month and may go up to $160 per month to accommodate up potential customers. Additional leads will incur a charge of $2 per lead.
PackagesCall Tracking - 30$/mo, Plus - 60$/mo, Prо - 100$/mo, Elite -160$/mo
Payment optionsCredit Card, PayPal, check, bank Transfer
Payment discounts10% off an annual subscription, 25% off a quarterly subscription, and discounts for agencies with multiple clients.

WhatConverts online reputation

WhatConverts helps small businesses and organizations meet their marketing goals. Customers laud its strong capabilities including monitoring and analyzing phone conversations, prospects, and purchases to better understand which marketing channels convert. The dashboard simplifies marketing campaign customization and report viewing. Customers love WhatConverts and recommend them to businesses.
Thanks to WhatConverts, we can now easily configure conversion monitoring across a wide variety of platforms and advertising campaigns, which in turn improves transparency for our customers. The dashboard has proved to be helpful for quickly and simply demonstrating to customers the real ROI of their marketing efforts. WhatConverts' superior usability, comprehensive tracking features, and outstanding value are unmatched in the industry. In the past, we've used several tracking tools, but none were as straightforward to implement or as pleasant to use as WhatConverts. Despite this, the finest aspect of WhatConverts is the assistance offered by his team. Although we've never met, they've been as close to a friend as someone could hope to have online. When we have questions or comments, we always get prompt, helpful replies.
I've spoken with your sales staff many times, and your software still doesn't accurately record conversions, traffic sources, or keywords. The reporting might need some work. Sometimes I have to double-check a few systems before I can figure out what the conversion event is. When I try to log in again, it doesn't recognize me. Instead of marking some of the leads we're rejecting as spam or rejections, I'd want the option to assign them a different classification. The customer is being fussy and is not accepting any of them at this time, even though some of them are rather excellent. Good leads are too positive of a descriptor, while rejections are too negative.
Superb call monitoring program. Learn which forms of advertising are producing results, and get valuable information into your organization with ease. I have been recommending it to everyone I know, and I have no plans to stop. The customer service is the greatest part; they respond quickly and are really helpful, even though I often ask quite basic concerns. I see no wrong with them. There's no excuse for a company to still be utilizing a single phone number for all of its operations. Keep tabs on a variety of metrics to figure out what is and isn't producing results and how to save costs.
There's a tiny problem that bothers me. The limitation of adding just one agency email address per account is frustrating but not fatal. Sometimes the assistance articles are difficult to grasp, but it may be on my end. In the long run, a mobile app might be useful
I like the variety of potential connectors, and the responsiveness of the customer service team means that I seldom have to lift a finger to get what I need. Neither do I have to wait days for a reply after requesting assistance. We began with the basic plan and were so impressed with the service that we quickly upgraded to the agency tier. It has helped us supply our customers with genuine and reliable lead information. Measuring the true value of a company's marketing investments may be difficult. WhatConverts provides customers with a straightforward system for monitoring their leads and monitoring the performance of their website.
Only difficulty I come into sometimes is that I have to seek customer support for assistance in putting certain things in place. However, they are quite good at assisting, so this isn't much of an issue; however, I do sometimes prefer to be able to figure things out on my own. It is not possible to access lead details or to immediately mark leads from the corporation's main dashboard. Perhaps in the not too distant future, they will be able to trace additional sources to get unprecedented results.
The platform is incredible and easy to use, but what's even more essential is that the whole WC team is patient, attentive, knowledgable, and ALWAYS eager to roll up their sleeves to assist you find a tailored solution to an issue you're having. One of the co-founders is a lovely guy who works hand-in-hand with his team. He is outstanding and a joy to deal with, and he is one of the reasons why working with him is such a pleasure. In addition, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to every member of the team; not only are they very skilled in their respective fields, but they are also a delight to collaborate with. I have just hung up the phone after finishing the setup for my tracking!!! - I really like how simple it is to use WhatConvert, and the capabilities are fantastic; it's an absolute need if you want to monitor the outcomes of your marketing efforts in great detail.
When working with a customer that has two websites connected to their account, I've discovered that it's a little bit challenging to find out how to access statistics from only one of their domains. For instance, you can sort to see all leads via website A for the customer "John," but you won't see any leads from website B. Finding out how to carry out activities of such kind might be challenging for whatever reason. I really wish there was some way to get more specific information on the actual conversion cost. It would be fantastic if this could communicate with Google Ads and/or Bing Advertising. Because some of my customers have inquired about the amount of money they spent on a certain conversion or during a specific week, it would be wonderful to have all of that information in one location.
Everything from phone conversations to online forms is recorded, and the dashboard helps us identify which leads are most likely to become paying customers. If no one answers your calls, it doesn't matter how many you receive. We can now rely on precise measurements. It integrates with Google AdWords, allowing me to report successful conversions to Google Analytics rather than simply clicks or form fills. AdWords' "optimize for conversions" setting gives me peace of mind. Furthermore, the quality of customer service is superb. I was in the midst of getting everything set up on the day I joined up. Even though it was simple, a live chat window sprang up and asked if I wanted assistance. Within 15 minutes, he had my whole phone system and website up and running, complete with lead tracking. When I have a question, I can always count on a prompt response through email or the live chat feature.
Even though it has a straightforward user interface, it is not yet mature enough to be employed as a full-fledged customer relationship management system. In comparison to the menu that is now located on the side, I preferred the navigation bar that was located at the top of the page. Because I don't have a widescreen monitor, I have to scroll to the side in order to view the whole of my dashboard. The setup for both form tracking and call tracking is not particularly straightforward, and the same can be said for field mapping for the dashboard. It is cumbersome and convoluted to use at times. It did not have an interface with WhatsApp Business, therefore it was not possible to monitor chats using that service.

WhatConverts Social media

https://www.youtube.com/@whatconvertstracking181 Subscribers
Reddit users have shared their good experiences with WhatConverts, emphasizing how this software has helped businesses improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. WhatConverts seems to be a great tool for firms wanting to better their marketing strategy. Users have praised WhatConverts for its exceptional reporting features, user-friendly UI, real-time tracking capabilities, and seamless connection with different platforms. Its wide feature set enables firms to easily monitor conversions and make data-driven choices. The general impression is that WhatConverts is an excellent tool ideal for companies of all sizes, from tiny enterprises to giant multinationals. Any marketer who need these services should carefully consider adding it to their toolset.

WhatConverts average reviews

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WhatConverts Pros&Cons


  • Easy
  • Accurate
  • Affordable


  • Short-term
  • Costly
  • Limited

WhatConverts Final Conclusions

We are in a position to say with confidence that WhatConverts is an outstanding option for businesses that are searching for an analytics and monitoring solution that is reliable as well as all-encompassing. It offers efficient monitoring tools, a user interface that is easy to use, and solid support for customers who have already purchased the product.

Because of how affordable it is, companies of any size may easily make use of its capabilities and study the monitoring data without encountering any obstacles. This is now within reach due to the fact that the costs are more fair.

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