MyOperator Review

MyOperator provides contact centers with a scalable software as a service (SAAS) platform for managing millions of contacts. Contact with clients and internal discussions inside businesses are both facilitated by this technology.
MyOperator Review

MyOperator overview

MyOperator is a comprehensive telephonic solution that is designed specifically with the requirements of companies in mind. Businesses are given the ability to streamline their workflow management with the help of MyOperator's advanced automation tools. This gives them the ability to concentrate on their core operations without jeopardizing the quality of their customer service or their productivity. MyOperator decreases the amount of time spent on communication and coordination while simultaneously enhancing client engagement. This is accomplished by removing the complexities and expenses involved with conventional phone systems.

Customers are able to handle both incoming and outgoing calls from a single interface thanks to the unified dashboard that MyOperator provides to its users. This makes it simple to keep an eye on call records, designate toll-free phone lines, and immediately put clients in touch with the appropriate team member. MyOperator has capabilities such as automatic call analysis and intelligent routing, which businesses can utilize to keep one step ahead of the expectations placed on them by their customers. MyOperator provides the insights necessary to precisely assess customer behavior and promptly meet their expectations. These insights range from the ability to assign customer requests to the monitoring of caller mood.

In addition to being a trustworthy service, MyOperator is supported by a robust cloud-based computing environment. It also provides thorough call statistics, IVR settings, and its user-friendly interface provides significant resource monitoring and reporting features, all of which assist organizations in real-time evaluation of customer sentiment and performance. Businesses now have the ability to grow their solutions without compromising on communication or efficiency thanks to MyOperator.

What MyOperator has to say about itself

Telephony that is hosted in the cloud and has a major focus on mobile electronic devices. Over 10,000 Privately-Owned Companies Rely on Our Products and Services. MyOperator is a platform that operates on the software as a service (SAAS) model and does not need any kind of coding. It also has very few deployment prerequisites. It is possible that it will aid you in enhancing consumer involvement as well as communication inside the firm. MyOperator is a system that can be scaled up to support millions of contacts, and it has the potential to be used in call centers that are dedicated to providing customer service.

By supplying them with communication solutions that prioritize mobility, you can ensure the success of your mobile workforce and provide them the tools they need to achieve it. When you integrate your 360-degree chats with any company system, such as CRM, WhatsApp, or SMS, you give yourself the ability to make them quickly and with little to no work. MyOperator ensures that there will be no downtime and provides help at all hours of the day and night, so you can rest easy knowing that your company's mission-critical communications are in good hands with them.

The installation of your interactive voice response (IVR) system will just take a minute of your time. Integration may be completed in a matter of minutes with almost any customer relationship management system. Programming and deployment are not necessities in this scenario. The concept behind MyOperator's development was that it should be used by distributed teams. Connect the several teams that are currently operating in the field whenever and whenever it is required to do so. The enterprise-level security that will always keep your data secure and protected no matter the circumstances or the environment in which it is stored.

MyOperator Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasIndia, South Africa, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, UK, Italy, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Canada, US
Service TypesMyOperator offers virtual receptionist, call forwarding, click to call, automated IVR menus, smart routing, and call conferences. It outsources customer care to help firms handle reservations, refunds, and inquiries.
FeaturesToll-free number, Virtual number, Vanity numbers, Call recording, Call tracking, Push reports, Live dashboard, Live call info, Performance reports, Multi-level IVR, After hours call routing, Live call transfer, Voicemail facility, Intercom facility, Call forwarding, Sticky agent, Data export, Notifications, CRM integration, SSL security, Conversation notes, Block callers, API integration, Click to call, On-hold music, Role-based panel, Custom sender id, Custom main greeting, Existing phone
CertificationsISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015

MyOperator price policy

MyOperator bills its customers on a monthly recurring basis. Twenty extensions, ten hours of free talk time, and a single toll-free or local number are all included of the $39/month Basic Plan. For $59 a month, you can get one toll-free or local number, 50 extra extensions, and 50 additional minutes of call time with the Professional Plan. In addition to 5 free or local lines and an unlimited number of extensions, the Business Plan costs $129 per month. Voicemail transcription, call forwarding, call reporting, call whisper, missed call notifications, and much more are all standard across all subscriptions. MyOperator also offers discounts to organizations who switch to the service from other providers. These rebates may be used toward the purchase of any of our subscription packages.
PackagesDesk plan - ₹5,000 per month; Prime plan - ₹20,000 per month
Payment optionsCredit card, debit card, and net banking transactions. They also offer cash on delivery, cheque, DD, and credit card swipe payments.
Payment discountsMyOperator provides a number of different discounts that vary according on the selected plan and plan length. A one-time discount of 10-20% is being offered on annual plans, a one-time discount of 20-30% is being offered on bi-annual plans, a one-time discount of 30-40% is being offered on tri-annual plans, and a recurring discount of 5-10% is being offered on monthly plans. All of these discounts are being offered. The number of users and the features that are selected both have an effect on the savings.

MyOperator online reputation

MyOperator is an automated telephone system that offers helpful customer care in a timely manner. Online users have provided reviews that are good as well as critical about the product. Customers are happy with the intuitive user interface and the round-the-clock accessibility of the customer support department, which is a plus. In addition, a large number of clients have reported that they are pleased with the available price plans and services. On the other side, some clients have complained that the customer service is inconsistent and that they have a hard time getting in touch with the staff that provides help. All things considered, MyOperator provides a service that is dependable, simple to use, and rich in wonderful features. On the other hand, in order to forestall disappointment on the part of customers, the customer service may use some tweaking.
The services provided by My Operator have been used by me for the last three years. I am really pleased with both the technology that they use and the services that they provide. The best feature about this service is that you do not need to set up any gear in order to use it. Application that is really simple to use. We wanted a centralized phone number that would link our whole staff so that we could field calls from customers and potential customers. When using regular mobile SIM cards, doing this task became more complicated. in particular taking care of our business calls outside of normal office hours and on weekends. We tested out some of the contact center software that is now available on the market, but out of all of the software that we tested, we decided to continue with MyOperator. To begin, the configuration was a breeze and required little technical expertise. Then, we discovered that using their Humonid Voice and visual call flow builder made the process of setting up IVR a breeze. The nicest thing is that we were able to map all of our team members into a single number and designate business hours during which we would be available to take calls from customers. Since we began utilizing MyOperator, we have not had any issues with call dropouts; hence, this is an essential aspect that contributed to our decision to eventually go with MyOperator. Excellent overall value for the price paid.
Mobile phones include a feature called call routing. If we are only able to answer calls via the online application, this may be an improvement for the system. A little bit pricy in comparison to other items on the market that are the same or comparable. However, it is of higher quality. Now, then, this is what took place. The corporation gave me permission to use their software. The agreement had been reached. However, they altered the conditions on their own without consulting or informing me of the change. After the payment had been paid, they made the decision to disappear. When I called them today, they informed me that the yearly plan I had was only good for eight months. Where in the world did yearly equal eight months? In my opinion, the basic plan need to have a feature that allows for integration with Google AdWords as well as other platforms for the administration of advertisements. After the recording has been completed, there is not an option in IVR to set a thank-you voice message. The fact that the incoming number continues to display after the call has been disconnected creates a challenge for customer identification.
I was blown away by how simple it was to establish a call center with MyOperator and put all of our team members on it. And the most impressed we were with their IVR as well as their parrel call handling. The problem that we were having was that we were not able to manage and maintain a record of all the calls that were being received on our personal phone line. I own a tuition agency, and one of the challenges that we were encountering was this problem. MyOperator has now made it simple to handle and record the calls in a single location, and we will also be able to listen to these conversations in the future if necessary. The feature of My Operator that allows for call recording and IVR is the one that I appreciate the best. Call recording is helpful for monitoring the performance of the agent, and it allows us to listen to the call again in the future in case we missed something important. The user interface and the implementation should both be kept simple.
Because of how slowly it is progressing, the issue has to be corrected as soon as humanly feasible. Due to the fact that the customer's phone number will not be shown, we will be unable to get in touch with them while they are on the line. When going through the process of editing, there is always a chance that it can get jumbled up. Stay away from this firm at all times since the technology they use and the service they provide are both of an exceedingly low standard. It is a real review from a client who has used their service and has firsthand experience claiming that your calls were disconnected, that they did not listen to you after the sale since they already had the money, and that your e-mails were never answered to. It would be in your best interest to collaborate with this dishonest business if you want to put an end to the activities of your firm. They provide guarantees, but those pledges are never followed up on. There has not yet been a decision made on who would answer the calls that have been missed. Could be made more straightforward while also boosting its effectiveness.
It has solved the issue of not having a centralized point of contact for all of the sales and support enquiries that come from our customers. The dialer tool is helpful for me since it contains a phone dialer and allows for an unlimited number of call recordings. Utilizing the MyOperator platform in order to run our mental health hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week was, for the most part, a pleasant experience. On the other hand, there were a few instances in which our monthly waiver and credits were not paid on time, which resulted in higher expenses for a couple of months. These higher prices were a direct consequence of these instances. As a result, the firm was not to blame; rather, the issue was that the customer executive did not have a solid knowledge of the issues and proceeded to make the situation worse. Which was ultimately handled without any complications whatsoever. a clear and uncomplicated idea that may be expanded upon in a way that is not difficult to implement. In spite of the fact that we have been making use of it for the last seven or eight years, it is just going to keep growing better. It is easy to use, and we are taking use of a number of the features that were offered at no additional cost to us despite the fact that they are all part of the package deal.
This is not a product that I would ever suggest to anybody. To begin, they do not possess the resources necessary to provide this service. First, they came to an agreement on a price structure that included the local content. Then, even after the plan had been activated, they did not supply any kind of service. After my inquiries, they informed me that they are unable to provide the local IVR since the individual with whom they normally collaborate is now on vacation. I paid for the services out of my own cash, documented them, and shared them with them, but they were not willing to contribute to the expense. I initially had a contract for 12 months, but I cut it down to 6 months after I realized that this is not the kind of organization I can put my faith in. After the activation of the services, the quality of those services began to deteriorate, and there was almost no customer assistance. They denied my request for a refund after I had submitted it. Now that we've reached this point, I want to sue them in court.
The functions are easy to use and were developed to cater to our particular requirements. It makes it feasible to discover and page the individual who is of the greatest interest to a customer at the exact time when customer support is needed. The services that MyOperator has provided for us have well above what we had anticipated receiving from them. The staff members that handle customer support are available around the clock, seven days a week, to provide answers to any inquiries that we may have. The live call widget is extremely helpful for getting information about the caller before we pick up the call, which is another benefit of utilizing this platform. Another advantage is the option to initiate outbound calls from inside MyOperator. The large number of calls that are coming in from a range of callers are being handled in an efficient manner. The reports are helpful in shedding light on the aspects of our operation that need further improvement. The call distribution across all of the agents is very well arranged and straightforward to employ in any capacity. The call log makes it simpler to keep track of the calls that have been made.
The final result did not live up to the expectations that were first established. There was a noticeable lag in the response time of the looping services when the connection was made from the operator through MYOP. The sound quality deteriorated to the point that it was hardly audible at times, and at other moments it was awful. Following a number of failed efforts to get in touch with them to request an explanation, we were ultimately sent a letter by them in which they said that the provision of their services is dependent on their operators and that they are unable to alter the current circumstance. As a consequence of the fact that I am unable to put the well-being of my customers in peril, I asked for a refund, but they would not comply with my request. It is still being decided who will answer the calls that were missed. Could be simplified while also increasing its efficiency. Even though we have not yet conducted any experiments including the integration, we are interested in gaining further knowledge on it. Aside from that, there was nothing that we did not like about it. There have been a significant number of calls that have been missed, and even when they have been answered, the call has occasionally been sent directly to the voicemail system.
When you have the proper individual to run your firm, you don't need anything else to be successful. I am quite satisfied with the manner in which I have kept you informed on the goods. Because of this, I decided to sign up for an additional service for my sales department. Software that does a good job of gathering data for all of the many kinds of services that our organization offers. Cloud-based phone software that is both easy to use and has just the features that are absolutely need to manage any amount of incoming and outgoing calls. Since we've been working with this program for over two years, we'd want to keep doing things the same. The capabilities and adaptability, with the goal of developing a long-term connection. The package, on the whole, is satisfactory, even taking into account the quality of the voice messages and the price increases. Outstanding features include call records as well as mail notifications for calls that have been missed. Facilitates the smooth operation of the call flow for both the agents and the administrators. In addition, the reporting is accurate and well done.
There is no iOS app, and one cannot adjust their preferences about marketing efforts, phone calls, or texts while they are on the go. On some of the hidden charges, there need to have been default constraints put in place. It would be amazing if we could alter the number without having to erase the user first. There is a problem with the sound quality of the voicemails that are left in response to missed calls, and this aspect of the service needs to be enhanced. It's possible that listening to recorded voicemails may be a very trying experience for you. The fact that the costs have increased is the second point that is a bit discouraging to take into consideration. There is space for improvement in customer service; most of the time, representatives of customer service do not respond in a suitable way. The graphical user interface of the program in a number of significant respects and characteristics. Required an increase in the number of functions and features. When downloading the log, you should make every effort to avoid inputting the same number again.

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MyOperator Pros&Cons


  • Ease of set up
  • Pricing plans
  • Advanced features


  • Lack of virtual administrator services
  • Complicated initial setup
  • Not a multifunctional interface

MyOperator Final Conclusions

MyOperator provides necessary services and excellent customer service to its customers. Customers are pleased with the website's appearance, ease of setup, and customization options. The website's usability also pleases customers.

However, some consumers have complained about cost, customer service response time, and limited offerings. MyOperator is a trusted VoIP-based business phone system provider that can quickly and securely set up company phones. Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from this phone system. Despite numerous consumers' prior disappointment with the firm.

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