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April, 2018

  • 22 April

    Getting Useful Insights From the Dimensions Tab

    tech concept

    The Dimensions tab is a powerful diagnostic tool that can provide a lot of useful insights into your campaign’s performance. It breaks down your data by segments and lets you see all your important KPI’s based on different parameters. Your parameters are in the most left column, and all the …

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  • 22 April

    Sculpting Traffic with Negative Keywords

    business technology

    What are Negative Keywords? Negative keywords are filtering words and phrases that protect your ad from being displayed on irrelevant search results. This will in turn increase relevance and quality score and ultimately, your ROI by increasing your conversion rates and lowering your cost per conversion. If your conversion rate …

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  • 22 April

    19 Ways to Optimize Your AdWords or Bing Ads Account

    keyword research

    If setup and managed correctly, your AdWords account can be an excellent source of qualified leads for your business. However a poorly setup or managed account can bleed money and cost a lot more than it brings in. Here are 19 ways to effectively optimize your AdWords account: Start by …

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  • 22 April

    A Comprehensive Overview Of Lead Generation

    lead generation methods

    Understanding Lead Generation Lead generation is different from other forms of marketing such as advertising campaigns because it requires a specific action or direct response from the targeted prospects such as a click of an ad, phone call or store visit. It is also about quality rather than quantity. A …

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  • 22 April

    77 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads For Your Business

    online marketing concept

    Lead generation is the single most essential process required for any business to maximize opportunities for growth. It is a results-driven process. It is also the most challenging marketing activity faced by most small businesses. Here are 77 proven ways to generate high quality leads for your business: #1. Search …

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November, 2017

  • 26 November

    Qualifying Your Ads for Effective Lead Generation


    When writing ads, your aim should be to make it attractive to people that are most likely to convert, and dissuade clicks from people who are unlikely to convert on your goals. Essentially, this is one of most effective ways to cut down on wasted spending. There are so many …

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  • 12 November

    Improve Your Lead Generation Campaign With Conversion Tracking

    tracking concept

    One of the greatest benefits of PPC marketing in general is that the campaigns are highly measurable in the sense that they allow you to find out  if your advertising campaign has been profitable or not. With conversion tracking intalled, you’ll be able to track: how much quality traffic you’re …

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  • 10 November

    Developing Strategies For Keyword Research


    Keywords are a channel to your prospects. They represent the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fulfil that need. Optimizing your webpages for relevant keywords is the most effective way to get get found by the people that are looking to buy …

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  • 9 November

    The Buyer Funnel – Understanding The Buyer’s Journey

    business owner

    The buying funnel (also known as the “sales funnel”) is related to bid management. It defines the path a consumer takes from the moment a business, product or service attracts his attention through AdWords or other online ad or organic listing to the point of purchase. It helps us determine …

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  • 3 November

    Defining Your Buyer Persona

    social network

    If you want to communicate effectively with your target audience, creating a buyer persona (also known as a customer avatar) is a tremendously important piece of your business marketing. By optimizing your content for a clearly defined avatar, you’ll begin to see a lot of success in terms of attracting …

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