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A Comprehensive Overview Of Lead Generation

lead generation methods

Understanding Lead Generation Lead generation is different from other forms of marketing such as advertising campaigns because it requires a specific action or direct response from the targeted prospects such as a click of an ad, phone call or store visit. It is also about quality rather than quantity. A …

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Defining Your Buyer Persona

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If you want to communicate effectively with your target audience, creating a buyer persona (also known as a customer avatar) is a tremendously important piece of your business marketing. By optimizing your content for a clearly defined avatar, you’ll begin to see a lot of success in terms of attracting …

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Do You Know And Understand Your Target Customer?

buying funnel

Who is Your Target Audience? It is important to focus on your target audience. However, you cannot focus on your target audience until you identify and define them. Once you know who your customers are, you can target all of your efforts toward them.  As you research your audience, keep …

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